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GLBT DIGEST September 1, 2006


July 18, 2006
by Rex Wockner


"Just because he doesn't bat for the team doesn't mean he doesn't go tobat for gay rights. He's here. He's not queer. But we're used to it."

--Will & Grace actress Megan Mullally introducing Chicago Mayor RichardDaley at the Gay Games opening ceremonies July 16 at Soldier Field.


"Let there be no doubt that there will be a time, perhaps not long fromnow, when Americans will shake their heads that such bigotry against gaysand lesbians could prevail in the early years of the 21st century. Thearguments against allowing same-sex couples to marry will then seem as
universally ludicrous as the notion that anyone in modern history coulddefend segregated schools, separate drinking fountains or prohibitions onmixed-race marriages. The curious logic behind last week's New York Courtof Appeals ruling against same-sex marriage was reminiscent of therationalizations to preserve Jim Crow laws right up to the 1964 passage ofthe Civil Rights Act."

--San Francisco Chronicle editorial, July 10.


"It took the Supreme Court until 1967 -- 1967! -- to strike down odiouslyracist anti-miscegenation laws. Someday we'll look back on theanti-gay-marriage hysteria with the same revulsion."

--Los Angeles Times editorial, July 10.


"New York's top court rules gays can't marry 'cause heterosexual unionsare too unstable! The bizarre ... ruling on July 6 actually declared thatlawmakers could rationally believe that because man-woman 'relationshipsare all too often casual or temporary' they require a special' inducementin the form of marriage and its attendant benefits' for them to commit forthe welfare of accidentally conceived children. Despite the myth that gaycouples are the unstable, irresponsible ones, the court weirdly concludedthat because gay couples' children are wanted and planned -- not 'a resultof accident or impulse' -- those of us who're gay can legally be denied
marriage licenses in New York state."

--Syndicated lesbian columnist Deb Price, July 10.


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[GCN's web site is]

Ireland - BeLonG To Youth Project bring you GCN's first ever Youth Edition.

Edited by Kevin Gaffney (18) and written by his trusty crew of of lesbiangay bisexual and transgender young people aged 15-18 year olds this editionoffers up opinion and experience of what it is to be a queer teen in Irelandtoday.

"Young people are part of the gay community but we are not often heard sothis is a great opportunity for us to speak out about what's important tous" says Addy (19)

"There are so many young people who are involved in BeLonG To whoseexperiences of being LGBT are so different to that of previous generationsand this GCN Youth Edition really captures this" says Michael Barron ofBeLonG To,

"For instance many young people are bravely 'out' in school from as young asaged 14 and these young people are forcing a change in how schools talkabout and address LGBT identities. You could say there is a gay youthrevolution going on - and we should all know about it!"

BeLonG To would like to thank GCN for boldly offering young people thisnational forum and look forward to working with them on future youtheditions.

Vive la revolution!!

BeLonG To Youth Project
105 Capel Street
Dublin 1
T: 01-8734184


HIV: Call to twin rich north with poor south

Western HIV agencies should support Third World counterparts

Assist with funding, equipment, training and travel, urges Peter Tatchell

Toronto, Canada - 10 August 2006

"Western HIV organisations should twin with their counterparts indeveloping countries to help overcome the huge global disparities inthe resources available for the fight against HIV," according toBritish gay human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who was thekeynote speaker at a satellite event linked to the International AIDSConference in Toronto, Canada, today (10 August 2006).

"We need to respond to requests for help from HIV organisations in theglobal south. Instead of waiting for action from governments, everyHIV agency in the West should link up with a counterpart organisationin the Third World - empowering them with funding, equipment, trainingand travel costs, so they can attend international AIDS conferences.

"Well financed western HIV organisations can easily afford to buycomputers and phones for badly under-funded HIV groups in Africa,Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

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Gay week surprises Croatian tourists

Big News Network
Tuesday 22nd August, 2006 (UPI)

Tourists in Croatia's central Adriatic Hvar Island were startled by nakedmen in a main square and striptease in the streets during Gay Week, reportssaid.

Gay Week in the seaside resort began Monday when about 50 foreignhomosexuals arrived in Hvar, the major town on the island, Zagreb's Vecernji
List newspaper reported Tuesday.

Local organizers and foreign travel agencies condemned the incidents andsaid they were performed by gays who were vacationing on the island, off thecentral Adriatic city of Split.

The person who walked naked outside the cathedral has nothing to do with ourgroup. Many of us are Catholics who will never do such a thing, said one ofthe organizers who identified himself as Eduardo.

Evelyn Birot of Paris' Happy Gay Holidays agency said she had no disruptive incidents among her group.


Beenie Man - Caribbean gays say no!

'Murder music' singer gets star billing

Stanford 20/20 Cricket Series Theme Song Performed by "kill gays"
singer Beenie Man

London, UK - 17 August 2006

The organisers of the current Stanford 20/20 Cricket Tournament in theCaribbean have been urged to drop violently homophobic dancehall musicstar, Beenie Man, as the singer of the official tournament anthem.

The call comes from C-FLAG, the Caribbean Forum for Lesbians,All-sexuals and Gays. It wants a worldwide boycott of all artists whopromote hatred and violence against people because of their sexual orientation.

A letter protesting against Beenie Man has been sent to the 20/20 organisers by C-FLAG. It is endorsed by C-FLAG chapters and associatedorganisations in 15 Caribbean countries.

"C-FLAG is greatly disturbed by the decision to make notoriouslyhomophobic dancehall artiste Beenie Man one of the performers of theofficial anthem of the Stanford 20/20 Tournament," said C-FLAG (contact details below).

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To: International LGBT community
From: MAHA - An E-magazine for LGBT Iranians

The need for continued international solidarity with Iranian LGBTs

With regard to the July 19 International Day of Action AgainstHomophobic Persecution in Iran:

We note some differences of opinion in the international lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement about how to best supportLGBT people in Iran. We would like to express our view, and we believethat a great number of our readers share our opinion.

Iranian society has developed despite the oppression. The demand fordemocracy and human rights is growing in our country.

We believe that the human rights of Iranian women, students, workersand LGBT people are not western phenomenon but aspects of universalhuman rights and are important for human freedom, dignity andfulfilment in Iran - and everywhere.

Despite all our difficulties and dangers, the Iranian LGBT communityis getting more and more informed and is expressing its demand forhuman rights. We identify as LGBT people and want the same freedomsthat LGBT people worldwide want.

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Tony Grew

The Mayor of London has added his voice to the criticism of police andpoliticians who failed to protect gay and lesbians from attack during a gayrights parade in Estonia.

Ken Livingstone slammed the authorities in the capital, Tallinn, callingtheir lack of action inexcusable.

"Having permitted the parade, and being aware of the potential for violence,Tallinn City Council and the city's police should have taken all reasonablesteps to robustly defend the fundamental human rights of those taking part,"the Mayor said in a statement today.

At last weekend's gay pride march around 15 people were injured after beingattacked by groups of skinheads with sticks and stones while celebrating thecountry's third gay pride event.

This follows a series of far-right attacks on gay rights events acrossEastern Europe and Russia.


TEL AND FAX 01926 858450

Affiliated to Amnesty International &
the International Humanist & Ethical Union

28 August 2006


The Archbishop of Canterbury's latest pronouncement in which he tells gaysthat they are not welcome in his Church unless they "change their ways", wascondemned today as "spineless" by the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association(GALHA).

GALHA's Secretary George Broadhead said: "Rowan Williams has now made itclear that he thrown in his lot with the religious right, and confirmedhimself to be a kind of Vicar of Bray figure - changing his opinions to fitin with the mood of the times rather than sticking to his principles. Ifanyone in the Anglican Church was in any doubt about where Williams stood on
gay rights, they now know."

Mr Broadhead said that if the suggestions that up to a third of Anglicanclergy are gay is true, then there should be a mass exodus from the church."How anyone with a grain of self-respect would want to serve under a man whohas betrayed them so badly is incomprehensible. Gay people should leave thechurch in their droves."

Mr Broadhead pointed out that the Church of England is established by lawand has political power in this country with its bishops sitting in theHouse of Lords. "This is not just a matter for gay Christians. The AnglicanChurch's swing to the right affects all of us. There have been increasingexamples of the bishops in the House of Lords opposing gay rights. Indeed,they argued strongly that the Church should be exempted from the forthcominglegislation banning discrimination against gay people in the provision ofgoods and services.


The summer edition of 'Gay Humanist Quarterly' is now available.

It can be downloaded (free) as a PDF

Issues covered in this edition include:

The butchering of gay, lesbian and transgender people at the hands of Islamist militias in Iraq; the on-going persecution of gays in Iran ayear after the hanging of two teens in Mashhad; the failure of theHigh Court challenge of the government's policy of not recognisingforeign same-sex marriages; the general uselessness of the DemocraticParty in the USA on LGBT issues; the dangers of 'Creationism' enteringUK schools and US-style Televangelism coming to the UK; the attacks onthe gay communities of Eastern Europe; Dr Qaradawi's insights into why
Bush won the election; and more news, views and reviews, including Spielberg's 'Munich'.

See for a detailed content listing


Gays could be granted church weddings

The Local
Published: 25th August 2006 12:24 CET

Homosexuals will be able to marry in church if the Swedish governmentfollows the suggestion of a report due to be presented next year.

The report will suggest ditching the civil partnership law and allowingchurch weddings for gay people, according to Swedish public servicebroadcaster SVT.
Related Articles

One in ten priests in the Church of Sweden has signed a protest againstallowing homosexuals to marry in church. Many others in the former statechurch have said they are in favour.

The report suggests each priest should be able to choose himself whether tohe wants to marry a homosexual couple.

According to a survey to which the report refers, some 46 percent of Swedes are positive to gay marriage, while 31 percent are negative. About 23 percent are undecided.


At 00:36 2006.08.31, Lisette forwarded:

"Maybe Jaroslaw Kaczinsky and I live in two different countries," says Robert Biedron, president of Campaign Against Homophobia.

Polish premier is carpeted by EU on gay rights and the death penalty
By David Rennie in Brussels

Poland's prime minister flew to Brussels yesterday to receive a public warning that his nation is seen as a threat to "European values" over theruling coalition's conservative views on issues ranging from the deathpenalty to homosexuality.

Many officials and politicians in Brussels have expressed alarm in recentmonths as Law and Justice invited two fringe parties to join the government,one of them a populist anti-European party, the other an ultra-nationalistparty, the League of Polish Families, whose leader has links to theanti-Semitic far Right.


Homophobia exposes social rifts with western Europe
by Timothy Jacobs

Associated Press
Wednesday Aug 23, 2006

RIGA, Latvia - Pers Bogomazovs thought nothing of it when two men stoppedhim and his boyfriend on the street last month, asking for cigarettes.

"They were OK at the beginning and were talking to us, but then theyrealized we were a couple and started yelling,'' said the 31-year-oldhairstylist. "They kicked me in the head, but we jumped into a cab thatpulled over and thankfully we didn't get seriously hurt.''

Rights activists say hate crimes against gays and ethnic minorities are onthe rise in many of the former communist states that joined the EuropeanUnion in 2004 - raising questions about whether the new members are preparedto accept the more liberal social values prevalent in western Europe.

The issue is a key concern as the EU debates whether to continue its easternexpansion to countries like Ukraine, Serbia and predominantly Muslim Turkey,which has come under pressure to improve its human rights record.

Estonia and Latvia have seen a recent spate of attacks on gay pride events.In Poland, leaders of the conservative ruling party make no secret of theirdistaste for gays, and recently invited a far-right group to join thecoalition. Xenophobia is rife across the new member states.


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Capital Times, WI, August 26, 2006

Gay marriage ban clearly transcends same-sex couples By Jim Slattery

On Nov. 7, Wisconsin citizens will be asked to vote on a constitutionalamendment to ban marriage and civil unions for gay and lesbian couples inthis state. The debate over this amendment has been lively, and I suspect itwill become more so as the election nears.

Same-sex marriage is already against the law in Wisconsin. State statute765.001(2) clearly defines marriage as a union between a husband and wife.But the proposed constitutional amendment is much broader. Its secondsentence also prohibits "a legal status identical or substantially similarto that of marriage for unmarried individuals."

So anything "substantially similar" to marriage would be banned or subjectto legal challenge - things like civil unions, domestic partner benefits,health care benefits, pensions, hospital visitation and medicaldecision-making. These and more legal protections would be denied or
seriously jeopardized for all unmarried couples - gay or straight.


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When is it OK for boys to be girls, and girls to be boys?

Many kids want to look and act like the other sex. For some, it's a phase;for others, it's not. Parents and schools are adjusting.

- Ilene Lelchuk, Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, August 27, 2006

Park Day School is throwing out gender boundaries.

Teachers at the private Oakland elementary school have stopped asking thechildren to line up according to sex when walking to and from class. Theynow let boys play girls and girls play boys in skits. And there's a unisexbathroom.

Admissions director Flo Hodes is even a little apologetic that she stillbalances classes by gender.

Park Day's gender-neutral metamorphosis happened over the past few years, asapplications trickled in for kindergartners who didn't fit on either side ofthe gender line. One girl enrolled as a boy, and there were other childrenwho didn't dress or act in gender-typical ways. Last year the school hired aconsultant to help the staff accommodate these new students.


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City Passes Obscenity Ordinance
By: Carlos Martinez


The City Council has passed an obscenity law after two months ofdeliberations.

The measure, approved unanimously last week, prohibits the sale,distribution and even the advertisement of obscene material. It alsoincludes a list of acts that it defines as obscene, including certain sexacts as well as sex toys, although it makes exceptions to those needing the
material for sexuality class or through a prescription from a doctor,according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The issue of the new law was raised after the 11th U.S. Circuit Court ofAppeals ruled that Georgia's obscenity law was unconstitutional, forcinglocal governments to operate without one unless they can pass an obscenitylaw of their own.

Sandy Springs City Attorney Wendell Willard said the new measure would givethe city a way to prosecute buyers and purveyors of obscene material.


AAP, Australia, August 28, 2006,,20268195-5005961,00.html
Actor Tomlin slams gay laws
By Jonathon Moran

ACTOR Lily Tomlin has criticised the United States and Australiangovernments over their opposition to same-sex marriage, saying everyoneshould have the right to wed.

The openly-gay Hollywood veteran, 66, has been with her female partner, JaneWagner, a writer and producer, for 35 years.

While she and Wagner have no plans to marry, Tomlin feels all people shouldhave the choice.

US President George W Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard haveboth spoken out against same-sex marriage, and the Federal Governmentrecently quashed ACT legislation allowing homosexuals to create civilunions.

"I am happy for anybody who wants to get married and I think they shouldhave every right to," Tomlin said today. "It is an aggressively negativerejection," she said of the governments' responses to the issue.


Result! Top club backs gay rights

Premiership side set to change footballing attitudes by introducing'gay-friendly' policy.

Observer blog:

How can clubs combat homophobia?

Denis Campbell, social affairs correspondent
Sunday August 27, 2006
<> The Observer

It is a sport where men are men, players who go down injured are deridedas 'poofs', stars may feel forced to deny that they are homosexual and thereis no 'out' gay player in any British dressing room.

Yet Manchester City have decided to challenge football's taboo bybecoming a champion of equal rights, hiring gays to work at its stadium andtraining ground and attracting new supporters from the city's thriving gayand lesbian community. The Premiership side have become the first club tojoin a distinguished list of employers which are officially recognised as
'gay-friendly' by Stonewall, the gay-rights campaign group, joining thelikes of the BBC, Nike, the Royal Navy and Sainsbury's.


Evening Echo, Ireland, August 26, 2006

Score's attend first gay marriage in tradition-bound Nepal

Cheered by scores of wedding guests, two gay men exchanged garlands ofmarigold today in the first public same-sex marriage in tradition-boundNepali society.

The guests, mostly activists from gay and lesbian rights groups and a fewrelatives applauded as Anil Mahaju, 25, and Diya Kashyap, 21, exchanged vowsin Kathmandu, Nepal's capital.

The marriage, however, will not receive official approval, as Nepalese lawsdo not recognise same-sex unions, said Suni Pant, who heads the Blue DiamondSociety, a non-government organisation.

There was no Hindu priest present to conduct the marriage.

"They have decided to get the marriage registered but I think they will haveto wait for a new constitution that would legitimise same sex marriages,"Pant said.

Rights groups are hoping a new constitution, currently being prepared byexperts, would provide Nepal's gay and lesbian community with their civicrights.


News & Observer, NC, August 27, 2006

Defining a domestic partner
As benefits for unmarried partners gain acceptance, companies venture intouncharted territory John Murawski, Staff Writer

How do you define romantic love?

Does it require monogamy? Must you live together happily ever after?How do you convince others that your commitment is no mere infatuation?

Businesses are increasingly forced to ponder such conundrums as they electto offer benefits for unmarried partners of their employees. As the benefitsbecome more common, companies are creating inconsistent definitions of"domestic partner" in an attempt to pin down who qualifies.

For bureaucrats, the task can be as tricky as defining love itself, a questthat has long baffled poets and philosophers.

Once viewed as radical accommodation to gay rights, benefits for unmarriedpartners are now offered by a wide range of businesses. One milestone markedthis year: The percentage of Fortune 500 corporations that offer thebenefits passed the halfway mark.


Psychiatric Times, August 2006, Vol. XXIII, No. 9

Same-Sex Marriage: Mental Health Perspectives By Arline Kaplan, Psychiatric Times

As conservative groups push for a constitutional amendment that definesmarriage as a union between a man and woman1 and lesbians and gay meninitiate lawsuits to overturn state bans against same-sexmarriages,2 several psychiatrists are researching and discussing how denial
of same-sex marriage impacts mental health.

At the American Psychiatric Association (APA) meeting in Toronto, GeneNakajima, MD, staff psychiatrist with San Francisco's Center for SpecialProblems, and Mary E. Read, MD, assistant clinical professor in thedepartment of psychiatry at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, co-chaired a
symposium on same-sex civil marriage.


Work with Police Departments to Create Appropriate Policies (52 Things)
Message-ID: <038f01c6cba4$1aa9f9a0$6601a8c0@masterken>


#34 Support trans-inclusive programs and safe schools for youth Every student deserves a safe place to learn

Read on

#33 Donate to a scholarship fund or even create your own Help students afford an education
Read on

Dear Kenneth,

Being stopped, detained or searched by the police is an intimidatingexperience, especially for transgender people. Police officers have beenresponsible for the harassment of transgender people and relations betweenlaw enforcement and the trans communities can be tense at times. However,some communities have built important bridges with police departments and made changes that impact how transgender people are treated. It is criticalthat trans people, and all people, be safe when being arrested or held by law enforcement.

So, this week, we encourage you to:

#35 Work with Police Departments to Create Appropriate Policies for
Transgender People


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Russian Jews Urge Jerusalem to Ban Gay Parade, Warn of Possible Attacks

Created: 29.08.2006 15:44 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 15:44 MSK, 2 hours 2
minutes ago MosNews

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia (FJCR) calls the Jerusalemauthorities to bar gay parade planned for September 21, the eve of theJewish New Year, Interfax news agency reports.

'We believe sexual manifestation, be it traditional or not, to beinappropriate in any city of the world, while in Jerusalem, the city that isholy also for Judaism, this is a scandalous blasphemy,' head of the FJCR department of public relations Boruch Gorin told Interfax on Tuesday.

He thinks that the organizers of the so called 'pride parade' count on an'effect of indignation and complete shock,' thus playing on religiousfeelings, which many people have for Jerusalem.

'The tragic results of the last action' when an Orthodox Jew attacked itsparticipants with knife is another reason why the city authorities should bar such actions', Gorin remarked.


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August 29, 2006

Vital Signs
Condom Use: Risky Business: Unprotected 'Serious' Sex

Many young people are careful to use condoms with casual partners, but a new study suggests that they are less so with their main partner. The problem,the researchers found, is that it is common for many young people to be inwhat they consider a committed relationship but still have sex with otherpeople.

Given that, the researchers said, even if they are careful about usingcondoms with casual partners, they take chances when they have unprotectedsex with the main partner. This is especially true because the peoplesurveyed reported using a condom in only about half of their casual sexualencounters.

"In some ways, it's almost as if they have not really thought it through,"said the lead author of the study, Celia M. Lescano, a psychologist at theBradley Hasbro Children's Research Center in Providence, R.I., and anassistant professor at Brown Medical School. "Which is not surprising, giventhat sexual encounters, whether with a casual or a main partner, can be so spontaneous."

In fact, the researchers, who questioned more than 1,300 sexually activepeople ages 15 to 21 in three major cities about their sexual activity overthe preceding 90 days, found that those with and without regular partnershad on average the same amount of unprotected sex.


For Jamie Pedersen, being gay an asset in 43rd District race

Monday, August 28, 2006

[Editor's Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated thatJamie Pedersen was employed by Justice and Youth Services Reform.]

Of the many qualities and qualifications Jamie Pedersen brings to the raceto take Seattle's open seat in the state House of Representatives, one maycarry more weight than all the rest.

Pedersen is gay.

A successful lawyer with Seattle law firm Preston Gates and Ellis, Pedersenhas untangled complex legal and financial issues in health care. As the sonof public school teachers he promises to champion education as well aspublic transit and environmental protection. He says he's made more than12,000 doorbelling stops around the 43rd District and, according to thestate Public Disclosure Commission, he's raised far more campaign money thanany of the other five Democrats vying for the seat.

As Seattle voters evaluate the field -- Pedersen, Lynne Dodson, Dick Kelley,Bill Sherman, Jim Street and Stephanie Pure -- all provide a variety ofskills and styles to promote the urban Democratic agenda.


The religious right is fuming after California Governor ArnoldSchwarzenegger has signed a law that requires schools that receive statefunds to introduce nondiscriminatory practices relating to sexualorientation, <> RAW STORY has learned.

California Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa said earlier that this month that thebill would result "in tremendous crippling, if not complete destruction, ofChristian Universities and colleges all throughout California."

"He speaks at churches and says he believes in religious freedom and familyvalues," said Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children andFamilies in a release, "yet hes stabbing pro-family Californians in theback. People of faith are suffering under Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is not the lesser of two evils, hes doing evil.

People of conscience are appalled that Arnold Schwarzenegger has trampledreligious freedom to satisfy hyperactive sexual activists, Thomassonrailed. "Schwarzenegger is... [trampling] religious freedom at the biddingof liberal activists from San Francisco and West Hollywood."

Christian colleges last week wrote Schwarzenegger urging him not to sign thelaw. Schwarzenegger signed the bill--which not a single Republican and all but one Democrat in the state legislature supported--into law today.


Moscow court to hear gay parade ban appeal Sept. 19

29/ 08/ 2006

MOSCOW, August 29 (RIA Novosti) - The Moscow City Court will consider on September 19 an appeal against a court ruling to ban a gay pride parade in the capital May, a court source said Tuesday.

On May 26, Moscow's Tverskoi district court upheld a Moscow government resolution prohibiting the march, which was scheduled for the next day, as opposition to the planned event was strong in Russia, especially from theRussian Orthodox Church and other religious leaders.

"The court has fixed hearings of the appeal against the Tverskoi's court decision for September 19," the source said.

Despite the ban about 200 people took to the streets on May 27 in an unsanctioned demonstration to mark the 13th anniversary of homosexuality being decriminalized in Russia.


"Holy Terror: In Eastern Europe, Christian Fundamentalists and Right-Wing Pols Attack Gays" (Attitude Magazine)

The following article by JEROME TAYLOR (a staff writer on the Foreign Desk of The Independent, the U.K. daily) was published on Friday, August 25, inATTITUDE Magazine (, the glossy U.K. gay men'smonthly:

HOLY TERROR: Published in Attitude Magazine, September 2006

Throughout the democratic world - in the new EU states of Central andEastern Europe, in the Russia and the US - right-wing politicians andChristian fundamentalists are joining forces to attack and stigmatise ageneration of gay people. Jerome Taylor reports.

On a sombre grey afternoon in late May, a group of Russian men and womendared to do something that had never been done in their country before.Under a steady drizzle of rain they approached Alexander Gardens, a smallpark in the north-east corner of the Kremlin, each holding a solitaryflower.

The idea was as simple as it was poignant: To hold Russia's first ever gaypride march by laying flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Russia'smost famous monument to the country's Second World War fight against fascismand a tribute to the millions who died protecting Mother Russia from Nazi Germany.


Tucson Citizen, AZ, August 28, 2006

Republicans hustle to oppose anti-gay union plan BLAKE MORLOCK ,Tucson Citizen

Remember the days when politicians trampled one another to protect marriage?

Yeah. That was two years ago.

Arizona Republicans are now elbowing to take the lead in opposing Proposition 107, the state ballot measure that would make gay marriage andother civil unions unconstitutional.

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, Republican, and Democratic Phoenix Mayor PhilGordon have come out against the "Protect Family" amendment, as hasRepublican gubernatorial candidate Mike Harris. Harris goes so far as to say the mayors have joined his opposition.

Well, yeah, maybe. But somehow I doubt that opposition by Harris was the deciding factor.

Harris, Gordon and Walkup's opposition suggests the Protect Marriagemovement isn't the political winner in Arizona that it is elsewhere.In fact, Harris' opposition is rooted in conservative mantra.


The Express Gay News

Much ado about pronouns

The trans movement is encouraging our most masculine women to abandon their female bodies for male ones.
Aug. 26, 2006

THIS SUMMER, A woman I camped with last year at the Michigan Womyn's MusicFestival came as a man. I'll call him Sam.

Sam had been an adorable butch, with an easy sexiness. But he had decidedthat he wasn't comfortable in his woman's body. His first Michigan eventlast year had been a turning point for him; he felt acceptance of hischoices. This led him to decide to take hormones and a male-ish name, and toflirt with the male pronoun.

He told us that this would likely be his last year at Fest. Once he hadbreast surgery, he said, he would consider himself no longer eligible underMichigan's womyn-born-womyn policy, though he currently has no plans tochange his vagina into a penis.

"I haven't changed who I am," he said. "I've just changed my body so I'mmore comfortable in it."

Sam is wonderful to talk with, and those of us who camp with him love him,so a couple of us spent time asking all of our burning questions: How did hedecide this? Was he worried about testosterone's effect on his body? And myprimary worry: Why is he taking a male pronoun?


The Express Gay News

On The Record

"No, I am not a lesbian. I describe myself as heterosexual. I think it ishard to have good relationships with anyone."

By Aug. 26, 2006

"No, I am not a lesbian. I describe myself as heterosexual. I think it ishard to have good relationships with anyone."
Actress Whoopi Goldberg (New York Times Magazine, Aug. 20)

"If he has any skeletons whatsoever; if, God forbid, he's gay, and all thesepeople in Mississippi who voted for him are like, 'Oh, my God, I voted for aqueer!' It's just too much pressure."

Singer Justin Timberlake, on the pressure facing Taylor Hicks after winning"American Idol;" Timberlake's spokesperson later denied the singer had saidanything "personal" about Hicks (Associated Press, Aug. 18)

"Some of the most vulnerable children should not be placed in an environmentthat is not the most secure and stable. I think that's the rationality forthis type of prohibition for gay foster parents, and to me it makes sense."

Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson (R) on his support for astatewide ban on gay foster parents; a recent survey showed that 62 percentof the state's voters support the idea of a ban (Arkansas News Bureau, Aug.


The New York Times

September 1, 2006

AIDS Money Suddenly at Risk

A lethal form of budgetary politics is at work in Congress. The proven formula for assisting AIDS-ridden urban areas that pioneered effective treatment programs is in danger of being radically altered to shift money to more rural states. Rather than increase spending to cover both real priorities - the cities' AIDS needs and the growing problem of H.I.V. in rural areas - current proposals would deny the cities tens of millions of dollars.

Nothing could be more foolhardy for the nation as a whole. The AIDS battle knows no boundaries and has hardly waned in New York, California, Florida, Illinois and the other states that first confronted the challenge a generation ago. The cuts being contemplated would be traumatic for the valuable mix of treatments now given to tens of thousands.

The Republican leadership hopes to rush this change through Congress soon after it returns next week in the renewal of the $2 billion AIDS spending program. A fairer formula is being sought by alarmed lawmakers from the states slated to be shortchanged. Republicans are trying to spread nonsense that this all about red state versus blue state. The real question is whether Congress would dare to turn the proven Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act into another demeaning pork-barrel competition. In effect, the potential urban losers stand to be penalized for having shown the way in fighting the AIDS scourge.


The New York Times

August 27, 2006

Candidate in Alabama Is Returned to Ballot

A woman who stands to become Alabama's first openly gay elected official is back on the November ballot after the Democratic Party's state committee on Saturday overturned a decision to disqualify her.

The candidate, Patricia Todd, who won a runoff to become the Democratic nominee for state legislator in a central Birmingham district, was disqualified Thursday on the grounds that she had failed to file a campaign finance report with the state party chairman, even though candidates have not done so since 1988.

The subcommittee that met Thursday disqualified her opponent in the primary, Gaynell Hendricks, for the same reason. There is no Republican candidate in the district, whose registered voters are majority black by a slim margin. Ms. Todd is white; Ms. Hendricks, whose mother-in-law brought the challenge, is black.

The subcommittee that disqualified the candidates was controlled by Joe Reed, a powerful black Democrat, who had urged voters to support Ms. Hendricks and warned that if they did not, the district could be redrawn to be majority white.