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GLBT DIGEST - November 1, 2006

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NJ: Commentary--Two gay men and a baby

The Record, NJ, October 30, 2006

Two gay men and a baby

His name was Allan. His lover was Wayne. Two gay guys. They never married -they couldn't, legally, back then. But they decided to make a life togetheranyway in the mid-1980s. A few years later, they decided to start a family.

The story of Allan and Wayne is one of those human journeys of peaks andvalleys. But ultimately, it teemed with inspiration for those who knew them.

Their relationship may not have fit the traditional path that so many othergood people follow. But it was a real journey just the same. And thatjourney is worth remembering now as the New Jersey Legislature, under ordersfrom the state Supreme Court, decides whether to allow gay couples toofficially marry.

Allan, a compassionate journalist and former Washington and Trentoncorrespondent for The Record, was one of this columnist's editors years ago.Wayne was a hair stylist and part-time artist.

They never had a church wedding. Nor did they even attempt to obtain amarriage license. But in that basic sense of what reasonable peopleunderstand marriage to be, these guys had tied the knot. We all knew that inour guts.


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Newsweek, October 30, 2006

Happy, But Not Satisfied

Gay-rights activist Evan Wolfson discusses the political implications of theNew Jersey Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriages.

Web Exclusive
By Debra Rosenberg

Will last week's New Jersey Supreme Court decision on gay marriage have animpact on next week's election? The ruling opened the door to make the statethe second in the nation-after Massachusetts-to allow gay marriage byfinding that the legislature must offer same-sex couples some form ofmarriage or civil union.

Gay marriage was one of the hot-button issues in 2004, but Evan Wolfson,executive director of the gay-rights group Freedom to Marry and author of"Why Marriage Matters" (Simon & Schuster, 2004) doesn't believe it's likelyto resonate at the polls on Nov. 7. He spoke with NEWSWEEK's Debra Rosenbergabout the court decision, the upcoming vote and the struggle over gaymarriage. Excerpts:


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New Online Library Documents LGBT Human Rights Abuses Worldwide

New Online Documentation of Human Rights Abuses Against Gay, Lesbian andHIV+ People Now Available to Help Those Seeking Political Asylum

(New York City) The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission(IGLHRC) announced today the launch of a new online library that willprovide support to worldwide claims for political asylum made by people whofear persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV/AIDSstatus. The online library documents human rights abuses against lesbian,gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and people living with HIV/AIDSin countries around the world. It is the most complete documentationresource of its kind in the world. The information now available online willenable asylum seekers or their legal advocates to quickly provideimmigration authorities with proof of human rights abuses in their countryof origin.


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Scripps News, October 30, 2006

GOP ads warn of 'homosexual agenda' from San Francisco

Republican charges of a San Francisco "homosexual agenda" and allegationsthat a liberal "San Francisco majority" in Congress would endanger thenation have emerged as themes in the final weeks of the Nov. 7 midtermelection campaign.

The latest salvos are variations on a constant GOP refrain this year, tiedto the prospect that House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, a "San Franciscoliberal," would become speaker if Democrats make at least a 15-seat gain inthe midterm elections.

"You know, they use me all over the country, my radical homosexual agenda,"said Pelosi. "I've never seen a situation where a national party has runagainst a particular part of the country. It makes me wonder what theRepublicans in San Francisco think about the assault that they are making onour city. But it doesn't bother me."


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New York Blade, NY, October 30, 2006

Anti-gay Incumbents Struggling

With the mid-term elections less than two weeks away, some of the moststridently anti-gay members of Congress are struggling to retain their Houseand Senate seats.

Several outspoken supporters of a federal constitutional ban on gaymarriage, including Sens. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) and George Allen(R-Va.) and Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-Colo.) are locked in tough campaignsagainst their Democratic opponents.

Pennsylvania State Treasurer Bob Casey Jr. (D) leads Santorum 51-39 percent,according to a Mason-Dixon poll released this week.

In Virginia, Allen holds a narrow lead over former Navy Secretary Jim Webb(D). Mason-Dixon last week found Allen had 47 percent to Webb's43 percent, a difference within the poll's 4 percent margin of error.


From Michael Rajner


The Campaign to End AIDS invites you to another town hall meeting conferencecall to discuss the possibility of common action and advocacy to add fundingto this year's Ryan White reauthorization bill in hopes of overcoming thegeographic and regional disputes that have stalled progress.

It's clear that the AIDS community is divided over the proposedreauthorization legislation currently on the table. And it's also clear thatmost -- if not all -- of the disputes are caused by a lack of resources orinequities of distribution. Right now, appropriators and authorizers havenot dedicated enough money to Ryan White to allow full access to HIV/AIDStreatment and care everywhere in the U.S.

"Full funding" of Ryan White has been estimated to require from $500 million(Congressional Black Caucus) to $614 million (AIDS Budget AdvocacyCoalition) in new funding for this year's budget.



ESPNU takes Kinchen off air for 'gay remark'

Network and former NFL receiver apologize for comment

NEW YORK (AP) | Nov 1, 7:15 AM

Former NFL receiver Brian Kinchen will not work as an ESPNU commentator thisweek because of a comment he made during last Saturday's broadcast of theNorthern Illinois-Iowa game.

Kinchen was explaining the need for receivers to make catches with theirhands because they are "tender" and can "caress" the ball. He then pausedand said, "that's kind of gay, but hey ..."

"The comments were inappropriate, and we apologize for them," said ESPN'svice president of public relations Josh Krulewitz.

Kinchen's future with ESPNU is under review, Krulewitz said.


The New York Times

November 1, 2006
Talking Points
The Foley Scandal and the Risks of Righteous Politicking

Conventional wisdom holds that sex scandals hurt Republicans more thanDemocrats.

With Republicans, the argument goes, there is both the sex scandal and thehypocrisy of a party that trumpets "family values" flouting them.

That, in a nutshell, is the story of Representative Mark Foley and thescandal that now bears his name - a scandal that has enflamed the strugglefor control of Congress, and threatened to hoist Republicans on their ownfamily-values petard.

Mr. Foley delivered the full one-two punch. In his lurid mash notes toCongressional pages, Mr. Foley displayed remarkable high-tech stupidity inbuilding a salacious, Web-ready archive in time for the election season."Feeling horny?" went one of the more printable come-ons to one of the maleteenagers whom Mr. Foley was sizing up among the innocents of the page corps


Jesse's Journal

by Jesse Monteagudo

"Israel: Gays and Lesbians in the Promised Land"

Shortly after a United Nations cease-fire ended the Israel-Hezbollah war inLebanon and the Galilee, gay porn auteur Michael Lucas raised eyebrows andmade headlines when he announced his plans to visit Israel and entertain thetroops. Lucas, a Jew, timed his visit to show his support for thebeleaguered Jewish state: "I am very proud to be going to my home away fromhome and entertain gay Israelis in a time of war," wrote Lucas in his"adults only" blog []. "People need to see the faces of war,"Lucas added. "I will expose the reality that the people of Israel faceright now, especially that of gay Israelis who are targeted by the hate ofHezbollah." Lucas was true to his word, visiting Israeli troops near thefront and entertaining them (and others) in a hard-core "performance" at agay club in Tel Aviv. Though Lucas's obvious affection for himself neverfaltered, and his version of Israel's "faces of war" (as shown on his blog)left out the female, the old, and the ugly, his feelings for his "home awayfrom home" (and its men) were apparently sincere.



The Washington Post

Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest Jerusalem gay march plan

Tuesday, October 31, 2006; 5:52 PM

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Groups of ultra-Orthodox Jews torched trash bins andhurled stones at police in Jerusalem on Tuesday in protests against plans tohold a gay rights march in the holy city.

Three policemen were hurt and five protesters arrested in what Israeli mediasaid was one of the most violent demonstrations in the city in recent times.Protesters wore torn burlap sacks, resembling those worn by the bereaved oftheir community, and held signs saying "Jerusalem won't be Sodom andGomorrah," referring to towns the Bible says were destroyed by God becauseof their residents' sinful ways.

They overturned trash bins and set them alight, and blocked a main cityroad, throwing stones at police who came to disperse them, according tofootage broadcast by Israeli television.

Some religious Jews have vowed to disrupt the march expected to take placein mid-November, and there have also been threats of violence, in a disputethat threatens to create new tension between the Orthodox and Israel'ssecular Jewish majority.


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