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GLBT DIGEST April 23, 2008

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New York Times
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-Ang Lee Making Gay Woodstock Movie
NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - "Brokeback Mountain" director Ang Lee isreturning to the gay genre with a movie revolving around the Woodstock musicfestival.

Washington Post
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-Fair Pay, Fair Play
The Senate should restore workers' ability to sue over pay discrimination,whenever the injustice is discovered.
FOR NEARLY a year, employees have been living under a legal scheme thatmakes it exceedingly difficult for them to seek redress for paydiscrimination. The Senate today has the opportunity to consider legislationthat would remedy the situation. Lawmakers should agree to an up-or-downvote on the matter and, with a few minor changes in the language, theyshould pass it.

Miami Herald
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-Miami: Stars in town to film gay movie
Keep your eyes peeled for Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. The two actors willbe in our midst Friday through Tuesday filming I Love You Phillip Morris,due out in 2009. ... A casting call for extras was held seeking''good-looking, physically fit men,'' yet some spots are still available.
Casting director Lori Wyman says that you ``should be gay or OK with kissinganother man on camera.''

Steve Rothaus
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-Log Cabin Republicans: Out magazine runs hit job on gay Republicans
Article on gay Republicans fails to source even ONE gay Republican!
In the May issue of "Out" Magazine, writer Charles Kaiser does an amazinglypoor job of covering gay Republicans in Washington, DC. The article, called"Washington's Gay War," adds up to nothing more than a smear campaignagainst gay Republicans.

Express Gay News
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-Minister who wed gays faces hearing
To the Rev. Jane Spahr, the right of a Presbyterian Church minister to marrysame-sex couples is a matter of principle and conscience.

-Tell-all book about gays in hip hop to come out in May
We all know that rap and hip hop music hasn't always been friendly to thegays. Kanye West admits it, Keith Boykin has said that genre has a "long andambivalent relationship with homosexuality" and last year Brighton, Englandwent so far as to ban homophobic rap songs from their clubs and bars.

-Charges dropped in Georgetown gay bashing
Prosecutors cite insufficient evidence to link suspect to crime
The United States Attorney's office on April 17 dropped an assault chargeagainst a Georgetown University student who had been accused by D.C. policeof physically attacking a fellow Georgetown student last fall while shoutinganti-gay epithets at him.

-A New Stage for the Sultan of Stigma
Since 1973, the once dreaded American Psychiatric Association has become anally of gay and lesbian equality. They have consistently withstood outsidepressure from right wing organizations and instead chose to do what was inthe best interest of GLBT mental health. Most notably, they endorsedsame-sex civil marriage in a groundbreaking 2005 position paper.

-Working for Change in the Classroom
This week, as students across the country observe the annual Day of Silencein solidarity with their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender classmatesand friends, it is imperative that the rest of us speak up and support theirefforts to make our classrooms safer and more welcoming for every student,regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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-Win Still Leaves Clinton Underdog
Still the underdog in a contest that won't quit, Hillary Rodham Clintonpulled off a feisty act of political survival in the Pennsylvania primary,defeating Barack Obama to keep her Democratic presidential hopes alive.

-Obama Turns Attention To Indiana
Defeated in Pennsylvania, Barack Obama quickly turned his attention to thenext opportunity to dispense with Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton inhopes of facing the Republican nominee-in-waiting.

-Bid To Reopen Fla. Gay Club Suit
(Okeechobee, Florida) A lawsuit against a Florida school district thatbanned a gay student group from meeting on campus should be reinstated theAmerican Civil Liberties Union says.

-Peace Corps Fires Man With HIV
(New York City) The American Civil Liberties Union has sent a letter to thePeace Corps demanding that it change its policy of barring people with HIVfrom serving as volunteers.

-Polish Official Who Called Teletubbies Gay Leaves Office
(Warsaw) A Polish official who called for an investigation into what shecalled the promotion of homosexuality in the children's TV programTeletubbies has resigned.

-Calif. Group To Submit Anti-Gay Referendum Signatures
(San Francisco, California) A coalition of conservative groups says it hascollected more than enough signatures to force a proposed amendment banningsame-sex marriage onto the November ballot.

-NY Man Loses Rectal Exam Lawsuit
(New York City) A hospital did nothing wrong when it tried to examine therectum of a construction worker who had been hit on the head by a fallingwooden beam, a jury has found.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-Masturbation 'Cuts Cancer Risk'
Men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regularmasturbation, researchers suggest. They say cancer-causing chemicals couldbuild up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate regularly. And they saysexual intercourse may not have the same protective effect because of thepossibility of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, which couldincrease men's cancer risk.

-Is Your Computer Slower Than When You Bought It?
Is your PC slower now than when you bought it? Do you get error messageswhen you try to un-install software? Do you have desktop icons that aren'tworking? If so, your computer is likely experiencing problems with itsregistry database, the operating system component that stores informationabout the system, application settings and hardware. Even if you'reextremely careful about how you use your computer and never downloadquestionable material, over time it is inevitable that your system willaccumulate unwanted registry entries, errors, clutter and debris.

-Gay Actors Still Pressured to Stay Closeted in Hollywood
Ian McKellen made headlines two years ago when the openly gay British actorspouted off on what seemed an unspoken truth: it's impossible for homosexualHollywood actors to have successful careers. "It's very, very, verydifficult for an American actor who wants a film career to be open abouthis sexuality," McKellen said.

Marriage Equality News
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-Foes of gay marriage won a crucial victory Tuesday in the House.
Without comment, lawmakers gave preliminary approval to a measure toconstitutionally define marriage as solely between one man and one woman.
That language had been approved earlier this month on a different bill. Butthat occurred only after it was amended to also grant certain rights tounmarried couples. The additional provision was unacceptable to those whooppose same-sex marriages. So they let that bill die, with the plan ofresurrecting the measure again. This time, though, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema,D-Phoenix, did not offer that same amendment. Cathi Herrod, president of theCenter for Arizona Policy, said her group had lobbied to find enough votesto kill it. A final House roll-call vote will send SCR 1042 to the Senate.
The procedure used by supporters of the new version of the gay marriage baneffectively precludes opponents from trying to amend the measure in theSenate.

-A gay rights organization that's upset by Doug Manchester's funding of asame-sex marriage ban has withdrawn from an event scheduled for theManchester Grand Hyatt San Diego.
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation announced that it haswithdrawn from a "Pride Rocks" event scheduled for the summer at the Hyattowned by Doug Manchester. The event celebrates gay pride.
Manchester, a local developer, contributed $125,000 to a drive to put asame-sex marriage ban before voters in November. Backers of the ban havesaid this week that they have gathered enough signatures to qualify theproposed constitutional amendment for the ballot.

-Australia: The Rudd Government is blaming economics for apossible delay in law reform recognising same-sex couples. According to TheAustralian, the government remains undecided about whether to includereforms to discriminatory laws identified in last year's Human Rights andEqual Opportunity Commission (HREOC) report in the May budget; even thoughthe cost of removing discriminatory legislation against same-sex couples issubstantially less than the $1 billion projected by the Howard Government.

-Minnesota: The Rochester Post-Bulletin has reversed a policy that requiredgay and lesbian couples to purchase an ad to announce a marriage orcommitment ceremony - a service offered for free to couples who have thelegal option to marry.

Pink News - UK
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-UK: Peers vote for freedom to criticise the LGBT community
Peers have made an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill that will protectthe freedom of speech of comics, rap artists and those who criticise otherpeople's sexuality.

-Government of Bahrain seeks to punish 'homosexual children'
The government of Bahrain is taking action to stamp out homosexuals in thecountry. In a wide ranging set of proposals MP's have set out a number of initiative designed to rid the country of homosexuals.

-New rights for lesbian parents in New South Wales
The government of New South Wales (NSW) has announced that children bornthrough in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) to lesbian mothers will have the samerights as those of heterosexual couples.

The LGBT Cancer Project is now the National LGBT Cancer Network, Inc.
When The LGBT Cancer Project was first launched, we were an east coastoperation with national aspirations. We never anticipated the magnitude ofthe positive response we would receive from both professionals and survivorsacross the country. We have been asked to make presentations at nationalconferences, universities, cancer treatment centers, non-profitorganizations and the LGBT health group of the CDC. We have developed agroup of active collaborators in California. Our work has been reported onSirius radio and in multiple national cancer publications. It's clear nowthat we need a new name that better reflects the national scope of ourcollaborative work. We have become the National LGBT Cancer Network. We arestill the only program in the country addressing the problems of cancer inthe entire LGBT community. More than ever, we encourage you to participate,collaborate, donate. Please visit our new website at www.cancer-network.organd set your mail system to accept mail from us at old web address will automatically redirect visitors to our new site.)
Keep the connection growing. Please forward this email to every one youknow who cares about the cancer health disparities of the LGBT community andwants to work to eradicate them. The National LGBT Cancer Network willconnect the resources, vision and experience of us all.

Inside Higher Education
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-At U. of Georgia, Furor Over Clarence Thomas
It's not hard to imagine that a campus visit by Supreme Court JusticeClarence Thomas, a conservative jurist and strong opponent of affirmativeaction, would inspire protests from more liberal students and professors.
Yet Thomas has made a number of visits to the University of Georgia, theflagship public institution in his home state, without too much of anuproar. But controversy finally came when he accepted an invitation to givethe undergraduate commencement address this year.

Gay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrier
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-Out athlete finally gets hometown respect
Jackie Walker, an All-American college football star from the early 1970swhose openness about his sexual orientation may have limited a fullappreciation of his accomplishments on the field, is finally getting his duefrom his hometown: Wilson, who died of AIDS-related causes in 2002, is beinginducted into the Greater Knoxville (Tenn.) Sports Hall of Fame. The NewYork Times (4/18) , The Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tenn.)/ (freeregistration) (4/20)

-Backers of Calif. marriage ban say issue will be on ballot
Protect Marriage, a coalition of religious groups in California, claims tohave gathered more than 1.1 million signatures to get a constitutionalmarriage ban on the state ballot in November. The state requires 694,354signatures, or 8% of the votes cast in the most recent governor's race, toqualify a ballot question. Seth Kilbourn, political director of EqualityCalifornia, said he is "confident" the measure will be defeated "when andif" it goes before voters. San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press (4/21)

-Lawmaker: Colorado gays don't need protection from bias
Some top Democrats in the Colorado Senate had sharp words for a Republicancolleague, who, during the debate over an anti-bias measure, claimed LGBTpeople face no discrimination and said the state may as well ban biasagainst short people, too. "It must be nice as a white male to sit back andmock the real discrimination that occurs in our society, especially on thebasis of sexual orientation," said out Sen. Jennifer Veiga, D-Denver. TheDenver Post (4/18)

-19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards
Special nominees and presenters at the upcoming 19th Annual GLAAD MediaAwards in San Francisco on May 10 at the San Francisco Marriott include:Sharon Stone will receive the Vanguard Award; Focus Features CEO, JamesSchamus, will receive the Golden Gate Award; Jennifer Beals will present theDavidson/Valentini Award to Ilene Chaiken; Judith Light will present thePioneer Award to David Mixner; Mayor Gavin Newsom will present a SpecialRecognition Award to Theater Rhinoceros; Candis Cayne (Dirty Sexy Money)will host the event. Guests include: Alan Cumming, JP Calderone (Survivor:Cook Island); Hank Plante (former GLAAD Media Awards honoree); Jason Lewis;Dave Koz; Rex Lee; Chad Allen; David Bromstad (Color Splash); GLAADPresident Neil G. Giuliano. More names to be announced.

-How LGBT media is impacting politics, the electorate
Communications executive and author Bob Witeck looks at the impact of thegay press and new media on the LGBT community and the larger politicalworld. "There is no question now that we are defining the political andmedia culture, as much as it is defining us as Americans and as LGBTpeople," Witeck writes.

-The Catholic Church, homophobia and its sex-abuse scandal
Blogger Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, president of Chicago TheologicalSeminary, credits the Catholic Church with taking some positive stepstowards acknowledging homosexuality as an orientation. But she believes itstill wrongly links gay men in its seminaries as having the potential to besexual predators, instead of examining how its repressive policies create aculture where such abuses can take place. "The Church is still, because ofdeep-seated homophobia, going about dealing with the risk of future abuse inexactly the wrong way," she writes. The Washington Post/Newsweek/On Faith

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-The Texas Entertainment Association (TEA)announced this morning that adult cabarets across the state receivednotification last week from the Texas Comptroller that controversial,industry-wide $5 admittance taxes are due today. The state's surprisenotification comes in the wake of the 53rd District Court's March 28 rulingthat the taxes represent an invalid, unconstitutional violation of FirstAmendment rights.

-SAN FRANCISCO - A federal appeals court has ruled that a U.S.
Customsinspection of a laptop computer found to contain child pornographydid not constitute an unreasonable search and seizure, Reutersreported.Michael Arnold initially was charged with child pornography andrelated crimes after a 2005 search of his laptop at Los AngelesInternational Airport upon his return from the Philippines. Arnold arguedthat the U.S. Constitution's protections against searches without reasonablesuspicion should have prevented the search.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-Campaigners plead with Home Secretary over Syrian deportation
More than 20 members of the Scottish Parliament and a former Big Brotherwinner have called on the government not to deport a gay teenager to Syria.

-Keith Olbermann Encourages Questions About John McCain's Relationship withRev. John Hagee
On April 18, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC's Countdown proposed several toughquestions for ABC News' George Stephanopoulos to ask Republican presidentialcandidate Sen. John McCain during their then upcoming April 20 interview onThis Week. Encouraging Stephanopoulos to press Sen. McCain on hisassociation with anti-gay televangelist John Hagee, Olbermann posed thecutting question: " proudly accepted the endorsement of Pastor JohnHagee, who wants the U.S. to start a nuclear war as part of the apocalypse,who called Catholicism the great whore, and who said Katrina was God'spunishment of New Orleans for holding, quote, 'a homosexual parade.' SenatorMcCain, does Pastor Hagee love Catholics, Muslims, New Orleans, gay people,parades and life on earth as we know it as much as you do?"

-Hey Dems: We're dealing with the civil unions thing -- please don't make itworse!
Alright, so the current Democratic meme on gay marriage is that even if ourmost visible candidates support full equality, they are rarely going to sayso. Standing up for what is right and inevitable is still widely seen as apolitical land mine, so the best our could-be supporters will offer us issupport for civil unions. We get that and we're reluctantly accepted it (thestrategy, not the civil unions compromise).

-Black Clergy Leaning To Left
Philadelphia - There is no mistaking the fact that the black community isbursting with pride over the electoral success of Sen. Barack Obama(D-Ill.).

-Texas raid has opened can of worms
The Texas polygamy raid and prosecution is full of ironies. It's ironicthat the 416 confiscated children were sent to a county named Tom Green,even if it is no relation to the convicted Utah bigamist of the same name.,5143,695272068,00.html

-Sex-ed amendment to evolution bill falters
Legislators grappled with language that some lawmakers said could be abackdoor way to teach religious dogma.

-Silent teenagers have Clear Creek adults talking
Some parents, school officials fret about protest of bullying over sexorientation

-Shepard Act sandbagged by Reid?
I missed this tidbit from a couple of weeks ago on Blog Cabin, the gay GOPgroup's blog, about whether Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) hassandbagged the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act. It's actually taken from aWashington Blade story.

-Pittsburgh is a great place to be gay
In honor of the Primary Pittsburgh Project, I'd like to take a few inchesof this blog to review why I think this is a great place for theLGBTQ/gay/queer community.

-Colorado state senator outrages lesbian colleague, fellow Democrats withtheatrical legislation
In a shockingly dismissive move, a Colorado state senator introduced a stuntamendment calling for a ban on discrimination against short people. The movewas an effort to derail legislation that would prohibit sexualorientation-based discrimination.

-Family-Friendly Video: Is Homosexuality A Choice?
The following family-friendly cartoon - appropriate for schools - refutesthe ex-gay myth with humor as well as fact.

- Briefly: Does Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Promote Abortion ?
Amid news of the widespread failure of antisex education and virginitypledges to reduce sexual activity and pregnancies, recent discussions haveasked whether "abstinence-only" advocacy actually forces more teen-agers andyoung adults to have abortions than would have been necessary withcomprehensive sex education.

-Pope's Young-Person's Mass Shows Divide on Gay Issues
YONKERS, N.Y. (AP) _ The thousands of young Roman Catholics who havejourneyed to see Pope Benedict XVI include 65 prep school students sleepingon a cold church floor, who believe everything he says, and a 15-year-oldQueens girl with a lesbian sister, who isn't so sure.

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-European governments warned to address teenage suicides
European countries should consider teenage suicide as a political priority,as this underestimated public health issue is leading to thousands ofdeaths, exceeding the number of deaths caused by road accidents.
During this week's plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of theCouncil of Europe (PACE), all eyes were set on a resolution calling onmember states to facilitate access to safe abortion. Few paid attention toanother resolution, calling on European states to consider teenage suicide acritical problem that requires immediate attention by all governments.

Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
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-After two years of brutal suppression of Gay Pride events in Moscow, and onthe eve of a third year of government repression and possible neo-fascistviolence against Russian Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans people (not tomention supporters from EU nations), the European Human Rights Commissionerhas finally decided to: 1) Talk about it. 2) To write a report about it.
Whew! Excuse us if we are not very impressed by this dramatic burst ofhuman rights activity on the part of the dear Commissioner.


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