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GLBT DIGEST December 10, 2008

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Trutn Wins OutContact: Wayne Besen
by Wayne Besen

-Truth Wins Out Fights Back Against Lie Campaign With Hard-Hitting Full Page Ad In The Salt Lake Tribune
'We Refuse To Allow Anti-Gay Activists To Rewrite History and Pose As Beacons of Religious Tolerance,' Says TWO
NEW YORK - Truth Wins Out (TWO) unveiled a hard-hitting full-page ad today that will be published in The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday, under the headline, "Lies in the Name of the Lord." TWO's provocative advertisement is in response to an ad by anti-gay activists in last Friday's New York Times, that falsely portrayed protests against Proposition 8 - a ballot measure in California that prohibited same sex couples from marrying - as mob violence.
The TWO ad also criticized the culture warriors who ran the Times ad under the name, "No Mob Veto," for their disingenuous claim of religious tolerance and their posture as staunch defenders of the Mormon Church.
"These anti-gay activists are crying wolf on the Proposition 8 protests, but they actually are a wolf in sheep's clothing that preaches religious tolerance while practicing the most defamatory form of religious bigotry," said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. "We refuse to permit this orchestrated campaign to rewrite history, nor will we allow some of the most notorious Mormon bashers in America to pose as friends of the Latter-day Saints."
TWO exposes "No Mob Veto's" hypocrisy, after the group wrote in the Times, "Beginning today, we commit ourselves to opposing and publicly shaming anyone who resorts to the rhetoric of anti-religious bigotry, against any faith, on any side of the cause, for any reason." In its ad, TWO agreed to take the signers of the "No Mob Veto" ad at their word, including convicted felon Chuck Colson, Prison Fellowship; Rich Cizik, National Association of Evangelicals; and William Donohue, The Catholic League, and remind America of their past incendiary statements against other religions, particularly the Mormon church. "Activists like Colson, Cizik and Donohue must decide if they are 'people of faith' or 'people of fibs' - they can't be both," TWO proclaimed in its ad. "Lying is wrong, especially when it's done in the name of God." "There is a concerted and ongoing effort by anti-gay forces to portray peaceful marchers exercising their First Amendment rights as violent troublemakers," said Besen. "We hope to set the record straight and refuse to let No Mob Veto get away with their blatant lies." Singer Pat Boone contributed to the "Big Lie" this week when he wrote a column in World Net Daily that compared nonviolent Proposition 8 protesters with the terrorists who wantonly murdered nearly 200 innocent people in Mumbai. Truth Wins Out is a non-profit organization that counters right wing propaganda, exposes the "ex-gay" myth and educates America about gay life.
View the ad:

New York Times
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Day Without a Gay
If you live in San Francisco, New York or another gay-friendly city, you may notice some empty chairs in your office today. You've heard of Day Without an Immigrant, right? That was May 1, 2006, when immigrants boycotted schools and businesses in order to protest policies perceived as anti-immigrant. Well, welcome to Day Without a Gay.

-Family Keeps Vigil for Beaten Brooklyn Man
An Ecuadorean immigrant who was brutally beaten in Brooklyn last weekend in what the police have described as a possible bias attack was declared brain-dead on Tuesday, a law enforcement official said. But the man was being kept on life support while his family decides whether to donate his organs, the official said.

-Iowa Justices Hear Same-Sex Marriage Case
In a case that could make Iowa the first Midwestern state to legalize same-sex marriage, the Iowa Supreme Court on Tuesday pressed lawyers for both sides with sharp questions on topics like the 4,000-year-old history of marriage and whether a ruling favoring gay couples would open the door to polygamy.

-Minnesota: Senator Larry Craig Loses Bid to Withdraw Plea
An appeals court denied a request by Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho to withdraw his guilty plea in connection with a sex sting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport last year. Mr. Craig, a three-term Republican who is leaving office next month, was arrested on June 11, 2007, by an airport police officer who said Mr. Craig tried to solicit sex from him in a men's restroom there. Mr. Craig pleaded guilty in August 2007 to a charge of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. But after political uproar followed the public disclosure of the case, Mr. Craig, who had often supported conservative social positions, insisted that his actions had been misinterpreted, that he was not gay and that he had entered his guilty plea in haste. He vowed to go to court to withdraw the plea and seek a trial. The appellate court affirmed a lower court's ruling that Mr. Craig entered his guilty plea voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently, meeting the legal standard.

-Gay Marriage Ban Inspires New Wave of Activists
SAN FRANCISCO - They're calling it Stonewall 2.0. Outraged by California voters' ban on same-sex marriage, a new wave of advocates, shaken out of a generational apathy, have pushed to the forefront of the gay rights movement, using freshly minted grass-roots groups and embracing not only new technologies but also old-school methods like sit-ins and sickouts.

Washington Post
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-Calling in 'gay' to work is latest form of protest
Some same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to "call in gay" Wednesday to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians, but others question whether it's wise to encourage skipping work given the nation's economic distress. Organizers of "Day Without a Gay" _ scheduled to coincide with International Human Rights Day and modeled after similar work stoppages by Latino immigrants _ also are encouraging people to perform volunteer work and refrain from spending money.

-NJ commission says state should allow gay marriage
A commission has concluded that New Jersey legislators should allow gay couples to marry, setting up what could be a spirited debate over whether the state should be the first to allow gay marriage by passing a law, rather than by court mandate.

-Gay Rights: Religious Justification And Condemnation Equally Irrelevant
Why would anyone care whether there is a biblical case to be made for gay marriage? You might as well ask whether there is a religious or biblical case to be made for or against slavery. The answer, of course, is that the Bible can be cited in support of or in opposition to any human behavior and human need. That is why, as voters and legislators, we ought not to be asking ourselves what the Bible or particular religions say about anything and should stick to what seems reasonable in modern society and legal under our Constitution. I have often irritated atheists on this blog by saying that I do not agree with Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins about the perfidy of "moderate" religions as enablers of extremist religion. However, this question about whether there is a religious case to be made for gay marriage embodies the worst aspect of moderate, or liberal, faith. Those who go around searching for scriptural support for gay marriage, and other liberal causes, are really swallowing the conservative religious line that everything needs some sort of sacral justification.

-Newsweek Turns the Bible on Its Head
Newsweek offers a revisionist argument for the acceptance of same-sex marriage. But it is not a thin extreme of fundamentalist Christians who stand opposed to same-sex marriage -- it is the vast majority of Christian churches and denominations worldwide.

-Once Detected, HIV Can Be Manageable
Ten years ago, an intelligent, reserved software engineer -- a woman with the complexion of Halle Berry and the physique of a marathoner -- came to my infectious-disease clinic, accompanied by her fiance.

Steve Rothaus
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-Pat Boone compares terrorism in India to gay protests in America
Gay activists are seething over singer Pat Boone's commentary posted Dec. 6 on WorldNetDaily. Among Boone's points: He compares the recent terrorist violence in India to protests in November after voters banned gay marriage in California, Florida and Arizona. One point that puzzles me: Every homosexual citizen has the same, identical rights as any other American. The Constitution says nothing about marriage, and shouldn't. [...] Here is Boone's complete blog posting

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-Comment on Day Without a Gay
By Emma Ruby-Sachs, Blogger
Tomorrow, organizers with Join the Impact are asking all LGBTQ people to call in gay to work. That, literally taken, means you get the chance to call your boss and sadly complain, "Can't make it today, turns out I'm gay."

The Advocate
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-Miami Beach to Vote Again on Domestic Partnerships
Miami Beach's commissioners will vote Wednesday to affirm the city's domestic-partnership policy after Florida passed Amendment 2, invalidating rights for residents in nonmarital relationships like domestic partnerships offered through cities and counties.

-Volunteer Efforts Shape Day Without a Gay
On the heels of nationwide rallies and protests, response to the passing of antigay legislation in four states on Election Day kicks into high gear Wednesday, December 10, with Day Without a Gay. As tempting as it may be to spend the day catching up on TiVo, organizers are urging gays and lesbians to spend the day volunteering and putting a human face on the "people that this equal rights battle is about."

-A Friend to Gays and Antigay Dictators Alike
COMMENTARY: It's not surprising that Sean Penn, thanks to his star turn as Harvey Milk, is becoming a hero of the gay community -- likely to be showered with acting prizes, and deservedly so. But his outspoken admiration for the Castro and Chavez regimes should make everyone think twice.

-LGBT Leaders Voice Concerns Over Lack of Openly Gay Appointees
The LGBT community played a prominent role in helping elevate President-elect Obama to the highest office in the land and now some powerful activists are hoping to see more inclusion in senior-level administration positions. No openly gay people have gotten the nod to date.

Pink News - UK
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-Men sought by police in connection with homophobic chanting at Portsmouth game
By Staff Writer,
Police in Portsmouth have released photos of sixteen people they want to trace in connection with racist and homophobic chanting at a football match. Portsmouth FC's Sol Campbell, a former England defender, was subject to abusive taunts from the crowd during a Premiership game against Tottenham Hotspur on September 28th.

-Gay band to march in Presidential inauguration parade
By Staff Writer,
For the first time in American history, a gay group has been asked to march in the Inaugural Parade. President-elect Obama will take the oath of office on January 20th during an elaborate day of celebrations in Washington DC.

-Urban Outfitters removes pro-gay marriage t-shirt from California stores
By Staff Writer,
A leading retailer has removed t-shirts from sale that carried a slogan supporting gay marriage. Urban Outfitters' has previously been targeted by gay activists because of the political views of its chairman.

-Teen accused of homophobic murder ruled fit to stand trial
By Staff Writer,
Lawyers representing a 14-year-old California boy accused of the murder of an openly gay classmate have failed in an attempt to have him declared developmentally incapable of standing trial. Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kevin McGee made his decision after Brandon McInernery after hearing the conclusions of a court-appointed psychologist and psychiatrist.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-NH: Gay Marriage Bill Begins an Important Debate
Concord Monitor
After a recent screening of Rachel Getting Married at Red River Theatres in Concord, an older woman in the audience commented that the entire film struck her as far-fetched - not because of the grim drama of drug addiction and family dysfunction, but because the wedding at the center of the story was between a black man and a white woman. Those two, she said, would never be together. Younger audience members reacted to her in puzzled disbelief, as if to say, What on earth are you talking about - it's the 21st century, for Pete's sake. Of course, marriages like that of the fictional Rachel and Sidney were once taboo in this country. In much of the United States, they were illegal. In fact, for generations, marriages between two black people, assuming they were slaves, brought none of the privileges or protections afforded white couples. Mercifully, times change, and the rules of marriage have changed as well. Black people can marry each other, as can blacks and whites. Both changes faced strenuous resistance at the time - but most Americans today would surely agree that those were changes for the better. Read more

-Showdown in the Big Tent
THE attitude of white, liberal Hollywood toward African- American churches has long been one of almost participatory respect. Whether it's Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard, or the Blind Boys of Alabama on the iPod, or a serious - reverential - mention of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference over dinner, the understanding is clear: the black church is a foundational institution in the history of the civil rights struggle, and its music (although it makes reference to Jesus Christ as a personal savior) is smoking hot. It was only recently that the A-list discovered that this love is unrequited. Last month, Proposition 8 passed, making gay marriage illegal in California, and the demographic that lent insult to injury was the state's African-American voters. They came to the polls in record numbers to support Barack Obama, and they brought with them a fiercely held and enduring antipathy toward homosexuality: 7 in 10 blacks voted in support of traditional marriage. Whether that was the game-changer or not is a question for near-constant debate. Many gay activists have begun quietly to suggest that had Hillary Clinton been the Democratic nominee, Prop 8 would not have passed. Read more

-Legislator's Anti-Gay Sentiments Come Back to Haunt Mormons
Paul Rolly | The Salt Lake Tribune
Had the Utah Legislature not balked so vehemently at any hate-crime legislation that included protections for gays and lesbians, the state might now have better tools to prosecute those committing hate crimes against members and property of the LDS Church. That's the irony emerging from the ugly aftermath of California's Proposition 8 vote banning gay marriage in that state. Because members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, at the urging of their ecclesiastical leaders, played such a prominent role with their money and time in the passing of the proposition, their church is now a target. Church services have been disrupted by protesters, members have been blocked from entering churches, glue has been poured into the locks of church buildings, glass doors of churches have been shattered by BB guns, LDS temples have received packages containing mysterious white powder that proved harmless, and church buildings and signs have been spray-painted. But the perpetrators, if caught and charged in Utah, don't face penalty enhancements for targeting a specific group for harassment. That is because a majority of Utah legislators, not wanting to appear to be coddling people who are gay, refused to include them in hate-crime legislation as a special class. Read more

-Homosexuality Causing Health Crisis in Massachusetts
Posted by: Dr. Richard Swier | Red County
Finally, even the state of Massachusetts can't hide the fact that gay, lesbian and bisexual behavior is bad for your health and well being. The Massachusetts Department of Health released a comprehensive tudy on the impact of homosexuality on heath of individuals. Here are some key findings:
* The odds of being a current smoker were 2.5 times greater for gays and lesbians compared to heterosexuals.
* Bisexuals were 3.1 times more likely than heterosexuals to report feeling tense or worried.
* Lesbians were 2.2 times more likely than heterosexual women to be obese.
. . . .For the full study go here. More . . . .

-Oklahoma City Mayor, Pastor Team Up to Purge Libraries,
Detain Gays in Ex-Gay Re-Education Camps
Michael Airhart | Truth Wins Out
Oklahoma Baptist Pastor Steve Kern, husband of notorious Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern, reportedly believes gay Americans should be incarcerated and forcibly "cured." "We have to get rid of that and start curing those sinners. It's past time that this nation stopped placating sin and start putting them in education programs. Courts can force drug offenders into treatment centers and violent people into anger management. There's no reason our courts can't do that with homos." More . . . .

Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
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-Current list of signers of the planned UN resolution:
Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Gabon, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela.

-Fr. Lombardi Clarifies Holy See's Position on Decriminalisation of Homosexuality
The Catholic Church never has and never will support the violation of human rights or any form of unjust discrimination against the human person. That was the message at the heart of a statement released today by Director of the Vatican Press Office, Fr Federico Lombardi in response to press reports regarding an interview given by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Vatican's permanent observer at the United Nations in New York, to a French news agency, following a proposal led by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy to decriminalise homosexuality. In the statement Fr. Lombardi points out that Archbishop Migliore's interview, read in it's entirety, is clear; no-one can or wants to defend the death penalty for homosexuals, as some people aim to insinuate.

Lambda Legal
This morning, Lambda Legal argued our historic marriage case, Varnum v. Brien, before the Iowa Supreme Court. "We hope that the Court breathes life into the Iowa Constitution's promise of equality," said Camilla Taylor, Senior Staff Attorney and chief architect of the lawsuit. The case was argued this morning on behalf of Lambda Legal's six plaintiff couples and their children by co-counsel Dennis Johnson, former Iowa Solicitor General and partner at the firm Dorsey and Whitney. Lambda Legal would like to invite you to a telephone briefing this Thursday, December 11, at 2:00 pm EST (1:00 pm CST, 11:00 am PST) to learn more about this landmark case. We are making history again, and we would like for you to share in this historic moment on the road to marriage equality. Please join us for our one-hour briefing Thursday, December 11 at 2:00 pm EST (1:00 pm CST). Our Senior Staff Attorney and architect of the marriage case, Camilla Taylor, and Dennis Johnson, former Iowa Solicitor General and partner at the firm Dorsey and Whitney, will provide an overview of this latest case for marriage equality in Iowa.
Here are the call-in instructions:
Step 1: Call 888-640-7748
Step 2: Enter code 958621#
Questions can be emailed before and during the call to

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-The Future Of Obscenity
By Mark Kernes
Although President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Eric Holder as his replacement for current Attorney General Michael Mukasey, the former Deputy Attorney General under Clinton's AG Janet Reno is far from assured the position. [...] And, of course, one topic which Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch is sure to bring up - since he did so with both Gonzales and Mukasey - is Holder's commitment (or lack thereof) to prosecuting "pornography."


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Bot said...

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not that strident in its beliefs on homosexuality. In fact, they counsel full fellowship for celibate homosexuals. There is a congregation in Salt Lake City composed of non-practicing homosexuals who wish to keep Christ’s commandments.

So far, no gay-rights activist has had the fortitude to burn a Qur’an on the doorstep of a militant mosque where imams advocate the stoning of homosexuals (even celibate ones).

Oh, I forgot, criticizing Moslems is off-limits for the Politically Correct. The Moslem imams might issue a “fatwa” on all homosexuals.

Karma said...

A day without a gay? You know at this point after all the ignorance shown by the gay and lesbian community, I'd be OK supporting a lifetime without a gay. I'm pretty fed up with their intolerance towards those who have values they choose not to share.