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GLBT DIGEST December 8, 2007

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Inflight E-Mail Takes Off With JetBlue

Matt Hamblen, Computerworld
Thursday, December 06, 2007 4:00 PM PST

The first free U.S. inflight e-mail and instant messaging service willlaunch next Tuesday aboard a JetBlue flight leaving Kennedy Airport in NewYork.

JetBlue Airways is working with Yahoo Inc. and Research In Motion Ltd. onthe "BetaBlue" flight that will also carry passengers to San Francisco,according to The Wall Street Journal.

A JetBlue spokeswoman would only say that the carrier will releaseinformation on the "innovative onboard product" on Tuesday. Spokesmen forYahoo and RIM could not be reached immediately for comment.

After several months of trial flights on the A320 aircraft, JetBlue willdecide whether to install the system fleetwide. Wi-Fi-equipped laptops withYahoo Mail or Yahoo Messenger clients will be able to send and receivee-mail and messages to people on the ground, while Wi-Fi-ready BlackBerrysmart phones, including the 8820 and the Curve 8320, will be able to accessBlackBerry e-mail and instant messages.

JetBlue conducted a test flight yesterday on the East Coast, in which aJetBlue spokesman was able to send an e-mail to a Journal reporter andreceive a reply. Several airlines have discussed pilots of similar servicesand what to charge for them, but JetBlue's system is the first to take offwith passengers.


Huckabee Wanted to Isolate AIDS Patients

December 8, 2007
Filed at 9:54 a.m. ET

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- Mike Huckabee once advocated isolating AIDSpatients from the general public, opposed increased federal funding in thesearch for a cure and said homosexuality could ''pose a dangerous publichealth risk.''

As a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in 1992, Huckabee answered 229questions submitted to him by The Associated Press. Besides a quarantine,Huckabee suggested that Hollywood celebrities fund AIDS research from theirown pockets, rather than federal health agencies.

''If the federal government is truly serious about doing something with theAIDS virus, we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of thisplague,'' Huckabee wrote.

''It is difficult to understand the public policy towards AIDS. It is thefirst time in the history of civilization in which the carriers of a genuineplague have not been isolated from the general population, and in which thisdeadly disease for which there is no cure is being treated as a civil rightsissue instead of the true health crisis it represents.''

The AP submitted the questionnaire to both candidates; only Huckabeeresponded. Incumbent Sen. Dale Bumpers won his four term; Huckabee waselected lieutenant governor the next year and became governor in 1996.

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Op-Ed Columnist
Everything's Perfect, Except ...

December 8, 2007

The peak of my sympathy for Mitt Romney came when he was being battered onone side by Christian fundamentalists who think his faith is a cult and onthe other by fellow Mormons, who were irate when he fudged the fact thatthey believe Jesus will return to earth and build a new Jerusalem in JacksonCounty, Mo.

This week, Mitt made his much-anticipated religion speech, and stood up forhis rights not to be discriminated against for his beliefs, and not to haveto explain the part about Jackson County. Good for him on both counts.

... Except that you have to wonder why he felt compelled to dip into dogmajust long enough to assure voters that he believes "Jesus Christ is the Sonof God and the Savior of mankind."

Romney's message, which boiled down to let's-all-be-religious-together, wascertainly different from the John Kennedy version, which argued that acandidate's religion is irrelevant. But then Kennedy was speaking to thecountry, while Romney had his attention fixed on the approximately 35,000Iowa religious conservatives who will tip the balance in thefirst-in-the-nation Republican caucus.

Can I pause here briefly to point out that in New York there areapproximately 35,000 people living on some blocks? If my block got to decidethe first presidential caucus, I guarantee you we would be as serious aboutour special role as the folks in Iowa are. And right now Mitt Romney wouldbe evoking the large number of founding fathers who were agnostics.

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Defining Domestic Partners

A little-noticed regulation defining domestic partnerships in state lawlooks like it could be the opening act for the General Assembly's upcomingdebate over same-sex marriage.

The regulation was released by Gov. Martin O'Malley's administration thisweek in time for a new law on health insurance coverage to take effectJan..1. The law, passed in the final hours of the legislature's wintersession, requires health insurers to offer coverage to domestic partners iftheir employers ask for it.

The measure handily passed the House of Delegates. But to overcomeresistance in the more conservative state Senate, its sponsors stripped outthe definition of domestic partners and left it to the Maryland InsuranceAdministration to come up with language in a regulation.

The definition has incensed some Republicans. Domestic partners can bestraight or gay and must be living together and in a "committed relationshipof mutual interdependence" for at least six consecutive months, says theproposed regulation. The couple can verify their union with three documents,choosing from among other items a will, a joint bank account and a driver'slicense listing a common address.

Del. Michael D. Smigiel Sr.Ö (R-Cecil County) called the regulation'sissuance "a purely political move" by Democrats in Annapolis to lay thegroundwork to legalize gay marriage when the legislature convenes for its90-day session next month.

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Romney Recasts Record on Abortion

Saturday, December 8, 2007; A06


Announcer: When it wasn't politically correct, he stood up for life inMassachusetts. When it wasn't politically correct, he fought for English inthe classroom. When it wasn't politically correct, he said marriage shouldbe between a man and a woman.

Mitt Romney: You strengthen the American people by strengthening theAmerican family. Marriage must come before children, because every childdeserves a mother and a father.

Announcer: A stronger America.


This Iowa ad attempts to defuse criticism of Mitt Romney as a flip-flopperwho changed his stance on key social issues. But it engages in revisionisthistory to do so.

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Elections? Here's How You Do It, Mate

By John Barron
Sunday, December 9, 2007; B01


From our downunder perspective here in Australia, the United States is allabout choice. Everywhere you look, there are so many options. The hugevariety of breakfast cereals in the average American supermarket is enoughto make me feel like I've just escaped the Soviet Union circa 1958. It's thesame with your presidential politics; the spectrum of candidates andpolitical ideologies you have to choose from is positively dazzling.

By contrast, Aussie politicians mostly tend to follow the Henry Fordprinciple, slightly modified: "Any color you like, as long as it's beige."

We recently had an election here, and the whole thing was like that, prettybeige. We had precisely two candidates, and they were barelydistinguishable, except that one headed the Liberal Party (the mainconservative group) and the other was the candidate of Labor (founded by theunion movement). Our entire federal election campaign lasted exactly sixweeks -- a long slog, according to pundits and voters alike. After a month,most people were moaning, "I just want it to be over!"

So you can see why, to us Aussies, your two-year process, from candidateannouncements to Inauguration Day, might seem a tad excessive. If notdownright, well, absurd.

This past summer in Iowa, I had the chance to size up most of the currentcrop of U.S. presidential candidates, and I had to wonder how on Earthyou're going to choose from this most diverse field ever of would-bepresidents. Gadding about the Hawkeye State, I saw Rudy Giuliani and JohnMcCain working the crowd with one-liners, Bill Richardson cornering peoplein dark alleys at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, and Sens. Chris Dodd and JoeBiden explaining how the six or seven candidates ahead of them in the pollswere going to crash and burn just like Howard Dean in 2004.

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Broward County ponders charging cities jail fees for holding homeless
County would charge cities to confine those arrested for municipal offenses

By Scott Wyman and Alexia Campbell
December 8, 2007

A new front has opened up in the political battle over cities arresting thehomeless and poor on minor municipal charges from loitering to having anopen container of alcohol.

Broward County commissioners are exploring whether to charge cities to holdthose arrested in jail. The proposal was disclosed nine months after PublicDefender Howard Finkelstein announced his office no longer would representpeople charged solely with violating city ordinances, potentially shiftingthat cost as well to cities.

The jail charges that cities would owe the county would be at least $90 aday per inmate. City officials were surprised by the proposal and say thecounty would be shirking a responsibility.

"I thought it was an obligation of the county to run a jail to keep ourresidents safe," said Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper, president of theBroward League of Cities. "People in the county are taxed for that, and thecounty should provide that service."

An estimated 1,500 people a year are arrested on municipal charges.

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Broward Judge Alemán's case talk of legal circles

Posted on Sat, Dec. 08, 2007

Some judges at the Broward County Courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdalehave become known for less-than-exemplary behavior. Smoking marijuana in apark. Using offensive language in court. Weeping over a deceased Playboypin-up.

So when a judge rips a paper motion in half and gets dragged before theJudicial Qualifications Commission -- a very rare occurrence -- one isinclined to ask: What gives?

A few of those errant judges resigned, avoiding the scrutiny of the JQC --and the possibility of public testimony.

On Thursday, the JQC wrapped up three full days of testimony in its reviewof the misconduct charges against Broward County Circuit Court Judge CherylAlemán. Appointed to the bench by Gov. Jeb Bush in 2001, Alemán was accusedof violating a few judicial canons -- chiefly, that she actedunprofessionally and unfairly held, or threatened to hold, lawyers incontempt of court.

Observers say Alemán's case highlights the JQC's important role: It keepsthe judiciary in check, even if the independent agency -- which operatesoutside of the state court system -- conducts its investigations in secret.

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Survey: Robocalls Run Rampant

by The Associated Press
Posted: December 8, 2007 - 7:30 am ET

(Washington) Next time you phone Aunt Betty in Des Moines and she answerswith a bark, don't take it personally. Folks in Iowa, New Hampshire andSouth Carolina have gotten lots of unsolicited telephone calls and visitslately from presidential campaigns. So says a telephone poll.

Eight in 10 Iowa Republicans and Democrats say they have gotten recordedphone calls about the 2008 contest, according to a poll of three earlyvoting states released Friday by The Associated Press and the nonpartisanPew Foundation. It's close to seven in 10 in New Hampshire and four in 10 inSouth Carolina, where the primaries are slightly later.

Almost two-thirds of Iowa Democrats and more than half from the party in NewHampshire say they've been called by actual people about the campaigns,compared with nearly half of Republicans in the two states. In SouthCarolina, it's closer to one-fifth for members of both parties.

If that's not enough, about one-third of Democrats in Iowa ap nd NewHampshire say they have been visited at home by campaign workers. Thefigures are more like one in 10 among Republicans in those states, and veryfew in South Carolina.

Often, people actually seek out campaign activity, the poll shows.

Forty-five percent of Iowa Democrats and 28 percent from New Hampshire saythey have attended campaign events. Among Republicans, 28 percent from Iowaand 20 percent from New Hampshire have done so. It's more like one in 10 inSouth Carolina.

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Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List>

New York - Pride Agenda

Winter 2008 Newsletter

Our winter 2008 newsletter is available online now. Download a PDF version
here .

In it, we talk about building momentum across the state to pass the GenderExpression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) so that once and for alldiscrimination against transgender people is outlawed in New York State.Executive Director Alan Van Capelle also talks about how to build a pro-LGBTmajority next year in the State Senate.


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New York, Dec 7 2007 8:00AM

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has spoken out againstthe execution of a minor in Iran, calling on the Tehran Government torespect the international consensus against meting out capital punishment tojuvenile offenders.

Louise Arbour expressed her "grave concern" on 6 December over the executionof Makwan Moloudzadeh the previous day in a prison in Iran's KermanshahProvince, according to a statement released by her office.

Makwan Moloudzadeh was convicted of the rape of three boys seven years ago,when he was 13 years old. "It was reported that the execution was carriedout, despite his alleged victims withdrawing their accusations, and the Headof the Judiciary issuing an order to stay the execution pending a furtherjudicial review of the sentence," Ms. Arbour observed.

Iran is a party to both the International Covenant on Civil and PoliticalRights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child -- treaties which placea legal obligation on States parties not to impose the death penalty forthose under the age of 18 years at the time of the commission of the crimes.

The High Commissioner called on Iran "to respect its international legalobligations and the strong international consensus against the execution ofminors."



Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List

Iran: Funeral of hanged youth draws 6,000 people

Tehran, 7 Dec. (AKI) - An estimated 6,000 people - almost the entirepopulation - from the Kurdish Iranian town of Paveh, have attended thefuneral of Makwan Moloudzadeh, 19-year-old Iranian youth hanged at dawn onWednesday.

A video of the event distributed by the committee campaigning for theabolition of the death penalty in Iran showed 300 cars entering the town'scemetery after the funeral on Friday. Many young people attended the funeralceremony.

As the funeral took place on Friday, the United Nations High Commissionerfor Human Rights, Louise Arbour, condemned the execution and called on Iranto respect international conventions against executing juvenile offenders.

Arbour expressed her "grave concern" about the execution of Moloudzadeh.

Nineteen-year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh was hanged on Wednesday, while Iranian authorities had promised to review the sentence.

He was hanged in Kermanshah prison for having had a homosexual relationshipwhen he was aged 13. He reportedly had a relationship with a boy a yearyounger than him. He was also convicted of the rape of three boys, eventhough the accusations against him were later withdrawn.

"It was reported that the execution was carried out, despite his allegedvictims withdrawing their accusations and the head of the judiciary issuingan order to stay the execution, pending a further judicial review of thesentence," Arbour said.

His lawyer, Saiid Eghbal, told Adnkronos International (AKI) on Thursdaythat neither he nor Makwan's family had been warned of the imminentexecution and had been assured of a review.

The head of the Judicial Authority, Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi, had toldseveral humanitarian groups and Molouzadeh's lawyer that the death sentencewould be postponed.

In Iran homosexuality is forbidden and is punishable with the death penalty.

Since the beginning of the year, 210 people have been hanged in Iran. BothHuman Rights Watch and Amnesty International have criticised Iran for itsrecord - one of the highest execution rates in the world.

Iran is a party to international treaties which place a legal obligation onstates not to impose the death penalty for anyone under the age of 18.


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December 6, 2007


WASHINGTON, DC- Today, Senators Edward M. Kennedy and Carl Levin releasedthe following statement in response to the United States House ofRepresentatives failure to vote on the Conference Report of the Defensebill, due to the hate crimes provision being included. Senator Kennedy isthe author of the hate crimes legislation that was passed in the Senate, andSenator Levin is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"We are deeply disappointed that the House has decided not even to have avote on the Conference Report on the Defense bill if it contains the hatecrimes provision. With this decision, we've lost the best opportunity toenact hate crimes legislation in this Congress. This provision was adoptedby the Senate with a vote of 60-39 during debate on the bill.

The inclusion of the hate crimes provision in the Defense bill wasappropriate. Our military stands for America's ideals and fights forAmerica's ideals. At a time when our ideals are under attack by terroristsin other lands, it is more important than ever to demonstrate that wepractice what we preach, and that we are doing all we can to root out thebigotry and prejudice in our own country that leads to similar violence hereat home. Now more than ever, we need to send a strong message here at homeand around the world that we will strengthen our laws against hate crimes.

The hate crimes bill would have advanced those values and goals, and we'recommitted to getting it enacted. It's long past time for this measure tobecome law."


Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List

by Doug Ireland
GAY CITY NEWS, 12/06/2007

The harsh crackdown on dissent in Vladimir Putin's Russia that accompaniedSunday's parliamentary elections also targeted gays, as more than a dozengay activists - including Nikolai Alexeyev, the young lawyer who is thechief organizer of Moscow Pride - were arrested on December 2 inside apolling station in that nation's capital.

Alexeyev and his fellow activists were attempting to cast ballots which theyhad deliberately spoiled by writing "No to Homophobes" on them. Two weekspreviously, a group of LGBT activists had called for such a spoiled-ballotprotest to underscore that no political party running in Sunday's electionssupports gay and lesbian rights.

"Our arrest was ridiculous - we did not shout slogans, we carried noplacards, we were simply there to cast our ballots of protest," Alexeyevtold this reporter by telephone from Moscow on Monday night following acourt appearance. Police neglected to bring the proper papers charging him,so the hearing was put off for one week.

The widespread repression targeting political dissidents and opponents ofPutin during the election campaign, Alexeyev told Gay City News, "shows thatthere is no real freedom of expression in Russia now - and it is gettingworse and worse."

"It is obvious now that our society is ill, that it is being exploited bythe authorities and by the media who belong to those authorities," Alexeyevadded.

Alexeyev and his fellow activists had chosen that particular pollingstation, which usually serves as a school, for their protest because thatwas where Moscow's notoriously homophobic Mayor Yuri Luzhkov - who has twicebanned Moscow Pride demonstrations as "satanic" - was scheduled to vote.(See this reporter's May 17-23, 2006 article, "Moscow Pride Banned Again."The web urls to this and other past Gay City News stories on the gay rightsstruggle in Russia appear at the conclusion of the online version of thisstory at

Alexeyev said that there was a lot of media, including foreign press and TV,at that polling station, which was filled with police, militia, and FederalSecurity Bureau agents, and surrounded by five law enforcement buses.

"We think we were arrested because the police and Luzhkov's people fearedwe'd stage some sort of provocation in front of the media," Alexeyev said,adding, "We were wearing rainbow flag badges, and Luzhkov's press secretary,Sergei Tsoi, pointed us out to police. Tsoi knows me, and he'd passed rightin front of me."



From EuroQueer
RIGHTS: Fight Against Homophobia Moves to World Stage
By Rajiv Fernando

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 6 (IPS) - On Aug. 9, as South Africans celebratedNational Women's Day, which marks the 51st anniversary of women's resistanceto the apartheid-era pass system restricting free movement, three lesbianswere brutally murdered in two separate incidents.

Although authorities refused to speculate on whether the women's sexualorientation was a factor, one of them, Sizakele Sigasa, was openly lesbianand an activist for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, as well aslesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people's rights.

The case, which drew international condemnation from human and gay rightsgroups, is emblematic of a global culture of intolerance and often outrightviolence toward sexual minorities, activists say.

Seventy-seven countries have laws on the books penalising homosexuality, andin seven countries -- Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United ArabEmirates, Yemen and Nigeria -- homosexuality can incur the death penalty.

Last month, the South Korean cabinet dropped language from a proposedanti-discrimination bill that that extended protection to sexualorientation, under pressure from a coalition of Christian right members ofthe National Assembly.

In Uganda, members of President Yoweri Museveni's government have called forenforcement of the country's draconian sodomy law, which punishes consensualsame-sex acts with up to life in prison, and have reportedly threatened topass new laws expanding the reach of punishment.

And the list goes on. Boris Dittrich, advocacy director for the Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Rights Programme at Human Rights Watch(HRW), told IPS: "Those countries that have penalised homosexuality arereally a target for us because criminalisation of homosexuality leads todiscrimination."

In November 2006, a distinguished group of 29 human rights experts from 25countries met in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to develop a broad range of humanrights standards and discuss their application to issues of sexualorientation and gender identity.

The so-called Yogyakarta Principles spell out concrete steps for governmentsand other parties to end violence, abuse, and discrimination againstlesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, and ensure full equality.



Dutch government to fight for gay rights, at home and abroad

THE HAGUE (AFP) - The Dutch centre-left government has made the fightagainst homophobia a priority at home and abroad in a move applauded bygay-rights activists here.

"Never before has a government done so much for the emancipation ofgays," said Frank van Dalen, president of the Dutch national gay rights COC,the world's oldest such organisation set up in 1946.

"Homosexuality has never before played a role of importance in foreign development coöperation," he told AFP.

To form his fourth coalition government, in power since February,Christian Democrat Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende teamed up withLabour. This new centre-left team is focussing more on social issues thanits left-wing predecessors.

In a letter last month to parliament about Dutch foreign aid strategy,Development Coöperation Minister Bert Koenders stated emphatically that "theNetherlands will promote equal rights for gays as much as possible."

In 18 of the 36 countries, mostly in Africa and Asia, that theNetherlands supports with development aid, homosexuality is an offence, withpenalties ranging from a fine to a prison sentence.

The Dutch will plead in bilateral contacts for the legalisation ofhomosexual contacts, said Koenders, adding: "We will not shy away fromdifficult discussions."

Relative to its population size, the Netherlands is one of the biggestinternational donors, giving 0.8% of its gross domestic product (GDP) or4,200,000,000 euros ($6,100,000,000) in 2006.

A few days after Koenders' announcement, fellow cabinet member RonaldPlasterk, minister of education, culture and science who also hasemancipation issues in his portfolio, officially presented his plans to setaside 2,500,000 euros between 2008-2011 to promote equal treatment forhomosexuals.

Noting that while gays and lesbians have the same rights asheterosexuals in the Netherlands, "socially the acceptance is not automaticamong certain ethnic minorities or people who follow a more orthodoxreligious lifestyle."

The money is intended for campaigns targetting young people, mostlyMuslims in schools, sport clubs or neighbourhood associations.

"Here again the government is progressing: we have our own ministerwhereas in previous governments we only had a secretary of state chargedwith gay rights," said Van Dalen.



French Teen's Rape Case Exposes Dubai's Dark Side

Alleged Victim Tells His Story of Violent Sex Crime in Modern ArabMetropolis

Dubai -- with its world famous luxury hotels and what will soon be theworld's tallest building -- is the Arab world's most modern oasis. Butbeyond the sandy beaches and tourist attractions, the western dress and thebustling buildings, Dubai is struggling to modernize one aspect of itsconservative Muslim culture: the taboos and treatment of sexual violence.

16-year-old French-Swiss Alexandre Robert and his mother Veronique were theperfect example of Dubai's cosmopolitan makeup. Alex was living in Dubaiwhen he says he was gang raped at knifepoint, beginning an ordeal that hasshed light on how Dubai's justice system treats victims of violent sexcrimes.

"Before, I felt like it was paradise, it was honestly paradise," Alex saidof the city. "Today I feel like they lied to me, they treated me likenothing, like a toy. And they played with my life and I don't know,they&they destroyed me."

What happened to Alex has thrown a worldwide spotlight on the dark side of acity where a victim can be treated as a criminal, where homosexuality isoutlawed and where AIDS is buried under a layer of shame.

"Homosexuality is taboo, rape is taboo, and AIDS is taboo," said VeroniqueRobert.

Saturday July 14th of this year was just another summer day in paradise.Then 15-year-old Alex spent the day at the beach with his friend. When itwas time to go home, a local teenager they barely knew offered to give thema lift when they couldn't find a cab. He called two older friends who had acar.

Alex and his friend accepted the ride and got in the car. Alex says the manbehind the wheel drove past the turnoff to his house, beyond Dubai'slandmark Mall of the Emirates, and into a desolate stretch of desert.



Gay & Lesbian Leadership

Go to the website, above, for the following articles:

Journalist: No justice in Iranian man's trial: The June conviction ongay-sex charges of the 21-year-old Iranian man executed this week was basedon a confession and witness statements reportedly obtained through tortureand later recanted, according to Iranian journalist Mitra Khalatbari. "Therewas no other evidence," Khalatbari said. Gay City News (New York) (12/6)

Top Democrats: Hate-crimes bill on hold until 2008
A gay- and transgender-inclusive federal hate-crimes measure reportedly hasbeen dropped from the Senate version of the National Defense AuthorizationAct at the request of out U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and other HouseDemocratic leaders. The combined bill, designed to head off a likely veto ofa stand-alone hate-crimes measure by President George W. Bush, faced alikely defeat in the House, due to the objections of about 30 liberalDemocratic lawmakers opposed to funding the Iraq war and more than 150Republicans against the hate-crimes provision. Washington Blade (12/6)

Will Maryland choose nation's first trans state lawmaker?
Dana Beyer, who is among those applying to fill an open seat in the Maryland
House of Delegates, could become the first transgender state lawmaker in thenation. The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee is acceptingapplications through Monday to replace Democratic Delegate Jane Lawton, whodied Nov. 29, and will make its decision on Tuesday. Washington Blade (12/4)

Ex-coach loses first case under Maine's anti-bias law
In the first lawsuit in Maine under its 2006 anti-discrimination law, ajudge has ruled that a lesbian high school girls softball coach was firednot because of her sexual orientation but because she allegedly condonedand/or engaged in "hazing" of players. The former coach, Kelly Jo Cookson,plans to appeal the decision, according to this article. (12/6)


To Form a More Perfect Union: Marriage Equality News

Information, news, and discussion about the legal recognition of same-sexcouples and their families, including marriages, domestic partnerships,civil unions, adoptions, foster children and similar issues.

Go to the website, above, for the following articles:

Today the Rhode Island Supreme Court announced its 3-2 decision in Chambersv. Ormiston, holding that the Rhode Island Family Court may not "recognize"for purposes of the state's Family Court Act the marriage between twolesbians that was performed in Massachusetts in 2004 for purposes ofgranting them a divorce. The opinion for the court is a triumph of legalformalism, sharply criticized by the dissenters as leaving the parties in a"legal limbo."Margaret Chambers and Cassandra Ormiston were married in FallRiver, Massachusetts, on May 26, 2004, shortly after the MassachusettsSupreme Judicial Court's decision in the Goodridge case went into effect.
They had to move fast, because then-Governor Mitt Romney was threatening tosue local clerks who issued licenses and performed weddings for out-of-statesame-sex couples. Subsequent litigation in Massachusetts, however, resultedin the rather odd situation that residents of Rhode Island, but of no otherstate, may contract same-sex marriages in Massachusetts. The problem,however, is in getting unhitched.

Today the Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled that just because you get marriedin Massachusetts doesn't mean you can get divorced anywhere else. Oops! Butwhy is this maybe, just maybe, a good thing? We asked a lawyer, and thensynthesized his 15 minute lecture. You see, each state recognizes the(heterosexual) marriages and divorces granted by the other states (as wellas certain other things) because of Article IV, Section 1 of theConstitution, a.k.a, the Full Faith and Credit Clause. However, Slick Willie'sDefense of Marriage Act allows states to actively not recognize - and barsthe federal government from recognizing - same sex marriages. According toour lawyer friend, that great liberal legal scholar Justice Antonin"Masturbation Hurts the Baby Jesus" Scalia has suggested that litigation onthis point (perhaps by a same sex couple married in one state unable to getdivorced in another) would be the exact way that states would be forced torecognize same sex marriages and the DOMA would be ruled unconstitutional.

(London) A study released to coincide with the second anniversary this weekof civil partnerships in Britain has found there remain significantdisparities with marriage.The financial public service organization CitizensAdvice found that the term "civil partnership" has created a second classthat results in same-sex couples being inadvertently "outed" owing to thegeneric nature of corporate and bank forms.It also found that because of thedifference in terms, despite both marriage and partnerships having the samelegal status many people still don't know how to refer to their circumstancein social situations."Social discomfort with homosexuality is brought intosharp focus as individuals struggle to communicate," the study said."Someindividuals still find it difficult to discuss their same-sex relationshipwith friends and family, so confusion in communication compounds what isalready for some, quite a delicate situation."The study does not concludethat civil partnerships should be changed to be called marriage but doesrecommend a dialogue.

By: ANDY HUMM 12/06/2007 It's a year away, but most of us are longing fornext November when we can finally select a replacement for the man manyregard as The Worst President Ever. But November is coming early next yearin a new comedy of that name by David Mamet about a fictional WorstPresident Ever, played by Nathan Lane, and taking up the hot issue ofsame-sex marriage -- along with Native American casinos, presidentialpardons, funding presidential libraries, and more. Turkeys -- real ones --also play a central role."November" begins previews at the Barrymore Theatre(138 West 48th Street) on December 20 for a 20-week limited engagement withan official world premier opening of January 17.The cast had its firstread-through of the script under out gay director Joe Mantello at the 42ndStreet Studios and the press was invited in afterward to find out how itwent."It made me laugh out loud," said Lane, who has starred in suchBroadway hits as "The Producers" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way tothe Forum," not to mention such Terrence McNally classics as "Lips Together,Teeth Apart," "Lisbon Traviata," and "Love! Valour! Compassion!" But this ishis first play by Mamet, known for such scabrous dramas as "AmericanBuffalo" and "Glengarry Glen Ross."

Israel: An American-Israeli lesbian couple who weren't registered as dualmothers of their son despite a Court's ruling, will bring their case before Israel'sSupreme Court.On Sunday Nicole and Ruti Berner Kadish's case will berepresented in Jerusalem by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel(ACRI) before a panel of nine High Court judges.The judiciary will be askedto order the Interior Ministry to continue executing a 2000 ruling, whichhad endorsed the registration of the couple as dual mothers of their childMatan, Ruti's biological son, adopted by Nicole under Californialaw.Following the 2000 ruling, the Interior Ministry submitted a petitionclaiming that clerks could not be forced to register an adoption in contrastwith Israeli values and norms, but the Court dismissed the request, allowingNicole to adopt Matan.But since then the Ministry has challenged the orderand numerous same-sex couples have been left without any legal relation totheir partners' children.

Our society's insistence that gender must be binary - either male orfemale - poses special difficulties to those people born into sexualambiguity, sometimes referred to as intersexuals, well illustrated by aDecember 4 decision by the Court of Appeals of Wisconsin in a casedescriptively titled "In re the Modification of the Birth Certificate ofStephanie Tia Calewarts," 2007 Westlaw 4233759.Stephen Thomas Calewarts wasborn in 1949 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the original birth certificatedidentified Calewarts as "male." At birth, Calewarts had "ambiguousgenitalia," according to documents filed in the case as discussed by theWisconsin State Journal in a December 5 article by Robert Imrie that iscarried by the Associated Press. There was tissue for both a penis and avaginal opening. Neither the news article nor the court opinion casts anylight on how Calewarts lived with this condition for the next fifty years.

To address the unique legal dilemmas raised in part by the state'slegalization of same-sex marriage in 2003, Harvard Law School has opened alegal clinic that will represent low-income clients.
The student-run Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Law Clinic willprovide free and low-cost legal services in cases involving divorce,custody, child support, adoptions, wills, school-related matters, and otherfamily-law and estate planning issues.***For about the past two years,Harvard has offered similar services through the Family Law Clinic at itsLegal Services Center. But school administrators recently concluded therewas enough demand for discounted legal work among low- and middle-incomeGLBT clients to establish a freestanding clinic.This semester, the clinic isstaffed by five second- and third-year law students, each of whom work 10 to20 hours a week.

SAME-SEX Australian couples may be able to have their relationship formallyrecognised as early as next year, after New Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saidhe would not overrule laws permitting civil unions. But the privilege couldbe restricted to couples in the Australian Capital Territory.Mr Rudd saidyesterday that he would not override ACT legislation allowing for civilunions because it was a matter for states and territories.The ACT hasalready tried twice to introduce civil partnership laws. But the formerHoward government used its power over Australian territories to veto orthreaten to scrap the legislation.Yesterday, Mr Rudd indicated he would notdo the same. "On these matters, state and territories are answerable totheir own jurisdictions," he said.

The French government has recently taken advantage of the reform of the lawof succession (June 23, 2006) to reform the Pacte civil de solidarité whichallows for a form of civil partnership between two adults (same sex andopposite sex) and provides a legal status for their relationship. Theintroduction of Pacs in 1999 was controversial but since then it has becomepopular, mainly with heterosexual couples. Gradually same-sex couples arebeing granted more rights and heterosexual couples are taking advantage ofthese changes so that the institution might be seen as becoming closer tomarriage. This article argues that, while the flexibility of Pacs shouldremain for those who do not want commitment, a legal status should becreated for same sex couples which would give them the same rights andprotections as a married couple.

Romney is singing the praises of the proposed gay marriage ban in an e-mailto Florida supporters today. The former Massachusetts governor professes heknows "first-hand" that "traditional marriage is under assault by liberal,activist judges in many states." "In Florida, a ballot initiative has beenproposed that would give constitutional protection to the definition ofmarriage as one man and one woman and prevent un-elected activist judgesfrom trying to invent and impose new laws that disregard the will of thepeople," his statement reads. "I strongly support this initiative."


National Gay News

Go to the website, above, for the following articles:

New York City: Center for homeless gay youth honors namesake - Ten yearsago this month, Ali Forney - a gay man who for years had struggled withhomelessness and drug use - was fatally shot in the head.His deathhighlighted the issue of homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual andtransgender youths and young adults, and it led to the opening of anorganization that provides housing and other help for them.

Spokeswoman Bans Questions About AIDS
The spokeswoman for the White House banned questions about AIDS during apress briefing, telling a reporter to, "Just stop it, stop it." Thequestions were coming from Les Kinsolving, WND's correspondent at the WhiteHouse, who keyed off this week's World AIDS Day as well as federalstatistics that had been publicized by Robert Knight of the Media ResearchCenter. The dialogue between Kinsolving and Dana Perino, the White Housespokeswoman, went like this:

Bob Kohler Dead at 81
Bob Kohler, who in a life that spanned eight decades was a tireless advocatefor civil rights, peace, gay liberation, and dignity for everyone frommid-20th century black actors to people with AIDS to homeless queer kids,died in the Charles Street apartment where he resided for 45 years onDecember 5.Kohler, who was born in Queens on May 17, 1926, was 81. The causeof death was lung cancer that was only diagnosed in October.

Oh, Boy!
Jeffrey Ray Nielsen-the well-connected Orange County conservative activistwho claimed the so-called liberal media, specifically the Weekly, was out toget him by publishing a series of exposés on his pedophile activities-finally admitted on Dec. 5 that he used two boys for sex sincethe early 1990s.In open court, a somber Nielsen, who has extensive personalties to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Orange County Republican Party bossScott Baugh, gave Superior Court Judge David Thompson signed guilty pleasacknowledging two felonies: committing lewd acts on a 12-year-old Virginiaboy and 14-year-old Orange County boy.

Grenada Relents on Gay Cruises
Cruise ships carrying gay passengers will be permitted to dock in Grenadathis winter, the Caribbean island's tourism minister says.
Several hotels received visitor cancellations after the Toronto Starreported last week that the country was questioning whether to allow entryto gay cruise ships, tourism minister Clarice Modeste-Curwen said in astatement yesterday.Some protesters also wrote the Canadian governmentasking that aid be cut to Grenada's Port of St. Georges where cruise shipsdock, she added.

Congress Drops Hate Crimes Bill
The Senate has dropped its insistence that Congress pass legislationexpanding hate crime laws to include attacks on gays, after it became clearthe measure wouldn't pass the House, according to congressional aides.Houseand Senate negotiators agreed on Thursday to drop the provision from a majordefense policy bill. The legislation authorizes the military to spend some$150 billion in money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and providesdetailed policy guidance on the Pentagon's multibillion weapons programs.


Forwarded from Libby Post

Childhood Dreams
by Libby Post

When I was in high school, one of my dreams was to live on the banks of theHudson River right where the Tappan Zee Bridge begins its span from Rocklandto Westchester County and zip my way into Manhattan to work at the UnitedNations.

I was really involved in Model UN all throughout high school. I loved beingassigned a country, as long as it wasn't ours, researching the nation'spolicies and then being a delegate in one of the UN's myriad deliberativebodies. It was fun. I learned a lot. And, my parents paid for it every stepof the way because it was a "learning experience."

Well, like many high school dreams, my desire to work at the UN faded overtime as I realized that no matter how I cut it, I'd end up having torepresent the United States in some way. While I love my country, I don'tlove its policies--especially those of the foreign ilk.

I knew that when I came out in my freshman year of college, being open aboutmy sexuality and being a member of the Foreign Service wouldn't necessarilyjive-the "in my hand I have a list" witch hunt of Senator Joseph McCarthywhose goal it was to root out all homosexuals and communists from the StateDepartment was part of my consciousness growing up. I may have not put allthe pieces of my life together at 18 but I certainly knew which mountainswere harder to climb.

Michael Guest, our country's former Ambassador to Romania, didn't get thesame memo about mountain climbing as I did. I don't know how long Guest wasout as a gay man during his 26 years in the Department of State's ForeignService but he made headlines this week when he resigned in protest.

He wasn't protesting our government's foreign policy. No, he resigned from acareer he loved in order to protest the rules and regulations regardingsame-sex partners of Foreign Service officers.




For Doug Ireland's exclusive Gay City News interview with the courageousIranian journalist who for months covered the case of Makwan Moloudzadeh --who was executed yesterday -- click on:


No Gotham Welcome Wagon For HRC

After repeatedly defending the Human Rights Campaign strategy forpassing the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) withoutprotections for transgendered people, a senior HRC staffer said thelobbying group would have employed a different strategy had it knownits efforts would result in an angry response.

"We probably would not have played it out the same way," said David M.Smith, HRC's vice president of programs, when asked what HRC would doif the group got a "do-over."

Smith's comments came at the close of a 90-minute town meeting held atthe Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center on December 5.

Smith and Sultan Shakir, HRC's regional field director, facedwithering and often angry questioning about the organization'sshifting positions on ENDA - that went from supporting transgenderinclusion, to neutrality after transgender protections were tossedout, and finally to aggressively backing the bill before its November7 vote.

ENDA, which passed the US House by a vote of 235 to 184, bans jobdiscrimination based on sexual orientation. It was first introducedin 1994 and gender identity and expression, classes seen as protectingtransgendered people, were added for the first time in 2007.

Smith said the bill, even with the transgender protections gone, hadlittle chance of passing in the Senate and was even less likely toavoid a veto if it reached the White House.

When HRC saw in late September of this year that ENDA would fail withgender identity and expression included, the group decided to back thebill with just sexual orientation as a first step toward getting alater "inclusive" bill, or one that has transgender protections, Smithsaid.

"When it was likely the bill was coming to the floor we thought it wasimportant to pass that bill and build on that success," Smith said."We're not going to stop until an inclusive bill passes and gets to apresident who will sign it."

HRC had lobbied for a transgender-inclusive bill in 30 to 40congressional districts and had spent hundreds of thousands of dollarsto win support. Had the House voted down transgender-inclusion as aseparate ENDA amendment, that would have damaged future efforts toinclude such protections, Smith said.

"That would have done enormous harm to the cause of transgenderequality for many years to come," Smith said.

The community members and activists who came to the meeting simply didnot believe Smith and Shakir. Audience members repeatedly said theydid not trust HRC and did not believe that the group had actedhonestly in the run-up to the vote.

"I want to know why transgendered people have to be sacrificed on thealtar of political expediency," said Joann Prinzivalli, a lawyer forthe New York Transgender Rights Organization.



Pew Research Center

Go to the website above for the following articles

Latinos Reverse Course; Move Away from GOP
Gains made by the Republican Party among Latinos earlier in this decade have issipated in the past year, according to a Pew Hispanic Center survey of Latino registered voters released today. Though they make up only a small share of the nationwide electorate, Hispanics comprise a larger share of voters in four of the six "swing states" that President Bush carried by small margins in 2004. Read morel

Public Still Getting To Know Leading GOP Candidates
While 86% of the public can name Rudy Giuliani as the former NYC mayor, only about half as many correctly identified Mitt Romney as a Mormon and even fewer knew that he was a former Massachusetts governor. Knowledge of key facts about other Republican candidates is similarly sparse. Read more

What Americans Think About Mormons
Mitt Romney's speech today emphasizing the role of religion in American public life, addressed a public among which many harbor doubts about his Mormon faith. Read more

GOP Race Unsettled in Politically Diverse Early States
Likely Republican voters in the three politically disparate early primary states -- Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina -- express less enthusiasm about their field of presidential candidates, and many voice only modest support for their choices. Read more

Clinton Pressed in Iowa, But Leads Elsewhere
Democrats enter the presidential primary campaign upbeat about their candidates and united on major issues. Democrats rate the field of candidates far more positively than at this point in 2004 and are also in broad agreement about the importance of major issues. Read moreGlobal Attitudes
How People Around the World Rate Women as Political Leaders

On Dec.10, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will become Argentina's first female president, joining 11 other women who now hold the position of prime minister or president in their countries. But a Pew Global Attitudes survey finds world publics hold mixed opinions about women political leaders, although in most countries majorities say that as political leaders women are equally good as, or even better than, men. Read moreThe Daily Number

5 out of 6 Nations: Chavez's Unpopularity in Latin America
Large majorities in many of Venzuela's Latin American neighbors say they have little or no confidence in Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, who suffered a substantial setback in last Sunday's elections in his own country. Check back every weekday for another number in the news. Read more


From Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director ACLU

Dear Friend,

On January 11, 2002 the first prisoners from Afghanistan arrived at the prison at Guantánamo Bay.

In the six years since, the prison has been a mark of shame for our country. In fact, three years after the military tribunals were first established there, there has yet to be a single trial completed for any person in custody.

Every day that the prison at Guantánamo stays open is an insult to our values and makes a mockery of our commitment to justice and the rule of law.

That's why on January 11th, the ACLU is leading a nationwide movement calling on people of conscience to wear orange and demand an immediate end to the injustice at Guantánamo Bay. By standing in solidarity we can shift the debate on this national disgrace. So, we're teaming up with organizations across the country to demand the prison be closed and asking ACLU activists to get involved.

To help you participate in this national day of action, we're asking ACLU activists to wear an orange "Close Guantánamo" armband on January 11. You can get a "Close Guantánamo" armband when you make a contribution to the ACLU today.

The fact is the Bush Administration decided to hold prisoners at Guantánamo because it believed the offshore location would be beyond the reach of our courts. This turned Guantánamo into a laboratory for indefinite detention and cruel treatment.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard two cases that challenge the Bush Administration's policy of holding prisoners without charging them. As we stated in our brief to the court, "[T]heir confinement in military custody without charges or trial for more than five years violates fundamental principles of due process of law." And, at Guantánamo Bay, the ACLU continued to monitor the latest kangaroo court-style hearing.

Guantánamo has become a stain on our nation's honor. That is why it is so important you join hundreds of thousands of Americans who are demanding the closure of the prison at Guantánamo on January 11th. You'll soon be hearing about the January events happening across the country and online. In the meantime, you can take the first step to get ready for the January 11 events by making a contribution to the ACLU and get a "Close Guantánamo" armband.

Thank you so much for your involvement today as we fight to reclaim our constitutional heritage and restore the full vibrancy of our democracy.

Thank you,
Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director ACLU


Express Gay News

Words from the infected - and affected
Gay writers to read AIDS stories at open mic event

Thursday, November 29, 2007

By definition, World AIDS Day is a day to remember all people who have beenaffected, not just infected, with HIV.

With the help of Tuesday's Angels, the members of Lavender Writes, a localgay writers group, are opening their microphone to the masses at their WorldAIDS Day reading. Writers will share their short stories, poetry,autobiographical pieces or fictional fare on Saturday, Dec. 1, at BordersBooks and Music on East Sunrise Boulevard. A receptive crowd of readers andwriters is expected to attend.

While some new faces are expected at the open mic, two Lavender Writesregulars will be on hand to tell their stories. Local writers Mauro Montoya,president of Lavender Writes, and longtime columnist John Siegfried havecommitted to expressing their unique points of view at the reading.

For Montoya, the reading has special significance. He is like many men andwomen in the community who lived through the early days of AIDS when itseemed everyone was sick or dying. Montoya is tapping memories of his ownexperience working as the legal director for the Whitman Walker Clinic inWashington, D.C. as the basis for an autobiographical book. It was then thathe discovered that writing was not only his talent but also a means ofunderstanding the overwhelming loss caused by AIDS.



From Ron Mills

The Florida Democratic Party remains committed to participating fully in the state-run Presidential Preference Primary on January 29, 2008. We strongly urge all Florida Democrats to get out and vote in this fair and open election.

Read the Full Story


December 6, 2007


Broward Log Cabin Club of Florida
P.O. Box 1281, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302
(954) LCR -1995


Fort Lauderdale, FL, December 6, 2007. The members and friends of Florida's Gold Coast Log Cabin Republicans regret the decision of George LeMieux to return to private practice and leave behind his stellar service to the citizens of the Sunshine State as the Chief of Staff for the Governors' office.

LCR members and friends here in the Tri-county area have enjoyed a very warm and cordial association with George LeMieux commencing with his membership in the Young Republican Club of Broward and moving on to leadership positions within the Republican Party's Executive Committee. He has always been a dedicated worker, an honest and credible individual , a great family man, and an individual ready to listen to the people he served regardless of the leadership hat being worn.

We likewise applaud Governor Crist on his choice of Eric Eichenberg who not only served well as a member of the Broward County Republican Executive Committee but also patiently listened to the people's voices while Chief of Staff in Congressional Representative E. Clay Shaw's office. We will never forget Eric's support in saving the Miami Names Project display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt when a waiver of convention center fees was rejected by the Dade power to be thereby threatening the timely opening of the exhibit.

The members and friends of Florida's Gold Coast Log Cabin Republicans wish George LeMieux, Eric Eichenberg and their respective families our good wishes in the months and years ahead and thank them for honorable and credible service.


Wilton Manors

On Wednesday, December 12, 2007, Care Resource and Bill's Filling Station present the 3rd Annual "Holiday Stocking Affair" to benefit people in South Florida affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

The event is open to the public, begins at 6:30 pm and is an evening of fun holiday music, drinks, performances and an appearance by a very sexy Santa and his elves.

Throughout the evening, attendees will have the ability to bid on stockings which are made by local businesses, celebrities and individuals and filled with lots of goodies.

Bill's Filling Station is located at 2209 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors and the event will run till approximately 9:30 pm at which time the winner of each stocking will be announced, and they will have the ability to pay for their stocking and take it with them.

If you or your business would like to create a stocking or donate items from your store to be placed in a stocking please contact Shane Rogers at 305-576-1234 x 236 or


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Friday, December 07, 2007

GLBT DIGEST December 6, 2007

**IF YOU CAN'T ACCESS THE FULL ARTICLE, CONTACT US AT and we'll be happy to send the full article.



New Warrior (Part II)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007
(Weekly Column)

Last week, I wrote about the ManKind Project, a weekend retreat that triesto jolt men into dealing with deep personal issues. In the column, Idiscussed the troubling ties ManKind's New Warriors program has with ex-gayministries, which aggressively tout the retreat in their efforts tosupposedly instill masculinity in their clients.

It turns out, however, that the love affair may be one sided. The ManKindProject does not support ex-gay therapy and does not believe that theirprogram helps gay men go straight. Indeed, New Warriors has a large gayfollowing and many who attended consider it helpful to their coming outexperience. I received more than 25 letters from gay men who said that theprogram helped them accept their sexual orientation.

"The ManKind Project gave me the confidence and wherewithal to finally say,'I am a gay man,'" said one participant from Wisconsin.

"The program helped me become a better husband,' wrote another gay man fromthe Washington, DC area. "As I knocked down the walls, I became morecomfortable with myself and able to give 100 percent to my partner. Theprogram literally saved my relationship."

These letters are incongruous with the cheerleading ManKind receives fromhomophobic ex-gay groups, such as Jews Offering New Alternatives toHomosexuality (JONAH) and the website People Can Change. In fact, People CanChange director Ben Newman, who served as a trainee and co-staffer in theNew Warrior program, started the ex-gay retreat, "Journey Into Manhood" withseveral other New Warriors.

more . . . . .


Inside Higher Education

Settlement in Sexual Assault Case

Dec. 6

Six years after a group of University of Colorado at Boulder footballplayers and recruits allegedly raped two female students at an off-campusparty, and three months after a federal appeals court ordered the universityto stand trial on charges that its officials had failed to do enough toprevent the alleged assault, Colorado officials announced Wednesday that theinstitution would pay $2.85 million to settle the former students' lawsuit.

Under the agreements, which will pay $2.5 million to one former student,Lisa Simpson, and $350,000 to the other, Anne Gilmore, in exchange forsettling all claims against it, the university will also appoint an officialto advise the Boulder chancellor on preventing sexual harassment andmisconduct, and add another part-time counselor to its Office of Victim'sAssistance. The university did not admit any wrongdoing as part of the legalaccord.

At a news conference Wednesday (captured on video by a local televisionstation), the university's president, the former U.S. senator Hank Brown,said that it was time for Colorado to put behind it an incident that "inmany ways has dominated the university's public affairs for the last severalyears." Brown was both contrite and confident during his comments to thepress and the public, expressing "profound regret that this incidentoccurred" and at the pain it had caused the alleged victims and theuniversity, but asserting forcefully that Colorado was a very differentplace, with an entirely different approach to campus safety, than it hadbeen just those few years ago.

Among the changes, Brown said: The university's leaders are different - 11of its top 12 positions have new occupants; its athletics program, seen assomething of a renegade throughout the 1990s, has been dramaticallyrestructured and its recruiting policies overhauled; and its policies onsexual assault and discrimination have been significantly toughened, in anattempt to "make the university a model" for other institutions, Brown said.

"We have taken this problem seriously and taken every single measure we canthink of that can be a reasonable help in protecting our students," he said.That does not mean "that we're never going to have anything difficult orunpleasant happen on our campuses," Brown said. "The real challenge is to dowhat we can to make sure, one, that they don't happen, and two, to behave ina responsible way afterwards [if incidents do occur] to help the youngpeople through this process."

more . . . . .


Forwarded from National Center for Transgender Equality

Success in Indiana!
Indiana BMV Stops Practice of Using Gender to Invalidate DriverLicenses

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has agreed to immediately discontinue using gender mismatches solely as a reason for invalidatingdriver licenses. Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (INTRAA) andthe National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) successfully worked withofficials at the Indiana BMV to bring about this policy change.

On November 6th, the Indiana BMV began issuing warning letters topeople in the BMV database whose information did not match Social SecurityAdministration's (SSA) records. Information compared between the twodatabases included name, Social Security number, date of birth, and gender.Letters instructed recipients to resolve discrepancies within 30 days orrisk losing their driving privileges.

INTRAA and NCTE brought to the Indiana BMV's attention that SocialSecurity uses a different standard for changing gender markers than what theBMV uses. Because of these differing standards, some transgender peoplelegitimately have an Indiana driver license or identification card with onegender marker and SSA records with a different gender marker. Through thework of INTRAA and NCTE, Indiana BMV Commissioner Ron Stiver realized thedifficulties surrounding gender marker verification and issued an immediatepolicy change. The newest policy is that gender mismatches will be ignoredby the BMV.

Indiana driver license and identification card holders who have otherSSA mismatches besides gender, such as name or date of birth, will stillneed to resolve those discrepancies. Those with mismatches besides gender,and who fail to get their SSA and BMV records to match, will be sent asecond letter. This second letter will advise them that unless the mismatchis resolved their driving license will become invalid, effective 30 daysfrom the date of the second letter.



Forwarded from Gays Without Borders


Iran: Young Man Executed for Alleged Sex Crime

For Immediate Release
Contact: Hossein Alizadeh, IGLHRC Communications Coordinator, 212-430-6016

(New York, Wednesday December 5, 2007) - The International Gay andLesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has learned today thatdespite an order by the Iranian Chief Justice to nullify his deathsentence, Mr. Makvan Mouloodzadeh was executed in Kermanshah CentralPrison at 5 a.m. this morning, Iranian time. Neither Mr.Mouloodzadeh's family or his lawyer were told about the executionuntil after it occurred. IGLHRC is still investigating the facts inthis case.

"This is a shameful and outrageous travesty of justice andinternational human rights law," said Paula Ettelbrick, IGLHRC'sexecutive director. "How many more young Iranians have to die beforethe international community takes action?"

Mr. Mouloodzadeh was a 21-year-old Iranian citizen who was accused ofcommitting anal rape (ighab) with other young boys when he was 13years old. However, at Mr. Mouloodzadeh's trial, all the witnessesretracted their pre-trial testimonies, claiming to have lied to theauthorities under duress. Makvan also told the court that hisconfession was made under coercion and pleaded not guilty. On June 7,2007, the Seventh District Criminal Court of Kermanshah in WesternIran found him guilty and sentenced him to death. Despite hislawyer's appeal, the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence onAugust 1, 2007. The case caused an international uproar, and prompteda letter writing campaign by IGLHRC and similar actions by AmnestyInternational, Human Rights Watch, Outrage! and Everyone Group.

In response to mounting public pressure, and following a detailedpetition submitted to the Iranian Chief Justice by Mr. Mouloodzadeh'slawyer, the Iranian Chief Justice, Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud HashemiShahrudi, nullified the impending death sentence of Mr. Mouloodzadeh.In his November 10, 2007 opinion (1/86/8607), the Iranian ChiefJustice described the death sentence to be in violation of Islamicteachings, the religious decrees of high-ranking Shiite clerics, andthe law of the land.

In accordance with Iranian legal procedure, Mr. Mouloodzadeh's casewas sent to the Special Supervision Bureau of the Iranian JusticeDepartment, a designated group of judges who are responsible forreviewing and ordering retrials of flawed cases flagged by theIranian Chief Justice. However, in defiance of the Chief Justice, thejudges decided to ratify the original court's ruling and ordered thelocal authorities to carry out the execution.

Mr. Mouloodzadeh's execution came days after a panel at the UNGeneral Assembly passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on thedeath penalty.

You can read IGLHRC's action alert on our website:


Sooreh Hera Depicts Muhammed As Homosexual, Sugiero, December 3

Iranian born artist Sooreh Hera, is decided to expose the hypocrisyregarding homosexuality and Islam. She says it is frequent that marriedmuslim men have sexual relations with other men (she mentions specificallyIran and Saudi Arabia).

If you check out her pictures you'll see that homosexuality is a major partof her work.

When she invited two Iranian men to pose they asked to wear a mask in ordernot to be recognized. The masks she chose were the ones you see in thepictures below: Muhammed and his son-in-law Ali.

She was going to be at The Hague Municipal Museum but she was denied becauseher exposition "could offend certain groups".

Hague museum pulls offensive Muslim art, December 3, 2007

The city museum of The Hague has decided not to include in an exhibition awork of art that may offend Muslims, it was reported on Monday.

The picture, made by Iranian artist Sooreh Hera, is entitled Adam and Ewaldand shows two gay men wearing masks of the Muslim prophet Mohammed and hisson-in-law Ali.

It is part of a photoseries the Gemeentemuseum has included in the 7upexhibition due to open on December 15.

The Gemeentemuseum's director Wim van Krimpen told reporters the museum isinterested in purchasing Hera's complete series, which he called "highquality works of art".

However, he added he will not exhibit Adam and Ewald in the next few yearsbecause "certain people in our society might perceive it as offensive".

Hera responded she was "disappointed" and added "apparently a Muslimminority decides what will be on display in the museum".

Liberal-rightist Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders, condemned themuseum's decision, adding it was "based on fear".

Wilders has requested a reaction on the matter from Education and Cultureminister Ronald Plasterk.

Meanwhile Siebe Weide, director of the Museum Association, told reporters"all Dutch museums are free to choose what they exhibit and what not".


Forwarded from EuroQueer

"Give us an equal place at school and university.everywhere!"

Málaga, Spain is hosting the biggest meeting in Europe for young lesbian,gay, bisexual and transgender people and student activists

Málaga, 5th December 2007

On 6-9 December 2007, about 100 young LGBT people from allover Europe willgather in Málaga, Spain for the General Meeting of Members of IGLYO(International Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender / Queer Youth andStudent Organisation).

The 'General Meeting of Members' (GMM) is an opportunity for IGLYO memberorganizations to discuss the organizational priorities and strategies onadvancing equality and human rights for LGBTQ young people. The GMM is alsothe organizational meeting when the new Board members are elected andvarious issues and documents are discussed and adopted, including theStrategic Plan for 2008-2010 and Statutes revisions.

At the GMM IGLYO will present the new "Guidelines for the development ofmore friendly schools for LGBT people". These guidelines should help schoolboards in making their schools more welcoming for all young people. Boardmember Bruno Selun, responsible for this project, reports: "Whereas there isa good intention in many schools to help young marginalized people, there isoften lacking awareness of the position of LGBT young people. Becauseschools don't see them, they think they don't exist. This guidelines shouldhelp schools in both realizing that LGBT pupils exist at each school, aswell as taking measures that make these people feel at home and areprotected."

IGLYO Chair Björn van Roozendaal states: "Europe can no longer wait withprotecting young people in schools and universities from any form ofdiscrimination. Young LGBT people continue to be victims of bullying anddiscrimination and continue being deterred from treatment on an equal basis.If we want to count them as full European citizens, then we need to activelystart protecting them today."


International Humanist and Ethical Union
The world union of Humanist organizationshome

Is there any scope for a peaceful co-existence between religion andhomosexuality?

IHEU and member organization the National Secular Society have sent amessage to the European Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian rights, meeting at theEuropean Parliament in Strasbourg on 14 November 2007. The message calls forhuman rights and gay communities to recognise the strength of the threatfrom organised religion and to renew their efforts against it.

The good news is the rapid progress in acceptance of homosexuals in manycountries, and that this increased acceptance includes many people who wouldregard themselves as religious.

It is significant that this support is much greater in countries where thechurch attendance is low and falling, such as in Western Europe, and leastwhere the church is supported more by the population, as for example inPoland and Russia. Support is next to non-existent in Islamic countries.

Similarly, it is incontrovertible that the countries that are most likely torespect Human Rights for homosexuals are secularised countries while thoseleast likely to respect Human Rights for homosexuals are the ones wherereligion has most influence. Where Islam is predominant, and the religionand state are practically inseparable, the situation for homosexuals couldhardly be worse. Homosexual acts are capital offences in Afghanistan, Iran,Iraq, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, and Nigeria (wherethe death penalty applies only in the 12 Northern provinces with Sharia law[1]). At the opposite pole are the more secular countries where in varyingdegrees homosexuals have been included in equality and antidiscriminationlegislation and can be parties to civil partnerships or marriage.


But even in those Western countries where gay equality has taken hold -including those claiming strong adherence to Human Rights - Christianinstitutions are worryingly persistent and often effective in their attemptsto hold back and even reverse gay rights.

No large Christian denomination is prepared to accept gays on equal terms,let alone support civil unions, and certainly not gay marriage.

The Roman Catholic hierarchy is even more institutionally homophobic underthe current Pope - who has instituted a "witch hunt" against all gaysworking in the RC church, not just practising ones. When speaking to theCouncil of Europe ostensibly about Human Rights (or rather his distortedversion of them), the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church displayed hisobsession with homosexuality - comparing gays to kleptomaniacs [2]. Suchlanguage creates a climate which hardly discourages the thugs assaultingthose attending Moscow Gay Pride in 2006 and 2007.

Many clerics claim, preposterously, that because they oppose all sex outsideso-called holy matrimony it is not discrimination to deny gays any sex life,far less civil partnerships. And it is senior clerics like these who are thevery ones that come to international conventions and assure everyone thatHuman Rights were originally a religious initiative and that they supportthem completely.



The New York Times

Boy Scouts Lose Philadelphia Lease in Gay-Rights Fight

December 6, 2007

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 4 - For three years the Philadelphia council of the BoyScouts of America held its ground. It resisted the city's request to changeits discriminatory policy toward gay people despite threats that if it didnot do so, the city would evict the group from a municipal building wherethe Scouts have resided practically rent free since 1928.

Hailed as the birthplace of the Boy Scouts, the Beaux Arts building is theseat of the seventh-largest chapter of the organization and the first of themore than 300 council service centers built by the Scouts around the countryover the past century.

But over the years the fight between the city and the Scouts was about morethan this grandiose structure in Center City.

Municipal officials said the clash stemmed from a duty to defend civilrights and an obligation to abide by a local law that bars taxpayer supportfor any group that discriminates. Boy Scout officials said it was aboutpreserving their culture, protecting the right of private organizations toremain exclusive and defending traditions like requiring members to swear anoath of duty to God and prohibiting membership by anyone who is openlyhomosexual.

This week the Boy Scouts made their last stand and lost.

more . . . . .


The New York Times

The Long Run
Pulpit Was the Springboard for Huckabee's Rise

December 6, 2007

In August 1980, as the conservative Christian movement was firsttransforming American politics, Ronald Reagan stood before a Dallas stadiumfull of 15,000 foot-stomping, hand-clapping evangelicals and pledged hisfealty to the Bible. "All the complex and horrendous questions confrontingus at home and worldwide have their answer in that single book," said Mr.Reagan, the Republican presidential nominee.

Assisting with logistics for the event was a young seminary dropout namedMike Huckabee. "It was the genesis for the whole movement," Mr. Huckabeerecalled of those early days.

Now Mr. Huckabee is running for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination,his campaign shaped by his two decades as an evangelical pastor andbroadcaster. While he says he is running based on his career in the Arkansasgovernor's mansion, not the pulpit, he has grounded his views on issues likeabortion and immigration in Scripture, rallied members of the clergy forsupport, benefited from the anti-Mormon sentiment dogging a political rivaland relied on the down-to-earth style he honed in the pulpit to helpcatapult him in the polls.

Mr. Huckabee risks scorn from secular voters for defending the biblicalcreation story against Darwin, but faces accusations from some fellowChristians that he is soft on a range of issues, including liberal thinkingin his own denomination. His candidacy has renewed the debate over the placeof religion in public life, an issue Mitt Romney, the former Massachusettsgovernor who is also a Republican presidential contender, will take on in aspeech on Thursday about his Mormonism.

As a preacher and a politician, Mr. Huckabee said in an interview, he haspursued the same goal: improving lives. "For me it was never an either or,"he said of his dual careers. "The realm you do it in is less important thanthat you do it."

more . . . . .


The Washington Post

Case Closed in 2 Deaths Within Days in Apartment

By Paul Duggan
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, December 6, 2007; B01

Authorities have found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in the bizarrecase of two men who died four days apart in a Northwest Washington apartmentin September, D.C. police said yesterday.

The men, who were not acquainted, had traveled from New York to visit theapartment's occupant, and both died of "acute intoxication" fromprescription drugs shortly after they arrived, according to autopsies.

One of them, Jordan "Jeremy" Conklin, 26, who was hoping to find work in aD.C. restaurant or bar, arrived Sept. 14. The apartment's tenant, StevenSaleh, 47, had responded to a Craigslist ad that Conklin posted seekingtemporary housing, one of Conklin's friends said. Two days later, answeringa 911 call from Saleh, police found Conklin dead on Saleh's living roomfloor.

The other man, Dean Johnson, 46, was a celebrity drag queen in downtownManhattan's gay club scene -- a flamboyant rock singer, coffeehouse poet andpaid escort. Johnson, who had escort clients in the District, arrived at theapartment Sept. 19 to comfort Saleh over Conklin's death, several ofJohnson's friends said. The next day, again answering a call from Saleh,police found Johnson dead on the living room floor.

Police said that the bodies -- in a second-floor apartment at the historicEnvoy building, at 2400 16th St. NW -- showed no obvious signs of trauma andthat the odd circumstances raised suspicions. But they said yesterday thatSaleh, a former Commerce Department employee disabled by an illness thatcauses chronic pain and fatigue, is no longer the focus of an investigation.

more . . . . .


The Washington Post

Newly HIV-Infected Gay Men Select Other Infected Partners

Wednesday, December 5, 2007; 12:00 AM

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5 (HealthDay News) -- Most men newly infected with HIV (thevirus that causes AIDS) choose to have unprotected sex only with otherHIV-infected partners, say U.S. researchers who analyzed data from sixclinics in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, New Haven, San Diegoand Providence, R.I.

The study included 27 men with acute HIV infection. This refers to theone-month period immediately following HIV infection, when a person tends tohave the highest levels of HIV circulating in their blood. This makes itmuch more likely they'll infect a partner during unprotected sex.

More than 90 percent of the patients in the study were men who have sex withmen.

"While the findings showed condom use was up and the number of partners wasdown, the most startling effect was seen in men choosing to have unprotectedintercourse almost exclusively with other HIV-infected individuals. Thisreflects a systematic shift by men, most of whom are gay, following HIVinfection to behaviors that protect their sex partners," lead author WayneSteward, assistant professor of medicine at the University of California,San Francisco's Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, said in a preparedstatement.

Prior to HIV infection, the men in the study had unprotected sex withHIV-negative or HIV-unknown partners almost 75 percent of the time. Afterlearning they were infected with HIV, there was a major change in theirbehavior. They started having unprotected sex with other HIV-positivepartners 97 percent of the time.

more . . . . .



'Feminine' inmates criticize jail's 'protective' isolation

Michael Mayo
News Columnist
December 6, 2007

For the past 10 weeks, Broward County jail inmate Edward Borden has beenconfined to his cell 23 hours a day, kept in a protective custody unit. Thereason, according to a jail form: "Due to feminine characteristics, inmatecould be perceived as a potential victim if placed in general population."

Borden, jailed since August on multiple charges, including battery on a lawenforcement officer, was sent to the protective custody unit on Sept. 30.

He is one of 13 male inmates housed in restrictive lockdown units because ofthe "feminine characteristics" criteria, according to the Broward PublicDefender's Office. Attorneys who have interviewed four inmates say they musteat meals in their cells and are allowed out for only an hour a day forshowers, phone calls and recreation.

"It's for their safety," said Col. James Wimberly, executive director of thedepartment of detention and community control for the Broward Sheriff'sOffice.

In a letter to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel signed by 10 other inmates,Borden, who is gay, wrote, "We feel we are being persecuted for beinghomosexual. ... We just want to be treated like regular inmates. ... To giveyou an idea of what general population is like, the heterosexual maleinmates get to stay out of their cells all at the same time all day. Theyget to eat, watch TV, play card games and go outside as a group. ... We feelso belittled and humiliated it makes any time we spend here uneasy."

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Man Caught in Sex Sting Worked for Kerry

Associated Press Writer
6:08 PM EST, December 5, 2007

A former aide to Sen. Maria Cantwell, arrested on federal sex charges lastweek, had worked for the 2004 presidential campaigns of Democrats DickGephardt and John Kerry.

James Michael McHaney, 28, of Washington, D.C., was ordered held withoutbond following a brief hearing Wednesday in federal court. Dressed in anorange jumpsuit and blue jacket, McHaney responded "Yes, sir," whenquestioned by Magistrate Judge John Facciola.

McHaney was fired Friday from his job as a scheduler for Cantwell, D-Wash.,hours after he was arrested by FBI agents. The FBI said in a chargingdocument that McHaney tried to set up a meeting with a witness posing onlineas a 13-year-old boy.

McHaney, a native of Little Rock, Ark., did advance work for both Gephardt,a former Missouri congressman, and Kerry, a Massachusetts senator, in their2004 campaigns, Democrats said Wednesday.

A spokesman for Kerry confirmed that McHaney worked for the campaign fromFebruary to November 2004, but declined to comment.

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Theology Divides Mormons, Evangelicals

Associated Press Writer
4:18 PM EST, December 5, 2007

Polygamy, missionaries on bicycles and the Osmonds. What most people knowor think they know about Mormons might be summed up in those few words. Therenowned Tabernacle Choir and, perhaps, quarterback Steve Young could alsofit on that list.

Despite 170 years of history, much about The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints -- the church of Republican presidential candidate MittRomney -- remains a mystery to most.

Questions about his faith, which some mainline religious groups discount asa non-Christian cult, have dogged Romney throughout his campaign, and onThursday he'll tackle the issue at the George H.W. Bush Library on thecampus of Texas A&M University.

Romney isn't expected to focus on the details of Mormonism, but it's inthose details that evangelicals and other Christians sometimes break withLatter-day Saints.

The fundamental issue: the nature of God.

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Express Gay News

Man or woman?
Can't have it both ways, court tells Green Bay resident

WAUSAU (AP) | Dec 5, 11:13 AM

A Green Bay man who amended his birth certificate to change his sex tofemale failed today in efforts to have it revised again to identify him asmale.

Stephanie Calewarts asked for the latest change after marrying a woman lastyear. Brown County revoked their marriage license because Calewarts' birthcertificate listed him as female. Same-sex marriages are banned inWisconsin.

Calewarts contended that a judge's 2000 order changing his birth certificateto female was an error based on mistakes and misunderstandings. Calewartssaid he had some surgery done for health reasons, not to change his sex.

But the 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the time forCalewarts to appeal or challenge Brown County Circuit Judge J.D. McKay'sdecision had long passed.

McKay properly rejected the petition Calewarts filed in October 2006requesting that his birth certificate list him as male, the three-judgepanel said.

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Express Gay News

Gay rights activists push for hate crimes law
Move prompted by killing of gay Okla. man

Dec 5, 10:33 AM

Prompted by the killing of a gay Oklahoma City man, faith leaders and gayrights activists in the city are calling for new legislation targeting hatecrimes. Investigators believe 62-year-old Steven Domer was strangled October26th by two members of a white supremacist group who targeted Domer becausehe was gay.

Tuesday, a group of clergy and gay rights activists called on federallawmakers to approve a bill enhancing penalties for hate-motivated crimesand providing resources to prosecutors to pursue such crimes.

Meanwhile, the state's only openly gay lawmaker, Representative Al McAffrey,says he plans to file a bill for the upcoming legislative session to addgender and sexual orientation to the state statute on hate crimes.

Harry Knox, the director of the Human Rights Campaign, says Oklahoma is oneof only 17 states that don't include sexual orientation in its hate crimelaw.


Express Gay News

Trans woman seeks to succeed lawmaker
Beyer could replace Maryland delegate who died

Dec 4, 2:44 PM

A transgender woman is among the candidates seeking to succeed a Marylandstate legislator who died last week.

Dana Beyer, who lost her bid last year to become a state delegate, couldbecome the nation's first transgender state lawmaker if chosen Dec. 11 tofill the vacant Montgomery County seat.

"It's not how I wanted to become a delegate, but it is what it is and youmake the best of what you have and you move forward," she said. "And that'show you honor the memory of those past."

Beyer is among the candidates vying to succeed Democratic Del. Jane Lawton,who died Nov. 29 after giving a presentation before a federal agency.Lawton, 63, joined the Maryland House of Delegates in 2005.

"I always wanted to serve with Jane," Beyer said. "I didn't want to replaceher."

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Express Gay News

Episcopal Church faces possible major defection By Michael Conlon, ReligionWriter

Wed Dec 5, 1:35 PM ET

The U.S. Episcopal Church faces major tumult this week when an entireCalifornia diocese with more than 9,000 members decides whether to secede inan unprecedented protest over gay issues.

The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, based in Fresno and consisting ofnearly 50 churches in 14 counties, would be the first diocese to bolt fromthe U.S. branch of the 77-million-member global Anglican Communion ifSaturday's final vote passes.

The U.S. church and Anglicanism generally have been in upheaval since 2003when the Episcopal Church consecrated Gene Robinson of New Hampshire as thefirst bishop known to be in an openly gay relationship in more than fourcenturies of church history.

Dissent over that as well as the blessing of same-sex unions practiced insome congregations has caused a number of defections by traditionalists inthe U.S. church.

The 2.4 million-member U.S. church says that out of 7,600 congregations 32have left, meaning that a majority of members of those congregations havedeparted and the churches are now considered closed. Another 23 have votedto leave, meaning that significant number of members have said they want toleave.

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Express Gay News

Lawyer: Priest will plead guilty to sex charges

By Andrew Tilghman and Chris Amos - Staff writers
Posted : Wednesday Dec 5, 2007 20:54:49 EST

An HIV-positive Catholic Navy chaplain plans to plead guilty Thursday tocharges involving sexual misconduct with an unspecified number of men,according to his attorney, who said the priest has known of his HIV statusfor more than two years.

The chaplain, Lt. Cmdr. John Thomas Matthew Lee, 42, is facing a generalcourt-martial in Quantico, Va. He had been charged with sodomy, aggravatedassault, indecent assault, fraternization and conduct unbecoming a militaryofficer, according to a Marine Corps statement. His attorney, David Sheldon,said Lee will plead guilty to "many" of those charges, but would not saywhich. Three witnesses will testify Thursday, he said.

Marine officials refused to release Lee's charge sheet, which typicallywould give the number of specifications, explain why he is being charged andhow much jail time he faces if convicted.

Neither Sheldon nor the Corps offered any details regarding the victims inthe case. Sources said the sexual partners in question are all men.

"He has entered into a pretrial agreement with the government that willsubstantially reduce his exposure to confinement," said Sheldon, who addedthat Lee was facing life without parole if convicted on all charges. "He'sextremely remorseful about what happened and about his conduct, both as achaplain and as an officer. He will take responsibility for what he hasdone."

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Express Gay News

'Exposing' the Folsom Street Fair

Posted by Rebecca Armendariz, Online Editor|

I just got back from attending the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality,Concerned Women for America and PFOX news conference at the National PressClub. The point of this gathering was to expose the happenings of the FolsomStreet Fair, an annual street festival in San Francisco that's touted as"the grandaddy of all leather events."

I'd have to call Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber two of my biggest ...nemeses. Well, they bring out the bitch in me. Their opinions and argumentsare so ludicrous that it's easy for many gays to simply ignore theirhate-filled speech because it's so over the top. But when I walked into theroom and saw them face-to-face, there were warm handshakes and greetings.That creeped me out because the introductions were such a facade. As soon asI said "Washington Blade," they knew who I was. They handed me the "pressmaterials" and a DVD and I accepted it with a thank you. Too weird.

Attendance clocked in at less than 10 people -- I only noticed one otherjournalist, a young woman from Scripps Howard. The rest appeared to knoweither Peter or Matt.

The organizers of Folsom Street are obviously not trying to hide the natureof the festival. It's not like you arrive, pay your entry fee and areshocked to realize that there's a strapping leather daddy leading around hismanservant on a leash. That's to be expected. The official program itselfmakes it explicitly clear that this festival "brings together a crosssection of the leather / fetish / BDSM communities."

LaBarbera went to the fair with his video camera and caught the happeningswith every intention of "exposing" them. His main beef is that this areafalls within Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district. So they wrote Pelosi a lettertelling her that there should be a "limit to tolerance." The trio ofanti-gay organizations plans to "alert the nation of this egregious


Express Gay News

Much ado about nothing

Posted by Kevin Naff
Washington Blade Editor

The Drudge-fanned faux controversy last week regarding gay retired Brig.Gen. Keith Kerr's appearance at the CNN-YouTube debate proves yet again justhow effective the right-wing noise machine is at diverting attention anddevouring opponents.

Kerr asked a simple question regarding "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" during thedebate. After the GOP presidential candidates failed to answer the question,moderator Anderson Cooper introduced Kerr, who was sitting in the studioaudience.

Predictably, the largely Republican audience booed Kerr as he attempted toask a follow-up question, which turned into a bit of a disjointed soliloquy.But after 42 years serving his country in the armed forces, Kerr had earneda bit of patience and indulgence from the candidates and the crowd.

It was revealed later that night that Kerr had signed onto a list of gaysupporters of Hillary Clinton. And then Drudge, Fox News, et al went intoaction, declaring Kerr's inclusion a set-up. CNN and Cooper immediatelycapitulated, pulling Kerr's question from a rebroadcast of the show andapologizing to viewers.

There was no justification for yanking Kerr from the rebroadcast and no needfor an apology. The other questioners that night weren't required todisclose their party affiliation or whether they had endorsed a specificcandidate. For CNN and anyone else to act surprised that a rival campaignmight have planted a question among the 5,000 YouTube videos is naïve atbest. I assumed that the bulk of the submissions came from those withinterests in the campaigns or partisan viewers hoping to help their guy onnational TV.

But Kerr's question was legitimate and has been answered by all theDemocrats running for president, who have pledged to end "Don't Ask, Don'tTell." For the Republicans to turn it around and play victim istransparently absurd. This stunt is one more nail in coffin, I hope, of theflawed and demeaning YouTube debate format.




Romney: No Religious Test For President

by The Associated Press
Posted: December 6, 2007 - 8:00 am ET
Updated 11:00 am ET

(College Station, Texas) Republican Mitt Romney, confronting voters'skepticism about his Mormon faith, declared Thursday that as president hewould "serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause," and said callsfor him to explain and justify his religious beliefs go against the profoundwishes of the nation's founders.

At the same time, he decried those who would remove from public life "any acknowledgment of God," and he said that "during the holiday season,nativity scenes and menorahs should be welcome in our public places."

In a speech less than a month before the first nomination contests, Romneysaid he shares "moral convictions" with Americans of all faiths, thoughsurveys suggest up to half of likely voters have qualms about electing thefirst Mormon president.

"I believe in my Mormon faith and I endeavor to live by it," Romney said."My faith is the faith of my fathers. I will be true to them and to mybeliefs." Nonetheless, he strove to clarify his personal line between churchand state, recalling a similar speech delivered by John F. Kennedy in 1960as Kennedy sought to become the first Catholic elected president.

"I do not define my candidacy by my religion. A person should not be electedbecause of his faith, nor should he be rejected because of his faith,"Romney said at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, 90 milesfrom Kennedy's speaking site in Houston.

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Doctor Sued Over HIV Misdiagnosis

by The Associated Press
Posted: December 5, 2007 - 5:00 pm ET

(Worcester, Massachusetts) Audrey Serrano received HIV treatments for almostnine years before receiving a stunning diagnosis: she never actually had thevirus that causes AIDS.

Now Serrano is suing a doctor who treated her, saying the powerfulcombination of drugs she took triggered a string of ailments, includingdepression, chronic fatigue, loss of weight and appetite and inflammation ofthe intestine.

``Today, it's still hard. One minute you think you have it, the next minuteyou don't,'' Serrano, the divorced mother of a 17-year-old girl, saidTuesday during a break in proceedings at Worcester Superior Court.

``And your mind plays tricks on you and you still live as if you have HIV,even though you don't.''

Serrano, 45, is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit she filed in2003. The original lawsuit named several medical providers but was amendedto include just Dr. Kwan Lai, an infectious disease specialist at theUniversity of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester's HIV clinic.

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Report: Shepard Hate Crime Bill To Be Dropped

by Newscenter Staff
Posted: December 5, 2007 - 1:00 pm ET

(Washington) House Democrats are reportedly resigned to removing the MatthewShepard Hate Crime bill from defense authorization legislation.

Congressional Quarterly reports that House Democratic leaders believe theylack the votes to pass the measure.

The Shepard Act would add sexuality to the list of categories covered underfederal hate crime law.

It passed the House in May and the White House threatened to veto it.(story)

In an effort to get around a veto the Senate version tied the measure to the2008 defense authorization bill. It passed in September (story) and thenwent to conference where the two versions of the bill needed to beharmonized for a final vote. Since then the bill has been tied up. (story)

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Scottsdale Passes LGBT Rights Ordinance

by Newscenter Staff
Posted: December 5, 2007 - 1:00 pm ET

(Scottsdale, Arizona) In a 4-3 vote the Scottsdale City Council has enactedan ordinance that extends workplace protections to LGBT city employees.

The move amends the city's equal employment opportunity ordinance to includesexual orientation and gender identity.

Mayor Mary Manross was among those voting for the the ordinance.

"Despite facing strong opposition, Scottsdale's elected officialsdemonstrated leadership by putting into policy the inclusive practices ofthis diverse city," said Equality Arizona Executive Director BarbaraMcCullough-Jones.

The vote came as the state legislature prepared to consider a similarmeasure to protect LGBT state workers.

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Jenna Bush Calls Dad on Ellen

by the Associated Press

Jenna Bush, phone home. The first daughter appeared nervous when EllenDeGeneres asked her to call her parents during a taping of DeGeneres' talkshow Tuesday. The show aired Wednesday. "They're going to kill me," the26-year-old told DeGeneres. "I'm going to be in so much trouble."

"No, they're going to be thrilled," DeGeneres said. "Why wouldn't they wantto say `hi' to everybody and say Merry Christmas?"

"They may have wanted some warning," responded Bush, who was on "The EllenDeGeneres Show" to promote her new book, "Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope."

All was well, though, when she reached her parents on speakerphone.

"I'm just sitting here with daddy," Laura Bush told her daughter, to whichDeGeneres chimed in: "Oh hey! It's Ellen. I wanted to say hi to daddy."

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Jodie Foster Thanks Cydney in Accepting Sherry Lansing Leadership Award

by Sarah Warn, Editor in Chief
December 5, 2007

In a surprising and moving speech on Tuesday, Jodie Foster, 45, thanked "mybeautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss"when she accepted the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at the 16th annualWomen in Entertainment Power 100 breakfast.

The award is named after the former chief of Paramount Pictures, SherryLansing, who told the Associated Press that she was "overwhelmed to bepresenting it to Jodie."

The L.A. Daily News reporter covering the event, Greg Hernandez, notedsurprise "at the public acknowledgment of who I presume is Cydney Bernard,the woman who is widely reported to be her life partner," because Foster hasalways been "so intensely private."

In her speech, which the Daily News described as "funny and heart-warming,"Foster went on to say, "I don't feel very powerful. I feel fragile ...unsure, struggling to figure it all out, trying to get there even though I'mnot sure where there is ... I've been working in this business for 42 yearsand there's no way you can do that and not be as nutty as a fruitcake."

Characterizing herself as a "professional" and a "gentleman," Fosteradmitted: "I always feel like something of an impostor. I don't know whatI'm doing. I suppose that's my one little secret, the secret of my success."

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The Advocate

Trans Woman Named Head of LGBT Business Group

December 06, 2007

The Golden Gate Business Association announced the appointment of KatherineDean as its new executive director on Monday. She will replace the outgoingJohn D'Alessandro as leader of the nation's oldest LGBT Chamber of Commerce,according to a press release.

Dean boasts more than 25 years of managerial experience, including as CEO ofseveral startup companies. For the last eight years, she has consulted forsmall companies and Fortune 500 firms in marketing and strategic planning.

The Golden Gate Business Association, founded in 1974, represents nearly 500LGBT businesses in the San Francisco Bay area.

PlanetOut, The Advocate's parent company, is a media sponsor for theorganization. (The Advocate)


The Advocate

Argentine Teenager Undergoes Sex-Change Surgery

December 06, 2007

A 17-year-old Argentine has undergone surgery to become a female only monthsafter winning a court battle in the first case of its kind involving a minorin this country, a representative for the teen said Tuesday.

A judge in 2004 had ruled that the teen had to wait until age 21 for theoperation, but the parents appealed successfully, swaying a court panel toissue a decision in September authorizing surgery.

The teenager was operated on at a private clinic in La Plata, near theArgentine capital. Courts have withheld the teen's name because she is stilla minor and local media have not published her identity.

''Everything went perfectly,'' said Alejandra Victoria Portatadino, whorepresented the teenager in court and is also legal counsel for theorganization Argentine Homosexual Community. ''Now we just need to ask toget her legal identification changed to reflect her name as a woman.''

The teenager has a condition called gender dysphoria, doctors and expertsruled, saying she was born with a male body but is psychologically a female.

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The Advocate

Cabin Fever

The gay and lesbian organization Log Cabin Republicans has decided to sitout the Republican primary by not endorsing a candidate. Why aren't theybacking Rudy Giuliani, the most pro-gay Republican White House contender inhistory?

By James Kirchick
December 05, 2007

An exclusive posted December 5, 2007

The mission of Log Cabin Republicans, according to the group's website, is"to make the Republican Party more inclusive, particularly on gay andlesbian issues." The group recognizes -- correctly -- that "equality will beimpossible to achieve without Republican votes." Democrats are largely onboard with gay rights issues; it's conservatives who need convincing. It isfor this reason that Log Cabin, with its handful of staffers and a mere20,000 members, is one of the most important gay political organizations inthe country.

Yet Log Cabin is sitting out what is perhaps the most important presidentialprimary for gay voters in political history. Running for the 2008 Republicannomination is former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, the ideal Log CabinRepublican candidate. Indeed, Log Cabin endorsed him in his previous runsfor mayor and U.S. Senate, and he spoke at the organization's nationalconvention in 1999. While it's true that since becoming a major presidentialcontender Giuliani has backtracked on his previous support for civil unions(his campaign claims that the New Hampshire legislature's passage of a civilunions law was overreaching because it recognizes same-sex unions from otherstates), Giuliani still says he supports domestic partnerships that ensurethe same legal rights for gay couples. Add his regular participation in NewYork City's gay pride parades, his appointments of openly gay people to cityoffices, and his having lived with a gay couple after his wife kicked himout of the house -- plus a dearth of gay-supportive Republican rivals -- andyou have a no-brainer of a Log Cabin endorsement.

But, alas, Log Cabin is sitting this one out, at least until the generalelection. In a recent interview with Mother Jones, Log Cabin's grassrootsoutreach director said, "We will probably not endorse anyone in theprimary." The recent endorsement of Giuliani by televangelist Pat Robertson,who has a record of homophobia rivaling that of any major American publicfigure, may dissuade socially moderate Republicans from supporting Giuliani.But sitting this GOP primary out is a grave mistake for Log Cabin, as itdilutes gay political power right when it is most necessary to assert it.



Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List

Does a pot bust trump a 4.0 GPA?

A universal form that asks about arrests or discipline problems gainsimportance after the Virginia Tech shootings. Some prospective freshmenportray troubles as a learning experience but many are silent out of fear ofbeing rejected.

By Larry Gordon
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
December 5 2007

As campus administrators worry about how to prevent violence like lastspring's Virginia Tech shootings, students applying to college increasinglyface queries about their past behavior: Were they ever severely disciplinedin high school? Have they been convicted of a crime?

The complete article can be viewed at:,1,4888699.story


Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News

Retired Utah military leaders call for end of 'Don't ask, don't tell' gaypolicy

The Associated Press
Article Last Updated: 12/04/2007 01:42:14 PM MST

Posted: 11:14 AM- Two retired senior military leaders in Utah have signed apetition calling for the end of the military's "don't ask, don't tell'policy.

The policy prohibits anyone who is gay from openly acknowledging itwhile serving in the military.

Brig. Gen. J.D. Johnson and Brig. Gen. Phil Peay signed their names to aletter being sent to Congress that asks for repeal of the policy.

"I just believe it's the right thing to do," said Johnson, 60.

The policy was introduced in 1993 and approved by then-President BillClinton.

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Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News

African nations urged to embrace LGBT rights

Antonio Fabrizio
5th December 2007 13:07

African and European LGBT organisations have asked all African states tofight homophobia as an EU-Africa summit takes place in Lisbon next weekend.

ILGA Europe and its African equivalent Pan Africa ILGA have denouncedstate-sponsored" homophobia on the African continent and asked that allAfrican countries adopt the Yogyakarta Principles.

Launched in March 2007, the Yogyakarta Principles are a set of principles onthe application of international human rights law in relation to sexualorientation and gender identity.

In their joint appeal the LGBT organisations stressed that homophobic laws,which violate fundamental rights of GLBT people, are still in place in manyAfrican states.

ILGA and its partner organisations have called on those states that considersame-sexual relationships a crime to abolish those laws.

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Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News

Analysis: New law will protect parents and sperm donors

5th December 2007 16:50
Tony Grew

The story of a 37-year-old man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple and isnow being asked to pay child support highlights the complicated legalsituation around children conceived by artificial methods.

New legislation before Parliament aims to make it easier for lesbian couplesto access NHS fertilisation services and ensure that a lesbian or gay couplecan become the legal parents of their children.

At present the law requires that NHS fertility clinics take account of the"need for a father" when assessing women for treatment.

In practice this can lead to clinics deciding not to accept lesbians andthose women instead using "DIY" methods in order to conceive.

"Lesbians tend to be refused service or made to pay for it under the current arrangements," explained Ruth Hunt, head of policy at gay equalityorganisation Stonewall.

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Uruguayan parliament passes civil unions law

4th December 2007 12:40 staff writer

Uruguay will legally recognise same-sex civil unions.

The country of 3.6m people is the first nation in South America to grantsuch protections, although some cities and regions throughout the continenthave made similar legal provisions.

The Uruguayan Congress last week passed legislation creating a civil unionregistry for same-sex and unmarried heterosexual couples.

The measure had previously passed the Chamber of Senators.

The new law was a manifesto commitment of the ruling leftist coalition ofPresident Tabare Vasquez.

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by Rodney Croome

The election of a Labor Government after more than a decade of Coalitionrule opens up the possibilities for the recognition of same-sexrelationships. When enacted, Labor's commitment to equal entitlements for defacto same-sex couples across Federal law will be an important step forward.So will the adoption of relationship registries in the mainland states andterritories.

But these reforms will inevitably leave some same-sex partners asking whynot equal marriage or civil partnerships, especially those who have enteredinto these legal overseas unions.

There is a danger of the LGBT community erupting into a civil war over thisissue, with some dismissing de facto status or Deeds of Relationship as poorsubstitutes for matrimony, while others argue we should be happy with thepractical benefits of these reforms and forget pointless symbolism.

Both would be wrong.

De facto status, relationship registries and same-sex marriage are notsubstitutes for each other. They serve different purposes for differentcouples. We need them all.

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To Form a More Perfect Union: Marriage Equality News

Information, news, and discussion about the legal recognition of same-sexcouples and their families, including marriages, domestic partnerships,civil unions, adoptions, foster children and similar issues.

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The French government has recently taken advantage of the reform of the lawof succession (June 23, 2006) to reform the Pacte civil de solidarité whichallows for a form of civil partnership between two adults (same sex andopposite sex) and provides a legal status for their relationship. Theintroduction of Pacs in 1999 was controversial but since then it has becomepopular, mainly with heterosexual couples. Gradually same-sex couples arebeing granted more rights and heterosexual couples are taking advantage ofthese changes so that the institution might be seen as becoming closer tomarriage. This article argues that, while the flexibility of Pacs shouldremain for those who do not want commitment, a legal status should becreated for same sex couples which would give them the same rights andprotections as a married couple.

Romney is singing the praises of the proposed gay marriage ban in an e-mailto Florida supporters today. The former Massachusetts governor professes heknows "first-hand" that "traditional marriage is under assault by liberal,activist judges in many states." "In Florida, a ballot initiative has beenproposed that would give constitutional protection to the definition ofmarriage as one man and one woman and prevent un-elected activist judgesfrom trying to invent and impose new laws that disregard the will of thepeople," his statement reads. "I strongly support this initiative."

Italy's left-wing Foreign Minister said yesterday he is against gaymarriage. - Massimo D'Alema, a former Prime Minister who currently holds thehighest post at the Italian Foreign office, was addressing high-schoolstudents in Rome, when he was asked his view on gay marriage.Mr D'Alema, whois not a Catholic, said that he was against marriage between gay people,because "only a marriage between a man and a woman represents the basis ofthe family according to the Italian Constitution, and is also a sacramentaccording to the Church."He added that gay marriage would offend thereligious feelings of many people. "Same-sex people can live togetherwithout necessarily simulating a marriage. The government, however, shouldrecognise their civil and social rights. I would be happy enough making alaw in that direction."

The Christian Family Coalition announced that it has filed the remaining3,300 petition signatures necessary to place the Florida Marriage Amendmenton the November 2008 U.S. Presidential ballot. The petitions were filed withFlorida4Marriage, the sponsoring political committee, per rule 1SER07-1(1S-2.0091). Once approved by voters, the amendment will define marriage asthe union of only one man and one woman in the state constitution. In 1997,the Florida State Legislature overwhelmingly passed the Defense of MarriageAct (D.O.M.A.) defining marriage in our state as the union of one man, onewoman. However, since that time homosexual extremists from Key West toOrlando, have filed numerous lawsuits attempting to have the law ruledunconstitutional. "In our system of government, the people of Florida, notunaccountable judges, should define marriage in our state", stated AnthonyVerdugo, Founder and Chairman of the Christian Family Coalition. ChristianFamily Coalition filed approximately 50,000 petition signatures throughoutthe campaign.

Over the past few weeks, we've noticed how Focus on The Family's CitizenLinknews site has been touting the health and wealth benefits that marriagesupposedly bring to one's life, while overlooking the fact that theirorganization works day and night to keep gay people from knowing the joy oflegally-recognized monogamy. And today the site has upped the offensive anteby pointing to a new study that says marriage brings positive benefits tothe environment, while neglecting to mention that if not for the anti-gaywork of groups like FOF, the number of married couples on the Earth'slandscape would only be increased. And of course not one time in the entirepiece (which you can read in its entirety at the below link) does the writermention his parent organization's own fight to keep certain population sectsas legal strangers. But why not? If we are talking about sheer numbers ofcohabitating, stable households, it's unsound to NOT look at this aspect.Because even if Focus on the Family disagrees with same-sex marriage on anideological level (and we know they do), on a practical level it cannot bedenied that telling millions of people that they are unworthy of marriageequality keeps many in that group from following a monogamously-coupled,joint-living path!


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