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GLBT DIGEST - October 18, 2008

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New York Times
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-Gay Marriage in Connecticut: The Backlash
After California's Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal earlier this year, opponents of gay marriage rushed to support a referendum to reverse the ruling. That referendum, Proposition 8, is now the subject of a heated political campaign. The Connecticut Supreme Court's decision last week to legalize gay marriage is prompting its own backlash. In November, Connecticut voters will weigh in on a ballot question asking whether they want a state constitutional convention. The question is put to Connecticut voters every 20 years.

-Rape Victims' Words Help Jolt Congo Into Change
Congo, it seems, is finally facing its rape problem, which has been called the worst sexual violence in the world.

Washington Post
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-A Faith's Dwindling Following
The Rev. Robert Duncan, 60, is not a Lutheran, but he is a Luther, of sorts. The former Episcopal bishop of Pittsburgh has, in effect, said the words with which Martin Luther shattered Christendom and asserted the primacy of individual judgment and conscience that defines the modern temperament: "Ich kann nicht anders" -- I cannot do otherwise.

-Ex-Gays Have Rights, Too
David S. Fishback of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays advocates keeping books that challenge homosexuality out of Fairfax County Public Schools libraries because he doesn't like what the books say about such issues as reparative therapy for homosexuality [letter, Oct. 15]. Yet ex-gay men and women are a fact of life, and trying to keep them out of sight won't work anymore. Contrary to Mr. Fishback's claims, no medical or mental health association prohibits therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions. Indeed, the associations adhere to a code of ethics that calls for client self-determination of therapy, whether it be gay-affirming therapy or change therapy. The ex-gay movement is a civil rights movement to ensure the safety and inclusion of former homosexuals in all realms of society and to support ex-gay people's equal access to schools and other public venues.Let's move forward toward diversity and not backward into narrow-minded thinking.
Executive Director
Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays
Reedville, Va.

-Mormon group protests church's gay marriage stance
A group of Mormons who support gay marriage delivered protest letters and bundles of carnations to church headquarters Friday in an appeal to end the church's support of a ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage in California.

-Chef who stabbed, seasoned victim guilty of murder
LONDON -- A British chef who sliced and seasoned bits of his victim's flesh after a frenzied knife attack was found guilty of murder Friday. A court in the northern English city of Leeds took less than 2 1/2 hours to convict Anthony Morley, 36, the first winner of the "Mr. Gay UK" title in 1993.

Miami Herald
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-EQUALITY: Respect gay, abortion rights
Do you remember the New Yorker cartoon showing a couple in their living room reading the newspaper? ''Gays and lesbians getting married,'' reports the husband to his wife, whereupon he adds, ``Haven't they suffered enough?'' This was an arch and ironic commentary on the image of a beleaguered minority actually trying to break into an institution. Last week it happened again. Connecticut became the third state, after Massachusetts and California, to let homosexuals break into the institution of marriage. The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that even in a state with civil unions, separate wasn't equal. Anything less than marriage violated equal protection laws.

Steve Rothaus
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-Obama campaign speaks of HIV/AIDS epidemic
Obama/Biden news release:
On a conference call with reporters on Thursday, leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS discussed how an Obama-Biden administration would provide real leadership to combat the epidemic and particularly its disproportionate impact on LGBT and African Americans. While there are many public health issues facing America, Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden will finally provide the kind of leadership on HIV/AIDS prevention, research and treatment that all Americans deserve.

-Video | 'One Man, One Woman' ad in favor of Florida marriage amendment news release:

The Florida Blade
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-Students clash over funding request for gay event
President refused based on 'his beliefs'
A gay college group in Colorado Springs is clashing with the school's student president because he refused to approve a funding request, saying it was against his "personal beliefs." The group representing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgenger students says the decision by junior David Williams hindered planning for a campus observance of National Coming Out Day this week at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

-Janet returns in top form
Rock Witchu Tour features non-stop hits
After postponing a string of shows due to illness, Janet Jackson returned in top form Wednesday night to her Rock Witchu Tour at Washington's Verizon Center. If she was suffering any lingering effects of the migraines and vertigo that plagued her over the past two weeks, it wasn't apparent Wednesday night, as Jackson danced her way through nearly two-and-a-half hours of hits and their accompanying energetic, complex choreography.

-Group demands W.Va. session to ban gay marriage
Governor's office says law already in place

-I am not HIV: identity beyond diagnosis
HIV/AIDS activist strips power from his blood test results

-Honesty amidst smoke and mirrors
It's not often that people in the entertainment world come out as bisexual. So I give props to Ted Casablanca for having the courage to tell his readers that he's bi. A gossip columnist tracking all things Hollywood, Casablanca has long been publicly recognized as gay. But he clarified things today when he came out in his column as bi. He identified "as a bisexual man" and referred to bisexuality as "a very real sexual station in life for many" people.

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-Corvino: Scared in California
If the election were held tomorrow, it's quite likely that gays would lose marriage in California. That's California, our most populous state, home of San Francisco and Nancy Pelosi and the liberal Hollywood elite. What progressive California giveth, progressive California may taketh away.

-Three equality riders arrested in Alabama
Three Equality Riders were arrested for trespassing today at Heritage Christian University. They were on campus to deliver letters describing their personal experiences and advocating for the safety and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.

-Evangelicals are in the news, but not in newsrooms
Here is a foolproof way for politicians to score points with evangelical voters: Attack the media, an institution widely seen as lacking conservative Christian voices.

-Evangelist in court for transporting minors for sex
Evangelist Tony Alamo appeared in court Friday for a five-minute hearing on a federal charge accusing him of transporting minors across state lines for sex.

-Fla. anti-marriage group begins ad campaign
A group attempting to constitutionally ban gay marriage in Florida began an advertising campaign today that warned gay activists were trying to scare voters.

-Gay-friendly rental car companies
Last summer, my partner and I flew to North Carolina for a friend's wedding. When we arrived at the Avis counter to pick up our rental car, I asked if I could add her as an additional driver, and was told it would cost $35. As the woman behind the counter ran my credit card, she casually drawled, "Yep. It's thirty-five dollars unless you're co-workers, spouses or domestic partners." My partner and I exchanged a look and I knew we were both thinking the same thing: "Is it worth thirty-five dollars to convince someone that we're gay? In public? In a red state?"

The Advocate
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-Ellen Buys $100K in Airtime for No on 8 PSA
On the heels of an announcement that talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres would be starring in her own PSA urging Californians to vote against Prop. 8 comes the news the gay community has been waiting for -- she's giving money to the campaign by paying for the ad to air on television.

-Video Takes Aim at Arkansas's Divisive Act 1
A new video challenging the merits of Arkansas's Act 1 -- a ballot measure that would bar unmarried couples, including gay couples, from adopting children or being foster parents -- has hit YouTube.

-Obama Campaign Unveils Plan to Fix Underfunded HIV/AIDS Programs
Sen. Barack Obama's campaign held a conference call Thursday intended to highlight his policy prescriptions for combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic -- including increased funding for research, care, and prevention as well as developing a national HIV/AIDS strategy within the first year of his administration.

-The Battle Over Florida's Amendment 2
In the midst of an ugly battle, something beautiful is happening in Florida. Despite a too-close-to call battle over Amendment 2 -- which would go further than California's Prop. 8 by stripping away all legal protections for unmarried couples, gay or straight -- LGBTs are organizing in hanging-chad, butterfly-ballot, nail-biter, presidential-election-decider Florida.
By Nadine Smith

-Fort Lauderdale Mayor's Race Heats Up With Two Gay Candidates
Remember the Fort Lauderdale mayor who wanted to spend $230,000 on a "robo-toilet" to cut down the number of men who have sex with men in public restrooms? His name is Jim Naugle, and after 18 years in office, come spring 2009, the homophobic mayor will bid adieu to City Hall. Two gay men are seeking to take his place and, in aligning themselves with Barack Obama's bid for the White House, hoping to make Florida a blue state in 2008.

-Congress, Washington Culture to Blame for Foley Vindication
Lane Hudson became a household name when he revealed to the Human Rights Campaign that he was the anonymous blogger who exposed the scandal that brought down congressman Mark Foley. Now he responds to Advocate writer James Kirchick's analysis of how the Foley investigation led to the shamed lawmaker being vindicated of all crimes.

Marriage Equality News
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-Gay and Lesbian Medical Association launches Marriage Equality Initiative
Link: Pam's House Blend
by Pam Spaulding
We always see studies touting the benefits of marriage in terms of health and wellness; it's wonderful to see medical professionals speak out to educate why those mental and physical health benefits should be available to gay and lesbian couples. (GLMA): According to its newly published report, "Same-Sex Marriage and Health," there is a positive correlation between same-sex marriage and health and wellness. Same-sex marriage also confers important protections for the children of gays and lesbians. Many mainstream healthcare professionals societies have endorsed same-sex marriage, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, California District; the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Association of Social Workers.

-Religious leaders rally to shoot down Florida marriage ban
Link: Miami Herald
A coalition of religious leaders from across Florida joined forces Thursday to speak against a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage. Florida Clergy for Fairness, a group of interfaith clergy, say that Amendment 2 is mean-spirited and an infringement upon the religious freedoms of all Floridians.

Pink News - UK
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-Thousands attend funeral of right-wing but gay Austrian politician Joerg Haider
Tens of thousands of people have lined the streets of the Austrian city of Klagenfurt for the funeral of the fascist politician Joerg Haider who died in a car crash a week ago.

-Mum's tribute to son murdered and cooked by Mr Gay UK
The mother of the man killed, cooked and eaten by a former Mr Gay UK winner has spoken of her special bond with the son she tragically lost.

-Europe cannot impose recognition of same-sex partnerships says EU Commissioner
The man responsible for the new EU directive on discrimination has said that it is up to individual member states whether or not to legally recognise gay and lesbian relationships.

-Dutch court hears evidence from victims of 'HIV gang'
The trial of three men accused of deliberately injecting others with HIV-infected blood has heard testimony from some of their alleged victims.

-I know a dozen gay professional footballers claims retired player
A former professional football player has told a forum on homophobia he knows of a dozen gay men at the top of the game.

-Police told to avoid arresting people having sex in parks
New guidelines for police officers on how to deal with public sex have recommended they avoid "knee jerk" reactions to people cottaging, dogging and cruising.

-Spanish military LGBT activist releases gay calendar
Albert Marchena and made history by being part of the first ever same-sex civil ceremony to take place between two military men in Spain in 2006.

-Gays motivated by greed, Ugandan bishop tells school
Bishop of Mukono Eria Paul Luzinda claimed that homosexuality is increasing in Uganda, and that this increase can be blamed on a desire for wealth.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-k.d. lang's 'Watershed' Moment
She's a Buddhist vegetarian lesbian. And k.d. lang is also quite the soulful singer and songwriter, with her latest album, "Watershed," marking her first album of original work since 2000. Dubbed a "Canadian chanteuse," lang, 47, began her career in country music and won a Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her 1989 album, "Absolute Torch and Twang" during her "cowpunk" early years. Music legend Roy Orbison then tapped lang to collaborate with him on his masterpiece, "Crying," and the duet earned the pair a Grammy for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals, also in 1989. But it was in 1992 with "Ingénue" that lang hit her stride and gave her loyal fans and a large new fan base a peek deep into her psyche with the stirring "Constant Craving," perhaps her best-known song. That song earned her a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and propelled her into greater mainstream success. Read more

-Riley Hopes to be GA's First Openly Gay State Senator
By MATT SCHAFER | Southern Voice
Tim Riley could make history on Nov. 4, but that hasn't been a focus of his campaign. A candidate for the District 47 seat in the Georgia Senate, Riley has been quietly running as an openly gay man and said it hasn't been an issue in his largely rural district. Senate District 47 includes half of Athens/Clarke County and large swaths of the surrounding countryside, including the small towns of Jackson and Madison. "To be honest with you, no one is fighting me on gay issues, and I think finally, finally we are opening up," Riley said. "I'm just very hopeful that the tide is changing slowly but surely." If successful, Riley would become Georgia's first openly gay state senator and the first openly gay man in the state legislature. State Rep. Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates), Georgia's first and currently only openly gay state lawmaker, is unopposed in her bid for a fifth term. Read more

-Catholic Women March in Rome for Female Priesthood
By ALESSANDRA RIZZO | Associated Press Writer | Omaha World Herald
ROME (AP) - Catholic women seeking to become priests denounced the church's ban on female ordination as sexist and unjust, bringing their campaign close to the Vatican on Wednesday during a worldwide gathering of bishops. The small group of women representing Catholic organizations from around the world marched across the Tiber River close to St. Peter's Square, some wearing signs with the names of prominent women in the early days of the Roman Catholic Church. "Ordain Women! Ordain Women!" the woman chanted. They later tried to deliver a petition to the Swiss Guards at the Vatican, but nobody came to pick it up. Aisha Taylor, the executive director of the Women's Ordination Conference in the United States, said the women wanted to call attention to the issue during the synod, a meeting of 253 bishops under way. But the Vatican is not likely to drop its long-standing prohibition on women in the priesthood.
Read more

-Iranian Queer Railroad Launched
By: DOUG IRELAND | Gay City News
Arsham Parsi, a gay sexual refugee living in Toronto, (seen here at right accepting this year's Felipa Award from IGLHRC, alongside Chilean trans activist Andrès Ignacio Rivera Duarte) is pressing the fight to help queer Iranian refugees find suitable resettlement Arsham Parsi, a gay sexual refugee living in Toronto, (seen here at right accepting this year's Felipa Award from IGLHRC, alongside Chilean trans activist Andrès Ignacio Rivera Duarte) is pressing the fight to help queer Iranian refugees find suitable resettlement.
Arsham Parsi, the well-known Iranian gay activist, has announced the launch of the Iranian Queer Railroad (IRQR), a new organization designed specifically to help the growing number of LGBT Iranians forced to leave their country by the violently homophobic policies of the ayatollahs' theocracy. Homosexuality is a capital crime in Iran. Parsi, 28, founded the first Iranian gay group, the Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization (PGLO), in 2004 while still living in Iran. With the police on his tail for his gay activism, Parsi fled to Turkey in 2005, where he continued his work to publicize the plight of LGBT Iranians, and eventually was granted asylum as a sexual refugee by Canada, where he moved two years ago and changed the name of the PGLO to the Iranian Queer Organization (IRQO).

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-Iran: IGLHRC Welcomes Moratorium on the
Death Penalty for Juveniles
The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) welcomed the announcement this week by the Deputy Attorney General of Iran that judicial authorities would put a moratorium on the death penalty for juveniles. The moratorium will take effect immediately, with plans to seek final parliamentary approval. "The ban on juvenile execution is an important human rights development for sexual minorities, particularly those perceived to be gay," said IGLHRC executive director Paula Ettelbrick. "All too frequently, young Iranian men have been executed as juveniles after being charged with sodomy and other sexual crimes. This is a positive step toward improving human rights in Iran." Over the past several years, IGLHRC has documented cases in which juveniles were executed based on allegations including sodomy charges. In July 2005, two teenage boys, Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, were hanged in public, allegedly for sodomy and rape. Both teenagers were juveniles at the time when the events happened, and one was believed to have been a juvenile at the time of his execution. In December 2007, Iran executed Makvan Mouloodzadeh, a 21-year-old who was accused of committing anal rape (ighab) with other young boys when he was 13 years old.

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-Free Comprehensive Florida VOTER Guide nowavailable for whole state....please use it!

-Do Babies Matter in Science?
A true measure of gender equity in academe would look at both the career and family outcomes of female Ph.D.'s

-Joerg Haider was drinking in a gay bar before he crashed
The Austrian far-Right politician Joerg Haider was seen drinking in a gay bar shortly before his fatal car crash.

-Judge Dismisses Transgendered Model's Sex Assault Claim Against Financier
A Manhattan judge has thrown out a sexual assault suit filed by a 24-year-old transgendered model against financier Jeffrey Epstein on statute-of-limitations grounds. State Supreme Court Justice Edward H. Lehner rejected plaintiff Maximilia Cordero's motion to toll the statute on the basis of her insanity, finding that her ability to function within society demonstrated she was not "insane" under the state guidelines.

-Maryland Sex Offenders Must Post 'No Candy' Signs
Really want to scare the bejesus out of your neighbors this Halloween? Consider posting the sign at right, which the Washington Times reports was recently sent in the mail to all registered sex offenders in Maryland. The paper signs began arriving last week in the mailboxes of the roughly 1,200 violent and child-sex offenders across the state with a letter explaining how they are to comport themselves on Oct. 31. "Halloween provides a rare opportunity for you to demonstrate to your neighbors that you are making a sincere effort to change the direction of your life," the letter states.

-The Right to be Left Alone 07; Age of Consent
The right to sexual freedom is regulate in all states. In some states it is not just age of consent but also what one is allowed to do sexually in their given state. There is nothing so fundamental then a human being and his or her sexuality. To some it is the God given right to procreation to others a way of enjoying a deeper since of self, but no matter why or how one choices to have sex it is important to understand just what is allowable even in the privacy of our own beds. The right to be left alone in one's own bed or with the consent of one's partner is regulated as are many of the rights bestode upon the citizen by the state. Check out the following link on the right of the age of consent; A list by country and state:

-Two Britons Sentenced to Prison for Their Public Display of Affection
Two British citizens were found guilty on Thursday of having sex in public and were sentenced to three months in prison to be followed by deportation. Hassan Matar, a lawyer for the defendants, Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors, left, said they would appeal. Under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a part, the maximum sentence for sex outside of marriage is a year in prison and the minimum is three months. "The verdict shows that the judge was convinced that they did not have sexual intercourse, but he punished them for the indecent act of kissing," Mr. Matar said. Dubai is a popular destination for European tourists, but it also adheres to some strict Islamic rules, among them a ban on sex out of wedlock.

-Gay Hate in Miami Beach
A condo association rejects a dream tenant and his partner.
Miami Beach, Tower 41 Condominium
The call came in to Tower 41 Condominium, a salmon-pink set of buildings on Pine Tree Drive, on February 22, 2006. Why, asked real estate broker Ricardo Herran, had his client's application to live there been rejected? In a hushed voice, a curly-haired secretary told him: "It's two men.... Residents are conservative." Herran's client, Steven Bloomfield, is gay. He is also a dream tenant. The slight, bespectacled 48-year-old makes six figures, has stellar credit, and is about as imposing as a granny in a rocking chair. "My face got hot with humiliation and rage," he says. "I felt like a piece of shit."

From Transgender Equality
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-I found this article about a transgendered teacher. Is amazing how accepting kids can be but adults always have an issue with what they don't understand.

From Ron Mills

-On the October 17 episode of MSNBC's Hardball, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota claimed that Barack Obama and other members of Congress share anti-American views. To Watch The Video and sign the petition go to

-Top Tampa GOP Figure Circulates Joke About Killing Obama
Al Austin, a longtime, high-level Republican fundraiser from Tampa, today sent to his list of political contacts an e-mail containing a joke that refers to the assassination of Barack Obama. When asked about the e-mail, Austin said it was a mistake and apologized and that he wouldn't knowingly have circulated it. He said he planned to send an apology and retraction to the same e-mail list. if you can not access the above link go to

Contact for the full article

-The Soulforce Q Equality Ride launched on October 1, 2008. This year it will focus on the South, journeying to fifteen schools of various denominations, including some faith-based historically black colleges and universities. True to its purpose of going where it is needed, the 2008 Equality Ride will visit both undergraduate schools and graduate level seminaries. Come meet the new Equality Riders and read what they have to say about this exciting project! More on the Equality Ride - Meet the 2008 Riders -Donate to the Ride - 2008 Equality Ride Route - Blogging from the Road - Video from Liberty

-Equality Ride Under Attack by Mississippi Newspaper -- Write Your Letter Today
The Soulforce Equality Ride needs your help. The Clinton News in Clinton, Mississippi has published an inaccurate and dismissive commentary suggesting that the Equality Riders "like to get arrested" and that publicity "fuels their anger."


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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST - October 18, 2008

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New York Times
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-Obama's Ad Effort Swamps McCain and Nears Record
Barack Obama is using an advertising campaign of unrivaled scale and complexity to outadvertise John McCain nationwide by at least four to one.

-Is Anybody Happy?
Americans are in a very low state about the presidential election. Once again we've hit that magic moment when both sides are sure they're going to lose.

-Climbing Down the Ladder
Losing a home to foreclosure is a disaster for anyone, but it's a catastrophe for older people.

-Last-Minute Mischief
All presidents indulge in end-of-the-term environmental rule-making. President Clinton's rules were mostly good. Not surprisingly, most of President Bush's proposals are not. [...] Exhibit A is a set of six resource management plans covering 11 million acres of federal land in Utah. They would open millions of acres to oil and gas drilling and off-road vehicles, risking priceless cultural artifacts and some of the most breathtaking open spaces in America.

-Nov. 5, 2008
A perfect storm of poor judgments has set the stage for a Barack Obama victory. On Nov. 5, he will be one of the most powerful presidents in recent American history.

-Water and What Else?
Until bottled water companies are required to release pertinent information about what's in their water, consumers shouldn't waste their money.

-Bush Aides Say Religious Hiring Doesn't Bar Aid
In a newly disclosed legal memorandum, the Bush administration says it can bypass laws that forbid giving taxpayer money to religious groups that hire only staff members who share their faith.

-Behind McCain, an Outsider Wanting Back In
Cindy McCain is pursuing a return to Washington, "a harsh town" that she has said does not suit her.

-Beluga Whale Protection Bolstered; Palin Objects
The federal government on Friday placed beluga whales that live in Cook Inlet in Alaska on the endangered species list, rejecting efforts by Gov. Sarah Palin and others against increased protection.

-Justices Block Effort to Challenge Ohio Voters
The United States Supreme Court on Friday overturned a lower court's order requiring state officials in Ohio to supply information that would have made it easier to challenge prospective voters. The decision was a setback for Ohio Republicans, who had sued to force the Ohio secretary of state, a Democrat, to provide information about database mismatches to county officials.

Washington Post
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-Thousands Erroneously Tagged Ineligible to Vote
Flaws in new federally-mandated state voter registration systems spur lawsuits and escalating partisan battles leading up to Election Day. [...] The scramble to verify voter registrations is happening as states switch from locally managed lists of voters to statewide databases, a change required by federal law and hailed by many as a more efficient and accurate way to keep lists up to date.

-A Dangerous Rage
Colbert I. King
Do those catcalls at McCain-Palin rallies represent a dominant strain or dying breed? Tell a rabid audience that Barack Obama is "palling around with terrorists" (as Palin has done), imply that Obama is friendly with people out to destroy America (as she also has done) and what do you expect? The ugliness is stunning.

-Saving the Desert From Bush
Tom Kenworthy
The president wants to hand it over to oil companies and off-roaders.

-Barack Obama for President
The Washington Post endorses the Democratic senator from Illinois.
THE NOMINATING process this year produced two unusually talented and qualified presidential candidates. There are few public figures we have respected more over the years than Sen. John McCain. Yet it is without ambivalence that we endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president. The choice is made easy in part by Mr. McCain's disappointing campaign, above all his irresponsible selection of a running mate who is not ready to be president. It is made easy in larger part, though, because of our admiration for Mr. Obama and the impressive qualities he has shown during this long race.

-Scare Talk on Taxes
The gotcha tactics of the campaign trail are preventing a rational discussion of how to spread the burden. AS A POLITICAL matter, it's not a great idea to announce that asking rich people to pay taxes is patriotic (Joseph R. Biden Jr.) or to tell Joe the Plumber that he should just spread the wealth (Barack Obama). So it's no wonder that the McCain campaign was quick to pounce on these supposed gaffes. But for all the hyperventilating, does John McCain really disagree with either of these statements?

-House Ethics Committee Investigates Fla. Democrat
The House ethics committee announced yesterday that it intends to interview Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-Fla.) about his settlement of a sexual harassment allegation made by a female aide with whom he had an extramarital affair.

The Wall Street Journal
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-Pakistan's army says it has killed at least 60 militants in an offensive against insurgents in the country's northwest. The military said in a statement Saturday the militants were killed Friday evening when the security forces backed by helicopter gunships and artillery targeted militant hideouts in troubled Swat valley.

-The Axis of Moscow
It's lonely out there for Vladimir Putin. Where would Russia be without Daniel Ortega? Even more isolated than the Kremlin now finds itself after its August adventure in Georgia.

Miami Herald
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-McCain fosters offensive attacks
My 401(k) is down $21,000 since the end of September. And John McCain thinks I should be worried about William Ayers. Not to put too fine a point on it, but these are strange days. And it's difficult not to empathize with the Arizona senator, who has spent these last weeks flailing like a man trying to hit a fastball in the dark

Fort Report
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-Editorial: The Acorn Story
In Wednesday night's debate, John McCain warned that a group called Acorn is "on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history" and "may be destroying the fabric of democracy." Viewers may have been wondering what Mr. McCain was talking about. So were we.

-Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe
David Iglesias says he's shocked by the news, leaked today to the Associated Press, that the FBI is pursuing a voter-fraud investigation into ACORN just weeks before the election. "I'm astounded that this issue is being trotted out again," Iglesias told TPMmuckraker. "Based on what I saw in 2004 and 2006, it's a scare tactic." In 2006, Iglesias was fired as U.S. attorney thanks partly to his reluctance to pursue voter-fraud cases as aggressively as DOJ wanted -- one of several U.S. attorneys fired for inappropriate political reasons, according to a recently released report by DOJ's Office of the Inspector General.

-Op-Ed Contributor: Buy American. I Am.
THE financial world is a mess, both in the United States and abroad. Its problems, moreover, have been leaking into the general economy, and the leaks are now turning into a gusher. In the near term, unemployment will rise, business activity will falter and headlines will continue to be scary.

-Obama has strategic edge in waning days of election
John McCain's answer to the first question in Wednesday night's debate was an acknowledgment that "Americans are hurting right now, and they're angry." He said it twice, so there could be no missing the message. Barack Obama quickly agreed. "Everybody understands at this point that we are experiencing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression," he said.

-Wasserman Schultz: Sarah Palin "the most unqualified candidate for VP that I've ever seen''
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic congresswoman and mother of three from Weston, said she respects Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as a busy working mom, but "my admiration for her stops there.'' Palin is the mother of five and governor of Alaska. "I can tell you, it's not easy doing it every day,'' Wasserman Schultz said. "So with five kids, the kind of high profile job she has as governor and how much work she has, I admire her for that. But you know my admiration for her stops there.''


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FLORIDA DIGEST - October 18, 2008

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Florida - Early voting starts Monday!
Avoid the confusion of long lines on November 2 - vote early!!!!

Equality Florida
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Dolphin Democrats

-There is a new feature on The Broward SOE website now that permits an inquiry from any one to verify if they are registered and at what address. There are two ways to see it. It's on the Home page under the Register To Vote section and in the middle of the Home page with the link Check Your Registration Status. Check it out. www.browardsoe. org

-Deadline to request an absentee ballot is Wednesday, October 29, 2008
-Voter Information Card is recommended but not required to vote.
-A Broward County voter can vote at any one of our 17 early voting sites.
-Postage for the absentee ballot is $1.17.
-In a general election, a voter can vote for the candidate of their choice,
no matter their political party affiliation.

-Campaign season is in full swing and voter turnout is expected to break all records! With early voting and vote-by-mail available, we're trying to help people make sure their votes are counted and educating them on these opportunities. The last thing we want on election day is a surprise that people weren't allowed to vote. We need your help. Please volunteer this weekend for two great events: The first is Bubba's Country Fair at Scandals Saloon in Wilton Manors Saturday and Sunday, October 18 and 19, with shifts between 11 am and 7 pm.

GLCC - Ft. Lauderdale

-GLCC Fundraiser!!
Help us raise funds for the GLCC while you shop!
Your participation in our fundraising is critical to help us achieve our finanancial goals. We have now made it easier than ever. Just visit our on-line store at Every purchase you make sends a donation to the GLCC. We have teamed up with over 500 retailers you love! Just purchase items through our site, you get your products and we earn cash. That is it! Everybody wins. The holidays are right around the corner. If you are buying anything on-line, visit our site first.

Mark's List

-The Gay and Lesbian Business Committee and Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera
Bower Invite you to Come Out October 19, 2008 1 PM to 4 PM. Locals and
Gay-friendly businesses will unite in Flamingo Park for the kickoff event
for Gay Pride, April 18, 2009.

Justin Flippen for Wilton Manors City Commission Campaign
Wilton Manors City Commission candidate Justin Flippen has been endorsed by the Broward County Police Benevolent Association (PBA) and Equality Florida. The Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale has also voted to recommend Justin Flippen for Wilton Manors City Commission.

This afternoon!!
Join Us For Our Statewide Day of Action!
Saturday, October 18 2:00-6:00pm
Locations Throughout the State!
(Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Gainesville, St. Pete, Tampa, Daytona, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee)
Saturday, October 18 2:00-6:00pm
It's all hands on deck! Polls show that we are very close to defeating Amendment 2 and we have less than 3 weeks to reach millions of Florida voters- and the time has come for everyone to step up! This Saturday we'll be in your community and we need you to join us. With less than 3 weeks until Election Day and early voting set to begin next Monday, Saturday is our best opportunity before November 4th to reach Florida voters with our message to vote NO on Amendment 2. Join the Vote No on 2 Campaign and hundreds of other volunteers as we go door-to-door to inform voters about the dangers of Amendment 2, the so-called "Marriage Protection" Amendment. Water, snacks and campaign materials will be provided. If you have a Vote No on 2 t-shirt, wear it! If not, please wear a plain white shirt and we will provide you with a sticker and/or pin. Click here to do your part! Remember, in these last few precious days before the Election it is only your dedication and hard work that can lead us to victory. More and more Floridians understand that it is wrong to deny people the legal right to take care of their loved ones. They are no longer fooled by cynical political tactics that let bigotry be the means for an even more destructive end. Your conversations will keep the momentum moving in our direction and help us defeat this mean-spirited measure.
Time is running out, step up today!

Gary Resnick for Wilton Manors Mayor Campaign
Wilton Manors Florida
Commissioner Gary Resnick, Candidate for Mayor of Wilton Manors, is pleased to announce the endorsements of Broward County AFL-CIO, Equality Florida Action PAC and many prominent local, county and state elected officials. Some of those supporting Resnick include State Senators Steven A. Geller and Nan Rich, State Senator Elect Chris Smith, State Representatives Perry Thurston, Jim Waldman and Martin Kiar, Broward County Commissioner Ken Keechl, Mayors Rae Carole Armstrong (Plantation), Lori Moseley (Miramar), Jack Brady (North Lauderdale), Beth Talabisco (Tamarac), Debby Eisenger (Cooper City), Joy Cooper (Hallandale Beach) and Frank Ortis (Pembroke Pines). Equality Florida, a statewide education and advocacy organization announced their endorsement of Gary Resnick for Mayor of Wilton Manors. Equality Florida works to eliminate all discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, gender and class.

Go to the links for the following articles:

-Sexual preference is irrelevant in adoptions
October 17, 2008
I am not sure the writer of the letter, "Gay adoption ban moral must," realizes that in his argument against homosexual adoption, he actually provides the very reasons why it should be allowed. Does he believe there are not heterosexual parents who have sexual preferences that he might consider unacceptable? Yes, what is important is that you are a good parent. Your sexual preference is irrelevant.
Niki Wilson, Boca Raton,0,2064032.story

Steve Rothaus
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Video | 'One Man, One Woman' ad in favor of marriage amendment news release:
TALLAHASSEE- -Today at the Florida Press Center in Tallahassee, Chairman John Stemberger announced the launch of the "One Thing" television spot. The spot portrays the beauty of Marriage and how it is the exclusive human institution that "Passes Life to the Next Generation." The "One Thing" television ad also informs voters about the true legal purpose and meaning of Amendment 2, the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment.

Florida Blade
Go to this link for the following articles:

-12th Annual Miami Recognition Dinner
Fundraiser for Dade Community Foundation LGBT Fun; NGLTF
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is throwing a party this weekend, and all of South Florida is invited! The 12th Annual Recognition Dinner, one of the most important events on the South Florida GLBT social calendar, takes place tonight at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Miami. As the saying goes, everybody who is anybody will be there.

-2008 Best of Gay South Florida:
The envelope please...
Welcome to the 2008 Best of Gay South Florida awards. After weeks of voting and thousands of entries, we have compiled the list of winners in four categories. "Day Life" is the most general category, as it includes personal endeavors like shopping and spas and such, as well as community organizations and charities. "Night Life" centers mainly on bars and clubs, as well as the people who make the South Florida scene extra-special. "Sex Life" highlights our voters' favorite naughty pursuits, awarding the places where it feels so good to be bad. And then "Food" should be self-explanatory, with awards going to favorite restaurants.

-GLBT religious activists arrested in WPB
Six members of Soulforce a gay Christian activist organization were arrested in West Palm Beach Monday when the protesters attempted to enter a chapel at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Since 2006 Soulforce members have led protests at Christian Universities to help secure safe environments and rights for LGBT students. About 16 members showed up at PBAU Monday to engage students in a dialogue. The organization reported that their bus was vandalized the night before the protest, claiming that a large object had been thrown through the bus's door and two windows had been shattered.

-Stonewall Library gets new 20-yr lease
Broward County Commissioners on Tuesday approved extending a 20-year lease to the Stonewall Library's new location at the Art Serve building. The extension comes one year before the current lease expires. But the archives and library need to secure the long-term lease to qualify for a $100,000 matching grant from the Community Foundation of Broward. According to Stonewall president Nate Klarfeld the grant combined with the new lease means the community could count on the library's future. "It means we don't have to worry about things for a long while," said Nate Klarfeld, Stonewall's
president. "We are totally secure."

-Dear Mayor Naugle: I find you 'troubling'
Letter to FTL mayor brings disturbing, but predictable, response

-Fort Lauderdale Mayor's Race Heats Up With Two Gay Candidates
Remember the Fort Lauderdale mayor who wanted to spend $230,000 on a "robo-toilet" to cut down the number of men who have sex with men in public restrooms? His name is Jim Naugle, and after 18 years in office, come spring 2009, the homophobic mayor will bid adieu to City Hall. Two gay men are seeking to take his place and, in aligning themselves with Barack Obama's bid for the White House, hoping to make Florida a blue state in 2008.


Go to the links for the following articles:

-Florida's unemployment remains at 6.6 percent in September, maintaining 14-year high Palm Beach County has region's highest rate; Broward's also up sharply Unemployment in Florida remained at 6.6 percent in September, but it's still the highest jobless rate in 14 years, the state Agency for Workforce Innovation said Friday.,0,5798461.story

Miami Herald
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-Rep. Mahoney admits affairs, says he broke no laws
U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney, embroiled in an adultery scandal and a tight race for re-election, admitted Friday to having at least two affairs but insisted he broke no laws and will not resign. The first-term Democrat conceded that one of the affairs began as he was running on a family values platform to replace Mark Foley, a Republican who resigned amid revelations that he sent lurid Internet messages to male pages who had worked on Capitol Hill as teenagers.

FIU gives John McCain a hearty welcome
John McCain was cheered by an enthusiastic, predominantly Hispanic audience at Florida International University.

Fort Report
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-Will Sunshine State Sway Red Or Blue?
CBS Evening News: Why Florida Is One Of The Final Battleground States Lifelong republican Jim Piccillo always thought he'd vote for John McCain. But as the Florida housing market crashed, so did the mortgage company he worked for. Two months ago, he lost his job.

-CAMPAIGN 2008 |ENVIRONMENT: Obama favors Everglades restoration
Candidate Barack Obama promised increased funding for the Everglades, a Tamiami Trail bridge, and cleaner rivers and beaches -- but no money details.

-Broward senator to head biotech panel
State Sen. Jeremy Ring, D-Parkland, was named today to lead the Task Force for the Study of Biotech Companies.

-Sheriff's race is the hottest election in Broward

-Incendiary sign in McCain office links Obama to dictators
Among the images that greeted visitors to the John McCain campaign office in Pompano Beach this week was a sign headlined "Barrack Hussein Obama" that compared the Democratic presidential candidate to Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro. Shown a picture of the sign Thursday night, Broward Republican Chairman Chip LaMarca said he was "disgusted" by it and would immediately go to the office and remove it.

-Take a good look at the economy, governor
While Gov. Charlie Crist campaigned in Miami with John McCain on Friday, more bad economic news tumbled out of his administration. Florida's unemployment rate remained at 6.6 percent in September for the second month in a row. That's half a percentage point above the national average and 2.4 points higher than a year ago.

-Wasserman Schultz has earned another Congressional term
Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz would be a highly formidable foe even if she had a solid, well-financed opponent in the U.S House District 20 race.,0,94743.story

-An update on 'no match' controversy
Fears about "tens of thousands" of voters being disenfranchised by the controversial "no match" law are not adding up, but the number has grown to 9,259, according to new figures released today by the Department of State.

-ACORN targeted by violent threats
When Civil Rights-hero and congressman John Lewis warned the McCain-Palin campaign over the weekend that their attacks were creating a supercharged climate which raised the threat of violence, we assume these were the sort of threats now aimed by ACORN were among the things he was worried about. Here's an excerpt from a story by McClatchy Newspapers' Washington bureau: WASHINGTON -- An ACORN community organizer received a death threat and the liberal activist group's Boston and Seattle offices were vandalized Thursday, reflecting mounting tensions over its role in registering 1.3 million mostly poor and minority Americans to vote next month.

-Mel on Palin, the economy and being a "slow white guy"
Mel Martinez addressed a gathering of newspaper editors from around the country this morning at the Citrus Club, fielding questions about everything from Sarah Palin to his relationship with Barack Obama. Among his comments to leaders of the American Society of Newspaper Editors: * He believes the bailout was necessary but didn't really do anything to address "underlying problems" of declining home values. He also said that, in the meeting with Paulson and Bernanke before the vote, he was left with the message that they believed America was heading towards a "deep and long recession, bordering on the Great Depression."

-Officials see no signs of voter fraud
Despite the national furor over voter fraud, elections officials in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast said they saw no evidence that people had falsified voter registration forms in hopes of stuffing the ballot box on Nov. 4. Of the roughly 15,000 voter registrations that streamed into the Palm Beach County elections office since mid-September, 503 couldn't be verified, Assistant County Administrator Brad Merriman said. By Friday, 183 voters had submitted documentation and were cleared to vote. Information is trickling in and he expects more will be issued voter cards during the next two weeks.

-New voter registration law snares mostly minorities
Hispanics and blacks account for more than half of the people in Florida whose voter registration forms were rejected in recent weeks under the state's controversial new voter verification law.


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Thursday, October 16, 2008

GLBT DIGEST - October 16, 2008

**IF YOU CAN'T ACCESS THE FULL ARTICLE, CONTACT US AT and we'll be happy to send the full article.

New York Times
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-After 30 Years, a Film Returns to a Harrowing Time in San Francisco
One morning in 1978 a disgruntled San Francisco politician, Dan White, climbed through a City Hall window, assassinated Mayor George Moscone, then shot and killed an openly gay adversary on the city's Board of Supervisors named Harvey Milk.

Washington Post
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-NORTHWEST: Suspect Arrested in Death Of Man Beaten on Street
An 18-year-old District man was arrested yesterday on charges stemming from the fatal beating of Tony R. Hunter, who was attacked last month while walking with a friend to a popular gay bar in Northwest Washington.

-'Ellen' airs video against gay marriage ban
Ellen DeGeneres has made a public service announcement urging California voters to oppose a ballot initiative that would ban same-sex marriage.

-Va. Ruling Bolsters Breakaway Parishes
Former Episcopal Groups Organize
Five years after the consecration of an openly gay bishop, conservatives who have left the Episcopal Church have organized into a cohesive movement, creating a de facto, if small, separate Anglican church in the United States.

Go to the links for the following articles:

-Confusing sexual orientation with sexual behavior
by Donald Cavanaugh
The letter writer who supports the ban on adoption by gays and lesbians ("Gay adoption ban moral must," Oct. 8) evidenced the problem we have with many unthinking people who conflate sexual orientation with sexual behavior.I don't know if the people who performed the acts described by the writer should be allowed to adopt or not. What people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is no one's business as long as they aren't doing it with children or non-consenting adults. Society has sexualized us homosexuals so when confronted with the issue of our orientation, many people (obviously the writer) have an automatic "gut" reaction involving sexual activity. It is unthinking because it registers in the gut and not in the brain, and there's not a brain cell to be had below the neck. Heterosexual sexual privacy begins at the bedroom door. Unfortunately, many of our fellow humans want our gay sexual privacy to start at the closet door, but the closet doors are open, so it's time to get over it. In my opinion, the immorality is denying gays and lesbians the civil right to adopt because of who we are and denying foster children the right to healthy, loving homes.
Donald Cavanaugh, Lake Worth

-GOP incumbent in tight Miss. Senate race uses fake Village People in ad slamming Dem opponent
A tight race for Trent Lott's old U.S. Senate seat is getting nasty, with the Republican incumbent slamming his Democratic challenger in a television ad that uses actors dressed like the Village People to represent a gay rights group.,0,2632297.story

Steve Rothaus
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-Gay men prefer Prince Harry to William, poll shows
Gay men would rather date Prince Harry, than his brother William, according to a poll William's girlfriend Kate Middleton was named as the most lusted after royal date among the nation's lesbians.

-Fla. marriage amendment will be decided Nov. 4
Supporters and opponents know Amendment 2 will be called the "gay marriage amendment," but neither see it that way. They also agree that the vote will be close, but that's about it. Amendment 2 would do one thing, supporters say - define marriage as between a man and a woman in the state constitution. Opponents argue that the amendment is unnecessary because there is already a state law banning same-sex marriage and that its vague wording would create unintended consequences for gay and straight couples.

Florida Blade
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Is Condi gay?
Some blame rumors for VP snub; lesbian executive denies affair with Rice
Was Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice considered and later dropped as a possible vice presidential pick by top advisers to GOP presidential nominee John McCain because of persistent rumors that she's a lesbian?

-Mary Cheney, partner attend White House dinner
Couple on guest list in fete for Italian prime minister
Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter, Mary Cheney, and her domestic partner, Heather Poe, were on the official guest list for a White House state dinner Monday in honor of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Go to this link for the following articles:

-Queer As Folk, Desperate Housewives actor in critical condition following crash
A hospital spokeswoman says "Desperate Housewives" actor Gayle Harold is in critical condition following a motorcycle accident. USC Medical Center spokeswoman Adelaida De La Cerda said Harold was awaiting further tests. Publicist Nancy Seltzer said Wednesday that Harold fractured his shoulder, and "Housewives" creator and executive producer Marc Cherry said he apparently has swelling on the brain but was expected to recover.

-Transgenders used to measure glass ceiling
A recent study has found a new way to examine pay disparities between men and women: Comparing the salaries of transgender employees before and after their gender changes.

-Radio jocks claim Magic Johnson faking AIDS
Magic Johnson has criticized a pair of talk show hosts for accusing him of faking AIDS but said he didn't want them to be fired. Chris Baker and Langdon Perry of KTLK in Minneapolis made the remarks during Baker's conservative radio show last week. After Johnson condemned the statements, the station said it regretted "some offhand remarks" by the pair.

-Study: Black gay couples fall behind earnings of straight couples
As Californians prepare to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the state a new study shows a wide gap between the incomes of same-sex African American couples and straight black couples.

The Advocate
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Donations From California Teachers, HRC Lead to $2.25 Million for No on 8
When No on 8 campaign director Patrick Guerriero urged LGBT Americans that we have to match the opposition dollar for dollar if we want to win at the polls in November, people sat up and took notice. In the last 24 hours No on 8 has managed to raise more than $2.25 million, due to a trio of sizable donations.

-CA: School District Mum on Trans Teacher
Twenty three children were removed from an elementary school music class after school administrators failed to notify parents that the teacher had undergone gender reassignment surgery. The Foxboro Elementary School teacher, whose name has not been identified, returned to school this fall as a man after teaching for years as a woman, KCRA News reported Tuesday.

-Misleading Mississippi Senate Ad Mocks Gays
Mississippi incumbent U.S. senator Roger Wicker has launched an attack ad skewering challenger Ronnie Musgrove's liberal supporters, including the Human Rights Campaign. The problem, however, is that HRC did not endorse or donate money to Musgrove. The ad, titled "Who's Buying Ronnie Musgrove?" shows a group of people getting out of a limousine to attend a fund-raiser for Musgrove. The group of liberal lobbyists -- including Friends of Hillary; the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League; and a gay cowboy, representing the HRC -- form a line to hand the Musgrove campaign a wad of cash.

-Florida's Marriage Amendment Battle Sure to Be a Squeaker
Polls show Florida's gay marriage ban is just shy of the 60% support needed to pass, but the state's complicated demographics make the outcome of the vote anyone's guess. One thing is certain: Amendment 2's sweeping nature would affect far more people than the gays and lesbians it's targeting. While most of the noise in Florida these days surrounds the heated presidential contest, a less noticed -- but no less profound -- battle looms for the future of equality, fairness, and even pocketbooks in the Sunshine State.

-GLSEN Gets a New Boss
You could say GLSEN is getting a new principal. On Wednesday the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network announced that Eliza Byard will become its new executive director, replacing founder and longtime executive director Kevin Jennings. Byard, who takes the reins on November 1, spoke to The Advocate about the task ahead for LGBT students and all of us who want to see them thrive.

Marriage Equality News
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Gay ally gunned down in Colombia
Link: 365 Gay News
Police in Bogota are hunting for the killer of Norberto Salamanca, an attorney who was a strong advocate of same-sex couple rights. Salamanca was shot four times by a group of men who approached him while he waited in his car for his sons. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

-Wedding Field Trip Riles Right
Link: Mombian
by Dana Rudolph
I blogged Monday about a San Francisco first-grade class who surprised their lesbian teacher by showing up at her wedding. A parent suggested the field trip and school administrators agreed it was a "teachable moment." While I admired the thought behind the trip, I was very concerned about the far-right running with the story. Well, they have. After the jump is an excerpt from an e-mail the Yes On Proposition 8 organization sent to their mailing list. (Thanks to a friend for sharing.) Emphasis is theirs. This is why we need to support No on Prop 8. (Not that I need to tell most of you that, but I figure it never hurts to give the No folks a link.)

-VT: Same-sex marriage platform shifting
Link: Times Argus Online
The path to legalizing same-sex marriage in Vermont may have just gotten easier in the last week. Eight years after Vermont's landmark civil union law, three states have moved beyond that level of recognition to fully embrace same-sex marriage, including the state of Connecticut, where its top court last week ruled that civil unions fall short of marriage's full benefits. This latest development comes just six months after a Vermont Legislature-sponsored commission - after months of testimony and public input - urged lawmakers to "take seriously" the difference between civil unions and same-sex marriage.

-English Catholic adoption agency defies bishop's order on same-sex adoptions
Link: Catholic Culture
A Catholic adoption agency in England has defied the local bishop's directive, and announced that it will comply with new government regulations requiring equal treatment for same-sex couples. Bishop Patrick O'Donohue of Lancaster had said that if the agency did not use "all possible means" to resist the new rules, he would withdraw its right to be considered a Catholic institution. But Catholic Caring Services of Lancaster has said that it will follow the regulations, and "will remain a Catholic charity, operating the same services, with the same staff, same values and same ethos."

-Steve Bing Gives Hollywood's Heftiest No on Prop. 8 Donation
Hollywood producer and real estate tycoon Steve Bing will donate the largest sum to fight California's proposed gay marriage ban from the entertainment industry. Bing will give $500,000 to No on Proposition 8, according No on 8 political strategist Chad Griffin. His donation will also be the largest non-LGBT gift to the campaign. Griffin contacted The Advocate to announce the donation, which comes on the heels of an announcement from Equality California that fund-raising for No on 8 is gaining on the opposition. Still, donations need to keep rolling in, Equality California campaign director Patrick Guerriero urged at a briefing Tuesday for the LGBT press.

-Commentary: My Wedding Ring -- the moral response to exclusion from marriage
Link: Freakonomics - New York Times Blog
by Ian Ayres
With great joy, I decided to put my wedding ring back on my finger this past weekend. I had stopped wearing my ring because I was slightly embarrassed to live in a state where people like my sister couldn't marry the people they love. But I have no reason now to be embarrassed on this score, because on Friday the Connecticut Supreme Court struck down the statutory exclusion. You can read Justice Palmer's opinion here. (Disclosure: An amicus brief was filed in the case on behalf of me and other Connecticut law professors, and my spouse, Jennifer Gerarda Brown, was the co-author of another amicus brief.)

-Survey: Asian-Americans overwhelmingly against preventing gays' marriages
Link: San Jose Mercury News
Asian-Americans in California overwhelmingly oppose a ballot measure that would ban gay marriage in the state, according to a groundbreaking survey released Wednesday. The poll found that 57 percent of Asian-Americans likely to vote in the Nov. 4 election oppose Proposition 8, which would reverse last spring's California Supreme Court ruling that gave gays and lesbian couples the right to marry. Only 32 percent planned to vote yes. Eleven percent were undecided.

Pink News - UK
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Gays motivated by greed, Ugandan bishop tells school
Bishop of Mukono Eria Paul Luzinda claimed that homosexuality is increasing in Uganda, and that this increase can be blamed on a desire for wealth. His claims were made on Sunday during a speech to students at a school in the Kayunga District. Bishop Luzinda told students and teachers: Many Ugandans today think that money is everything and are ready to do anything, be it immoral, to get it.

-Indian Prime Minister steps intervenes in gay sex decriminalisation court case
The battle over the decriminalisation of gay sex in India took an unexpected turn when the Prime Minister stepped in. Manmohan Singh requested that Home Minister Shivraj Patil and Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss meet privately to discuss the matter.

-Six arrested on Florida University campus in gay rights protest
Members of a gay rights "Equality Ride" protest were arrested yesterday as they attempted to enter a university campus chapel. Six members of LGBT equality group Soulforce Q, were arrested on trespassing charges at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU).

-Gay high school could open on Obama's home turf
Chicago's head of public schools Arne Duncan has outlined plans for a possible gay school in the city. The school would be a measure to combat high rates of suicide and depression amongst gay and lesbian students.

-Church of England split over gay rights rumoured
Conservative evangelical clergy have compelled others to join the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) and leave the Church of England in the on-going row over gay rights and women. At the Reform conference in London yesterday, Reform chairman Rev Rod Thomas advised conservative parishes to seek authority from different bishops if their own diocesan bishops' views were too progressive.

-GMFA launches 'Know your HIV status' campaign
Gay men's health charity GMFA have launched a new campaign highlighting the benefits of knowing you HIV status following new figures released by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH). New BASHH guidelines recommend that gay men take an HIV test every year, after news has emerged that almost half HIV positive men are unaware of their condition.

-Transgender entertainer is latest in Korean string of suicides
A transgender woman who found fame through appearing on a Korean game show after gender realignment has committed suicide in what experts are calling a 'copycat suicide.'

-Elton John to write AIDS musical
Pop star Elton John has announced that he will be writing a new musical film about AIDS for actor and director Ben Stiller. The singer wrote the scores for the stage adaption of Billy Elliot in 2005, and Broadway version of The Lion King, and is now branching out into more controversial material.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
Go to the links for the following articles:

-Gays Must Demand Acceptance Rather than Plead for Tolerance
When people say they are tolerating you, it's probably an indication they don't like you very much, but they're forced to deal with you for one reason or another. So when during the vice presidential debate earlier this month Republican candidate Sarah Palin said she would be tolerant of gays and lesbians, I knew what she meant. "If there's any kind of suggestion at all from my answer that I would be anything but tolerant of adults in America choosing their partners, their relationships that they deem - uh, best for themselves - you know, I am tolerant," is what she said. What she meant was that if you are gay, you are an undesirable in this country. Read more

-CT Marriage Victory: Three Steps Forward, No Steps Backward
Gay News Blog
Kevin Cathcart, Executive Director of Lambda Legal writes:
We all celebrated another historic victory this past weekend as Connecticut joined Massachusetts and California in supporting marriage equality for same-sex couples. We are thrilled about this news, and send our warmest congratulations and thanks to our colleagues at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and to the courageous plaintiffs who fought for and won the freedom to marry. In a 4-3 decision, the majority stated: "Interpreting our state constitutional provisions in accordance with firmly established equal protection principles leads inevitably to the conclusion that gay persons are entitled to marry the otherwise qualified same-sex partner of their choice. To decide otherwise would require us to apply one set of constitutional principles to gay persons and another to all others." Lambda Legal was proud to have filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of this case. Read more

-Obama Stance Unclear on Proposed Chicago High School for Gay Students
The Chicago school board is set to vote next week on a first-of-its-kind high school geared toward gay students - but while the issue is unfolding in Barack Obama's backyard, the Illinois senator has yet to take a clear position on it. The publicly funded school, called the Social Justice High School-Pride Campus, would serve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. It would be open to all students, but officials say it would be particularly suited to those facing harassment of bullying because of their orientation. Asked repeatedly about the development, the Obama campaign eventually issued a one-sentence statement, and referred to a bill Obama introduced last year supporting "positive behavior" instruction in schools. "Senator Obama believes we must work to ensure that all schools foster an environment free of violence, harassment and bullying, and he has introduced legislation to keep our schools safe," spokesman Ben LaBolt said. Read more

-Press Conference Announcing Ad Campaign to Address Radio Hall of Fame's
Planned Induction of James Dobson
Yahoo Finance
CHICAGO, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -
WHAT: The Dump Dobson coalition, a partnership of local and national gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender (GLBT) organizations, is holding a press conference on Thursday, Oct. 16 (11AM) to denounce the Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) for its plan to honor James Dobson in its Radio Hall of Fame. The awards ceremony is planned for Nov. 8, and the Dump Dobson Coalition is strongly urging MBC Founder Bruce DuMont to rescind the award or face a protest outside of the dinner. The Coalition has launched a website,, and will unveil a new ad campaign at the press conference, which will debut with a full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune on Friday, Oct. 17. This will be followed by a robust "signature ad" campaign in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media. The Dump Dobson Coalition is headed by the Gay Liberation Network and Truth Wins Out and has so far been joined by Equality Illinois, SoulForce and the National Youth Advocacy Coalition. "Bruce DuMont would never honor a Don Imus, disgraced for his anti-African American remarks," said Bob Schwartz of the Chicago-based Gay Liberation Network. "Nor would 1930s radio icon Father Charles Caughlin - the widely syndicated pro-Nazi and anti-Semite - be feted. Yet, in honoring James Dobson, Mr. DuMont appears to promote a 'gay exception' to the standards of public civility and decency rightly accorded other groups of people." Read more

-CA: Ex-Visalia Priest Speaks Out Against Prop 8
BY KIMBERLINA ROCHA | Visalia Times-Delta
A former Visalia priest who preached a Sunday Mass sermon denouncing Proposition 8, which would end same-sex marriages in California, has been suspended from his pastoral duties and removed as the head priest of a Fresno church. Father Geoffery Farrow, who served at Holy Family Catholic Church until April, admitted he is gay during a television interview the same day. According to Farrow's blog, the priest was in emotional turmoil after receiving a pastoral letter from Bishop John Steinbock urging the support of Proposition 8 and protecting the traditional definition of marriage. Farrow told parishioners as much at St. Paul Newman Center Oct. 5.

-MT: School Board Updates Policy to Protect Gays
BOZEMAN - The Bozeman School Board has voted 6-1 to update its discrimination policy to protect gay and lesbian students.Trustee Carson Taylor first argued for adding the words "sexual orientation" to the policy. He says the district's long-range plan calls for teaching students to be accepting, and the school board should lead by setting an example. Chairman Gary Lusin voted against the proposal Monday night. He says that gay and lesbian students already are protected, and to identify them separately is a disservice because it sends the message that "You're different."
Popularity: 6% [?]

-Rainbow Flag March in the Center of Minsk
Gay Russia
On Saturday October 11, a group of activists walked over the city center of the Belorussian capital waving Rainbow flags and wearing T-shirts with slogans "I am gay" . Under the theme "Know Yourself ! Know your love!", the group started from Yakub Kolas square up to October square and finally ended near the building of the Presidential administration. A symbolical place in a country where Freedom of Speech remains a legend. The action, which organizers also called a Pride parade, was organized by the "Belorussian Intitiative for Sexual and Gender Equality". Local gay activists as well as members of the organizations "ANTIFA" and "Socialist Resistance" also took part. Read more

Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
Contact for the full article

-"Serbia to take fight to neo-Nazis"
BELGRADE - Professor Ljubisa Rajic says that an intensive political battle must be fought against fascism, including against its sympathizers within the state apparatus. "People in Serbia have to be made to understand clearly what fascists, clero-fascists and Nazis are, and what they mean to the current and future Serbia," Rajic said.

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-Three accused of infecting men with HIV at orgies
Three homosexual men have been accused of trying to infect several people with the AIDS virus at orgies. "I feel fear, anger, sadness and anxiety," one of their alleged victims, an HIV-positive student, told a Dutch court. Hans Jurgens, 39, Peter Mulder, 50, and Wim Dekker, 49, all HIV-positive, are charged with drugging gay men, raping them, and injecting them with HIV contaminated blood.

We are working for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people all over Europe. Our office is in Brussels and as Executive Director you will be managing a staff of 14 and a budget of 1, 8 million euro from the European Union, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Tides Foundation and the Open Society Institute amongst other funders. ILGA-Europe advocates for the equality of LGBT people at the Council of Europe, OSCE and the European Union as well as at the UN. Our current Executive Director is leaving after four successful years in post, during which the organisation has grown in size and reputation and matured in the depth and complexity of our international engagement.

-A Land Where Nowhere Is Safe: A Lesbian Activist Speaks About Gender and Violence in Kyrgyzstan

-Football Association backs new anti-homophobia campaign
Kick It Out hosts debate on homophobia in football
Two weeks of events to tackle homophobia and racism The Football Association is backing a new campaign against homophobia, and is hosting the Kick It Out campaign launch, this Thursday evening, at its Soho headquarters.

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-LGBT History Month
As we observe Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month, we can also reflect on the strides that have been made and the challenges ahead in the ongoing struggle to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) - the U.S. military's ban on open service for members based on sexual orientation.

-Please join the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) at CUNY, Graduate Center in celebrating the official launch of the new website on queer history!

-Cutting through the news: Understanding recent reports on male circumcision
The past two weeks have brought a flurry of news stories and scientific publications about male circumcision for HIV prevention. The latest wave of coverage and information includes more on what's known--and what remains unknown--about the relationship between circumcision status and risk of HIV infection in gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM). Additional news coverage included country-level reporting from sub-Saharan Africa. This Advocates' Network update explores what the new data mean, and underscores some of the key advocacy messages and challenges around male circumcision for HIV prevention.

-Share Your Story of Coming Out & Greek.
Network with Other LGBT & Ally Fraternity & Sorority Leaders. Learn Strategies for Your Community to be Safer, More LGBT-Friendly. Never has there been a leadership conference to share, network and learn strategies to create safer, more LGBT inclusive fraternity and sorority communities. The Out & Greek National Leadership Conference is the first of its kind for undergraduate fraternity and sorority leaders and is sponsored by the landmark Lambda 10 Project, an educational initiative of Campus Pride . The Lambda 10 Project founded in 1995 works to heighten the visibility of LGBT members of the college fraternity and sorority by serving as a clearinghouse for educational resources and materials related to sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. The conference will highlight the progress on issues of sexual orientation within Greek Life and introduce a "Transgender Action Guide" as well as many other strategies to be more LGBT-inclusive.

Southeast Regional Gay Men's Health Summit
November 7-9, 2008
Ft Lauderdale, Florida - Embassy Suites Hotel

Detroit News

-Longtime friends say Obama would benefit gays
by Deb Price
Want to know what kind of president Barack Obama would be for gay Americans? Just listen to his longtime gay friends. That was the thinking of the Human Rights Campaign PAC, the political arm of the nation's largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender group. So after endorsing Obama, HRC sent a camera crew to Chicago to interview gay folks like activist Gail Morse who knew him way before the rest of us. "We're going to have a partner in the White House. We're not going to have an enemy," Morse says in the "Friends" video. "He sees us as people with issues that government can address."

Anything but Straight

-Goodbye Gay Conservatives, Don't Let The Door Hit You
In response to mounting criticism of gay conservatives, Dale Carpenter, a prominent gay writer, is threatening to bolt the movement. In a recent column, he spoke of his "rising anger" with how gay advocates treat his ideological brethren. Of course, we know this is a bluff because Carpenter and other gay conservatives have nowhere else to go. They are dependent on the very liberalism they condescendingly deride and rejected by the very political party they claim to be a part of. What is notable about Carpenter's tirade, is how it is at odds with his often intelligent columns. He regularly offers sharp legal critiques and prescient political analysis. However, when discussing gay conservatism, Carpenter uncharacteristically becomes irrational, falling into an undeserved victimhood that is a hallmark of gay Republicans.


Pursuit of Equality
As the Director and Producer of the award winning documentary film Pursuit of Equality, I would to take this opportunity to tell you a little about our amazing film. With the California election taking place on November 4th, educating people on the issue of Same-Sex marriage is vital. In order to defeat PROP 8, educating people on this issue is vital. We continue to have "awareness screenings" of Pursuit of Equality across California and in select cities across the country, Including Washington D.C., Long Beach, and Florida.
Geoff Callan


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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST - October 16, 2008

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New York Times
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-Candidates Clash Over Character and Policy
Senator John McCain used the final debate of the presidential election on Wednesday night to raise persistent and pointed questions about Senator Barack Obama's character, judgment and policy prescriptions in a session that was by far the most spirited and combative of their encounters this fall.

-The TV Watch: Rivals Split, With Joe in the Middle
Barack Obama looked like a prosecutor delivering a polished summation in a long civil case, Joe the Plumber v. George W. Bush.

-Final Presidential Debate
Watch the debate, analyze the transcript, check the facts and share your thoughts.

-Editorial: Snooping on Our Own Frontlines
The nation still doesn't know the full extent of President Bush's obsession with eavesdropping on citizens, but here's a cheesy new aspect: Phone calls home from American soldiers, aid workers and journalists in Iraq were reported to have been tapped and stored by military agents supposedly searching for terrorist intelligence leads.

-Mob Muscles Its Way Into Politics in Bulgaria
Politics is played to the death in Bulgaria, where the lives of politicians can be as cheap as spent bullets and murky business groups wage a murderous struggle for their cut of everything from real estate deals to millions in European aid.

-Wall St. Opens Higher After More Losses in Global Shares

-Ruling May Impede Thousands of Ohio Voters
More than 200,000 registered Ohio voters may be blocked from casting regular ballots on Election Day because of a federal appeals court decision on Tuesday requiring the disclosure of lists of voters whose names did not match those on government databases, state election officials and voting experts said.

-Mayor's California Bid May Undercut Incumbents
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg visited California on Wednesday to stump for a measure that would prevent legislators there from redrawing their district maps, a practice that he contends is a self-serving way for lawmakers to keep themselves in office.

-Elizabeth Dole Finds a Once-Safe Race Less So
Before this campaign season, Senator Elizabeth Dole was not considered a particularly vulnerable incumbent. As Washington royalty with a gold-plated résumé, she won the seat once held by Senator Jesse Helms by a nine-point margin in 2002. But on Tuesday, when Mrs. Dole appeared at a rally for Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, the Republican candidate for vice president, she was appealing for her political life. She told the crowd of party faithful that the head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Senator Charles E. Schumer, was spending nearly $10 million of "New York money" on "negative, ugly, mean-spirited, untruthful ads" against her, and the crowd responded with lusty boos.

-Poll Says McCain Is Hurting His Bid by Using Attacks
The McCain campaign's recent angry tone and sharply personal attacks on Senator Barack Obama appear to have backfired and tarnished Senator John McCain more than their intended target, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll has found.

-If Elected ...
From 2 Rivals, 2 Prescriptions
With Senator John McCain unveiling a $52.5 billion package of proposals on Tuesday, both presidential candidates have now outlined their plans for addressing the economic crisis, leaving voters with a clear choice when it comes to one of the biggest challenges the next president will face.

-In Voting Booth, Race May Play a Bigger Role
With less than three weeks until Election Day, a big question is looming over the campaign for the White House, and it has nothing to do with the economic crisis or the caustic exchanges between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain over character and credentials.

-Misplaced Blame
Critics are blaming the Community Reinvestment Act for the current economic crisis, but the charges do not hold up.

-Op-Ed Columnist: Those Hard-Boiled Eggheads
I'm not sending Paul Krugman Champagne. He won the Nobel prize in economics this week, and while I'm sure that's delightful for him, it has raised the bar to an impossible height for his fellow columnists at The Times. We used to strive for Pulitzers, or simply regional awards, or even just try to top each other on the paper's most e-mailed list.

Washington Post
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-Palin Too Close for Comfort
It's time to start taking Sarah Palin seriously.
Though the latest polls show the Obama-Biden ticket ahead, the Alaska governor is still uncomfortably close to becoming vice president of the United States. The thought should concentrate the mind of every American who remembers the abuse of executive power by the administration of Richard Nixon. Just look at what Palin has done, in a short time, with the authority delegated to her by Alaskans.

-Social Security Benefits to Jump 5.8 percent
Benefits for 50 million people to increase by largest amount in more than 25 years.

Wall Street Journal

-Religious-Bias Filings Up
Mass firings at meatpacking plants in Colorado and Nebraska last month highlight growing conflicts over how to accommodate religion in the workplace. The plants, owned by the U.S. unit of Brazil's JBS SA, collectively fired about 200 Muslim Somali workers who walked off the job over prayer disputes.

-School Efforts to Stem Violence Offer A Textbook Case of Limits on Speech
With the nation's school systems roiled by campus shootings over the past decade, and on the lookout for conflict, students are being asked to check a broader array of free-speech rights at the door -- raising questions about what lesson that is teaching them.

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-Poor minorities become scapegoats
In the great search for somebody to blame for the nation's economic meltdown, an easy scapegoat is emerging. Or rather, make that a few million easy scapegoats. By golly, it's those low-income minorities! Those people who never should have qualified for home loans in the first place. The un-creditworthy defaulters of all those nasty subprime loans that caused our lending system to crumble and catapulted world markets into the tank.,0,2990789.story

Miami Herald
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-MORTGAGES: To cut losses, homeowners consider default
Some struggling homeowners are being tempted to default on purpose in order to qualify for mortgage relief from the federal government or their lenders.

-THE OPPENHEIMER REPORT: Falling oil prices a bad omen for Chávez
The world financial meltdown of 2008 is sparing no ideologies: It has crushed the Bush administration's brand of go-go capitalism and it will put a damper on Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's oil-based leftist populism.

Inside Higher Education
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-In Defense of Ayers
William Ayers has been trashed by conservative pundits and labeled "an unrepentant domestic terrorist" by Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, but the University of Illinois at Chicago professor has garnered the support of a growing number of peers who admire his scholarship and see the attacks on him as an affront to academic freedom. Ayers, who helped found a Vietnam-era protest group that was blamed for bombing government buildings, has been a faculty member at Illinois-Chicago since 1987. In a statement signed by faculty members across the country, professors have spoken out against "the demonization" of Ayers, whose alleged ties to the Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama have made headlines.

Pew Research center
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-Economic Outlook
Public Not Desperate About Economy or Personal Finances
Americans are concerned about the nation's economic problems and they register the lowest level of national satisfaction ever measured in a Pew survey. But there is little indication that the nation's financial crisis has triggered public panic or despair. Read more

-Media Matters
Blaming the Messenger
From Jefferson to Palin, politicians have blamed the media for public discontent with their policies, politics or personal behavior. Here are some highlights from that historical faceoff. Read more

-Campaign Tactics and Tone Trump Economy in News Media Narratives
For the first time in a month, the election generated more coverage than the financial crisis and almost one-third of that coverage was connected to the increasingly harsh tone of the campaign. Read more

-Financial Fall, Fiscal Mess
Escalating Economic Crisis Grips States
A week after President Bush signed a $700-billion bailout plan for Wall Street, the financial crisis has deepened in many state capitals with tight credit markets and new, pessimistic budget figures that pose the biggest threat to states' fiscal health in 25 years. Read more

-Who Knows News?
What You Read or View Matters, but Not Your Politics
Where you turn for news may say a lot about how much you actually know. So who scores higher on a political knowledge quiz? Hardball or Hannity & Colmes? Newspapers or network news? Stewart or Colbert? Read more

-Voting Values
Culture War Politics
Leading experts discuss the history of cultural divisions in American
politics and what role, if any, they will play in the outcome of the November election. Read more

-Daily Number
79% - Tougher Times for the Middle Class
Nearly eight-in-ten (79%) Americans say it is more difficult now than five years ago for people in the middle class to maintain their standard of living. Check back every weekday for another number in the news. Read more

Fort Report
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-Too Little, Too Late For McCain? Analysis: Front-Running Obama Navigates Around Aggressive McCain
Performance In Final Presidential Debate
"Joe the plumber" achieved sudden national fame in the final presidential debate, but it was John McCain who needed the headlines. Although the Republican nominee was energetic, focused and, at times, emotional in his last on-stage appearance before Election Day, it was likely not enough to change the underlying trajectory of the race.

-McCain's last stand
The Republican senator's final debate performance was marked by oddball characters and marginal attacks, as hopes of his political resurrection appeared to fade. What may well have been the final debate of John McCain's political career featured oddball characters who seemed like refugees from "Sesame Street" -- Joe the Plumber (an Everyman from Ohio), Senator Government (a Freudian slip moniker for Barack Obama) and a sometimes petulant 72-year-old Republican trying to be Mac the Knife. While instant debate verdicts are always suspect, there was scant evidence that McCain, despite a strong showing during the first 45 minutes of the debate, landed a haymaker at Hofstra. As the debate clock wound down Wednesday night, along with McCain's hopes of political resurrection, the Arizona Republican ended by arguing with Obama over a nearly irrelevant issue at a time of economic crisis -- school vouchers.

-CBS Poll: Uncommitted Voters Say Obama Won Final Debate
UPDATED WITH FINAL RESULTS As in the previous debates, CBS News and Knowledge Networks have conducted a nationally representative poll of uncommitted voters to get their immediate reaction to tonight's presidential debate.

-Behind the GOP's voter fraud hysteria
As Republicans warn of catastrophe at the polls, an expert on election fraud explains the real partisan hoax -- the suppression of Democratic votes.

-It Was Always a War for Oil: Here's the Proof
Before Bush launched the Iraq War, I had a bumper sticker that said "No War for Oil." I got some one-finger salutes, and I remember a guy on a motorcycle screaming at me for several hundred yards. Meanwhile, all the on-air cheerleaders for Bush's war disputed the assertion that it had anything to do with that dirty three-letter-word oil.

-Ohio Files Appeal to Supreme Court on Voter Registration Data
Ohio's Attorney General filed an emergency appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court late Wednesday night seeking to block a lower court decision that could cost many thousands of Ohio voters a chance to cast a regular ballot on Nov. 4.

-Obama cuts Michigan staff, advertising
Campaign resources are being transferred to battleground states of Indiana, North Carolina. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is sharply cutting his ad spending in Michigan and moving some staff to more competitive states -- completing Michigan's whiplash transformation from battleground state to an also-ran.

-Ark. Pastor Challenges IRS With Pro-McCain Sermon
Ark. Pastor Challenges IRS With Sermon Endorsing McCain For President
In a predominantly black church in a city known for its past racial strife, Bishop Robert Smith is taking sides. His targets: Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and federal restrictions barring Smith's endorsement of Republican John McCain.


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