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GLBT DIGEST - September 13, 2008

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Washington Post
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Pittsburgh Diocese to Allow Inventory of Property, Assets
The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has agreed to let a court-appointedparty inventory its property and assets before a final vote to leave theEpiscopal Church. The agreement stems from a lawsuit filed by a parish thatleads a minority in the diocese who oppose the secession. The diocese saysit will pursue a "fair and equitable" distribution of property with thedenomination if it votes to leave Oct. 4. The agreement also assumes theEpiscopal Church will elect leaders for the Pittsburgh area parishes thatremain in the denomination. The conservative diocese wants to split withthe more liberal national church because of its support for ordaining gayclergy and disagreements over the authority of the Bible.

-ROTC and the Ivies
The presidential candidates agree that the de facto ban by elite universities should end. IVY LEAGUE administrators, take heed: The nextpresident will oppose the de facto bans on the Reserve Officers' TrainingCorps that prevail at several of these prestigious institutions. We learnedthis at a candidates forum held at Columbia University on Thursday andsponsored by ServiceNation, which promotes national service and civicengagement. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) took the occasion to chide Columbiafor its lack of on-campus ROTC. "I don't think that's right," Mr. McCainsaid. "Shouldn't the students here be exposed to the attractiveness ofserving in the military, particularly as an officer?" Sen. Barack Obama(D-Ill.) readily agreed, calling Columbia's anti-ROTC stance a "mistake."

Steve Rothaus
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-Last gay Snorkel Cruise of season on Sunday
Gay "Glass Bottom Boat" Snorkel Cruise! This Sunday, September 14th. Last one for the season. See details below. Although we expect great Florida weather this weekend, we wish the best to those in "Ike's" path!Gay "Glass Bottom Boat" Snorkel Cruise this Sunday, September 14th. Exclusively for gay men. Abard the SeaExperience from Bahia Mar in Ft Lauderdale to one of So Florida's most lush coral reefs. Enjoy music, free vodka drinks and snacks, beer and wine available. BYOB OK. Mixers included. Swim, snorkel, or just party! Equipment included. $40 in advance by Saturday. Reservation a must. $45 day of cruise. Call Peter 954-649-1107 Bon Voyage!

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-Weekend marches to support marriage equality, AIDS action
Gays will march in three areas of the country this weekend with walks in NewYork City and San Francisco to support same-sex marriage, and one inMississippi to call on the next president to issue a stronger commitment onbattling HIV/AIDS.

-Comedian faces prison for joke about Pope and gays
Italian stand-up comic Sabina Guzzanti is under investigation for"vilification" of the Pope for telling an audience that Benedict XVI would"go to hell and be pursued by two big, gay and very active devils."

-Gay dad pleads guilty in custody dispute
A gay man involved in a bitter battle with his estranged husband - and whohad fled Israel with the son they were raising - has pled guilty tocustodial interference.

The Advocate
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-Hallmark Hits Snag in 'Solution' to Same-Sex Marriage Cards' Dispute
The Idaho Values Alliance has urged the owner of seven Hallmark stores notto carry a set of four greeting cards created to celebrate same-sexmarriage. By Hallmark's acknowledging gay marriage, the company "is doingwhat 48 states and the federal government have refused to do, and that is torecognize homosexual marriage," Bryan Fischer, IVA's executive director,said in a statement.

-Gay In Wasilla - Views From The Last Frontier
While Alaska is a solidly red state and one of the first in the nation topass a constitutional measure banning same-sex marriage, being gay inWasilla isn't quite what you might think according to the natives. Thesurprise selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the Republican tickethas generated intense interest in her majestic home state and the previouslylittle-known town of Wasilla. The pick has left no shortage of questions,but in the LGBT community, people might be wondering, what's it like to begay there - to be out in the place Palin calls home?

-Back and Forth on Prop. 8
The presidential election is now being viewed via the prism of Sen. JohnMcCain's choice for VP, Gov. Sarah Palin. This election can now be definedas pre-Palin and post-Palin. Plus: Prop. 8 attracts wads of money on bothsides of the fence, schools weigh in on same-sex marriage, and Chicago looksto be getting a GLBT-only high school.

-Liberace Film Starring Michael Douglas in the Works
Director Steven Soderbergh is reportedly developing a biopic on flamboyantpianist Liberace. Michael Douglas has been slated to play the starring role,according to Variety.

-Yoko Ono Livid Over "Gay" Claims in Lennon Biography
Sir Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono are both said to be livid after a book theyboth participated in makes claims that John Lennon longed to be in arelationship with McCartney. Both Ono and McCartney agreed to beinterviewed for the book John Lennon: The Life, which is due in stores laterthis year. After reading an early draft, Ono has retracted her endorsement,and McCartney is said to be distancing himself from the project, accordingto Reuters.

Pink News - UK
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-Preacher spared trial over gay street sermon
A Christian preacher who was arrested and charged with offending gay peopleduring a sermon in a Birmingham street will not face trial. The caseagainst Tony Rollins was discontinued earlier this week at the city'smagistrates court.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-Does Focus on the Family Really Hate Gay People?
by Jennifer Mesko, editor | CitizinLink
'The hearts of those who serve at Focus are full of such compassion, graceand love.' The mainstream media and homosexual activists regularly paintFocus on the Family as a "gay-hating fundamentalist group." The rhetoric hasresurfaced - and grown - this week, as Focus takes its Love Won Out (LWO)conference to Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday.

-Religions Differ On Gay Marriage Ban
Mormon leaders asked their California members to "do all you can" to supporta gay marriage ban, and Pope Benedict told Catholics gay unions are falseand immoral in opposing gay marriage, while Episcopal Bishops in Californiatook an opposing view in the gay marriage debate, calling gay marriage "theprinciple way" gay couples can show their love, devotion and life-longcommitment to each other. Religious leaders in California, who played a bigrole in passing a 2000 gay marriage ban, continue to wield tremendousinfluence on California's current gay marriage debate.

-IL: Proposed High School for Gays Isn't Likely to Open Before 2012
By Azam Ahmed | Chicago Tribune reporter
During the past two years, Sarah Wurtz, an out lesbian at Lakeview HighSchool, has learned to weather the jeers and stares of students and teacherswith a sense of resignation. "I don't like people looking at us like we'redoing something completely wrong," said Wurtz, 17, whose girlfriend alsoattends the school. "I always feel more comfortable when I'm with people whoaccept it or are like me." If she were to get her wish, it might looksomething like a proposed high school that would welcome lesbian, gay,bisexual, transgender and sexually questioning students-groups thatsupporters say often face violence and harassment at school. But the planisn't likely to become a reality before 2012, and that's only if it passesthrough the bevy of criticism it faces from both sides of the politicalspectrum.

-Our Lives Do Depend On It..
By David Mixner | David
In contemplating writing this piece, I wondered if it was necessary since Iknow so many of my readers Mixner_2008_jul_03_3235 are supporters of theObama/ Biden ticket. Then it dawned on me that everything I have everbelieved in, cared about and hoped for is at stake in this election. Neverin my forty years of organizing have I felt that so much was in jeopardy.

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-James Dobson: "It's Not About Hate, It's About Hope"
If you were listening to the Focus on the Family radio broadcast on October14-16, you are aware of the incredible attack on this ministry launched byhomosexual activists and their powerful friends in the media. Never sinceour inception 21 years ago have we been so viciously and unfairlycriticized, the attacks focused not only on our integrity but also on theintegrity of Family Research Council, the Christian Coalition, and ConcernedWomen for America. Soon, the mainstream press began echoing these baselesscharges, and by the week's end, the story was being carried throughout theEnglish-speaking world. I mentioned during my response on one of thebroadcasts that I might share this situation with our friends in my nextmonthly letter. I am doing just that today.

-Research invitation
Dear gay and lesbian friends,
I am a graduate student in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science -Hotel & Restaurant Management at Auburn University. I would like to inviteyou to participate in my research study which will attempt to describe howthe wellness and spa industry is currently positioned in respect to the gayand lesbian market. You may participate if you are at least 19 years of ageand identify as either lesbian or gay. Participants will be asked to fillout a short anonymous survey that should take no more than 10 to 15 minutesof your time. The survey site will not collect e-mail addresses or otheridentifying information such as IP addresses. If you would like to knowmore information about this study, an information letter can be obtained byclicking here

-Will Florida's Gay Marriage Ban Pass?
posted by Josh Goodman
Here's some interesting new polling on Florida's gay marriage ban from the
Quinnipiac University
Polling Institute:
Florida voters support 55 - 41 percent an amendment that would definemarriage as being between a man and woman, slightly lower than the 58 - 37percent support in a June 3 survey by the independent Quinnipiac(KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University. Republicans support the amendment 76 - 21percent while Democrats oppose it 51 - 45 percent and independent votersoppose it by a similar 51 - 44 percent margin. A 55-41 edge would be acomfortable margin, except that in Florida constitutional amendments require60% of the vote to pass. Here's what Peter A. Brown of Quinnipiac had to say(in that same press release):
"The 55 percent level of support for the same-sex marriage ban is a bitsurprising given that similar amendments have passed in a dozen states." Isthis actually surprising? Not really. Twenty-four states have voted on gaymarriage bans since 2004. The chart below compares the percentage of thevote they received to the percentage of the vote that President Bushreceived in the state in 2004 (a rough measure of the conservatism of thestate).
State Year Ban% Bush% Dif.
Arkansas* 04 75 54 21
Georgia* 04 76 58 18
Kentucky* 04 75 60 15
Louisiana* 04 79 57 22
Michigan* 04 59 48 11
Mississippi 04 86 59 27
Missouri 04 71 53 18
Montana 04 67 59 8
N. Dakota* 04 73 63 10
Ohio* 04 62 51 11
Oklahoma* 04 76 66 10
Oregon 04 57 47 10
Utah* 04 66 72 -6
Kansas* 05 70 62 8
Texas* 05 76 61 15
Alabama* 06 81 62 19
Arizona* 06 49 55 -6
Colorado 06 56 52 4
Idaho* 06 63 68 -5
S. Carolina*06 78 58 20
S. Dakota* 06 52 60 -8
Tennessee 06 81 57 24
Virginia* 06 57 54 3
Wisconsin* 06 59 49 10

-The Religion Card: Gay Marriage and the 2004 Presidential Election

-Eco-Friendly Sex Toys: Why Your Pink Parts Should Go Green
Here I sit in beautiful Southern California, land of the hybrid cars, clothbags for groceries and recycled water bottles. So I knew it was only amatter of time before the collective consciousness started turning itsattention towards the bedroom and people sought to become moreenvironmentally friendly while being REALLY friendly with themselves. No,I'm not talking about recycling condoms. Get your mind out of the gutter. Ithink I just threw up a little in my mouth just thinking it. I'm talkingabout sex toys and other sexcessories that are not only good for you downunder but good for the whole planet. Now I know some of you will think,"Fantastic! Where do I sign up?" But so many others will think, Oh brother,how lame can you get?"


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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST - September 13, 2008

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New York Times
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-Huge Storm Slams Into Coast of Texas
Millions Near Coast Have Fled
Hurricane Ike made landfall at Galveston, Tex., as it threatened todevastate towns along the Gulf of Mexico with a wall of seawater 20 feethigh.

-McCain Barbs Stirring Outcry as Distortions
Senator John McCain has drawn criticism for stretching the truth inattacking Senator Barack Obama's positions. [...] Those attacks followedweeks in which Mr. McCain repeatedly, and incorrectly, asserted that Mr.Obama would raise taxes on the middle class, even though analysts say hewould cut taxes on the middle class more than Mr. McCain would, andmisrepresented Mr. Obama's positions on energy and health care. [...] AMcCain advertisement called "Fact Check" was itself found to be "less thanhonest" by, a nonpartisan group.

-Gov. Palin's Worldview
EDITORIAL: If John McCain seriously thought Gov. Sarah Palin was qualifiedto be president, it raises profound questions about his judgment. [...]This nation has suffered through eight years of an ill-prepared andunblinkingly obstinate president. One who didn't pause to think before hestarted a disastrous war of choice in Iraq. One who blithely looked theother way as the Taliban and Al Qaeda regrouped in Afghanistan. One whoobstinately cut taxes and undercut all efforts at regulation, unleashingtoday's profound economic crisis. In a dangerous world, Americans need apresident who knows that real strength requires serious thought andpreparation.

-She's Not Ready
With Gov. Sarah Palin, it's not about agreeing or disagreeing with her onthe issues. It is that she doesn't appear to understand the importantissues. [...] I've gotten the scary feeling, for the first time in mylife, that dimwittedness is not just on the march in the U.S., but that itmight actually prevail. [...] not selecting a winner on "American Idol."

-Europe's Problem
Until Europe stands together with the United States against Moscow'sbullying, Russia's leaders will feel little pressure to change theirbehavior toward Georgia.
The Spirit of Public Service
The calling for more Americans to engage in national service by thepresidential candidates on Sept. 11 strikes a hopeful chord.

-No Laughing Matter
"You can stand on my wagon, if you want." I tend, when I'm not in bigcrowds, to forget that I'm short. In Republican crowds, I find, I feelparticularly small. And dark. And unsmiling. And uncoiffed, unmade-up andinappropriately dressed.

-U.S. Gives Banks Urgent Warning to Solve Crisis
Three top officials convened the heads of Wall Street's biggest investmentbanks for an emergency meeting to impress upon them the need to find a planto rescue Lehman Brothers.

-Judge Dismisses Corruption Charges Against Leader of South Africa's Ruling Party
PIETERMARITZBURG, South Africa - A High Court judge here on Friday ruledthat the government had mishandled the prosecution of Jacob Zuma, the leaderof the governing party, setting aside the charges in a corruption case thathas gripped this nation's attention for years and clearing the way - atleast temporarily - for Mr. Zuma to become South Africa's next president.

-U.S. Says It Will Oust Venezuela Envoy, and Names 2 Officials as RebelBackers
CARACAS, Venezuela - The United States stepped up the diplomatic skirmishwith its left-wing adversaries in Latin America on Friday, saying it wouldexpel the Venezuelan ambassador and declaring that Venezuela's top twointelligence officials had supported the "narco-terrorist activities" ofrebels in the region.

Washington Post
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-Ike Affects Oil, Gas Industries
Strategists have renewed fears for U.S.'s own supplies, their vulnerabilityto Mother Nature.

-Obama Campaign Begins Counterattack
Sen. Barack Obama and his campaign launched a promised counterpunch againstSen. John McCain on Friday, portraying him as an aging, out-of-touchpolitician who would cater to "fat-cat" lobbyists and continue PresidentBush's economic policies.

-Emerging Economies Feel Pinch
U.S. market downturn now cooling red-hot growth of China, India and otherdeveloping nations.

-Facing Up to Rape in Afghanistan
Rape is an endemic problem in Afghanistan. Whether women are forced intoarranged marriages as child brides, or attacked by family members or localwarlords, they are often held responsible for their own victimization. Afghan culture views a woman's virginity as sacrosanct, but Afghan lawrarely gives her the chance to defend herself. Many women are thrown out oftheir families following, or even jailed.

-Why They Pander to Christian Voters
Now that Sarah Palin's nomination has turned America into one big JerrySpringer show, it's time for Christians (yes, that also means you JohnMcCain and Barack Obama) to take a deep breath, say a quiet prayer (howabout the Jesus Unity Prayer?) and think about how we became such easy marksfor pandering, "divide-and-conquer" political consultants.

-Regulator Sets Pay Conditions For Mortgage Giants' Leaders
The regulator that seized control of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae andFreddie Mac has set the conditions for limiting payment to departingexecutives.

-Alaska Lawmakers Vote to Subpoena Todd Palin
The abuse of power investigation against Sarah Palin, Alaska governor andRepublican vice presidential candidate, took a potentially ominous turn forher party on Friday when state lawmakers voted to subpoena her husband.

-Drone Attack Said to Kill 12 in Pakistan
Suspected U.S. Strike Could Increase Tensions Over Actions in Tribal Areas
At least 12 people were killed in northwest Pakistan on Friday in a suspected U.S. airstrike that Pakistani intelligence officials and experts said could aggravate tensions with the United States over military operations in the region.

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-Just one month left to qualify for stimulus checks
You've got one more month, if you're hoping to receive an economic stimuluspayment from the federal government but you haven't yet filed an income-taxreturn. The IRS will accept tax returns through Oct. 15. The return is thekey that will tell the government that you qualify for the one-time payment,even if you weren't required to file a tax return for 2007. Doing thislittle chore could pay off. The economic stimulus payments can be as much as$600 per person or $1,200 for married couples.,0,7209184.story

-Hurricane Ike's storm surge is less than expected
As the hurricane weakens to a Category 1, the National Weather Servicereports that the anticipated surges of up to 25 feet won't happen.,0,3297741.story

-Pakistan backs off threats against cross-border US raids, says it wantsdiplomatic solution
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) _ Pakistan is backing off suggestions it mightconfront U.S. troops making raids into its territory in search of Islamicmilitants, saying Saturday it will deal diplomatically with Washington overthe stepped-up tactics.,0,5708924.story

Miami Herald
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-Pictures: Ike slams Texas

-Pictures: Louisiana Floods

-Palin could rob McCain of Jewish vote
John McCain has a strong chance of siphoning votes from Jewish Democrats whonever voted for a Republican in their lives -- if his new running mate doesn't get in the way.

-Morales, Chávez resort to tired tactics
Presidents Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia seethemselves as emblems of a new, resurgent Latin America, but when they're introuble they fall back on the shopworn practices of yesteryear -- ''Yankee,go home!'' The expulsions of the U.S. ambassadors from their respectivecountries this week show that these two demagogues have run out of ideas indealing with political tensions at home.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-[Video] Sarah Palin ABC Interview Charles Gibson Part 1

-[Video] Sarah Palin Interview Charles Gibson Part 2

-[Video] Sarah Palin Interview: What Does a VP do?

-Kennedy Introduces New National Service Bill
by: Andrew Miga | The Associated Press | Truthout
Senator Edward M. Kennedy will introduce a national service bill aimed atrecruiting 175,000 Americans to address national problems. Washington -Sen. Edward Kennedy is introducing a major new national service bill aimedat recruiting 175,000 Americans of all ages to tackle national problems suchas health care, education, energy and the environment. It is Kennedy'sfirst major piece of legislation since being diagnosed with a malignantbrain tumor in May. The 76-year-old senator has been working from hisHyannis Port, Mass., home on the "Serve America Act" with Republican Sen.Orrin Hatch of Utah, a longtime friend. Details of the legislation will bepresented Friday at an event in New York City. Kennedy's niece, CarolineKennedy, and Hatch are expected to attend. Aides said the Massachusettssenator did not plan to be at the event. "Time and again we've learned thatlarge numbers of Americans are ready, willing, able, and even eager to beinvolved in service, and that all we have to do is ask them to do so,"Kennedy, D-Mass., said in a statement. "The Serve America Act will ask. Itwill connect every generation through service, and enable them to helptackle a wide range of national challenges, from the dropout crisis thatplagues our schools to the lack of health care in our neediest communitiesto the energy and environmental crises that
threatens our planet."

Pew Research center
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-Election '08: Stretching Toward Home
The Bounce Effect
There is little doubt that the fall campaign begins in earnest with McCainhaving gained the momentum. How good an indicator is this of where theelectorate is headed on Nov. 4? Read more

-A Palin Prop Up for McCain
While the GOP ticket leader's speech received only modest reviews, hisrunning mate's address was viewed as the highlight of the Republicanconvention and helped boost McCain's public image overall. However, many inthe public still question Palin's qualifications. Read more

-Northern Exposure: Palin Dominates Campaign Coverage
For the first time since the general election campaign began, John McCaingenerated more coverage than Barack Obama. But he was still outshone byanother newsmaker -- his running mate. Read more

-Online Observations
Cloud Computing Gains in Currency
More and more online Americans are accessing data and applications, such asemail and photos, that are stored in cyberspace rather than on their owncomputers. Read more

-Religion in America
Palin Nomination Puts Spotlight on Pentecostals
From the time she was a teenager until 2002, Republican vice presidentialnominee Sarah Palin attended a Pentecostal church , a denomination thatemphasizes such practices as speaking in tongues, prophesying, divinehealing and other miraculous signs of the Holy Spirit. Read more

-Alaskans Less Religious Than Other Americans
GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is a self-described"Bible-believing Christian," but Pew surveys find that Alaskans are lessdevout on average than other Americans. Read more

-Daily Number
6% - Leadership and Gender
While the public rates women as superior to men on a host of issuesassociated with leadership, like honesty and intelligence, a mere 6% saywomen make better leaders than men. Check back every weekday for anothernumber in the news. Read more

Fort Report
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-McCain fumbles Palin's record on earmark requests
Republican presidential candidate John McCain on Friday defended twodebunked television ads attacking Democrat Barack Obama and claimederroneously that running mate Sarah Palin never sought money for lawmakers'pet projects as Alaska governor. Palin sought $197 million in so-called"earmarks" for 2009. In the previous budget year, she asked for earmarksworth $256 million.

-GOP Ticket Puts Zealotry First
Let's say that you enjoyed watching last week's Republican NationalConvention on television. Let's say you drank in the almost uniformly whitefaces and the regimented revivalism, you clapped when speakers belittledDemocratic nominee Barack Obama's work organizing impoverished communities,indeed, you cheered with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's zinger,"Drill, baby, drill!"


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FLORIDA DIGEST - September 13, 2008

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South Florida Blade
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-Wilton Manors welcomes Wet N Wild Weekend
Parking lot of Shoppes of Wilton Manors converted to big gay playground

-Finding the glamour in local politics
Beauty is in the eye of the donator when choosing a leader
It's interesting, the timing of things. Quinnipiac University, long regarded as the gold standard of political polls, released a study this past week on Amendment 2: approximately 55% of Florida voters support the measure. But while that's over half the population (who are these people?), support is just shy of the 60% needed to pass. Critics may scoff, pointing out the obviously slim margin that could cause the vote to go either way; but Quinnipiac polls tell a larger story, of what will probably be. A close call may result after the votes are counted, but it doesn't look like Amendment 2-a constitutional amendment against gay marriage, gay partnerships, gay relationships in general-is going to pass.

Tonight! 5-7pm
Look for the Tiki Torches at the entrance!!!!


******Click below for map:,+wilton+manors&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=24.455808,78.75&ie=UTF8&ll=26.154629,-80.128784&spn=0.013482,0.038452&z=15&iwloc=addr

Tom Green for Wilton Manors City Commission Campaign

-Endorsed by Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz's office has announced that she has endorsed Tom Green's candidacy in his race for Wilton Manors City Commission. Representative Wasserman Schultz has known Tom for many years and previously endorsed him in his three successful races for the Central Broward Water Control District. Tom has also been endorsedby Broward Property Appraiser Lori Parrish and School Board members MaureenDinnen, Robin Bartleman, and Jennifer Gottlieb. Organizations that haveendorsed Tom Green for city commission include the Broward AFL-CIO, theBroward Teachers Union and the United Faculty of Florida .Wasserman Schultz has also endorsed Justin Flippen for one of the two citycommission seats to be decided in the November 4th election.

Linda Bird Campaign for State Senate, District 25
This Sunday, September 14th, please join the Linda Bird Campaign for StateSenate, District 25 at our new campaign office! Tour our new office andcelebrate with Linda's supporters and staff. Refreshments will be served.
Here are the details:
Linda Bird for State Senate Campaign Office
5130 N. Federal Highway, Suite 2
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 638-6505
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. *Campaign Open House
2:00 p.m. *Volunteers will leave office to knock on doors nearbyDIRECTIONS:The office is located on the east side of N. Federal Highway, 1.5 blocksnorth of Commercial Blvd. There is parking available in the front and therear of the building. Please RSVP to Mara at ifyou can, however RSVP is not required, please feel free to stop by! Thereare many ways to get involved! Please contact me at or call the Campaign Office at (954) 638-6505 to help. Volunteer needs include clerical work in the office, projects that can be completed from home with a computer and internet connection, phone calls, canvassing, and much more.

GLAAD and ABSOLUT® Vodka invite you to the second annual TGIF South
Florida - a Friday evening happy hour event series held at Georgie's Alibi.
The perfect opportunity to meet like-minded young professionals and support the work of the only LGBT media advocacy organization in the country, this event is also the perfect way to kick off your fall. Enjoy two hours of hosted ABSOLUT® cocktails with entry, win prizes from local businesses and feel good knowing your Friday plans support an important cause.
Date: Event #1: Friday, September 19, 2008 - Event #2: Friday, October 17,
2008 - Event #3: Friday, November 21, 2008 - Time: 9 - 11 pm
Location: Georgie's Alibi
2266 Wilton Drive
Wilton Manors, FL
Tickets: TGIF Series Passes are only $35 and provide access to all three TGIF Events in the city series. 100% of the funds are donated to GLAAD and you receive a one-year GLAAD membership. Purchase your series pass online.

Lavender Writes Announces the Fall Schedule of Readings and Fiction Writing
Workshops for Gay and Lesbian Writers

-National Coming Out Day Reading
Broward County Main Library and Lavender Writes present:
Talk About It: an Open Mic Reading in celebration of National Coming Out Day
Saturday, October 11, 2008, 1 p.m.
Broward Main Library
100 S. Andrews Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

-Fiction Writing Workshop
An Online Short Story Writing Workshop Series
Starts early October
Registration accepted on a first come basis

-World AIDS Day Reading
Monday, December 1
Details to be announced
For more information or to register for any of the programs, contact
These events are part of The Next Generation, a year-long series of freefiction writing workshops and public readings for gay and lesbian writers.This program is a collaborative project of Lavender Writes, the BrowardCounty Libraries Division, Borders Books and Music and author Karen DaleWolman. The Next Generation was developed as a forum for gay and lesbianwriters to write the stories they want to write in a safe environment thatoffers high quality teaching. Nongay students who are comfortable being ina gay environment and reading gay and lesbian fiction are also welcome toattend. Funding for this program is provided in part by the Broward CountyBoard of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward CulturalCouncil. Lavender Writes, Inc., provides service and support to lesbian andgay writers by sponsoring writing workshops, developing public forums forwriters to present their work and offering assistance with publication.Non-gay writers and readers are also welcome to participate.


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-Air and sea show might return to Fort Lauderdale
Come back, air and sea show! If that's been your cry since the annualmilitary extravaganza folded, you might be in luck. If you hated the annualflock of thousands to Fort Lauderdale beach, you might want to mark next May2 and 3 as a good time to go out of town. Yes, the air and sea show mightreturn.,0,4130241.story

-Lowering of Lake Okeechobee to continue
Water will be released for two more weeks
The lowering of Lake Okeechobee will continue for at least two more weeks toprotect the aging dike that guards against flooding, the Army Corps ofEngineers said Friday. For the first time in two years, the corps on Sept.4 started lowering newly swollen Lake Okeechobee to ease the strain on its70-year-old, earthen dike - named one of the six most at risk of failing inthe country.,0,4306191.story

-Broward may use hotel taxes to help sea turtles
Commissioners are considering re-routing nearly $200,000 to balance nextyear's budget and help maintain the beaches. [...] Hotel taxes could soonbe tapped to pay for programs to protect sea turtles and offshore reefsrather than advertise the area as a tourist destination.,0,900595.story

Miami Herald
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-Uneasy first day for new schools chief
The new schools chief Alberto Carvalho begins his tenure with questionsabout explicit e-mails with a former Miami Herald reporter.

-BROWARD SCHOOL DISTRICT: Broward teachers want raises, step increases
Broward teachers are planning a new wave of protests over the question ofpay increases for next year. Frustrated over stalled negotiations involvingteacher raises for next year, the Broward Teachers Union is about to launcha new protest campaign. They've given it a name: Step Up!

-Harry Sargeant, South Florida GOP mega-donor wields power behind scenes
A major GOP donor from South Florida, in the news amid questioned donations,has built a global power base.

Fort Report
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-EDITORIAL: We think: A simple survey tests the mettle of state candidates
It's gut-check time for Florida's legislative candidates. A nonpartisangroup has challenged them to say -- simply and plainly -- where they standon everything from abortion to taxes to ethics to energy. If the lastelection was any indication, the vast majority of people running for stateHouse and Senate lack the nerve to take Project Vote Smart's PoliticalCourage Test and mail back the results.,0,1910780.story

-A Florida firm is a leader in making biofuel from algae
The green muck in your pool might someday be a source of fuel for your car,but not just yet. The surge of interest in biofuels has companies around theU.S. racing to be the first to produce cost-effective algae fuels on a largescale. Despite high hopes and decades of research, algae fuels remain miredin unforgiving economics. PetroAlgae, based in Melbourne, hopes itstechnology will provide the needed breakthrough to make algae the fuel ofthe future. "We're not quite finished," said Fred Tennant, vice presidentfor business development with PetroAlgae. "If we were finished you'd seegiant smiles on everyone's faces here. We get a little closer every day, butwe're not quite there yet."


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Friday, September 12, 2008

GLBT DIGEST - September 12, 2008

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New York Times
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-Detailed Study on Spread of H.I.V. in U.S.
An unusually detailed study of people newly infected with H.I.V. in the United States has confirmed that the majority of new cases occur among gay and bisexual men and that blacks are most at risk. But the data show that whites and blacks tend to be infected at different times in their lives with the virus that causes AIDS. Most new infections of white gay and bisexual men occur when the men are in their 30s and 40s, the study found, while black gay and bisexual men are more likely to be infected in their teens and 20s. The results were reported on Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Washington Post
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-Sarah Palin stirs passion in Hollywood
Sarah Palin represents many things Hollywood liberals love to hate, from her opposition to gay marriage to her support for gun rights, yet she possesses two key qualities they admire -- star appeal and a great script. Accordingly, Hollywood Republicans -- often overshadowed by their left-leaning peers -- are seeking to capitalize on the celebrity of John McCain's running mate in the November 4 election to generate support in a town well-known for its lavish Democratic fund-raisers and events.

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-Government study tracks spread of HIV
Black gay and bisexual men under age 30, white gay and bisexual men in their 30s, and black women: These are the groups where HIV is spreading the most, health officials said Thursday. First-time estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed what many health experts already have observed about the hot spots of the HIV/AIDS outbreak in South Florida and the nation.,0,810974.story

-Read the federal report on HIV/AIDS
The report
To read the new federal report on HIV/AIDS, visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at
To read a 2007 Florida Department of Health report on HIV in the gay community, visit
General information on HIV/AIDS: Florida health department at, click on "A to Z topics," or 800-352-2437, 800-545-7432
(Spanish) CDC at or 800-232-4636,0,5888312.story

Florida Blade
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-More than a gayborhood on Biscayne
Miami's Upper East Side corridor blends straight and gay worlds
The images of half naked muscle boys on the Boulevard Theater's wrap-aroundmarquee might be the most obvious sign that a significant gay communitylives around Biscayne Boulevard's Upper East Side Corridor.

-Author Leads Fight Against Ex-Gay Movement
By Carlos Santoscoy | On Top Magazine
In making his way to Anchorage, Alaska to confront, once again, a James Dobson Love Won Out ex-gay conference scheduled for Saturday, Wayne Besen stands at the vanguard of one of the most vehement battles of the gay-Christian culture war - the Christian-based ex-gay movement which seeks to "cure" homosexuals. Yet, the ex-gay movement he hopes to expose operates in relative obscurity, and with little opposition. In 2000, when Exodus Chairman John Paulk was being hailed as the golden boy of the ex-gay movement by such media heavyweights as Newsweek and CBS's 60 Minutes, Besen secretly photographed him flirting with men in a gay Washington D.C. bar and wrote about his apparent fall from grace in Anything But Straight:
Unnmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth. The revelation shocked both the ex-gay movement and the media who had glamorized it, and Paulk was subsequently removed as chairman of Exodus. Besen has since founded Truth Wins Outs, a non-profit organization that advocates against ex-gay ministries, and, more recently,, where social and behavioral scientists can voice their displeasure at having their research distorted and used to prop up ex-gay claims.

-Gay News from the Presidential Campaign Trail
By Lisa Keen | Pride Source
A poll just out this week shows that more registered voters trust Democrat Barack Obama on the rights of gay couples than trust Republican John McCain. The poll, conducted September 5 - 7 of 961 registered voters nationwide by the Washington Post and ABC News, asked, "Regardless of who you may support, who do you trust more to handle social issues, such as abortion and gay civil unions." Forty-eight percent said Obama; 41 percent said McCain. Five percent said "both" or "neither," and six percent were unsure. Interestingly, McCain's standing has improved on the question since the question was first asked in July, and Obama's has dropped off. Only 32 percent of those surveyed trusted McCain more on social issues in July -so the current 41 percent represents a significant boost. Meanwhile, 56 percent trusted Obama more in July - so the current 48 percent represents an eight-point drop.
Mel White, the former ghost writer for Jerry Falwell and other
right-wing televangelists, recently paid a small town in Virginia for busing supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to a local high school to hear the candidate speak. According to various reports, the town was forced to provide last-minute shuttle services from a local stadium to the high school after Jerry Falwell Jr., son of the late Falwell Sr., refused to allow rally attendees to park in the shopping mall owned by Falwell's Liberty University. White and his spouse, Gary Nixon, chipped in the $900 to pay back the town for its services.

Forwarded from Gay Asylum - UK
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-Mehdi reaction in the House of Lords
Lord Roberts of Llandudno: My Lords, I want to express my appreciation of the Home Secretary's action in giving asylum to Mehdi Kazemi, the young man who was to be forcefully removed to Iran. I am told that that happened yesterday. In view of what is going on in Iran and the possible treatment of those who are repatriated or forcibly removed from here, could there not be a total moratorium on the removal of failed asylum seekers to Iran?

-Insight: the hell of the asylum seeker
The Azerbaijani gay asylum seeker Babi Badalov last week sent out a plea to friends reflecting his appalling situation, caught in the fifth richest country in the world, between destitution and possible honor killing (actually more than possible, his relatives have already made threats). A situation which the Home Office, backed by the Daily Mail etc. considers 'civilised'. Babi is currently trying to get his case reviewed having been turned down on the basis that he can be 'discreet' once he's 'sent back' (a passive way of describing what will actually happen to this remarkable artist).

-So-called 'honour' killings are a deadly serious issue in numerous countries for lesbians and gays, in particular Iraq but also Turkey, Palestine, Pakistan, Gambia, Brazil, Mexico and others. There have been cases in the UK of gay asylum seekers also been attacked for similar reasons.

-A Christian fleeing from Nigeria, where the Church supports anti-gay legislation, was granted asylum in the UK last Friday after receiving death threats. Davis Mac-Iyalla, director of Changing Attitude Network (Nigeria), who left the country in 2006, said that he could now work in safety to further the welfare of other Nigerians who were lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual. Mr Mac-Iyalla, who addressed a fringe meeting at the Lambeth Con­ference onTuesday, said that he could introduce bishops who denied that there were anygay Africans to several homosexuals from Africa. Homosexuality had existedin Africa long before Westerners arrived, he said. "Homosexuality was knownin Africa: what was not known was Chris­tianity. But the missionaries came and said it was a sin. It is not homosexuality that is a Western thing."

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-Anti marriage donors in California
The much anticipated release of the major donors to Yes onProposition 8 was published today on the Californians Against Hate web site: The announcement came in a postbyCampaign Manager Fred Karger on the Huffington Post. Proposition 8 changesthe California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples tomarry. The top 10 donors are now up on the front page ofCalifornians Against Hate's newly redesigned web site, and the remaining 102 donors can be found by using the link directly below the "Top 10." A list of who's funding the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign to take away marriage equality in California. Below are the Top 10 donors (click their names for more info).
To view the names of the hundreds of other donors, click the link at the end of the list.
Knights of Columbus, New Haven, CT
National Organization for Marriage, Princeton, NJ
John Templeton, Bryn Mawr, PA - John Templeton Foundation
Fieldstead & Company, Irvine, CA
American Family Association, Tupelo, MS
Elsa Prince, Holland, MI
Focus On the Family, Colorado Springs, CO
Terry Caster & Family, San Diego, CA
Dorothy Nielson, La Verne, CA
Doug Manchester, San Diego, CA - Manchester Financial Group

-Larry Kroon, the pastor of Wasilla Bible Church, which Sarah Palin
attended, was on Fox News to explain why Sarah Palin's church advertised a Love Won Out conference. Love Won Out, which is an arm of Focus on the Family, promotes ex-gay therapy, the idea that if gays pray hard enough, they can turn straight. He explains that he advertised it because people in his church were talking about homosexuality without an understanding of "the dynamics of same-sex attraction" and were talking about two gays in the ommunity without a "gracious tone and manner." He says, "I don't think there was appropriate use of terminology," which I'm guessing means some people were calling those gays "faggots" or "dykes" (he doesn't say whether they were male or female). This person's a real piece of work. Will someone please ask Sarah Palin if she supports this? After Barack Obama had to respond to several quotations from his pastor taken out of context, I think the fact that Sarah Palin's church supports ex-gay therapy is worth asking her about.

-Comprehensive national survey on transgender discrimination launched by National Center for Transgender Equality and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Respond to the survey online at

-Pro-Marriage Republicans Win Big in Primary
New York: As many of you know, Tuesday was New York's Primary Election Day.Log Cabin is very pleased to report that all four Republican Assembly memberswho have stood up for marriage equality won their primaries withoutopposition. When Assemblymembers Janet Duprey, Joel Miller, Teresa Saywardand Dede Scozzafava took their stand in 2007, the far right threatened toderail their paths to the Republican nomination. These important primaryvictories demonstrate that Republicans can do the right thing in Albany andmaintain their support among their conservative, moderate and libertarianconstituents.

Go to this link for the following articles:

-GOP downplays Palin book ban flap
The McCain campaign is defending Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's much-criticizedinquiry into banning books at her hometown library, saying her questionswere only hypothetical. Shortly after taking office in 1996 as mayor ofWasilla, a city of about 7,000 people, Palin asked the city's head librarianabout banning books. Later, the librarian was notified by Palin that she wasbeing fired, although Palin backed off under pressure.

-The perils of aging while gay
When Gayle had a stroke one Sunday evening nine years ago, she was rushed toHennepin County Medical Center's emergency room, Minnesota's third largesthospital.? But when Gayle (a senior trans woman) got there, she was toldthat in order to receive treatment, she would have to re-assume her oldidentity: She had to become Glen if she wanted to be helped. ?

-Obama foes thwarted by court
A federal judge dealt a blow Thursday to the advertising plans of aconservative group that purports to tell "the real truth" about Barack Obama's
abortion views.

-Obama ad mocks McCain computer skills
John McCain is mocked as an out-of-touch, out-of-date computer illiterate ina television commercial out Friday from Barack Obama, as the Democrat beginshis sharpest barrage yet on McCain's long Washington career.

-Besen: Ex-gays and ex-Republicans
The first thing that struck me about the Republican National Convention inSt. Paul was the stunning lack of diversity. Only the GOP is capable ofmaking Minnesota whiter. Into this cocoon of Caucasians stepped theultra-pale John McCain and his moose-whacking VP, Sarah Palin, who togethercould have billed the ticket as "Powder and Gun Powder."

-Bosnia police brace for Gay Pride violence
(Sarajevo, Bosnia) Two weeks before Bosnia holds its first LGBT Pridefestival, police in Sarajevo say they are preparing for potential violence.Posters calling for death to gays have been appearing in Sarajevo ahead ofthe Queer Sarajevo Festival, scheduled for Sept. 24 to 27.

The Advocate
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-New LGBT High School Proposed in Chicago
A new high school for LGBT students has been proposed in Chicago, accordingto the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The project is not likely to get underway before 2012, and it faces significant opposition from a variety ofgroups across the political spectrum.

-HIV-Positive Teacher Sues School for Wrongful Firing
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is filing a suit against aMaryland school for allegedly firing a teacher because he is HIV positive.

-Patrick Sammon Discusses Log Cabin's McCain Endorsement
Patrick Sammon takes questions from The Advocate about Log Cabin's decisionto endorse the McCain-Palin ticket and predicts seeing more inclusivelanguage from the campaign before voters cast their ballots November 4.Following the Log Cabin Republicans' endorsement of John McCain forpresident at the Republican National Convention, The Advocate caught up withLog Cabin president Patrick Sammon to discuss the group's advocacy work,McCain's stances on LGBT issues, and how Gov. Sarah Palin affected thedecision to endorse.

- Dancing With Lance Bass
He's toured the world over as one fifth of the most popular boy band inrecent memory, entertained a mission to space, and come out on the cover ofPeople. He's now poised to turn reality television on its ear when he takesto the stage this season on Dancing With the Stars. Lance Bass practicallyinvites the question: Is there anything this guy can't do? He's toured theworld over as one fifth of the most popular boy band in recent memory,entertained a mission to space, and come out on the cover of People. He'snow poised to turn reality television on its ear when he takes to the stagethis season on Dancing With the Stars. Lance Bass practically invites thequestion: Is there anything this guy can't do?

Pink News
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-UN urged to push for ban on execution of children
A human rights group has called for action on executions for crimescommitted by children. The vast majority of executions of juvenileoffenders take place in Iran, where judges can impose the death penalty incapital cases if the defendant has attained "majority," defined in Iranianlaw as 9 years for girls and 15 years for boys, says Human Rights Watch.

-Asia's largest gay festival begins in Taipei
The Taiwanese gay community will be celebrating during the coming month asthe 2008 Taipei Gay Carnival began today. The highlight of the carnivalwill be the Pride parade on 27th September.

-Macedonia should recognise same-sex couples says rights commissioner
The Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights has published a report into the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Macedonia. Thomas Hammarberg said that the "atmosphere and attitude towards LGBT persons" in the former Yugoslav Republic has improved.

-Italian comedian faces "Fascist" prosecution for mocking the Pope
The Minister of Justice in Italy has given prosecutors permission to use aFascist-era law to punish a comedian for mocking the Pope. Sabina Guzzantiis accused of "offending the honour of the sacred and inviolable person" ofPope Benedict XVI.

-Candlelight vigil to mark 10th anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder
Ten years ago, all across the world, people kept vigil for a teenager whohad been viciously attacked because he was gay. They lit candles and saidprayers for Matthew Shepard, but their intercessions could not save him.

-Interview: Homophobic bullying is killing gay kids
The UK's leading gay lifestyle magazine has joined forces with Stonewall tofight homophobic bullying in Britain's schools. In September's issue ofAttitude, celebs gay and straight show their support for the 'Some peopleare gay. Get over it!' campaign.

-Caymans define marriage amid fears UK will impose civil partnerships
An amendment to legislation in the Cayman Islands defining marriage asbetween a man and a woman was approved by the territory's LegislativeAssembly on Monday. However, the proposed change to the law but does notmention civil partnerships.

Marriage Equality News
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-Republicans launch own efforts to defeat Prop 8
Link: Bay Area Reporter
Democrats aren't the only group campaigning against Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment on the fall ballot that would ban same-sex marriage. Republicans have formed a group, too, to defeat the antigaymeasure. Republicans Against 8 hopes to reach "persuadable Republican voters" in the state to sway them toward voting against the measure, said Scott Schmidt, the group's campaign manager.

-Prop 8's Message to Youth: Blatant Lies and Transparent Bigotry
Link: Box Turtle Bulletin
The supporters of Proposition 8 have set up a website geared towards youth at And perhaps they think that adults are too well informed because they reserve their really crazy homophobic slurs and lies for the kiddies. It's horrible. And not just their goal, but their message and their methods. It's sad and pathetic and completely condescending. You have to wonder if the designer of the site has ever met a young adult.

-LDS Church issues statement on same-sex marriage
Link: Deseret News
Top leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recentlyreleased a six-page statement on why the faith is opposed to same-sexmarriage. The document, titled "The Divine Institution of Marriage," hasgarnered both praise and derision from Affirmation, a group of gayLatter-day Saints. The document was posted on the church's Web site,, in the "newsroom" section last month, and leaders ofAffirmation issued a press release late last week in response.

-L.A. City Council to support federal same-sex marriage bill
Link: The Desert Sun
A proposed federal bill that would eliminate language defining marriage as aunion between a man and a woman is expected to gain support today from theLos Angeles City Council. Introduced by Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts,HR 6115 would amend the Defense of Marriage Act to repeal the definition ofmarriage as a legal union between one man and one woman. The bill, "StateRegulation of Marriage is Appropriate Act," was referred to the subcommitteeon the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. A resolutionauthored by City Council President Eric Garcetti and seconded by CityCouncilman Bill Rosendahl calls marriage "a sacred, living symbol of theunion between two members of the opposite or same sex."

-Big labor urges NY to pass marriage equality
The New York State AFL-CIO is urging the Legislature is pass a bill thatwould allow same-sex couples in the state to marry. It also wantslawmakers to enact legislation banning discrimination against transgenderNew Yorkers and provide a mechanism to end bullying and harassment of LGBTyouth in public schools. The call came in the form of three resolutions that passed without objection at the AFL-CIO's annual convention.

Lambda Legal
Married Under the Wire In Iowa
Last month marked the one-year wedding anniversary of Tim and SeanMcQuillan, the first same-sex couple to marry in their home state of Iowa.Last August Lambda Legal won a district court victory on behalf of sixsame-sex couples who sought to marry in Iowa and on behalf of three of theirchildren. The day after the decision, the McQuillans obtained a waiver forthe waiting period and their ceremony was performed before the court granteda stay on the decision pending appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court. LambdaLegal continues to forge ahead for marriage equality in Iowa, following thethrilling California marriage victory this May.

Andrew Sullivan on Palin

-Michael Moynihan takes issue with my comparing Palin not giving aninterview to Putin's Russia:
Sullivan should probably recognize that a press corps trying to wrangle aninterview with an elusive V.P. candidate (and hamstrung by a McCain campaignpetrified of a "General Whatshisname" moment) isn't at all analogous to astate-run media run by an illiberal band of Putin lackeys. As I havepreviously written, throwing the word "fascist" around willy-nilly isintellectually lazy and, more often than not, historically illiterate. Butso is accusing the American media of being no better than outlets controlledby the Kremlin, or those remaining independent journalists whose reportingis influenced by credible threats of violence. Who is he kidding? We havesomeone who could be elected vice-president in less than two months andtomorrow it will be two weeks since she was anounced and still no-one in thepress is allowed to even ask her a question in an uncontrolled setting. Thishas never, ever happened before in modern American politics. Never. Giventhe fact that she is a total unknown, given that the convention was verylate historiclaly, given that we have less than two months to figure out whoto vote for, the denial of access is both an outrage to transparency anddemocracy and also, deeply, deeply troubling about what it says about whatthe McCain camp believes is her competence level. Yes, this is the spiritof Vladimir Putin. I wrote not that we were living in Putin's Russia butthat John McCain is giving us a "taste" of what that's like. John McCain -the man who prided himself on access, on answering any question, on talkingto the press, even when we'd grown a little bored of talking to him. Whathappened to that guy? Who kidnapped him and replaced him with this creepy,sealed off, bullying press management? We, of course, have a FirstAmendment. It's just that John McCain is treating it with contempt.

From Transgender Equality
Contact for the full article

-Germany's Federal Constitutional Court struck down a law July 24 thatrequired married postoperative transsexuals to get divorced before their newgender could be legally recognized. The court said the law isunconstitutional, cannot be enforced and must be changed by August 2009. Theruling came in the case of a 79 year old individual who had a sex-changeoperation to become female in 2002. The womans wife also did not want toget divorced.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Foot Tapping Protected First Amendment, Craig's Lawyer Says
In an effort to persuade a three-judge panel to throw out Sen. Larry Craig'sguilty plea, his attorney suggested Wednesday that his foot tapping in anairport men's room may have been protected by the First Amendment right tofreedom of speech. The Idaho Republican was arrested in the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport in June 2007, after an undercover police officer accused him of soliciting sex by using hand signals and tapping his foot in a bathroom stall.


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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST - September 12, 2008

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New York Times
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-Obama Plans Sharper Tone as Party Frets
Senator Barack Obama is planning more forceful attacks as he confronts an invigorated G.O.P. ticket.

-In First Big Interview, Palin Says, 'I'm Ready'
Sarah Palin said she agreed to John McCain's offer without hesitation, perhaps her most confident answer in an interview that was at times tense and probing.

-Scary, Isn't She?
Protect your sons - Jaime Nared is on the court. What happens when a 12-year-0ld girl is just a little too good. [...] Until this past spring, Jaime had been quietly going about her life, as unnoticed as a mocha-skinned 6-foot-1 12-year-old can be in predominantly white Portland, Ore. It was then that she found herself at the center of a controversy about sports and gender: she'd been kicked off a boys' basketball team for being too good.

-Zimbabwe Rivals Strike a Bargain to Share Power
...but it was still far from clear how the bitter foes would divide the authority to govern.

-Anything Goes, Apparently
Corruption is inevitable when former lobbyists are appointed to top posts at the Department of the Interior to regulate the very industries they used to represent.

-Blizzard of Lies
Anyone with an Internet connection can disprove many assertions of the McCain campaign. Did you hear about how Barack Obama wants to have sex education in kindergarten, and called Sarah Palin a pig? Did you hear about how Ms. Palin told Congress, "Thanks, but no thanks" when it wanted to buy Alaska a Bridge to Nowhere? These stories have two things in common: they're all claims recently made by the McCain campaign - and they're all out-and-out lies. Dishonesty is nothing new in politics. [...] But I can't think of any precedent, at least in America, for the blizzard of lies since the Republican convention.

-The Origins of the Universe: A Crash Course
After more than a decade of development and construction, the Large Hadron Collider was switched on this week. So what can we expect?

-Nick Saban's Fine Print
The lucrative contracts of college football coaches like Nick Saban of the University of Alabama shed light on how the United States needs to readjust its priorities. [...] I wonder why we need any more studies showing our nation's education system to be in the tank when all you have to do is attend a college football game.

-As Options Fade, Lehman Is Said to Seek a Buyer
While the Treasury Department and the Fed were working to broker an orderly sale, it was unclear whether the Fed would stand behind any deal. [...] In each case, the suitors are seeking help from the Federal Reserve to help make an acquisition palatable. They want the Fed to guarantee a part of Lehman's troubled assets, these people said, similar to the way it backstopped the emergency sale of another foundering bank, Bear Stearns, in March.

-Would-Be Protesters Find the Olympics Failed to Expand Free Speech in Beijing

Washington Post
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-A Corner Office for Palin
Lehman Brothers, one of America's most venerable and trusted investment banks, is floundering, and according to news reports this afternoon, desperately seeking a buyer. [...] So how about Sarah Palin? Some may complain she has no experience running a major financial institution, but if the polls are right, many Americans believe that her lack of experience isn't fair game.

-The Scream Machine
There was a time when Republicans campaigned on their ideas, programs and values. This year -- lacking ideas, programs or values -- John McCain and Sarah Palin are running for the White House on an elaborate fictional narrative of victimhood. Their supposed persecutors are Democrats and the news media, and the aim of this whole charade is to keep Americans from talking about ideas, programs and values.

-Yes for an Answer
Why Congress should expedite approval of the U.S.-India nuclear accord. A HISTORIC agreement to restore nuclear power cooperation between the United States and India is almost a done deal. Having faced down serious challenges from the left and right, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has secured ratification from his parliament. India and the International Atomic Energy Agency have agreed to new safeguards for Indian civilian nuclear plants. Last weekend, the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group granted New Delhi a waiver permitting it to purchase fuel and technology despite its failure to ratify the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Now all that's left is for Congress to give its approval.

-Out of Gas
Partisan sniping keeps Congress from getting anything done on energy.
CONGRESS expended a lot of energy debating how to solve the energy crisis before running off for summer recess for five weeks. It ended up accomplishing nothing. Now Congress is back and seemingly ready for more of the same. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will present an energy bill next week that would expand offshore drilling. But Republicans rejected the legislation on the basis of the outlines Ms. Pelosi released Tuesday. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) will hold hearings today with an eye to bringing energy bills to a vote sometime next week. But don't expect anything to happen.

-Palin Links Iraq to 9/11 Attacks
In address to Iraq-bound troops, GOP's VP nominee expresses a view now discarded by White House.

-Texans Warned of 'Certain Death'
Residents of coastal areas and parts of Houston evacuate as as Hurricane Ike strengthens. [...] "Preparations to protect life and property . . . should be rushed to completion," the weather service said in a 4 a.m. update that placed the storm about 265 miles southeast of Galveston, moving northwest at about 13 mph. Ike remains a Category 2 hurricane with maximum winds around 105 mph, but it may build to a Category 3, with winds up to 130 mph, by the time it makes landfall late tonight or early Saturday.

-FBI Agents to Get New Powers
Changes will loosen rules requiring a supervisor's approval before
conducting an investigation. [...] The changes would give the FBI's more than 12,000 agents the ability at a much earlier stage to conduct physical surveillance, solicit informants and interview friends of people they are investigating without the approval of a bureau supervisor.

-Ailing Auto Industry Lobbies Congress for Loans
General Motors chief executive G. Richard Wagoner Jr. has been selling cars for a long time, but his pitch today in Washington will be one of his most urgent. He will try to convince lawmakers that the country's homegrown automakers deserve help from the government as they prepare to build more hybrids and other fuel-efficient cars for a radically different market.

-Judge Limits Searches Using Cellphone Data
The government must obtain a warrant based on probable cause of criminal activity before directing a wireless provider to turn over records that show where customers used their cellphones, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, in the first opinion by a federal district court on the issue.

-Pakistan Did Not Agree to New Rules, Officials Say
New rules of engagement authorizing U.S. ground attacks inside Pakistan, signed by President Bush in July, were not agreed to by that country's civilian government or its military, according to U.S. and Pakistani officials.

-India Set to Lose Voice of America
After 53 Years, Radio Service Will End
The news is unwelcome indeed for several dozen "VOA listeners clubs" in small towns and villages across India, where radio is still a part of daily life. People there have no Internet, cable television or even reliable electricity. But they have radio. [...] VOA is the largest American broadcaster, reaching a global audience of 134 million by radio, TV and Internet in 45 languages. In India, the VOA Hindi service attracts a weekly audience of more than 8 million people.

-McCain's 'Education' Spot Is Dishonest, Deceptive
A new John McCain ad caricatures Barack Obama's education record by claiming that his only achievement is to pass legislation ensuring "comprehensive sex education" for kindergartners. It implies that its critique of the Democratic presidential nominee has been endorsed by the nonpartisan journal Education Week, when in fact it is a hodgepodge of quotes from a variety of sources stitched together to form a highly partisan political attack.

-National Security: War with Russia? Palin Talks Foreign Policy with ABC
GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin said today the Ukraine and Georgia should join NATO, even at the risk of antagonizing Russia and forcing the United States into a war with the nuclear-armed nation. She added that the United States should "show support" for Georgia by possibly imposing "economic sanctions" on Russia.

Go to the links for the following articles:

-Houston decides to stare down Ike instead of leave
As a gigantic Hurricane Ike steamed through the Gulf of Mexico toward the Texas coast, officials in America's fourth-largest city made a bold decision: Instead of fleeing, most residents here would stare down the storm.,0,2970060.story

-Ike Tracking Map

-Florida: Dad chases naked teen from daughter's room with pipe
An angry Deltona father whacked his teenage daughter's boyfriend with a metal pipe after finding the boy naked in his daughter's room. Authorities say Raul Colon, 45, didn't even know his daughter had a boyfriend or that the youngster had been sneaking into the home for more than a year. When he heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom Thursday morning and saw a stranger standing naked on the girl's bed, he swung a metal pipe. He then chased the teen out the front door and called police. The boy was taken to the hospital where doctors closed a head wound with staples.,0,3914128.story

-House Democrats oil drilling plan a sham
Call the House Democratic oil drilling proposal what it is, a sham. The "compromise" Speaker Nancy Pelosi is offering is no compromise. It's a cave-in to the very Big Oil interests Democrats have been berating.,0,4067151.story

Miami Herald
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-Hugo Chavez says U.S. ambassador must leave
President Hugo Chavez said the U.S. ambassador has 72 hours to leave Venezuela and that he's recalling his ambassador from Washington.

-Poll: Biden seen as more qualified than Palin; race tied

-GOP campaign downplays Palin book-banning inquiry
The McCain campaign is defending Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's much-criticized inquiry into banning books at her hometown library, saying her questions were only hypothetical.

Very interesting video.
Want some perspective on the world's population as it relates to the United States? Contact and we'll send you the video attachment. Very revealing!

"Neighbor to Neighbor" Program--
The Democratic National Committee has done a scientific experiment studying the various ways of increasing voter conversion --
..personal calls
..multiple mailings
..neighbor to neighbor contact.
All methods except one generated only a 1 or 2% increase in voter participation.
The ONE METHOD that increased voter participation the most, 12%,was neighbors knocking on neighbors doors--
..mailers affect 1 in 400 voters calls affect 1in 50 voters
..face to face contact - connects 1 in 12
"Neighbor to Neighbor" Program--
All you do is log in to MY.BARACKOBAMA.COM/VOTERCONTACT and follow thedirections from there. They will help you print out a walk list of 20undecided voters who live near you (there is a flyer too). Then you knockon each person's door and ask them where they stand and record theirresponses so we can get them out to vote in November if they are a strongsupporter, try to persuade them further if they are undecided or just leavethem alone if they are not supporting. You don't have to do it all atonce. You can do it an hour at a time in the evenings or whenever you getsome free time. If someone isn't home, just come back another time untilyou have talked to all 20 people on your list. You can input your data atany time, you don't have to wait until you get to all 20 people. The nexttime you log in and click on the "NEIGHBOR to NEIGHBOR" button, you will seea button labeled "Report Voter Contacts" at the top of the screen. Justclick on that button and report your data for each person. And then, pleasesign up for more contacts if you can. For more training on door knocking seeour training program

McCain-Palin TV ad accuses Obama of being "disrespectful" of Palin, but itLies
Check With

Fort Report
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-Palin sounds hawkish note in ABC interview
In her first televised interview since being unexpectedly tapped as JohnMcCain's running mate and instantly becoming the dominant story of thecampaign, Sarah Palin sounded a hawkish line on national security mattersranging from Iran to Russia to Pakistan. Palin defended her minimal foreignpolicy background by citing a strong familiarity with energy issues so keyto her home state, but also sought to frame her inexperience in a positivelight.

-'Jim Crawford' Republicans
The GOP is working to keep eligible African-Americans from voting in severalstates. It was a mainstay of Jim Crow segregation: for 100 years after theCivil War, Southern white Democrats kept eligible blacks from voting withpoll taxes, literacy tests and property requirements. Starting in the 1960s,the U.S. Supreme Court declared these assaults on the heart of Americandemocracy unconstitutional.

-Bill Clinton's advice to Barack Obama
There they were in Harlem Thursday, the 42nd president and the Democrat who hopes to be the 44th, for a two-hour lunch hour chat at Bill Clinton's office. It is not at all clear that Barack Obama particularly wants Clinton's advice about how to win the presidency - after all, he kept the former president at a cool distance, with just occasional phone calls, for months-but many Democrats believe it is increasingly clear that he could use it.

-How Did Palin Do? Two Views
On a day when people paused and prayed, when Barack Obama joined John McCainat ground zero and made peace with Bill Clinton over lunch, when the adswere stilled and the e-mails sheathed just for a while, GOPvice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin held a peace conference of her ownwith the mainstream media when she sat down with ABC News anchor CharlesGibson in Fairbanks, Alaska.,8599,1840710,00.html

-What small-town America is saying about Obama
In diners and mobile homes from New Mexico to North Carolina, I listened toworking-class people try to make sense of a black president named Barack.With less than two months until voting day, there are doubts hanging overBarack Obama's campaign -- and they aren't just due to Alaska's topmoose-hunting hockey mom jolting the race and electrifying the Republicanfaithful. Although Obama has touted himself as a post-racial candidate,whether America is ready to elect a black man for president remains a vexingquestion for his supporters. In a tight national race, Obama continues struggling to gain wider support, particularly among white working-class voters and independents in battleground states.


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FLORIDA DIGEST - September 12, 2008

and we'll be happy to send the full article.



Customer Service Manager
Salary Range: $33,000 to $38,000
Must Apply to: Janet Vargas, Business Mgr,
Deadline: September 16, 2008
The Customer Service Manager (CSM) ensures consistently high quality servicefor GLCC visitors, callers and customers. The CSM recruits and organizes inareas including: reception/switchboard, events, administration andprograms-- providing training, motivation, reinforcement, support,supervision and accountability. The SCM ensures the effectiveness of theGLCC's reception/switchboard function. The CSM is responsible for providinglogistical, financial and administrative support to advance the developmenteffort for the GLCC. The CSM will assist in the process to create andimplement fundraising strategies that increase the organization's supportfrom individuals, corporations, foundations and other sources, with aspecial emphasis on developing individual donors.

Mark's List
Mark's List brings you our weekend bar and club guide on one nice neat page.
If you prefer to look at what's going on in specific clubs or events, pleaseuse the links below. To read our party guide, please click on the followinglink or copy and paste it into your browser:


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-Everglades restoration may shift past mill and ethanol plant for jobs
Ethanol plant, sugar mill, land swaps discussed
Restoring the missing link between Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades couldmean re-engineering the River of Grass to bypass a sugar mill and a new U.S.Sugar ethanol plant, water managers revealed Thursday. Once the path issettled, construction could stretch over 20 years to build the new system ofreservoirs and water treatment areas to restore flows between the lake andthe Everglades, according to the South Florida Water Management District.,0,4245223.story

-Engineers hope sea pit will save beaches
A 49-foot pit would be blasted into the ocean floor next to Port Evergladesas a key part of a $20 million plan to save southern Broward County'seroding beaches.,0,6540133.story

-Palm Beach County's missing ballots appear to be found
Despite rumors, the ballots hadn't been mistakenly dumped in a landfill orleft behind at voting precincts. Rather, they were found in the county'svote-tabulating center near West Palm Beach. "The ballots were found in thisroom, not in garbage bags, not in the trunks of cars," lead investigatorBrad Merriman, an assistant county administrator, told reporters Thursday.,0,4025597.story

Miami Herald
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-Rudy Crew moves on
With its quick settlement of a buyout package for Superintendent Rudy Crew,a Miami-Dade School Board majority coalesced for the good of the district.They are to be commended.

-Save Florida beaches from drilling frenzy
The latest news from the oil-drilling front is good and bad: The bad news isthat Democrats have been bullied into drafting a bill that allows gas andoil drilling 100 miles off the U.S. coastline. Some Atlantic Coast statescould vote to bring the drilling closer, within 50 miles of their ownshorelines. The good news is that the proposal would honor a 2006 compromisethat gives Florida's coastline at least a 125-mile buffer in the Gulf ofMexico.

Fort Report
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-Republican district turns Dem
A little-noticed number in the latest voter-registration figures from thePalm Beach County elections office could have big implications in 2010. Thelatest report shows that county commission District 4, held by RepublicanMary McCarty since 1990, now has slightly more Democratic voters thanRepublicans. That means Dems now outnumber GOP voters in six of sevencommission districts.

-Progress, FPL nuclear plans carry big costs
Looking to generate more electricity and combat global warming, Florida isbanking on nuclear power in the future. But it won't come cheap. Stateregulators held a hearing Thursday about how much money customers ofProgress Energy Florida and Florida Power & Light will have to pay next yearfor the initial phases of building the state's first new nuclear plantssince the 1980s.

-Ethanol plant touted as way to ease Glades job losses
Even as the state tries to buy U.S. Sugar Corp. for $1.75 billion to restorethe Everglades, separate negotiations could lead to an additional use forthe farming giant's property: a large ethanol plant. People involved in thestate's buyout effort said Thursday that the two proposals could worktogether.

-Fla. delegation shields gulf area in energy bill
Pressure from Florida's House delegation helped keep the eastern Gulf ofMexico off limits for oil drilling in a new Democratic proposal, memberssaid Thursday. Florida Democrats had become nervous as their party'sleadership looked to counter Republicans' push for more domestic drillingwith a proposal of their own, said Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Delray Beach.


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Thursday, September 11, 2008

GLBT DIGEST - September 11, 2008

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From Transgender Equality
Contact for the full article

-Transgender Anti-Discrimination Law in
Montgomery County, MD Safe from Repeal Effort: State's High Court Agrees that Opponents Failed in Collecting Valid Signatures
The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) applauds the decision by Maryland's highest court to invalidate the mean-spirited effort to remove a local anti-discrimination law that passed unanimously by Montgomery County Council last year. The failed effort could have repealed the county law protecting people from discrimination based on gender identity depending upon voters' decision. However, the court decided that the anti-transgender measure must be removed from the November ballot because opponents did not collect enough valid signatures to qualify. [...] Concerted anti-equality efforts are also underway to repeal LGBT laws in Gainesville, FL and Hamtramck, MI.

Human Rights Campaign - HRC
Corporate Equality Index
The seventh annual Corporate Equality Index shows an unprecedented 259 major U.S. businesses earned the top rating of 100 percent, up from 195 last year - an increase of one third. Detailed information on each employer rated is included in the report and on our employer database under "Employers with Corporate Equality Index rating".
...2009 Corporate Equality Index - Full Report pdf (739 KB)
...Human Rights Campaign press release and statement
...Statements from employers that rated 100% in 2009 Search our Employer Database

Michigan: Triangle Foundation Annual State Dinner Event
The Westin Southfield
A Chance to Renew Our Hearts, Our Hopes, and Our Commitment
You're Invited - Sunday, October 12, 2008

Washington Post
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-DC hopes needle exchanges curb soaring AIDS rate
Reggie Jackson spends much of his day inside a Winnebago, riding through the city's hard-scrabble neighborhoods to hand out clean syringes in exchange for dirty ones. "We're saving lives, man," Jackson says. He's on a mission to protect drug addicts from HIV, which Jackson learned he had in 1990 after years of sharing needles to shoot heroin and crack cocaine.

-Tension mounts as Bosnian imams protest gay festival
SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ Posters condemning gays have appeared in Sarajevo ahead of this month's first-ever gay festival in Bosnia. Two Muslim imams have been quoted as criticizing the timing of the five-day festival, which opens Sept. 24 and will occur during the holy month of Ramadan. Islam prohibits gay relationships, and Sarajevo is at least 85 percent Muslim.

Go to the links for the following articles:

-Gay Straight Alliance fights discrimination
Everglades High social studies teacher Bruce Klasner and the school's Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) are putting their efforts toward the new item on the EHS school list: the museum of tolerance. "This museum will explain how it's OK to be different," said Mellany Obel, GSA president. "And we should not discriminate against other people if they have a different skin color from our own or are attracted to those of the same sex." The GSA members will educate the student body by displaying the mistreatment of homosexuals during the Holocaust massacre, which is set to be showcased to all history classes in the late fall. "A lot of people are so involved in their own clique that they fail to accept those who are different from themselves," Obel said. "Hopefully this will teach kids to be more open-minded and accepting of those who do not follow their definition of the status quo." By Nelly Torres, Everglades High,0,1742229.story

-Prosecutor: Sex offender who posed as boy to enroll in Ariz. schools to get 70½-year sentence
A sex offender who posed as a 12-year-old boy to enroll in Arizona schools has pleaded guilty to seven criminal charges, two stemming from the charade he pulled for two years, and will go to prison for more than 70 years, a prosecutor said Wednesday. Authorities didn't find any victims of sexual abuse at the schools 30-year-old Neil Havens Rodreick II attended. But when Rodreick's ruse was discovered in January 2007, they found an extensive collection of child pornography at his home.,0,5150204.story

Miami Herald
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-Biased law must go
It is a sad state of affairs that Florida's official policy is to discriminate against gay people who want to adopt children. In Florida, it is OK for gays and lesbians to be foster parents and guardians -- but not to adopt. That not only sanctions bias, but compounds it with hypocrisy. The ruling this week by Monroe County Circuit Judge David J. Audlin Jr. to allow a gay foster father to adopt a teenaged boy won't change Florida's nonsensical law. Still, it is a victory for one family and, possibly, a chink in the state's specious legal position that bias is OK.

Steve Rothaus
Go to this link for the following articles: blog:
Children's author Maurice Sendak tells New York Times that he's gay
I just read a very bittersweet story about Maurice Sendak, who is celebrating his 80th birthday. It solidified my respect and love for this grumpy, lovable children's author/illustrator, probably THE most beloved of all time (Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen). In the New York times article, Sendak quietly comes out of the closet, revealing he's gay and in mourning for his longtime partner, who recently passed away. He talks about how he kept quiet about his sexuality all these years because he didn't think the world would accept a gay man writing and drawing children's books. What the world would have missed if this man had never picked up a pen!

South Florida Blade
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-Miami Mayor speaks out against Amendment 2
Miami mayor Manny Diaz recently announced his opposition to Amendment 2, which would add an amendment to the Florida constitution outlawing any type of gay domestic partnership or marriage. He joins a chorus of local South Florida leaders, including the Broward Board of Commissioners and the Broward School Board, who have spoken out against the measure. Read his statement on Florida Red and Blue's web site here.

-Obama's gay mentor speaks out
Occidental professor had 'strong influence' on Democratic nominee's views As an 18-year-old undergraduate student at Occidental College in Los Angeles, Barack Obama was among a coterie of students who spoke regularly with Lawrence Goldyn. Goldyn, an openly gay political science professor who served as a mentor and friend to many of the school's minority students, said Obama joined him and other students in discussions about social and political issues at a time when Obama was beginning to develop an interest in politics and civil rights causes.

-Court hears Craig appeal
Ruling will come before Craig leaves Senate
Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, seeking to wipe away an embarrassing criminal conviction in an airport men's room sex sting, put his hope Wednesday in the Minnesota Court of Appeals. An attorney for the retiring Republican argued that he should be able to withdraw a misdemeanor disorderly conduct plea he quietly entered last year following an arrest during a flight layover. The attorney, Billy Martin, told the three-judge panel that Craig's behavior was "as consistent with innocence as it is with guilt."

The Advocate
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-As Ellen Goes, So Goes the Nation
When Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi got married in California in August, there were no protests, no career fallout, and no media backlash, just congratulations from all. It was an archetypal People celebrity wedding featuring two of the beautiful people, one in pants and the other in a gown, and a dreamy setting with flowers, champagne, candlelight, the whole romantic nine yards. No expense spared, no fabulous purveyor left unmentioned. (Mark's Garden! Zac Posen! Neil Lane!) The only thing missing: a groom.


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