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GLBT DIGEST - August 10, 2008

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GLBT DIGEST - August 10, 2008

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New York Times
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-Seeking Better Laws on H.I.V.
MEXICO CITY - The 17th International AIDS Conference ended here on Fridaywith a call for the reversal of laws that criminalize and stigmatize groupsat risk for H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. "Criminalization is a poortool for regulating H.I.V. infection and transmission," Edwin Cameron, ajustice of the Supreme Court of Appeals in South Africa, said in a plenarysession.

Washington Post
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-THE UNITER: That Was the Obama We're Still Waiting For
As the Democratic convention approaches, it's a safe bet that the cablenetworks will transport us back in time to late July 2004 by showing clipsof Barack Obama's electrifying keynote address to that year's gathering.That was the speech that made him a star (and unlike John McCain's ad team,I mean this as a compliment). But I've sometimes wondered in recent months:Whatever happened to that Obama, to that enemy of excessive partisanship andevangelist of national unity?

-The Age Of Madonna: Touched for a Very Long Time
Madonna, OMG, you are 50. You have said again and again that you never readnewspapers or magazines, even though you are always in newspapers andmagazines, so this is in some way wasted space and energy. Then again, sheneedn't be present for us to talk about her. This has always been the keyelement to how Madonna has spent half her life, deliberately deaf in thecenter of the buzz. Madonna turning 50 is not about Madonna. As ever, it'sabout the rest of us, who are always caught watching Madonna do whatever itis Madonna currently does, even if when whatever Madonna is doing is nothingmore than growing old.

-Long Live The Queens
One of the Washington drag scene's most pivotal figures illuminates along-secret world
ON THAT LAST DRAG SUNDAY IN SOUTHEAST, Mame Dennis wanted the show to besomething everyone would remember. For more than a dozen years, Mame hadpresided over the weekly performances at Club 55, as president of the gaytheatrical organization, the Academy of Washington Inc. That alter ego wasthe most vital half of Carl Rizzi's double life. Then there came the firstunfathomable whispers that a new baseball stadium might push them out; thatthe drag queens could lose their corner of the world. Some in the gaycommunity, which had been in the area more than 30 years, held publicmeetings and protests.

-Teen Pleads Not Guilty
A 14-year-old Southern California boy has pleaded not guilty in the slayingof a gay classmate. Brandon McInerney is charged as an adult withfirst-degree murder and a hate crime in the Feb. 12 shooting of 15-year-oldLawrence King, left, at their junior high school in Oxnard.

-Global AIDS prevention gives short shrift to gays
MEXICO CITY -- Jorge Saavedra's moment of truth came in the middle of animpassioned speech to 5,000 people about the paltry amount of money beingspent to stop the spread of AIDS among gay men.

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-Homophobia hampers AIDS fight
Gay Mexican official sends powerful message at international conference
MEXICO CITY - Jorge Saavedra's moment of truth came in the middle of animpassioned speech to 5,000 people about the paltry amount of money beingspent to stop the spread of AIDS among gay men.,0,3693327.story

Express Gay News
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-D.C. clinic's HIV case numbers surge
Whitman-Walker diagnoses up 232 percent from last year
The Whitman-Walker Clinic has revealed the number of its clients testingpositive for HIV jumped from 80 in the first half of 2007 to 266 in thefirst half of 2008 - an unprecedented increase of 232 percent.

-Same-Sex Divorce
Same-sex couples are once again making history in Fresno. They got marriedin June but now at least one couple is seeking a divorce. Two women arebelieved to be the first-same sex couple in Fresno to file for divorce. Theymarried days after the state legalized gay marriages. Just a few days later,they separated.

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-For a gay old time, go to 'Camp' Camp
Forrest Clift can't wait for summer camp. For one week this summer, he'lllive in a cabin, sing songs in a dining hall and swim in a lake. It'llpretty much be like every kid's experience at summer camp.

-How many out lesbian athletes in Beijing? 10.
Today, Aug. 8, 2008, the luckiest day in China, marks the official launch ofthe 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The world of sports, thoughstereotypically filled with dykes, is in actuality rather homophobic; therehave rarely been more than a handful of openly gay and lesbian athletes inany Olympics. But this year, due to my unexpected obsession with theOlympics (I chalk it up to its location, which I spent years studying ingrad school, and don't get me started on the often inaccurate and evenimperialist Western media coverage of China) - wait a sec, where was I?

-Withers: Florida legislator has anti-gay past
Seems there is a video clip of Rouson, who was a Republican at the time, ata political round table going on some anti-gay rant. When the topic of gaysand lesbians adopting children came up, Rouson noted he was convinced beinggay was "morally wrong" and then he went all legal scholar with this littleditty: "The law is supposed to discriminate sometimes, in some respects, itis supposed to discriminate against social order and anarchy."

-Calif. judge: Gay-friendly ballot wording OK
A judge in Sacramento ruled Friday that the revamped wording on a ballotinitiative that would ban same-sex marriage in the California constitutionis acceptable.

-Canada mulls mandatory reporting of HIV+ immigrants
(Vancouver, British Columbia) Immigrants with HIV account for a largeportion of new infections of the disease in Canada and they're slippingbetween the health-care cracks, warns a recent report.

The Advocate
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-Canada Denies Entry to Westboro Baptist Church Members
The Canadian government has notified border patrol guards to preventextremist antigay church leader Fred Phelps from entering the country, theCanadian Press reported Friday. Phelps, leader of the Westboro BaptistChurch in Topeka, Kan., was scheduled to take church members to Winnipeg toprotest a funeral for a man who was killed by a fellow passenger on aGreyhound bus. The cause of death, Phelps says, was God's response toCanada's laws allowing abortion and gay marriage.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-UN Chief: End Bias Against Gay Men
Discrimination against men who have sex with men must end, and countriesmust gear up prevention programs against AIDS in this high-risk group, thesecretary general of the United Nations said Wednesday. Speaking at theopening ceremonies for the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, UNchief Ban Ki-moon was one of several world leaders and health officials whospoke about the need to focus on the epidemic among homosexual men.

Marriage Equality News
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-"Gay unions gaining global favor"
Link: Washington Times
If California were an independent country, it would be among a "Group of 10"economic powers, with a population greater than Canada's or Australia's.So, when California moves on something as controversial as same-sexmarriage, it affects not only other U.S. states, but countries around theworld. A California court decision in May establishing a right to same-sexmarriages - which faces a ballot challenge in November - is a major battlein a global culture war that is slowly winning legal acceptance for someform of gay union. "Every year, a new country is joining the club," saidKatharina Boele-Woelki, a professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlandswho specializes in international and comparative family law.

-"Evangelicals seek to put their stamp on '08 campaign"
Link: The Hill
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) and top evangelical leaders will joinforces next week to amplify issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage andstem-cell research in the race for the White House. Huckabee, FamilyResearch Council President Tony Perkins, and Lou Engle, the leader of TheCall, a young adult movement, plan to hold a news conference Friday callingon Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to spend more timetalking about issues that matter to evangelical voters. The pressconference will be followed by a day of fasting and prayer on the nationalmall organized by The Call. Engle said thousands of evangelicals from acrossthe country are expected to attend.

-"No conjugal visits for gay inmates in Costa Rica: court"
Link: Agence France-Presse
Homosexual inmates in Costa Rica do not have the right to conjugal visits,the nation's highest court has ruled in a case that could be revisited ifCongress passes a bill legalizing gay marriage, newspapers reported. TheConstitutional Tribunal rejected a former inmate's appeal in a lawsuitagainst prison authorities who suddenly stopped his weekly conjugal visitsto his partner, a current inmate he met when both served time in the samejail. The high court's brief ruling said the prison authorities' decision"falls within the scope of their rights, duties and powers."

-"Draft Dem Platform Opposes DOMA, But Weakens Language on LGBT Families"
Link: GayCityNews
A draft version of the 2008 Democratic Party platform, made available on August 7, puts the party on record in opposition to the federal Defense of Marriage Act, in support of a "comprehensive" Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and more generally in favor of the fight to end discrimination against numerous categories of Americans, including those who are gay, lesbian, and ransgendered. But in the current draft, the reference to LGBT families has been made less direct than it was in the 2004 platform, and no comprehensive national strategy on combating HIV/AIDS is spelled out. The 51-page document reflects the work of a drafting committee that finalized its efforts last weekend in Cleveland and will be reviewed by thefull 186-member Platform Committee in Pittsburgh on August 9. The drafting committee included US Representative Tammy Baldwin, an out lesbian from Madison, Wisconsin, and among New Yorkers on the Platform Committee is Matt Morningstar, an attorney on Wall Street whose life partner is Alan Van Capelle, executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, the state's LGBT rights lobby.

-CA: Editorial--"Reneging on a right"
Link: Los Angeles Times
It's the same sentence as in 2000: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." Yet the issue that will be put before voters Nov. 4 is radically different. This time, the wording would be used to rescind an existing constitutional right to marry. We fervently hope that voters, whatever their personal or religious convictions, will shudder at such a step and vote no on Proposition 8. [...] It's a rare and drastic step, invoking the constitutional-amendment process to strip people of rights. Yet in California, it can be done with a simple majority vote. All the more reason for voters to weigh carefully what would be wrought by this measure.Supporters of Proposition 8 insist that the measure is in no way intended to diminish the rights of gays and lesbians, but instead means to encourage ideal households for the raising of children and to put a stop to activist judges. Besides, they say, domestic partnerships provide all the same rights as marriage.

Pink News - UK
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-Mayor Boris Johnson diverts Soho Pride funds to fight homophobic bullying
A £10,000 grant from City Hall to a central London Pride event has beenwithdrawn. Soho Pride has been held in August for the last five years withfunding from the Greater London Authority. A smaller event than PrideLondon, it centres around gay bars in the West End's 'gay village.'

-UN's 2010 AIDS goal may not be reached
The United Nations' goal of achieving "universal access" to anti-HIV drugsand care by 2010 is unlikely to be reached.

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-Irish Times: There is little more perverse than the Mafia's sexual morality
Italy - The case of a mobster gang-raped to punish him for being gay shines a light on Mafia morals, writes Paddy Agnew Cosa Nostra does not like a gay. Indeed, Cosa Nostra tends to have some very traditional, if not to say prudish views on sexuality in general. The Sicilian Mafia might be strong on drug trafficking, racketeering, extortion and many other illegal activities but when it comes to sexuality, the Sicilian godfathers opt for their own peculiar version of the moral high ground. Sicilian lawyer Antonio Fiumefreddo is the person to have shed the most recent light on one of the least documented realities of the murky world of Cosa Nostra. In a YouTube interview with Swiss journalist and TV personality Klaus Davi, he recounted the story of "Giovanni", a 20-year-old mobster serving time in Catania's Piazza Lanza prison.

-Arsham Parsi is interviewed by Logo - Link to video:§ion_0=news§ion_1=§ion_2=big_gay_sketch_show§ion_3=videos.jhtml

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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--Growing Epidemic in Gay and Bisexual Men in the United States Heightens the Call for a National AIDS Strategy Bridging Race and Sexuality
In the wake of disturbing news about higher HIV rates in the United States,people living with HIV and allies are calling for a national AIDS strategythat confronts the homophobia, violence and bias at the heart of the U.S.epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the newfigures released on Saturday, August 2 reflect a "stable" epidemic, albeitone with a higher level of annual infections than previously estimated.However, the data reveal an ongoing and persistent increase in rates ofinfection among gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM), many ofwhom are Black and/or Latino. "The new estimates confirm that a vast majority of new infections in the U.S. occur in gay and bisexual men, and that Blacks are significantly more heavily impacted than other racial/ethnic categories. However, the data fail to clearly link the two, perpetuating a longstanding, damaging polarization," explained Walt Senterfitt, CHAMP board co-chair and anepidemiologist living with HIV who served as a Visiting Scientist at CDC's Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention.

-Stripes: Gays in the military = "Orgies on demand"
What should the response be to a crazy anti-gays in the military letter inthe Stars & Stripes?:

-This Week in Washington Blade!

-Gay City News

-Obama for America Announces Expansion of LGBT Leadership Team - Rep.
Baldwin and other backers of Hillary Clinton's bid join team
The Obama for America campaign today announced a significant expansion of its National LGBT Steering and Policy Committee, as well as its grassroots infrastructure (Obama Pride). Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), who was the Chair of Hillary Clinton's National LGBT Steering Committee, has joined Tobias Barrington Wolff, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a civil rights lawyer who chaired Obama's LGBT Policy Committee during the primary, as co-chairs of the new National LGBT Steering and Policy Committee. Over the last few weeks, dozens of members of Clinton's committee have joined the Steering and Policy Committee, and the committee will continue to grow between now and Election Day. "I am proud to support Barack Obama for President and work hard for his election because we share a commitment to equality for all Americans. This is our quest and our common goal," said Congresswoman Baldwin. "From now through November, we will reach out aggressively to our fellow LGBT Americans to ensure that they know there is only one candidate in this race who will stand up for equal rights and build a coalition that can deliver the change that we desperately need," Baldwin said.

-Gay Linguists: A Six-Figure Solution Missing One Common-Sense Addition
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the picture on the ground inIraq is quickly making military personnel who can translate Arabicpriceless. This morning's Christian Science Monitor reports that the Armyis preparing to offer a staggering $150,000 retention bonus to servicemembers who are proficient in Arabic, "in reflection of how critical it hasbecome for the US military to retain native language and cultural know-howin its ranks." Indeed, as the war in Iraq goes on, and the militarysubsequently finds fewer and fewer people anxious for extended stays in thedesert, retaining trained troops is becoming a critical centerpiece of manycommanders' strategies. The supply of Arabic speakers just isn't keeping upwith the demand created by ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Themilitary's conventional language training program, the Defense LanguageInstitute in Monterey, Calif., could not churn out enough American soldiersproficient in Arabic, Kurdish, Dari, Pashtu, and Farsi, and the militaryquickly turned to private contractors to fill the gap," reporter GordonLubold writes. "Numerous programs have sprouted up, including one at FortLewis, Wash., where soldiers are given a 10-month immersion program inlanguage and culture."

-Newspapers examine challenges in HIV prevention among MSM
Rising HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men, "[h]omophobia,biology and misplaced confidence that AIDS has become a treatable chronicillness are contributing to a disturbing flashback among scientists andactivists" and concern among public health officials that manycountries"appear to be repeating the early patterns of the epidemic," theWashington Post reports. HIV/AIDS was labeled a "homosexual disease" whenit first appeared in the 1980s, but then "an enormous grassroots movement... sparked government action, and more significantly, effective preventioncampaigns" among MSM, the Post reports. However, HIV infections among MSMhave been increasing, particularly among communities where there is a stigmaagainst homosexuality, according to the Post.

-Are You Moral Enough To Vote In Alabama?
ACLU Sues Ala. Secretary of State for refusing voter registrations
Last we checked, Alabama was still one of the 50 states of the Union, andit's likely that the average citizen in that state cares as much about whichpolitical leaders govern him/her as does a citizen in any other state. Andcome election day, most of those citizens will get to express that concernby casting ballots. Most, but not all. On July 21, the American CivilLiberties Union (ACLU) filed suit against Alabama's Secretary of State andother election officials, charging that the defendants have systematicallybeen refusing voter registrations from people convicted of nonviolentoffenses such as tax evasion and forgery. But although Alabama, like manystates, restricts the voting rights of some convicted felons, the state isunique as to some of the ones it won't allow to reregister: Those convictedof crimes involving "moral turpitude" - a phrase most people have only heardon old "Perry Mason" episodes.

-NEW YORK - In a friend-of-the-court brief filed today on behalf of creativearts, media and free speech organizations, the American Civil LibertiesUnion criticized the Federal Communication Commission's regulationof"indecent speech" as arbitrary, inconsistent and irreconcilable with coreFirst Amendment values. The brief urges the Supreme Court to uphold a lowercourt ruling in Federal Communication Commission (FCC) v. Fox TelevisionStations, Inc. striking down the recent FCC decision to ban even "fleetingexpletives" from the airwaves as an unjustified departure from the agency'slongstanding practices. The ACLU brief is online at:

-New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. and the New York City Pension Funds today called on three companies to specifically bardiscrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Inshareholder resolutions submitted over the last several days, Thompsoncalled on Pilgrims Pride Corp. of Pittsburg, TX, D.R. Horton of Forth Worth,TX, and UGI Corp. of Valley Forge, PA, to change policies to strengthenanti-discrimination protections. "Corporate America must ensure that allemployees receive the same protections and feel safe and secure fromharassment and bias in the workplace," Thompson said. "These measuresprovide a step toward leveling the playing field for all workers."

-Discovery Approved for Computer in Divorce Proceedings
A computer recovered by a woman from the trunk of a family car is subject todiscovery in a matrimonial proceeding, a Manhattan judge has ruled. Thewoman's husband opposed allowing her to use information gleaned from thelaptop, arguing she had improperly "seized" his personal, work-issuedcomputer. But New York Supreme Court Justice Saralee Evans found that thewife hadbroken no laws by accessing the computer and threw out the husband'smotionto suppress.

= - The gay Olympians
Since the modern Olympics began over 100 years ago, at least 19 gay athleteshave taken home medals. How many do you know?

Gay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrier
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-Missouri on track to elect second out gay male state lawmaker
Openly gay lawyer Mike Colona emerged the winner in a five-candidateDemocratic primary for a state House seat in Missouri, and he faces noopponent in the fall election. He is set to become the second out gay manelected to the state Legislature. Colona reportedly caused a stir with therevelation that he was the "custodian of records" for several adult Websites, which hired him to verify no minors were involved; his name wasremoved from the sites after his work became public knowledge. (8/8)

-Lesbian candidates fall short in Georgia, Kansas primaries
Out candidates Keisha Waites, a Georgia Democrat, and Inga Taylor, a KansasDemocrat, both lost primaries in their respective bids to win seats in theirstate Houses. Waites was defeated by Ralph Long III in a runoff to fill anopen seat. Taylor lost to Gail Finney, vice chairwoman of the localDemocratic Party, who reportedly made an issue of Taylor's sexualorientation and "East Coast" ties to The Victory Fund, which endorsed her.
Southern Voice (8/8) , (8/7)

-Group: Obama favors adoption rights for LGBT people
Likely Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama backs the LGBTcommunity's right to adopt children, according to a statement his campaignissued to the Family Equality Council. The group asked Obama and hisRepublican counterpart, John McCain, to clarify their LGBT adoption viewsafter McCain, in an interview, said he was against such a right; the McCaincampaign has not responded to the group's request.

Out political pundit making her mark
Writer Rebecca Traister considers out Air America host Rachel Maddow, who isrumored to be getting her own MSNBC show, to be the breakout pundit of thisyear's presidential race. "Maddow is one of the few left-liberal women tobust open the world of TV punditry, which has made icons of right-wingcommentators like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin," Traister writes. "Unlikeher beautiful, bilious conservative female counterparts or the cocksureboys-on-the-bus analysts, however, Maddow didn't get here by bluster andbravado but with a combination of crisp thinking and galumphing good cheer."
AlterNet/The Nation

Forwarded by Bill Sterling

-ESSAY/Brokeback comics craze
Picture this: a cozy bedroom of a ski chalet in northern Japan, where twolithe men make passionate love to each other. Asuka's lean body is dampwith moisture, his face is twisted in ecstasy. Saliva drips from hislover's parted lips as he breathes heavily. Gay porn? Almost. Yaoi?Absolutely. Yaoi, the acronym for the Japanesephrase "Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" ("no peak, no plot, nomeaning") is a genre of comic from Japan that has slowly captured theminds of women all over the United States. Commonly referred to as yaoi or"boys love," these comics feature romantic relationships between twobeautiful men and are created "for women by women," meaning they arewritten, illustrated and read by women. "The genre's got a huge anddiverse audience in here," says Jeff Ayers,store manager of Forbidden Planet, a comics store in New York. "It'sattracted a ton of dedicated readers whose appetites I've foundincreasingly difficult to sate."

-Gift cards key to new AIDS prevention strategy
Could the AIDS virus be stopped with gift cards? Desperate for a way to stop the escalating spread of HIV among young gay men, public health officials are looking to novel strategies, such as enlisting local gay opinion leaders to urge their peers to practice safe sex. Promising signs from such a project in North Carolina led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to begin rolling it out on a broader scale,to more than 200 community groups. The budget is $1.5 million over a two-year period. The idea is to give gift coupons to popular, influential men in the gaycommunity and encourage them to talk up condom use, regular HIV testingand other responsible actions. It may sound frivolous, but little else has proven effective for the men most affected by the epidemic.

Logo Online
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-The 10 Gayest Places Down South


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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST - August 10, 2008

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New York Times
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-Energy Fictions
A nation that uses one-quarter of the world's oil while possessing less than3 percent of its reserves cannot drill its way to happiness at the pump.

-The United States v. the Driver
The priority assigned to Salim Ahmed Hamdan is an example of President Bush's hapless approach to combating terrorism.

-Op-Ed Columnist: Flush With Energy
The Arctic Hotel in Ilulissat, Greenland, is a charming little place on theWest Coast, but no one would ever confuse it for a Four Seasons - maybe aOne Seasons. But when my wife and I walked back to our room after dinner theother night and turned down our dim hallway, the hall light went on. It wastriggered by an energy-saving motion detector. Our toilet even had twodifferent flushing powers depending on - how do I say this delicately - whatexactly you're flushing. A two-gear toilet! I've never found any of this atan American hotel. Oh, if only we could be as energy efficient as Greenland!

-Op-Ed Columnist: Make Diplomacy, Not War
Iraq and Afghanistan are the messes getting attention today, but they areonly symptoms of a much broader cancer in American foreign policy. A fewglimpses of this larger affliction: The United States has more musicians inits military bands than it has diplomats.

-Op-Ed Contributor: Learning to Read Democrat
THE purpose of a party platform is pandering, but it is pandering of aparticular sort. The Democratic Party's platform committee has produced its2008 edition, and now this draft awaits approval at the Democratic NationalConvention later this month. Like all platforms, it is not an outreachdocument. It is aimed at the faithful, under the assumption that only theywill read it.

-Woman in Edwards Affair Will Not Allow DNA Test
A day after former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina offered to take apaternity test to prove he did not father a child out of wedlock, the womanwith whom he admitted having an affair, Rielle Hunter, said Saturday thatshe would never agree to such a test.

-The Food Chain: Darfur Withers as Sudan Sells Food
ED DAMER, Sudan - Even as it receives a billion pounds of free food frominternational donors, Sudan is growing and selling vast quantities of itsown crops to other countries, capitalizing on high global food prices at atime when millions of people in its war-riddled region of Darfur barely haveenough to eat.

-Hopes Grow For Zimbabwe Power - Sharing Deal
HARARE (Reuters) - South African President Thabo Mbeki, mediating inZimbabwe's crisis, began meetings with President Robert Mugabe and thecountry's opposition leaders on Sunday amid signs a power-sharing deal isclose.

-News Analysis: In Georgia Clash, a Lesson on U.S. Need for Russia
The image of President Bush smiling and chatting with Prime MinisterVladimir V. Putin of Russia from the stands of the Beijing Olympics even asRussian aircraft were shelling Georgia outlines the reality of America'sRussia policy. While America considers Georgia its strongest ally in thebloc of former Soviet countries, Washington needs Russia too much on bigissues like Iran to risk it all to defend Georgia.

-Slipstream: Olympics Online, With a Hook
CAN the leopard shed his spots? This month, Microsoft is offering Websurfers in the United States a seductive viewing treat. In conjunction withNBC, the software publisher is offering thousands of hours of free videodirect from the Olympics in Beijing.

-A Tall, Cool Drink of ... Sewage?
Before I left New York for California, where I planned to visit awater-recycling plant, I mopped my kitchen floor. Afterward, I emptied thebucket of dirty water into the toilet and watched as the foamy mess swirledaway. This was one of life's more mundane moments, to be sure. But withwater infrastructure on my mind, I took an extra moment to contemplate mywater's journey through city pipes to the wastewater-treatment plant, whichseparates solids and dumps the disinfected liquids into the ocean.

Washington Post
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-THE UNITER: That Was the Obama We're Still Waiting For
As the Democratic convention approaches, it's a safe bet that the cablenetworks will transport us back in time to late July 2004 by showing clipsof Barack Obama's electrifying keynote address to that year's gathering.That was the speech that made him a star (and unlike John McCain's ad team,I mean this as a compliment). But I've sometimes wondered in recent months:Whatever happened to that Obama, to that enemy of excessive partisanship andevangelist of national unity?

-Obama Tax Plan Would Balloon Deficit, Analysis Finds
Democrat's Promise to Cut Taxes Without Adding to Debt Relies on Bush FiscalPolicy
On the campaign trail, Sen. Barack Obama bashes President Bush for"reckless" economic policies that are "mortgaging our children's future on amountain of debt." But the Democratic presidential candidate has adopted akey component of Bush's fiscal policy: A novel bookkeeping method thatguarantees that the $9.5 trillion national debt will get much bigger.

-Detainee May Not Go Free After Sentence
U.S. Still Might Hold Hamdan as 'Combatant'
The short sentence a military jury handed down this week to the first manconvicted of terrorism-related charges at a Guantanamo Bay trial has takenthe Defense Department by surprise, spurring high-level discussions aboutwhat to do with Salim Ahmed Hamdan when his sentence expires in January.

-Raising Issues Of Race in Anglican Rift
Conservatives' Links to Africans Questioned by Black U.S. Bishops
CANTERBURY, England -- For five years, conservative Episcopalians eager toescape their liberal U.S. church have been building ties with AfricanAnglicans half a world away.

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-Is your drinking water safe? Tips on how to check it
Ask your water company for its most recent Consumer Confidence Report, whichwill list the contaminants found.,0,4256850.story

-John Edwards' affair was most costly political risk, sinking a once-soaring political career
Backed by his friendly Southern drawl, the practiced charm of a courtroomwarrior and a smile bright enough to blind the camera's eye, John Edwardsnever lacked the confidence to take the big risk.,0,3045050.story

-Photos from Beijing,0,207253.photogallery

Miami Herald
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-Historic global boom hits the wall
The global economy is a runaway train that is slowing, but not quicklyenough. That is what the extraordinary run-up in prices for oil, metals andfood is screaming at us. The spectacular and historic global economic boomof the past six years is about to hit a wall. Unfortunately, no one,certainly not in Asia or the United States, seems willing to bite the bulletand help engineer the necessary coordinated retreat to sustained sub-trendgrowth, which is necessary so that new commodity supplies and alternativescan catch up.

General: More troops aren't the answer
There's military slang that seemingly applies to the situation on the groundin Afghanistan today. The operative acronym is FUBAR -- Fouled Up Beyond AllRecognition. One of the sharper military analysts I know has just returnedfrom a tour of that sorrowful nation, which has been at war continuouslysince the Soviet army invaded it in late 1979.

Echelon Magazine
Newspapers in the Digital Age: Not Dead, Just Different:
It used to be that delivering a superior news product was enough to buildbrand consistency and guarantee success. A great editorial environment wasalways the foundation for attracting print advertisers in search of aqualified consumer audience.

Fort Report
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-Democrats derail bid by Clinton backers to ban caucuses
Devoted Hillary Clinton supporters urged the Democratic Party Saturday toend caucuses, the town hall meetings in states like Iowa where Clinton'spresidential campaign first stumbled and Barack Obama launched his march tothe nomination.

-Democrats inch closer to universal health care
Democrats shaped a set of principles Saturday that commits the party toguaranteed health care for all, heading off a potentially divisive debateand edging the party closer to the position of Barack Obama's defeatedrival, Hillary Clinton.,0,5947978.story

-Elizabeth Edwards: This isn't "just John's cause"
As the nurse fumbled to find the vein in her arm Wednesday, ElizabethEdwards, bracing for the worst possible news, said her decision about herhusband's presidential campaign was sealed. A doctor already had told her abone scan revealed that her cancer had returned in an incurable form.Edwards was preparing for further tests - ones she said she expected wouldreveal a perilous spread of the cancer - and her husband, who is squeamishabout IVs, had left the room.

-FBI admits spying on multiple US reporters, apologizes
Offers no explanation for spying -
We're sorry.

-POLITICS: Defining 'home' can be a stretch for politicians
In grand South Florida tradition, some politicians have tenuous connectionswith the districts they represent -- or hope to.

-A Six-Figure Solution Missing One Common-Sense Addition
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the picture on the ground inIraq is quickly making military personnel who can translate Arabicpriceless. This morning's Christian Science Monitor reports that the Armyis preparing to offer a staggering $150,000 retention bonus to servicemembers who are proficient in Arabic, "in reflection of how critical it hasbecome for the US military to retain native language and cultural know-howin its ranks." Indeed, as the war in Iraq goes on, and the militarysubsequently finds fewer and fewer people anxious for extended stays in thedesert, retaining trained troops is becoming a critical centerpiece of manycommanders' strategies. The supply of Arabic speakers just isn't keeping upwith the demand created by ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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FLORIDA DIGEST - August 10, 2008

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Stonewall Library & Archives has joined forces with ArtsUnited and FortLauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) for a new monthly featurefilm series, F4U (Films for Us). These first-run LGBT films and will beshown at Cinema Paradiso, at 8:00 pm on the second Wednesday of every month.Cinema Paradiso is located in Fort Lauderdale at 503 SE 6th Street, a blockeast of Broward County Courthouse on south bank of New River. The Augustfilm selection, to be shown on Wednesday, August 13, is the award-winning"Butch Jamie," a quirky, gender-bending comedy about an out-of-work lesbianactor willing to try almost anything for a role. Dressing up as "FemmeJamie" for auditions, struggling actress Jamie Klein (writer/directorMichelle Ehlen) continually faces rejection as she fails to be a typicalleading lady until she takes a different approach, auditioning as herself -aka "Butch Jamie." General admission: $9; Senior and students: $7.00;Members of Stonewall,
ArtsUnited or FLIFF: $5.00
For further information, please contact:
Jack Rutland, Executive Director
Stonewall Library & Archives

The Sunshine Cathedral
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-Upcoming Schedule of Events
With the completion of the Dr John Graves Chancel and the installation ofthe Rodgers Organ and Ruffattii pipes there are several opportunities thatyou will not want to miss in the coming months. The Sunshine Cathedral andthe Sunshine Community Foundation would like you to save these dates. Lookfor more detailed information on these events soon.
..Labor Day Picinic Monday, September 1, 2008 - Caldwell Pavillion located
in Synder Park, 11:00am until 4:00pm
..Dr. John Graves Chancel Dedication, Sunday, October 12, 2008 - During ourregular Sunday morning worship services. 9:00am & 10:30am
..Sunshine Cathedral's Diamond Ball, Sunday, October 19, 2008
..Organ Concert featuring Fred Swann, Saturday, November 8, 2008
..Hebble/Zettler Pipe Organ Dedication, Sunday, November 9, 2008 - Duringour regular Sunday morning worship services, 9:00am & 10:30
..Christmas Eve Services, Wednesday, December 24
..Bravissimo! 2009, Saturday, March 28, 2009

You are cordially invited to
Oak Tree Country Club Neighborhood
At the FLYNN home - 2930 Oak Tree Drive
Oakland Park, FL
Sunday, September 28, 2008 - 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
R.S.V.P. (954) 730 0469
Please join us for food and fun! All contributions limited to $250.00 maximum allowed per person. The purchase of a ticket for or a contributionto, the campaign fundraiser is a contribution to the Campaign of SuzanneBoisvenue

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-Delray temple welcomes its first gay rabbi
Temple Sinai of Palm Beach County is welcoming a new spiritual leader intoits Delray Beach congregation. Rabbi Greg Kanter will be the official rabbias of Sept. 1. Kanter has been, and will continue, performing services as aguest rabbi until he officially assumes the role. He said the congregationhas been warm and welcoming from his first visit.,0,491262.story


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-Broward Schools face cutbacks as new year gets closer
Support staff is cut; magnet bus routes are consolidated
Kids who spent much of their summer watching their parents save money willstep into Broward County classrooms on the first day of school and feel thesqueeze of district's penny-pinching.,0,1423891.story

-Shear strategy: Obama campaign seeks out potential voters at barbershops,salons
Obama staffers tap barbershops, salons to register voters
Barack Obama's campaign went looking for unregistered black voters inbarbershops and beauty salons across the state Saturday, including Browardand Palm Beach counties, in a new outreach effort to African-Americans.,0,3244963.story

-Time for voters to make their marks on new paper ballots
Palm Beach County to debut system that can verify election results
After eight years of voting turmoil, from punch cards and hanging chads inthe 2000 presidential election to the high-tech, touch-screen votingmachines distrusted by so many, Palm Beach County voters are about to get anew, seemingly simple way to vote: marking a paper ballot.,0,3318549.story

-South Florida Muslims gathering to urge involvement in communities
Muslims in South Florida plan large event to promote understanding throughinvolvement in communities
South Florida's Muslims have decided it's time to raise their profile. Forthe first time, Muslim leaders from Broward, Palm Beach and other southernFlorida counties will gather for a summit that will allow them to socialize,share safety concerns and find ways to make their voices heard in localcivic life. Muslims from Miami, Homestead, Key West, Fort Myers and Naplesare expected to be among those who attend.,0,4192314.story

Miami Herald
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State Senate candidate Bird lags in fundraising stakes
Democratic candidate Linda Bird raised roughly $25,000 in her high-profilebid to unseat the incoming state Senate president, according to the firstcampaign finance report released since she entered the race last month.Bird's two-week total trails incumbent Sen. Jeff Atwater, a North Palm BeachRepublican, who raised about $111,000 in the same period.

-All-boys public school to open in fall
The Young Men's Preparatory Academy will become Miami-Dade's first all-boyspublic high school when it opens this fall. The technologically advancedmagnet will strive to produce leaders.

-Mandates on the use of renewable energy would have a profound impact on the environment, but at what cost?
A crucial argument about the best way to combat global warming comes down totwo alternatives that may seem deceptively simple: Force utilities to makea certain percentage of electricity from renewable resources, such as solarand wind.

Fort Report
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-Can McCain catch Obama's FL groundgame?
Unemployed Palm Harbor resident George Riley may be among the most importantand overlooked political figures in Florida these days. "Hi, I'm calling onbehalf of the Florida Republican Party and John McCain,'' the 27-year-oldsaid, hunched over a stack of papers one night last week with a cell phonepressed to his cheek. "Currently in the race for president, do you supportJohn McCain, Barack Obama, or are you undecided? John McCain? Okay.''

-U.S. Sugar deal raises questions about future of industry
Downsizing, when it comes to the sugar business, is nothing new. Since1985, more than half of the sugar-producing operations in United States haveshut down, according to the American Sugar Alliance, the chief lobbyinggroup for the nation's cane and sugar beet growers.

-Experts: GOP to retain control in Fla.
Although the Democrats expect this to be a good year nationally, thatpolitical momentum may not filter its way down to state legislative races.

-The latest tax idea: Leap first, look later
We've been hearing a lot lately, and will hear a lot more, about Amendment 5
on the Nov. 4 ballot. It's a big change in the way Florida is taxed thatwill affect a lot of us, one way or the other.

-COMMENTARY TAKING NAMES: So many reasons why you should oppose Amendment 5
Want a good reason to vote against the latest tax scheme to come out of Tallahassee? Here are 10 of them.,0,2385962.column

-Candidates aren't big fans of early voting
More and more voters are eschewing Election Day. They're voting when andwhere they please, either with absentee ballots that now can be obtainedwithout an excuse such as being out of town, or through early voting thatallows people to cast ballots at any special site in the county for twoweeks before an election.

-Voting starts Monday at area election offices
Betty Allen-Oxendine voted early for the presidential preference primariesJan. 29 and doesn't plan to vote at the polls again if she can avoid it.

-School accountability, vouchers -- and deceit
Seven years later than many of us in public education had already suspectedand perceived, details of the purpose and means of the federal No Child LeftBehind Act have been made public. Susan Neuman, a member of the group thatwrote the NCLB legislation, admitted that some members "saw NCLB legislationas a Trojan horse for the choice agenda, a way to expose the failure ofpublic schools and blow it up a bit."

-Erosion of the capital press corps creates concern
Because of Florida's peculiar geography, with its state Capitol locatedhundreds of miles from its major metro areas, a relative handful ofreporters have the task of covering an enormous bureaucracy andmultibillion-dollar budget. It's never been a cakewalk, but it's about toget a whole lot harder.

-Analysis: Fresh energy problems for new president
No matter who moves into the White House in January, energy problems willhit him with the punch of a winter storm.

Florida Forum for Change on New Energy for America
Please join us this Monday, August 11th, when New Mexico Governor BillRichardson will address a Florida Forum for Change in Pembroke Pines.
Governor Richardson will speak about New Energy for America and aboutgrowing this grassroots movement for change.
Pembroke Pines Charter High School Cafeteria - 17189 Sheridan St.
Pembroke Pines, FL
Monday, August 11th
Doors Open: 4:30 p.m.


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