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GLBT DIGEST April 5, 2008

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New York Times
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-Virginia Judge Allows Case on Episcopal Property to Proceed
Eleven congregations in Virginia that broke away from the Episcopal Churchhave won an initial round in their court fight to retain church property.

-NYC Pol Caught in Slush Fund Probe
NEW YORK (AP) -- Christine Quinn was widely thought to have a shot atbecoming New York's first female and openly gay mayor. But that bid may becomplicated by revelations that the city council, under her leadership,allocated millions of dollars to fake organizations.

-Clinton Discusses Gay Rights With Ellen
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told EllenDeGeneres that she will work to ensure that same-sex couples such as thetalk show host and her partner Portia de Rossi are treated fairly.

Washington Post
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-Md. Hospital Deal Advances
Gay Rights Bills Also Move Ahead in Legislature
The Maryland Senate advanced legislation yesterday authorizing anindependent takeover of the ailing Prince George's County hospital systemand revived an emergency measure to ban children's products containing leadas lawmakers sprinted toward adjournment Monday.

Express Gay News
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-Edits to gay soldier's Wikipedia entry traced to Pentagon
Anonymous user deleted references to sexual orientation
A Wikipedia article about Maj. Alan Rogers, a gay soldier who was killed inJanuary in Iraq, was apparently edited by someone in the Pentagon, whoremoved any mention that Rogers was gay.

-Tucson Region: Bid for ban of AZ gay marriages is derailed
Fall referendum off the table; Bee to kill Senate measure
PHOENIX - State lawmakers' efforts to get a constitutional ban on gaymarriage before voters appears all but dead.

-For Slain Youth, World Wide Web Of Mourners
Strangers Create Memorials To a Gay Teen Named Larry
No one really dies on the Internet. A private life becomes public. Everylife finds an audience. Look at Lawrence "Larry" King. The openly gayeighth-grader who was shot and killed nearly two months ago lives on.

-Just roommates
Colleges' final frontier: mixed-gender housing
In the Woodstock era, the advent of coed dorms caused a stir, with Lifemagazine proclaiming the development "an intimate revolution on campus."
Coed floors came along over the next two decades, giving college studentsimmediate proximity to each other. The next step, coed suites and bathrooms,brought the sexes even closer together.

-Beach boys in the buff by Jesse Monteagudo
Florida's nude beaches endure despite challenges
The gay pubs in Florida are filled with photos of shirtless torsos atvarious outdoor events. At first glance, the average visitor may think thissun-drenched state is also an Eden for nude sunbathing enthusiasts. Mildweather and beautiful beaches have, in fact, made Florida popular withintern ational tourists from places where beach nudity is not controversial.

-Remaking the cowboy's image
Gay cowboys and cowgirls compete in GLBT rodeo
FOR SOUTHWEST RANCHES horse trainer Heath Gunnison, images of thebutt-kicking, bad-ass cowboys best exemplified by a Waylon Jennings song ora Sam Shepard drama are romanticized notions of the past.

-Kern decries influence of rich gays on elections
Donor says Okla. lawmaker 'doesn't know what she's up against'
In the same speech in which she said the "homosexual agenda" is moredangerous than terrorism, Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern blasted wealthygays for surreptitiously influencing the electoral process.

-Give me 'Shelter'
Art, surfing and family loyalties color sexual awakening film
WHILE MANY YOUNG GAY filmmakers rely on their own coming out experiences forthe inspiration for their first projects, writer/director Jonah Markowitzreaches further with his first full-length feature film, "Shelter."

-Park sex bill could destroy lives of innocent gay men
Making public sex a felony is another step toward a prison stateWith 2.3 million people behind bars, the United States has the highestincarceration rate in the world, far ahead of communist China,Russia andIran. Three jurisdictions in Florida - the city of Jacksonville and Polk andPinellas counties - rank in the top 10 for highest incarceration rates inthe United States, according to a recent report by the Justice PolicyInstitute.

-Persecution of gays abroad gaining more attention
Reports include death squads, torture and coerced gender changes in IranSINCE I WROTE AN EARLIER column about the persecution of gays in manyforeign countries ("Over There," Chicago Free Press, July 25, 2007), therehave been several more news stories about the plight of gays abroad - inEastern Europe, in Africa, in portions of Latin America, but particularly inthe Muslim theocracies of the Middle East - Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.

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-Trial to Proceed In Transwoman Discrimination Suit
(Houston, Texas) The District Court for the Southern District of Texas onFriday denied motions for summary judgment from both sides in the case of atransgender woman who found her job offer from a Houston medical clinicwithdrawn after a background check disclosed her sex as male.

-Man Convicted Of Spreading HIV Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison
(Windsor, Ontario) A man convicted of knowingly spreading the virus thatcauses AIDS was handed an 18-year prison sentence Friday after a judgedeclined to declare him a dangerous offender.

-Arizona Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Appears Dead
(Phoenix, Arizona) It looks as though a proposed amendment to the Arizonastate Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage will not make it ontothe ballot this November following a testy session in the legislature.

-Court: Website That Asks If You Are Gay Violates Calif. Law
(San Francisco, California) A federal appeals court has ruled that a companythat finds roommates for people on the Internet violated California law byrequiring people to state their sex, sexuality and whether they hadchildren.

-Opposition Demands Canadian MP Resign Over Homophobic Remark
(Regina, Saskatchewan) Tom Lukiwski rocks back and forth in the camera framewhile pontificating about the differences between alpha and beta males.

-Clinton Says She Would Be Best To Defend Gay Rights
(Washington) Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said she would defendgay rights as president and eliminate disparities for same-sex couples infederal law, including immigration and tax policy.

-Carter Hints At Obama Endorsement
(Washington) Former President Carter left little doubt this week about whomhe'd like to see in the White House next year.

-Obama Outraises Clinton 2-1 In March
(Washington) Barack Obama raked in $40 million in March, leaving HillaryRodham Clinton and her $20 million in the fundraising dust and stuffing hiscampaign treasury so he can outspend her in the crucial Pennsylvaniaprimary.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-Edits to Gay Soldier's Wikipedia Entry Traced to Pentagon
A Wikipedia article about Maj. Alan Rogers, a gay soldier who was killed inJanuary in Iraq, was apparently edited by someone in the Pentagon, whoremoved any mention that Rogers was gay. The user on Monday redacted detailsabout Rogers that appeared on the online encyclopedia site. Information thatwas deleted included Rogers' sexual orientation; the soldier's participationin American Veterans for Equal Rights, a group that works to change militarypolicy toward gays; and the fact that Rogers' death helped bring the U.S.military's casualty toll in Iraq to 4,000.

-Battling Meth Addiction in the Gay Community
Crystal, Tina, Crissy and Dizzy are not the members of the latest all girlgroup. They are just a few of the cute little nicknames gay people havegiven to an addictive drug causing mass destruction in our community. We'veheard it all before-the trouble that this dangerous drug causes and theeffects it has on the user... from loss of jobs to withdrawal from familyand friends, unsafe sexual practices and a significant rise in rates ofsexual transmitted disease including HIV/AIDS, though the facts are staringus in the face, use rates continue to spike across the country.

-Not 'Gay' to Want Respect in Schools
Are our public schools doing enough to protect gay students from harassment?The case of Jimmy Iniguez makes me wonder. Iniguez, a 17-year-old junior whois openly gay, was accused last week of harassing another student andsuspended from Wichita's Metro-Midtown Alternative High School. Iniguezfought the charge, saying he was the one who was being unfairly accused andharassed because of his sexual orientation.

-Bi Bond? Daniel Craig Thinks So
Actor Daniel Craig seems to be getting used to gay male attention followingon from his spat with journalist and muscle enthusiast Johann Hari. As welove to remind everyone, Hari came close to getting a punch from Craig atthe BAFTA party for complimenting one of the nation's most talented actorson how well he fills a pair of speedos.

-Kennedy Targets Job Bias Against Gays
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy is jumping into the middle of an uproar within thegay community whose causes he has long championed. The MassachusettsDemocrat is leading a push in the Senate for a federal ban on job biasagainst gays, lesbians and bisexuals - but not transsexuals, cross-dressersand others whose outward appearance doesn't match their gender at birth.

-GLSEN's Day of Silence Honors the Memory of Lawrence King
Following the recent murder of eighth grade student Lawrence King, studentsacross America will dedicate Friday, April 25, 2008 to the memory of King onGLSEN's 12th annual National Day of Silence. Students will observe a vow ofsilence to bring attention to anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendername-calling, bullying and harassment in middle schools, high schools andcollege campuses.

-Human Rights Campaign to Host Florida "Camp Equality," Train Activists forElection 2008
The Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay, lesbian, bisexual andtransgender civil rights organization, announced today that it is launchinga national program to help elect fair-minded candidates and defeatdiscriminatory ballot measures. The program - called Camp Equality - willtrain nearly 1,500 people in 14 cities to work on political campaigns. Thefirst Camp Equality will take place in Orlando, Florida on May 2-4. Thoseinterested in participating in Camp Equality are encouraged to apply onlinebefore the April 25 deadline:

Marriage Equality News
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-Maryland: Unmarried couples would get additional medical decision-makingrights in Maryland under a bill headed to the governor. The House ofDelegates has approved a bill to allow domestic partners, who could be gayor straight, to make medical or funeral decisions for each other if theymeet certain criteria to show they are a committed couple.

-A state lawmaker said a Missouri judge should not grant an annulment to alesbian married in Massachusetts. Republican State Sen. Delbert Scott ofLowry City said the couple violated a Massachusetts residency requirementwhen they moved to Missouri. In 2003, Missouri lawmakers overwhelminglypassed Scott's bill limiting marriage to be only between a man and a woman.
Scott filed a brief Tuesday asking Buchanan County Circuit Judge DanielKellogg to drop the case as an "unrecognized marriage." The brief said statelaw bars judges from recognizing same-sex marriage for any purpose.

-A state lawmaker has drawn the ire of gay Marylanders for derisive commentshe made last month. During a legislative hearing on a same-sex marriagebill, Del. Frank Conaway Jr. (D-Baltimore) called sexual orientation achoice and quoted a biblical passage often used to oppose gay civil rights.
Also during the hearing, Conaway also told Carrie Evans of Equality Marylandthat he did not choose to be straight and was "born with this equipment."
Equality Maryland is encouraging Conaway's constituents to tell the lawmakerthey were offended by his "demeaning and immature" comments.

-Donations to the connectional ministries of the United Church of Christincreased by over a million dollars in 2007 following its endorsement ofsame-sex marriage in 2005. UCC's controversial decision a few years ago wasa move that some said would lead to financial ruin for the national church.
But instead, the opposite has happened, national church leaders said. During2007, voluntary contributions to Our Church's Wider Mission, thedenomination's shared fund for connectional ministries, totaled $29,637,048,up from $28,409,202 during the previous year, according to year-endfinancial reports.

-Sometimes it's the small moments of discrimination that smack you in theface and wake you up.
I recently had some minor outpatient surgery and had to take some time offwork. One of the calls I had to make to arrange this was to PrudentialFinancial. The call was going as smoothly as could be expected when dealingwith a long list of personal questions. Then came the question: "Maritalstatus?" Then came the smack. I replied without even batting an eye,"Domestic Partner." The woman on the phone paused and said to me, "Single,married, or divorced?" I again calmly answered, "I am registered domesticpartners in both my county and my place of employment." The woman againpaused, sighed, and repeated in an annoyed tone: "Single, married, ordivorced?" Did she not hear me? I was explaining my legal status to herquestion and she was simply not acknowledging it.

-UNITE HERE, a major union that represents workers in the textile, clothing,hotel, and restaurant industries, has passed a resolution to "support thecivil rights of LGBT individuals and couples against discrimination in allareas including employment, housing, and civil marriage." It also said,"Civil union and domestic partnership laws, however well-intentioned, createan unequal legal status for same-sex couples and their families."

Pink News - UK
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-Sir Ian McKellen: coming out politicised me
Last night veteran gay rights campaigner and co-founder of Stonewall Sir IanMcKellen gave the keynote speech at the gay equality organisation's annualEquality Dinner. 540 guests attended and more than £320,000 was raised. Formany people, the highlight of the evening was the following speech by SirIan, exploring the history of Stonewall and what its priorities are for thefuture. "It was 20 years ago. The biggest story regarding gay people in thiscountry was about AIDS." click here for the full article

-Court rules website cannot ask sexual orientation question
A roommate-finding site is prohibited from asking users to disclose theirsexual orientation, a US appeals court has ruled. Arizona-based came under fire by The Fair Housing Council of San FernandoValley and the Fair Housing Council of San Diego, who claimed the siteviolated the Fair Housing Act by demanding users list their sexualorientation as part of their application form. It is the latest dispute overwhether anti-discrimination rules apply to the web. click here for the full article

-MEP's campaign against US policy on HIV travellers
Liberal Democrat MEP Baroness Sarah Ludford has launched an online campaignto end an American policy which effectively bars HIV positive people fromentering the country. Under current US immigration law, any foreign nationalwho tests positive for HIV is "inadmissible," meaning he is barred frompermanent residence and even short-term travel in the United States. Thereare waivers available to this rule, but obtaining them has always beendifficult. click here for the full article

-Europe concerned about gays in Lithuania
A leading European organisation has reminded the government of a new EUnation that rallies and public events cannot be banned just because somepeople are homophobic. The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europeexpressed concern about the situation in Lithuania, where sexual minoritiesare barred from holding Pride marches by the authorities in the capitalVilnius. A Luxembourgian member of the CoE Parliamentary Assembly, JeanHuss, complained to the committee. click here for the full article

-Trans trucker wins at employment tribunal
A transsexual who claimed she was hounded out of her job as a trucker aftershe began her transition from her former male gender has triumphed at heremployment tribunal. Vikki-Marie Gaynor, 37, from Wallasey in Wirral, iswaiting to hear the exact sum of compensation she will be rewarded followingher successful claims of sexual discrimination against Exel Europe, part ofdelivery giant DHL, and recruitment agency Blue Arrow. The ex-soldier gother HGV licence through the Royal Corps of Transport. click here for the fullarticle

-Kennedy pushes LGB but not T workplace protections
A US Senator has caused outrage among the gay community by refusing toadvocate a federal ban on job bias against transsexuals and cross-dressers,despite lending his support to homosexuals. Edward M Kennedy, who representsMassachusetts, is currently leading the push for a ban on employment biasagainst gays, lesbians and bisexuals, but will not extend the campaign toinclude others whose outward appearance does not match their gender atbirth. Kennedy, who has previously campaigned for the gay community, hassaid it will be an "uphill struggle" to pass the bill. click here for the full article

-Guest pays £20,000 for tea with Blair at Stonewall dinner
Last night's Stonewall Equality Dinner raised £320,000 for the gay equalityorganisation. Auctioned at the event were a range of items including art byKobi Israel, the award-winning photographer, a civil partnership receptionand dinner at Cliveden, one of the world's finest hotels. The opportunity tohave tea with Tony Blair secured a bid of £20,000. All funds raised will gotowards Stonewall campaigns such as Education for All, tackling homophobicbullying from Britain's schools. click here for the full article

-Gay Iranian will be returned to UK as soon as today
The Dutch Minister of Justice has told the country's parliament that shecompletely trusts the UK asylum system. Nebahat Albayrak, speaking in adebate about the plight of gay Iranian teenager Mehdi Kazemi, said she wouldnot be asking the British counterparts for any assurances about his case.
Boris van der Ham of the D66 party secured the debate with support from theGreen party, the social democrats and other opposition parties. click here for the full article

-Burlesque star's lesbian porn past revealed
Burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese (real name Heather Renee Sweet) was oncefeatured in a hardcore lesbian porn sex tape; one starring role she mightjust prefer to forget. This week, clips leaked from the porn video featurethe statuesque stunner engaged in erotic sexual positions with severalwomen-and a stiletto pump. The leaked video footage that appeared on the Netthis week is reportedly from a 1999 Pin-Ups 2 fetish film. click here for the full article

-Ian McKellen met Gordon Brown at gay 'wedding'
Veteran gay rights advocate and award-winning actor Sir Ian McKellen hasrevealed that he has only met the Prime Minister once. Speaking atStonewall's annual fundraising dinner at the Dorchester hotel in London, SirIan said the occasion was the celebration of the civil partnership ceremonyof gay MEP Michael Cashman and his partner Paul Cottingham. He told the 540guests that he had worked with Mr Brown, Tony Blair and John Major on gayrights. click here for the full article

-Ken Livingstone says he's not gay but has fathered five children with threedifferent women
As well as his two young children with his current partner Emma Beale, MrLivingstone has three children from previous relationships. He fathered twodaughters by one woman and a son with another. He told the BBC: "I don'ttalk about my private life; it seems like only yesterday the press wastrying to imply I was gay." click here for the full article

-Manchester gay foundation to auction off lesbians
On Sunday 22nd June lesbian women of all ages, shapes and sizes will beauctioned off to raise funds for the Manchester-based Lesbian and GayFoundation (LGF). The event will take place at the Vanilla bar in the city'sgay village, and the foundation is seeking volunteers for the auction.
Highest bidders from the evening will be sent on a date the following weekwith the lesbian of their choice. click here for the full article

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-I am at a conference in London with Roman Wieruszewski, longtime humanrights activist, former Polish member of the UN Human Rights Committee, anauthor of the Yogyakarta Principles--and he said elatedly that the publicityaround Brendan and Tom has done more to move discussion of LGBT rights inPoland, and socety in general, than he had thought possible in 20 years. Socongrats to KPH for their great work, as well as to the happy couple!
Scott Long, Director, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights ProgramHuman Rights Watch

-Straight male machismo underpins all tyranny
Peter Tatchell argues that by challenging traditional heterosexualmasculinity, the queer emancipation movement can contribute to theliberation of all of humanity. Queer liberation is not a mere minorityissue, nor purely a question of personal lifestyle, civil rights or sexualfreedom. It is, or can be, socially transformative, with the potential toaid all emancipation struggles everywhere.

-US 'Dismayed' at China's Jailing of Hu Jia: Embassy
A court in Beijing today sentenced Hu Jia to three-and-a-half years injail after finding him guilty of "incitement to subvert state power."
For many years one of China's most outspoken proponents of humanrights, Hu is particularly noted for his work to bring attention to theplight of the nation's AIDS patients. "We are dismayed by thisverdict," said Susan Stevenson, a spokesperson for the US embassy. "Inthis Olympic year, we urge China to seize the opportunity to put itsbest face forward and take steps to improve its record on human rightsand religious freedom."

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-New York Gov. David A. Paterson to address national gay community
Task Force to honor Paterson, for his advocacy for |lesbian, gay, bisexualand transgender rights, at New York Leadership Awards at the New York TimesCenter, Monday April 7

-Toddlers can no longer marry in Arkansas

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-I am at a conference in London with Roman Wieruszewski, longtime humanrights activist, former Polish member of the UN Human Rights Committee, anauthor of the Yogyakarta Principles--and he said elatedly that the publicityaround Brendan and Tom has done more to move discussion of LGBT rights inPoland, and socety in general, than he had thought possible in 20 years. Socongrats to KPH for their great work, as well as to the happy couple!
Scott Long, Director, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights ProgramHuman Rights Watch

-Straight male machismo underpins all tyranny
Peter Tatchell argues that by challenging traditional heterosexualmasculinity, the queer emancipation movement can contribute to theliberation of all of humanity. Queer liberation is not a mere minorityissue, nor purely a question of personal lifestyle, civil rights or sexualfreedom. It is, or can be, socially transformative, with the potential toaid all emancipation struggles everywhere.

-US 'Dismayed' at China's Jailing of Hu Jia: Embassy
A court in Beijing today sentenced Hu Jia to three-and-a-half years injail after finding him guilty of "incitement to subvert state power."
For many years one of China's most outspoken proponents of humanrights, Hu is particularly noted for his work to bring attention to theplight of the nation's AIDS patients. "We are dismayed by thisverdict," said Susan Stevenson, a spokesperson for the US embassy. "Inthis Olympic year, we urge China to seize the opportunity to put itsbest face forward and take steps to improve its record on human rightsand religious freedom."

300,000 women in the United States are living with HIV... yet there is nounifying voice that represents a wide and diverse community ofHIV-positive women in the U.S. Twenty-seven years into the HIV pandemic,this is about to change...
WORLD (Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Diseases) islaunching a U.S.-based national Positive Women's Network. The PositiveWomen's Network (PWN) is a membership body consisting of HIV-positivewomen designed to strengthen our power at a national level to demand andcreate policies and programs that fit the realities of our lives.
We are now accepting applications from HIV-positive women leaders toattend the first national visioning convening for this network which willtake place in San Francisco in mid-June, 2008. The application process opensApril 1, 2008 and closes April 22nd, 2008. Please contact, 510.986.0340, or for additionalinformation.

Gay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrier
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-Will ENDA, hate-crimes measures get stuck in Senate?
Both the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and a gay-inclusive hate-crimesbill are in danger of getting stalled in the Senate before the chamber takesits fall recess. These highly anticipated pieces of LGBT-rights legislationcould fall victim to a combination of election-year politics, Republicancalls for filibusters and a crowded calendar, according to this article.Washington Blade (4/4)

-Kern's critics sound off in Oklahoma
A group of leaders committed to diversity and LGBT equality in Oklahomapledged to try to work constructively to change the views of state Rep.Sally Kern, whose anti-gay comments inspired a rally on Wednesday attendedby hundreds of her supporters. The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City) (4/2)

-Pentagon gives Baldwin's partner clearance to fly at Pelosi's requestThe partner of out U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., reportedly was allowedto accompany the lawmaker as her "spouse" on a military plane, but onlyafter House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., intervened on their behalf withDefense Secretary Robert Gates. According to out U.S. Rep. Barney Frank,D-Mass., the military's objection had less to with its ban on openly gayservice members than on the White House's discomfort with equal marriagerights. Baldwin did not comment. The Politico (Washington) (4/1)

-Poland's EU charter said to contain gay-rights escape clause
Poland President Lech Kaczynski is set to sign a proposed charter of rightsneeded to be admitted to the European Union that reportedly would allow thecountry to be exempt from EU members' requirement to offer equal rights forgays and lesbians. (4/2)

-Justice Department examines firing for anti-gay bias
The firing of Leslie Hagen, a career attorney at the Department of Justice,is being investigated for possible anti-gay bias. Hagen, whose jobperformance earned the highest possible evaluations from her superiors atJustice, attracted the attention of Monica Goodling -- former senior counselto former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who testified that she allowedpolitical and other considerations to affect personnel decisions, inviolation of civil service rules. While Hagen was by all accounts a loyalRepublican, reports indicate that rumors surfaced that she was a lesbian.National Public Radio (4/2)

-Lawmakers: Marriage ban won't be on Arizona ballot in November
Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)/Capitol Media Services (4/4)

-McCain won't moderate Republican platform's anti-gay plank
The McCain president campaign doesn't plan to try to moderate plannedRepublican platform planks calling for constitutional amendments to banabortion and to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples, according toblogger Michael Crawford. "So when McCain's campaign and Log CabinRepublicans try to hoodwink you into voting for John McCain in November,remember that his 'straight talk' really is all about ... straight and GLBTpeople need not apply," he writes. Read more at The Bilerico Project.

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
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-Taking On Polish Prez's Baiting
New Yorker Brendan Fay and his husband Tom Moulton, both gay activists, wereflown to Warsaw by Poland's private TVN television network this week for around of political meetings, press conferences, and interviews that havesubstantially advanced the discussion of LGBT rights there, according to aPolish gay activist.

-Nethaway: Cohabitation plus combat pay
WACO, Texas - The Army has decided that a little cohabitation among troopsin a war zone is OK.
The Army must figure their new policy can be turned into a recruiting drivewith posters showing camo-clad soldiers with sly little grins along with themessage "Cohabit with combat pay.

-Imam's speaking engagement dropped at St. Cloud State
One of two outspoken Muslim clerics scheduled to speak at St. Cloud StateUniversity this week is unable to attend, the school said today.

-Two gay bills in jeopardy
Election year politics, GOP filibuster cited as obstacles for ENDA, hatecrimes
Gay rights advocates and gay-supportive members of Congress say they remainuncertain whether two important gay rights bills can clear the Senate beforelawmakers adjourn in the fall to devote their efforts to the upcomingpresidential and congressional elections.

-Gay activist Wayne Besen discusses Leno 'gayest look' controversy with BillO'Reilly
Fox News' Bill O'Reilly sat down with activist, public speaker and TruthWins Out executive director Wayne Besen to discuss "politically correctspeech," particularly in regards to a recent exchange between Tonight Showhost Jay Leno and actor Ryan Phillippe.

-Video of Besen's Guest Spot on O'Reilly's program [Good job!]

-BUSH REGIME MAY HAVE MISSED THE TERRORISTS ON 9/11 BUT THEY FOUND A LESBIANAT THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND FIRED HER By every single account, LeslieHagen couldn't have been a better employee. She "received the highestpossible ratings for her work as liaison between the Justice Department andthe U.S. attorneys' committee on Native American issues. Her final jobevaluation lists five categories for supervisors to rank her performance.
For each category, a neat X fills the box marked, "Outstanding." And at thebottom of the page, under "overall rating level," she also got the top mark:Outstanding."

-Temporary ban on castration in Thailand
BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's Health Ministry ordered hospitals andmedical clinics to temporarily stop performing castrations for non-medicalreasons, saying Wednesday that the procedure performed on transsexuals needsstricter monitoring.

-Chile may be Considering Marriage Equality
I've only found one source for this story, the Catholic News Agency.

There will be a free screening of the moving and at times shocking
documentary Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement, this FridayApril 4, hosted by the Gay Christian group Freedom 2b[e].

-Washington Post's gay problem
Why did editor Len Downie go to such lengths to hide the simple fact that asoldier was gay?
THE STORY OF a gay Army major who ded in Iraq has presented the WashingtonPost and other mainstream media outlets with an opportunity to revisit andupdate their stylebook policies regarding when to identify someone as gay.

-'Abstinence Programs': Ineffectual, Homophobic?
GLBT Blogger Wayne Besen, in an editorial published Apr. 3, says thatso-called "abstinence only" sex education programs don't just let straightkids down by failing to prevent teen pregnancy and the spread of STDs; theyare homophobic, to boot.


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New York Times
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-Unemployment Rising
With rising unemployment, Congress needs to quit dithering and take boldaction to prevent the worsening of all of the expected problems of adownturn.

-White Guys Are Back
It was probably inevitable. The historic contest between a woman and anAfrican-American for the presidential nomination is now all about white men.

-Beware the New New Thing
RECENTLY, the House Judiciary Committee's antitrust task force invited me tobe the lead witness for its hearing on "net neutrality." I've collaboratedwith the Future of Music Coalition, and my band, OK Go, has been among thefirst to find real success on the Internet - our songs and videos have beenstreamed and downloaded hundreds of millions of times (orders of magnitudeabove our CD sales) - so the committee thought I'd make a decent spokesmanfor up-and-coming musicians in this new era of digital pandemonium.

Washington Post
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-Court Ruling Boosts Breakaway Churches
Va. Episcopal Diocese in Property Fight
A Fairfax County judge has given an initial victory to conservatives from 11Virginia churches in their battle to keep tens of millions of dollars inbuildings and land after breaking away from the Episcopal Church.

The Dems, Now Dancing to His Tune
As the Democratic presidential race turns into the political equivalent ofthe Battle of the Somme, lots of Democrats are glaring at the party'snominal leader, Howard Dean. The Democratic National Committee chairman (and2004 White House hopeful) has not been able to force the race to a close orto fix a mess he helped create by tossing out the results of primaries inMichigan and Florida after their state parties violated DNC rules by jumpingtoward the front of the line in the campaign season. In 2004, Dean famouslyscreamed at Democrats; in 2008, plenty of Democrats are screaming rightback.

-Civil Rights Groups Seeing Gradual End of Their Era
Forty years after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated inMemphis, the storied organizations that propelled the modern-day civilrights movement alongside him are either struggling to stay relevant orstruggling to stay alive.

-The Real China and the Olympics
This week, a Beijing court sentenced human rights activist Hu Jia to 3 1/2years in prison for subverting state authority and to one additional year'sloss of his "political rights." He was arrested in part for co-authoring,with Teng Biao, an open letter on human rights. Below, The Post printsHumanRights Watch's translation of the Sept. 10, 2007, letter.

-Games Over Truth
A human rights activist's prison sentence has Beijing's propagandists
working overtime.
PITY THE POOR Chinese propagandist. The more frantically he works to justifyhis government's behavior, the more unjustifiable the behavior becomes. Thisweek, the sentencing of a peaceful human rights activist, Hu Jia, to 3 1/2years in prison made the task that much more difficult.

-UN Chief Urges Action on Darfur
UNITED NATIONS -- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon deplored "alarming levels"of violence in Darfur Friday, saying that the suffering of millions in theSudanese region may have gotten worse in recent years.

Miami Herald
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-The Democratic veep prospects: A guide
Four years ago today, The New York Times reported that an advisor to JohnKerry had completed interviews with four contenders for the vicepresidential nomination.

-When MLK died, one man reached across the divide
When one great man was killed, another tried to calm the nation.
Martin Luther King stood on a motel balcony facing a row of rundownbuildings near downtown Memphis. The door to Room 306 was open behind him.
Inside, his best friend, Ralph Abernathy, was putting on cologne, gettingready to go out. In the parking lot below, his aides, Andrew Young, JesseJackson and James Orange among them, waited for him. Musician Ben Branch wasthere, too. ''Ben,'' he said, ''make sure you play Precious Lord,Take MyHand at the meeting tonight. Sing it real pretty.'' Branch promised hewould.

Pew Research center
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-Unique Among the World's Catholics
U.S. Catholics occupy something of a middle ground between their morereligious fellow Catholics in the developing world, and the less devout ofEurope. Read more

-Benedict Unknown to Many
A new poll finds 30% of Americans know little about the pontiff. The pope'sefforts to reach out to other faiths receive mixed reviews overall butstrong support among observant Catholics. Read more

-Robo-Calls Top Campaign Outreach
About two-in-five voters now say they have received a pre-recorded callabout the campaign. Meanwhile, Democrats are far more engaged in campaignactivities than are Republicans -- including donating money to a candidate.Read more

-Clinton Covered, but Obama Watched
While her Bosnia flap made Clinton the newsmaker of the week, she continuesto lag behind Obama in terms of public visibility. Both candidates, despiterecent negative news, have seen little change in their favorability. Readmore

-Clinton's Turn for Bad News
In recent campaign media narratives, bad news is big news. Hillary Clinton'soft-repeated story about encountering sniper fire in Bosnia made her lastweek's top newsmaker. Read more

-Talk Show Hosts Applaud Form
The usually fractious fraternity of talking heads agreed on one thing --Obama's ability to put words together. They were less unanimous about thecontent. Read moreState Order

-States Slow Down on Immigration Controls
Under pressure from business groups and budget stringency, states are nolonger rushing to pass restrictions on illegal immigration. Read more

-Who Will Be the Next David Paterson?
Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's downfall that catapulted David Patersonto the governor's mansion spotlights the quirky arrangements that determinewho is next in line after a governor in many states. Read more

-62% - A Widening Hardship Gap
The gap between the wealthiest and poorest people in affording basic itemsis much wider now than it was during the 1992 economic downturn; more thansix-in-ten (62%) self-described "working class" people now say their incomesare falling behind the cost of living. Check back every weekday for anothernumber in the news. Read more

Fort Report
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-`The campaign has been too negative'
My recent endorsement of Barack Obama for president has been the subject ofmuch discussion and consternation -- particularly among supporters ofHillary Clinton.

-Bill and Hillary Clinton disclose wealth
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's family has amassed enormouswealth this decade, pulling in more than $109 million through books,speaking fees and investments, according to tax returns released Friday bythe Clinton campaign.,0,3598802.story

Inside Higher Education
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-Getting Them In, Getting Them Back
A quick word association: "underrepresented students."
What comes to mind? The smart money's on "racial minority students fromurban areas," or some form of that answer. Often forgotten, but most oftenincluded in such definitions, is the subgroup rural students.

-If You Text in Class, This Prof Will Leave
Some professors threaten to confiscate students' cell phones if they go offduring class. Laurence Thomas has his own approach to classroomdistractions. If the philosopher at Syracuse University catches a studentsending text messages or reading a newspaper in class, he'll end the classon the spot and walk out. It doesn't matter if there is but one texter in alarge lecture of hundreds of students. If you text, he will leave.

-Bill and Hillary Clinton disclose wealth
They've earned more than $109 million and paid 31% of it in federal taxesthis decade, their tax records show.,0,3598802.story

Forwarded from Susan Frishkorn
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- The Pentagon made public a now-defunct legal memo that approved the use ofharsh interrogation techniques against terror suspects, saying thatPresident Bush's wartime authority trumps any international ban on torture.
The Justice Department memo, dated March 14, 2003, outlines legaljustification for military interrogators to use harsh tactics againstal-Qaida and Taliban detainees overseas - so long as they did notspecifically intend to torture their captives. Even so, the memo noted, thepresident's wartime power as commander in chief would not be limited by theU.N. treaties against torture. "Our previous opinions make clear thatcustomary international law is not federal law and that the president isfree to override it at his discretion," said the memo written by John Yoo,who was then deputy assistant attorney general for the Office of LegalCounsel.


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FLORIDA DIGEST April 5, 2008

**IF YOU CAN'T ACCESS THE FULL ARTICLE, CONTACT US AT and we'll be happy to send the full article.

Ft. Lauderdale: Bizarre! Bazaar!: 8 a.m.-2 p.m. today at the Gay & LesbianCommunity Center, 1717 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Free admission andparking. Call 954-463-9005.

Steve Rothaus
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-Gay Rodeo Weekend at 2008 Sunshine Stampede in Davie
This weekend is the Florida Gay Rodeo Association's 2008 Sunshine Stampedein Davie. Here's a schedule of events:

-South Florida activists salute Task Force's Matt Foreman

Express Gay News
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-Sex offender bill raises gay, civil liberties concerns
Measure would make it a felony to have sex in a public park
A sex offender bill working its way through the Florida Legislature seeks toimpose felony charges on people arrested for having sex in public parks andother locations. House Bill 801, sponsored by State Rep. William Snyder (R.Stuart), would impose felony charges on offenders who are charged with alewd and lascivious violation in or within 1,000 feet of a public park, pub-lic beach, school or day care center. Additionally, the bill originallysought to stiffen the penalties for indecent exposure, but the move wasscrapped when lobbyists for nude beaches and recreation areas spoke toSnyder.

-Broadway comes to Broward Center
'Bravissimo' concert to benefit gay social services agencies
MAESTRO FRANCO BERTACCI HAS assembled a talented cast of singers andperformers for "Bravissimo! 2008," an evening of opera classics and Broadwayhits to be presented at the Broward Center's Amaturo Theatre at 8 p. m. onApril 5. The concert benefits SunServe Social Services and the SunshineCommunity Foundation, agencies of the Metropolitan Community Church'sSunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale.

-Justin Flippen President of the Dolphin Democrats and candidate for Wilton Manors City Council
With his bid for city commission in Wilton Manors, Broward native JustinFlippen steps to the forefront of the county's gay political scene. But he'sno beginner. He works as a commission aide for Broward County CommissionerStacy Ritter and served as Ritter's deputy campaign manager. He also servedas a legislative assistant to Irv Slosberg and as judicial clerk for BrowardCounty Judge Robert Lee. While studying at Florida Atlantic University, heworked as an intern for Sen. Bob Graham.

Broward County Commissioners Stacy Ritter, Ilene Lieberman, Kristen Jacobs,and Ken Keechl
Cordially invite you to join them for a reception with Michelle Obama
Wednesday, April 9, 2008 - 3:30-5:00pm
The home of Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter
7711 Salem Lane - Parkland, FL
Friend: $2,300 per person
Guest: $500 per person
RSVP now at:
Or call Georgette Brammer at (305) 442-7464

The Dolphin Democrats will have a table and booth every first Saturday of the month at the GLCC in Ft Lauderdale, @ 1717 N. Andrews Ave from 8am to 2pm for a Get Out The Vote Effort
president@floridaGLBTdemocrats. org

ArtsUnited will feature the photography of local artist Laura Hardesty in a solo exhibit from April 7 though May 2, 2008, at the Stonewall Library and Archives, 1717 North Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. The exhibit opens with a reception to meet the artist from 6:30 to 8:00 PM on Monday, April 7th. Admission to the exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.
For more information about ArtsUnited, look online at

From PFAW Activist Network

-Breaking news from our Florida Legal Counsel Reginald J. Mitchell:
"Today the Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission by a vote of 16 - 9failed to get the necessary 2/3 vote needed to pass Constitutional Proposal#40. This proposal sought to place on the state ballot an amendment to theFlorida Constitution that among other things would have allowed for "publicfunding" of private and religious schools and directly overturned theFlorida Supreme Court's Bush v. Holmes decision invalidating the state'spublicly-funded school voucher program." This is great news! If you are oneof the many Florida activists who contacted the Commission, YOU made a hugedifference on this one and you can go ahead and pat yourself on the back forhelping to score this victory. We certainly thank you.

Fairness for All Families - Vote No!
At lunchtime today [April 2], Fairness for All Families Co-Chair NadineSmith will go toe-to-toe in a debate with the prime backer of Amendment #2,the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment. This is the second time in thepast two weeks that our Fairness team has debated those trying to push thismeasure that take family protections away from all unmarried Floridians gayand straight. Last week, Nadine took on John Stemberger, the lead supporterof Amendment #2, in a debate in front of 150 people at the Orlando Tiger BayClub. Rather than our telling you the outcome, here's what Scott Maxwell ofthe Orlando Sentinel had to say: "The crowd at Tiger Bay -- which, whilebipartsan, has traditionally leaned conservative if it has leaned any way --only broke into widespread applause for Nadine." And, "I highly doubt thatStemberger) is winning support from people who previously opposed theamendment with performances like this."
Please do your part - Donate!

Sunshine Cathedral
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-Troy Perry to speak at Sunshine Cathedral
Start spreading the word: The founder of the Metropolitan Community Churchesmovement, the Reverend Elder Troy D. Perry, will be our guest speaker at theCathedral on May 4th. He will be speaking at both services that day, so planto attend and tell your friends to join you.

Miami Herald
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School voucher plan fails ballot-qualification vote
A powerful tax panel rejected a proposal to put constitutional protectionfor school vouchers before Florida voters. Six other measures will appear onthe November ballot.

-Scientists downplay global warming's effect on hurricanes
Global warming is not the cause of increased hurricane activity, researcherssaid, but many more busy -- and costly -- seasons are ahead.
ORLANDO -- We're in a busy period of hurricane activity that will inflictunimaginable damage, but global warming is not the cause, leadingresearchers told the nation's foremost forecasters and other experts Friday.

Fort Report
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-Dean says he's committed to seating Florida's delegates
(CNN) -- Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Wednesdaythe party would "absolutely seat" a Florida delegation when it meets inAugust in Colorado for the national convention.

Miami-Dade jails under federal investigation
Conditions at Miami-Dade County jails have become so dire that the U.S.Department of Justice has launched an investigation into possiblecivil-rights violations -- including poor treatment of the mentally ill andthe mistreatment of inmates -- and suicides.

-Our position: Innocent people sent to prison shouldn't have to fight inLegislature
The state of Florida will now own up to its mistake in wrongly imprisoningAlan Crotzer for crimes he did not commit.,0,337914.story


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


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-For the third consecutive year, the GLAAD Media Awards honoring LGBT imagesin Spanish-language media will be held in South Florida on Saturday, April12 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. is pleased to be a table sponsor for this event and would liketo extend an invitation for you to sit with us during the televised awardsprogram.. Singer/Songwriter Deborah Cox will be performing live and ourfriend, Actor Wilson Cruz, will receive the GLAAD Visibilidad Award.
Tickets for the event can be purchased by following the link within thisemail. For complete information about this year's GLAAD Media award,instructions on purchasing your ticket and to read the Geo Bustamante'sexclusive interview with Actor Wilson Cruz, PLEASE CLICK HERE or copy thefollowing link and paste it into your browser.

From NARAL Pro-Choice America

-As the saying goes, you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
But.what about some of the people some of the time? McCain - and the media -are doing their best.
When it comes to issues of reproductive choice, John McCain's anti-choicerecord speaks for itself - and it shouldn't fool anyone.
But somehow there's still serious confusion about where McCain stands onchoice. It's up to you and me to spread the word that McCain is anti-choice.
Help make sure pro-choice voters aren't being fooled by McCain's portrayalas a so-called "moderate."
Click here to join me and send your friends and family an April Fool's eCardintroducing them to the REAL McCain.

New York Times
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-Kennedy Targets Job Bias Against Gays
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy is jumping into the middle of anuproar within the gay community whose causes he has long championed.
The Massachusetts Democrat is leading a push in the Senate for a federal banon job bias against gays, lesbians and bisexuals -- but not transsexuals,cross-dressers and others whose outward appearance doesn't match theirgender at birth.

Washington Post
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-Gay Partner Initially Barred by Pentagon
WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon at first blocked Rep. Tammy Baldwin's domesticpartner from traveling on a military plane with a congressional delegationon a trip to Europe but gave in after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intervened.

-Court Rules on Gay Marriage Rights
LUXEMBOURG -- EU nations that recognize same-sex unions as legal marriagesmust grant surviving partners the same pension rights as given to those intraditional marriages, the EU Court of Justice ruled Tuesday.

Go to the links for the following articles:

-Leno apologizes after asking for Phillippe's "gayest look"Jay Leno is under fire from critics who say the 'Tonight Show' host madehomophobic comments during Ryan Phillippe's recent appearance on his show.
After mentioning Phillippe's first major role as a gay teen on 'One Life toLive,' Leno asked the actor, "Can you give me your 'gayest look'?" "Say thatcamera is Billy Bob," Leno continued. "Billy Bob has just ridden inshirtless from Wyoming." "Wow," Phillippe replied. "That is so something Idon't want to do." "I agree it was a dumb thing to say, and I apologize,"Leno said in a statement Tuesday, after critics from across the world hitthe Web to voice their complaints about Leno's comments -- among themBroadway playwright Jeff Whitty and blogger Melissa McEwan who quicklyco-founded The site lambasts Len's remarks and encouragesvisitors to submit their "gayest look." Of the nearly 300 participants, mostflash the middle finger in their photos. "It's a fun way to get across aserious message," McEwan told us Tuesday. The site, she says, "raisesawareness about the fact that gay jokes really just aren't funny." Whittyreferred us to the site for his thoughts on Leno's remarks, but added, "Ihave no doubt that in the big picture, Jay Leno's a decent guy. ... There'sjust this one dated thing that bothers me about his comedy.",0,1594732.story also

Express Gay News
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-Gay student allowed to return to school
A Wichita student charged with harassment has not been expelled and plans toreturn to school Wednesday.
Jimmy Iniguez, 17, a junior at Metro-Midtown Alternative High School, facedexpulsion last week for allegedly harassing a fellow student in a schoolbathroom Feb. 28.Iniguez, who had been suspended since the incident, said he was innocent andwas unfairly accused because he is gay.

-Piercings "painful" for Rep. Jane Cunningham
State Rep. Jane Cunningham of Chesterfield is coming under fire for heralleged shabby treatment of gay and lesbian students who were in the Capitollast week to lobby for an anti-bullying bill. According to the students,16-year-old Desiree Bain and 19-year-old Austyn Langston, they were kickedout of Cunningham's office because of their appearance. Both Bain, alesbian, and Langston, a bisexual, have multiple piercings. Langston alsohas purple hair.

-Council likely to endorse 'mutual-commitment' registry
"It doesn't matter to me what you call it as long as it works."
That sentiment from Salt Lake City Councilman Van Turner seems to sizeup that of the council, which tonight 4/1 is expected to endorse Mayor RalphBecker's substitute name for the domestic-partnership registry.

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-Oregon Republicans Switch Parties
(Portland, Oregon) Matthew Buckingham, a stay-at-home father in Portland'ssuburbs and lifelong Republican, is fired up about voting for Sen. JohnMcCain in November.

-Obama Casts Race Between Him, McCain
(Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) Sen. Barack Obama is talking about the elephantin the room - Republican rival John McCain - and all but ignoring theDemocratic donkey who stands between him and his party's presidentialnomination.

-Clinton Likens Herself To Rocky
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Perhaps the analogy was inevitable: HillaryRodham Clinton as Rocky Balboa, the scrappy underdog boxer from Philadelphiamemorably depicted in the 1976 Oscar-winning film.

-Group Claims Near Required Signatures To Put Gay Marriage Ban On Calif.

(San Francisco, California) The organization collecting signatures for aproposed amendment banning same-sex marriage in California says it is closeto meeting the requirement.

-Inmate Sex Change Case Gets New Look
(Boston) The new commissioner of the state's prison system said Tuesday heplans to re-examine the case of a convicted killer suing the Department ofCorrection to try to get a sex-change operation.

-Serial Killer Originally Thought To Be Transwoman Sentenced
(Mexico City) A female former wrestler who terrorized Mexico City as the"Little Old Lady Killer" has been sentenced to 759 years in jail on forkilling 16 elderly women.

-Treat Same-Sex Partner Of Congress Member Like Spouse Pelosi Tells Gates
(Washington) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) reportedly had to step in whenthe military refused to allow the same-sex partner of Rep. Tammy Baldwin(D-Wisc) on a military flight taking members of Congress and their spouseson a fact-finding trip to Europe.

-Blamed Gays In Part For Mortgage Crisis HUD Head Now Steps Down AmidCriminal Probe
(Washington) HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, his tenure tarnished byallegations of political favoritism and a criminal investigation, announcedhis resignation amid the wreckage of the national housing crisis.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-Diversity Festival Offers a Rare Social Event For Homosexuals
Jan Ridenour was driving through Northwest Arkansas after visiting arelative when she stumbled onto Eureka Springs. She liked it so much, shebought a log house on 40 acres just outside the city and went home toBoulder, Colo., intent on persuading her longtime domestic partner to movewith her.

The Advocate
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-Homophobic Pastor Was Obama Spiritual Adviser
Another Chicago-based preacher known for homophobic and racist speech hasbeen linked to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. The ReverendJames Meeks, who is also an Illinois state senator, has been named as apledged Obama delegate to the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver.

-City Slicker
Jeff Whitty's Broadway-bound Tales of the City musical: Just how gay will itbe?
Though only officially announced March 13, and not even anticipated to hitBroadway until the 2009-2010 season, Tales of the City has already beentouted by Entertainment Weekly as "the gayest musical of the decade." Sure,the stage adaptation of Armistead Maupin's queer San Francisco-based 1978serialized novel reunites Avenue Q's out Tony-winning playwright Jeff Whittywith out director Jason Moore-and a composing team that includes way-outScissor Sisters front man Jake Shears-but Whitty, for one, doesn'tnecessarily agree that Tales is as gay as all that. He is, however, thankfulfor his largely gay team, and admits to favoring gay actors for gay roles.
We'd better let the self-described gay "chauvinist" tell this tale himself.

Marriage Equality News
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-Kansas-based Garmin, makers of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology,today announced the availability of its "Gay Positioning System." The newhandheld units not only tell users how to find their way on the road, butalso point out the status of their relationships as they cross city andstate lines. "A couple could be married in Massachusetts, civil unioned inConnecticut, domestic partnered in DC, or now, mutually committed in SaltLake City," said Dr. Min Kao, Chairman and CEO. "Who better than Garmin togive them up-to-the-minute information that helps them find their way bothgeographically and legally?" As the company says on its Web site, "We don'tjust design and sell products, we embrace the lifestyles."

-Gay and lesbian activists today welcomed a ruling by the European Court ofJustice (ECJ) in Luxembourg on the rights of same-sex partners to 'survivorpensions.' The court ruled that a German gay man is entitled to a paymentfrom the pension of his dead partner.

Pink News - UK
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-Irish civil partnerships to exclude parental rights
Gay rights groups in Ireland have expressed disappointment that thegovernment may not extend parental rights to same-sex couples as part of newlegislation to legally recognise lesbian and gay relationships. On MondayMarriagEquality, a group formed to campaign for full civil marriage,released the details of a poll it commissioned which shows the number ofIrish people who support partnerships only has fallen from 33% to 26%.
MarriagEquality's Grainne Healy said that reports about the new civilpartnerships indicate they do not give gay couples the same rights asmarried heterosexuals.
click here for the full article

-Dutch MP questions deportation of gay teenager to UK
A social-liberal MP in Holland has secured a debate in the country'sparliament about Mehdi Kazemi, a gay Iranian teenager who is due fordeportation back to the UK. Boris van der Ham of the D66 party is unhappy atthe lack of assurances from the British government that Mr Kazemi will beallowed to remain in the UK. If he is returned to Iran he claims he facesexecution.
click here for the full article

-Gay MEP worried about EU discrimination directive
A British Member of the European Parliament has spoken of his concerns thatthere is a lack of commitment to gay rights from the European CommissionPresident Jose Manuel Borroso. Michael Cashman, who represents the WestMidlands, has voiced his concern over reports that the Commission isbacktracking on its commitment to tackle discrimination. "Barroso gave theParliament assurances that it would bring forward a Directive to combatdiscrimination on the remaining grounds of Article 13," said Mr Cashman.
click here for the full article

-More gays need to put themselves forward says Tory
Margot James, the Conservative candidate for the constituency ofStourbridge, has responded to a survey from Stonewall about perceivedprejudice in the party against gay, lesbian and bisexuals who want to runfor Parliament. Ms James said that in her experience as a lesbian, she hasexperienced no prejudice from party members, but quite a lot from the press.
"Gay people have to move on a bit," she told
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-Start your engines for the gay rally across Europe
A two thousand mile motor rally celebrating gay diversity will kick off inlate June, the first race of its kind. The inaugural Rainbow Rampage takesplace from June 28th to July 4th, is a twist on a traditional motor rallyand more akin to a giant gay road trip. The rally downplays the racingaspect and is designed more to celebrate the cities that stretch along therace's route, some 2300 miles across Europe.
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-Obama's £1,000 a head gay fundraiser
US Presidential hopeful Barack Obama raised funds for his campaign at anLGBT event last week, where the price of admission was $2,300 (£1,160). Thefundraiser was held at the New York apartment of gay activist Kevin Jenningsand his partner and 125 people attended, The Advocate reports. More than$170,000 was raised and the candidate spoke for around half an hour and thenanswered questions.
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-Gay hate church gets taste of own medicine
More than 400 people converged on the small town of Topeka, Kansas on Sundayto protest outside the Westboro Baptist Church. Straight, gay and transprotesters drew support from locals as they staged The Million Fag Marchoutside the church, which is notorious for picketing the funerals of USsoldiers killed in action. "It's about time we did something like thisagain," local woman Hope Prescott told The Topeka Capital-Journal. "We feelsomewhat responsible for the Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church."
click here for the full article

-Gay Iranian spared deportation from Greece
Gay rights activists in Greece are celebrating after their government hasdecided not to deport a 40-year-old man back to Iran. The Greek HomosexualCommunity (GHC-EOK), which led a campaign on his behalf, said today: "We arehappy to announce that the gay Iranian refugee, known as 'Alex,' was finallygranted asylum following the reconsideration of his case.
click here for the full article

-Online gay museum to be launched this month
A series of public events on Monday 14th April will mark the launch of anonline, interactive museum of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans history. TheNatural History Museum's Earth Gallery and Flett Theatre will host anunveiling of Proud Heritage, followed by a "no-holds barred and intimateinterview" with gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, followed by questionsfrom the audience.At the public event Proud Heritage will set out its futureplans and unveil its first public here for the full article

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
Contact for the full article:

-GAY EQUALITY groups have given a mixed welcome to new civil partnershiplegislation that will extend many of the benefits and legal obligations ofmarriage to same-sex couples. The Irish Times reported yesterday that theheads of a new Bill are being finalised under which same-sex partners willbe able to avail of marriage-like benefits in a range of areas such asproperty, social welfare, succession, maintenance, pensions and tax.
However, it will not provide any right for same-sex couples to be consideredas joint adoptive parents, despite a strong campaign by gay equality groups.
The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (Glen) said the Bill, as reported, hadthe potential to transform radically the lives of thousands of lesbian andgay couples

-Gay Man Should Get Partner's Pension, EU Court Says (Update1)
April 1 (Bloomberg) -- A gay man can claim a share of his dead partner'spension if the circumstances of their relationship are comparable tomarriage, the European Union's highest court ruled in a case that could helpdefine the rights of same-sex couples in parts of Europe. Tadao Maruko, a65-year-old German who has waged a three- year fight for his partner's lifesavings, argued he was discriminated against by a pension fund that refusedto recognize the couple's partnership on par with marriage. The EuropeanCourt of Justice today stopped short of setting a precedent for same-sexcouples across the 27-nation EU, leaving the final say in each case tonational courts. ``The refusal to grant the survivor's pension to lifepartners constitutes direct discrimination on grounds of sexual orientationif surviving spouses and surviving life partners are in a comparablesituation as regards that pension,'' ruled the Luxembourg-based EU court.
The ruling means national courts in Europe must check whether the conditionsidentified by the court have been met.

-Archbishop Tutu to Give Historic Address to LGBTI Community in SanFrancisco
On April 8, 2008, Archbishop Desmond Tutu will give an historic 30-minuteaddress to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI)community at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco-the first time that he hasdirectly addressed such a large LGBTI gathering in the United States. Hewill address a crowd of approximately 400 people at A Celebration ofCourage, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's(IGLHRC's) annual gala awards ceremony, where he will also be honored forhis leadership on human rights. "Archbishop Tutu is a true human rightsactivist, someone who acknowledges that all human beings are inherentlyvaluable and deserve to be treated with respect," said Paula Ettelbrick,IGLHRC's executive director. "He has consistently stood up for justice andinclusion and for all those subject to human rights abuses-including membersof the LGBTI community. His work has paved the way for a better world."

Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
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If the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, became interested in what theHuman Rights Watch had to say in their Iran section of their latest annualWorld Report about homosexuals in his country, and the abuse of human rightsfor gays there, shockingly, he'd find nothing in that section.HRW, forunknown reasons, omits gays not just from their 2007 country roundup, butactually from the 2006, 2005, and 2004 versions. Two of my colleagues whocare deeply about gay Iranians and the humanrights violations they suffer,including executions, also went overthe four more recent HRW World Reports,and in the chapters for Iran,the words gay, homosexual, lesbian,transsexual, ransgender, orientation, didn't appear once before our eyes.

-Warsaw: The last day of Fay and Moulton in Poland - A Whirlwind ofMeetingsBrendan and Tom appeared in Poland's most popular morning TV show -Dzien Dobry TVN (Good Morning TVN). A brief video was presented of momentsof rendan and Tom's stay in Poland. The Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH),Poland's national gay and lesbian organization, held a press conference atnoon. Participatnts with the couple ncluded Tomasz Szypula, secretarygeneral of KPH, Marta Abramowicz, the vice president of KPH, SergiuszKowalski, PhD, a representative of Open Poland Society, nd Yga Kostrzewa,spokesperson from Lambda Warsaw. During this conference Mr. owalskipresented Brendan and Tom a letter of support and solidarity signed by 654ersons, many of them well known in Poland. Kostrzewa expressed hope thatthe couple's visit would inspire a national dialogue for legal recognitionfor same sex couples in Poland.

Gay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrier
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-Gay giving seen as way to help next generation
The gay movement is benefiting from the increasing generosity of individualLGBT benefactors, who view their contributions as key to advancing LGBTrights. "People feel more security that we are here to stay and we arefulfilling a purpose, so more are thinking of LGBT foundations as places toleave their bequests," said Katherine Acey, executive director of theAstraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. "I see the beginning of a trend."
San Francisco Chronicle (3/31)

-Is out candidate's job at risk because he's openly gay?
Justin Nichols, who coordinates a teen court program in Texas, believes hecould lose his job after an article in the Dallas Voice on his candidacy fora seat on the Plano City Council identified him as being gay. Nichols' jobstatus will be the subject of an April 15 hearing before the countyCommissioners Court, but officials would not supply any other details. TheDallas Morning News (4/1)

-Grab your tickets now for Victory Fund's 8th Annual Champagne Brunch!
Sunday, April 6th, at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.
Just a few days remain to purchase tickets to the fun, fabulous Victory FundChampagne Brunch, honoring Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and featuring IowaState Sen. Matt McCoy. All proceeds benefit the mission of the Gay & LesbianVictory Fund-to grow the number of openly LGBT elected officials across theU.S. The Champagne Brunch is also an opportunity to bid on some fantasticsilent auction items, including: Join us April 6th at the Mayflower Hotel tohonor Congresswoman Baldwin, one of just two openly LGBT Members of Congressand a true hero in the fight for equality for all. Tickets are going fast,so buy yours online right now!

-Price: Baldwin believes now is time for LGBT rights
Out U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., who is marking her 10th year in
Congress, is optimistic that key LGBT rights laws will become reality once agay-friendly president takes office in January, according to columnist DebPrice. "Being in the majority opens new possibilities to improve the lot ofgay Americans," Price writes. The Detroit News (3/31)

-AIDS vaccine effort deserves more time
Although the effort to develop an AIDS vaccine has yet to pan out, The NewYork Times, in an editorial, writes that it's not yet time to give up on thepossibility of such a preventative tool. "There is little doubt that avaccine would be the most effective and cheapest way to shrink the AIDSepidemic," the Times writes. The New York Times (3/30)

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Daily Queer News
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-Most parents stunned upon hearing their child is gay
Some parents suspect it, others haven't a clue.
Either way, when teenage sons and daughters summon the nerve to tell theirparents they're gay - come out to their parents - the usual first reactionsinclude anger, denial and a profound sense of loss.

-Hot button ballot issues back in election
DALLAS (Reuters) - When Americans cast ballots on November 4 to elect apresident, some states also will ask voters hot-button questions likewhether or not to ban gay marriage.;_ylt=AssAmPb6VtQzRKSFtnT6Vkp34T0D

-Philanthropists ensure gay community's future
On a recent Thursday morning, Joseph Rosenthal, 77, drove from his barn-red,four-story house on Buena Vista Terrace to a lawyer's office in the Castro,where he quietly transferred a substantial part of his estate to theendowment fund of the Horizon Foundation, a grant-giving organization forthe gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

-Clinton and Obama Should Target McCain, Not Each Other
The never-ending fight for the Democratic nomination has me feeling likeCourtney, the bitchy blonde cheerleader from the movie Bring It On. In amoment of complete frustration at the inability of the cheerleaders tochoose someone to replace an injured squad member Courtney shouts "Let's cutthe crap and pick somebody now!"
Now, I know that kind of plea is not going to work with the Democratsparticularly since Hillary Clinton announced that she is staying in the raceuntil the Democratic National Convention in August. That means five moremonths of attacks and counterattacks between Clinton and Barack Obama, thefrontrunner for the nomination

-Is the Internet eroding America's Puritanism -- or making it worse?
Beneath the gawking, the online reaction to the Spitzer and Patersonrevelations shows that Americans are wary of passing judgment on privatesins.

-Shameless Right Wing Conservative Hypocrisy
The Republican Party loves to wrap itself in a cloak of right wing ChristianRighteousness. They talk about God and the bible and the teachings of theirsupposed Master Jesus Christ. Yet under inspection it becomes clear thattheir wrapping of moral superiority is transparent and their very foundationa hypocritical deceit that is so obvious as to be the very thing their ownbook warns them against; the false prophets, the liars, the greedy and thehypocrites.

-Let Them In
Since I wrote an earlier column about the persecution of gays in manyforeign countries, there have been several more news stories about theplight of gays abroad-in Eastern Europe, in Africa, in portions of LatinAmerica, but particularly in the Muslim theocracies of the Middle East-Iran,Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Amazingly, these stories have been accompanied by stories about the refusalof several more civilized nations to grant asylum to gay refugees from thosecountries because officials refuse to acknowledge that gays are persecutedin other countries. In other words, on no justifiable grounds at all.

-Sexual orientation should be known
Dear Annie:
After a recent visit from my 25-year-old unmarried son, "Josh," I foundundeniable evidence that he has been involved in several homosexualencounters. Although I can't say I am happy to learn of this, it doesn'tchange my feelings. I still love him very much.
The problem is, Josh has been dating a wonderful young woman for more thantwo years. They are planning to move in together in the near future. I am sofrightened and upset that he is putting not only his health at risk, buthers as well. I'm also worried about the emotional trauma she will suffer ifand when she finds out about his sexual behavior.

-Hundreds Protest Phelps' Topeka Church
TOPEKA, Kan. -- Instead of picketing by members of Topeka's Westboro BaptistChurch, around 400 people targeted the church in a Sunday protest of theirown.
Organizers said the event drew marchers touting messages of compassion andtolerance for homosexuals. The church is known for its anti-gay message andpicketing of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

-Ugandan Media: Rick Warren Denounces Gay Rights
The Kampala Monitor reports:
Dr [Rick] Warren said that homosexuality is not a natural way of life andthus not a human right. "We shall not tolerate this aspect at all," DrWarren said.

-Gay retirement community lures potential buyers
Marigold Creek, a resort-style retirement community marketed toward gays andlesbians might face more trouble developing the property in Surprise becauseof the economic climate than from opposition because of the community'sclientele.

-Professor paves way for women in theology
Lisa Sowle Cahill, who has taught theology at Boston College since 1976, hasenjoyed the career of every aspiring theologian's dreams. She is a pastpresident of both the Catholic Theological Society of America and theSociety of Christian Ethics; she has served on the editorial board of ninerenowned scholarly journals; she was honored as the 1999 Alumna of the Yearby her graduate school, the University of Chicago; she holds nine honorarydegrees; and she has authored 12 books as well as over 150 essays in booksin journals.

-McCain Stumbles on H.I.V. Prevention
SOMEWHERE in NORTHERN IOWA - The unthinkable has happened. Senator JohnMcCain met a question, while sitting with reporters on his bus as it rumbledthrough Iowa today, that he couldn't - or perhaps wouldn't - answer.
Did he support the distribution of taxpayer-subsidized condoms in Africa tofight the transmission of H.I.V.?


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FLORIDA DIGEST April 2, 2008

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Ft. Lauderdale - Dolphin Democrats - Get out the Votes!

-Saturday, April 5th - Come one , HELP ALL !!
The Dolphin Democrats will have a table and booth every first Saturday ofthe month at the GLCC in Ft Lauderdale, @ 1717 N. Andrews Ave from 8am to2pm for a Get Out The Vote Effort " Make your vote count early". We willsupply cold water and we need your help. Please. You will make thedifference._Thank you.

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-Using less South Florida water? You might pay more for it
Throughout South Florida, it's costing homeowners and businesses more moneyto use less water.
While water-use restrictions have promoted a new sense of conservation inthe midst of drought, the unintended effect of stern orders to cut back onlawn watering and boat and car washing has been a budget crunch for waterutilities throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties.,0,3248422.story

-North Ridge Medical Center in Oakland Park to shut down
Holy Cross Hospital surprised its doctors, employees, patients andcompetitors Tuesday by deciding to close its former rival, North RidgeMedical Center, the day after buying it.,0,1842197.story

-Florida Senate bill would require schools to teach more about sex
TALLAHASSEE - Some Florida teens believe drinking Mountain Dew or smokingmarijuana will prevent pregnancy and that swallowing a capful of bleach willprevent HIV/AIDS. One reason those dangerous myths have spread is thestate's reliance on abstinence-only sex education, say advocates of a billto require a more comprehensive approach in Florida's schools.,0,2721734.story

Steve Rothaus
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-Miami gay film fest adds high profile panels and events
APRIL 26 - APRIL 27th 2008
Leading industry professionals to meet and discuss the future of Queer Film

-Steve Rothaus, Gay South Florida blog nominated for Latino Press AwardsLBM in conjunction with local media and business sponsors present SecondAnnual Latino Press Awards
Lili Estefan set to receive evening's top award
LBM, along with media and business sponsors, is proud to present the SecondAnnual Latino Press Awards. The awards ceremony will be held May 13th, 2008at 7:30PM at the prestigious Lincoln Theatre (541 Lincoln Road) in MiamiBeach. The event is set to honor those business and media members who havesupported the gay Latino community and have remained dedicated to its causesthroughout the year.


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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

GLBT DIGEST April 1, 2008

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Express Gay News
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-Review panel aides recommend OK of domestic partners proposal
Opponents feel legislature should decide issue
A state review panel is being advised to let state employees and retirees provide health insurance coverage for domestic partners and partners' dependents. Analyses by an attorney and an economist for the Governor's Regulatory Review Council recommend approval of rule changes proposed by the Department of Administration with support from Gov. Janet Napolitano.

-Gay Scottsboro students allowed to attend prom together
Judge's ruling beat school board's vote to keep gay teens out
Two female students at Scottsboro High School attended the prom together hours after a judge's ruling defeated the school board's efforts to keep the gay teens out. Jackson County Circuit Judge John Graham ruled late Saturday morning that the board could not ban Chelsea Overstreet and Lauren Martinfrom the
junior-senior prom that night.

-Camp Lickalotta causes uproar in rural N.C.
Lesbian founders claim booted from campground over anti-gay bias
A lesbian couple attempting to create a gay-friendly camping space named“Camp Lickalotta” in rural North Carolina claim they were booted from thecampground where they lived because of anti-gay discrimination.

-Coming out in Arabic: Brian Whitaker reports on a lesbian group's strugglefor acceptance in the Middle East
When Rauda Morcos heard there was an emailing list for lesbian Palestinians, she couldn't believe it at first. "I thought it was a joke," she said. "Until then, I thought I was the only lesbian who speaks Arabic."

-Frankly, My Dear ...
David Bret’s angle on Clark Gable is this: Gable was “gay for pay” and“rough trade,” and he enjoyed having sex “for bucks.” In addition, he “wouldsometimes scrub his penis until it bled” and used a device to prolongerections. If these tidbits from the book’s first few pages aren’t too muchinformation for you, you’re in luck. This breathtakingly trashy biographydoes not skimp on sordid anecdotes.

-Grim Outlook for an AIDS Vaccine
Back in 1984, federal health officials, flush with excitement over discoveryof the virus that causes AIDS, famously predicted that they would have avaccine ready for market within three years. Now, after almost aquarter-century of toil and struggle, the effort has crashed in failure. Noone yet knows whether a vaccine to prevent the disease will ever bepossible.

-Pregnant transgender man to appear on Oprah
The media coverage of Thomas Beatie, the transgender man from Oregon whoclaims to be pregnant, has been plentiful, but Beatie himself hasn't givenan interview yet (besides the initial one he gave to The Advocate). Beatlestill has his female reproductive organs, though he has been transitioningfor ten years with hormone therapy.

-Breaking Down The Bedrock
Today has been pretty quiet. Not a lot of news, so I was catching up on someblogs, email, even managed to tackle an enormous pile of laundry...You know, casually practicing my "sinful nature," as Sally Kern, and thelikes of Sally Kern, call my lifestyle "choice."

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-NY Court Strikes Down Gay Pension Ruling
(New York City) A New York appeals court has vacated the ruling of a lowercourt that a gay man was not entitled to spousal health insurance benefitseven though he and his spouse were lawfully married in Canada.

-Supreme Court Case Could Impact Phelps Push For Anti-Gay Statue
(Washington) The Supreme Court has agreed to consider a free speech case inwhich a church wants to place a religious monument in a park.

-Gay Commitment Ceremony Draws Protest
(State College, Pennsylvania) Four same-sex couples exchanged vows on theweekend in a ceremony conducted by State College Mayor Bill Welch at thePenn State Student Union building as more than 100 protestors marchedoutside.

-NYC Gay Couple Teaches Tolerance In Poland
(Warsaw) A married gay New York City couple have become the darlings of thePolish media since arriving in the country on the weekend.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-Diversity Festival Offers a Rare Social Event For Homosexuals
Jan Ridenour was driving through Northwest Arkansas after visiting arelative when she stumbled onto Eureka Springs. She liked it so much, shebought a log house on 40 acres just outside the city and went home toBoulder, Colo., intent on persuading her longtime domestic partner to movewith her.

-McDonald's Signs onto 'Gay' Agenda
McDonald's restaurant's, famed for the Golden Arches, Ronald McDonald andkids meals, has signed onto a nationwide effort to promote "gay" and"lesbian" business ventures. The company, which is listed on the website ofthe National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce as a "corporate partner andorganization ally" for an undisclosed financial contribution, also recentlyplaced one of its executives on the NGLCC board of directors.

-Sally Kern Still Hates The Gay Community
We have said it time and time again, but Sally Kern is a stupid bitch. After coming out last week against gay discrimination, Sally has evidently fallen off the wagon! On Sunday, Kern wrote an op-ed piece against the "gay agenda." Read the whole thing here. Here are some facts for my recent comments about the homosexual agenda. Health Issues: According to the CDC, men who have sex with men (MSM) have an HIV prevalence 60 times higher than the general population. The CDC found that MSM comprise only 1-2 percent of the population yet account for 64 percent of all syphilis cases. “The International Journal of Epidemiology” states that the mortality rate for those engaging in homosexual relations before age 20 have their life expectancy reduced by as much as 30 years. The CDC found both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B disproportionately affects MSM. The study “The Longevity of Homosexuals” found that the average lifespan for lesbians is only slightly higher than that of homosexual men.

-Thai Red Cross Bans Gay Donors
The Thai Red Cross Society has resolved to reject blood donations from homosexual men in a move which has met with strong opposition from human rights organisations. The decision came after a study found that men who had sex with other men were at risk of contracting HIV/Aids and transmitting the blood-borne virus.

-Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Teens
At Higher Risk For Drug Abuse
A recent study by the University of Pittsburgh shows lesbian, gay andbisexual teens are at a higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse. And if youdon't think our local youth is affected, think again.
"When I went to Hanford if anybody knew I was bi, I'd get beat up, orteachers would look at me wrong," said Ali Bache, a 19-year-old girl memberof the Vista Youth Center.

-Greece May Allow Same-Sex Marriages
Greek authorities are considering adopting a law that would allow same-sexcouples to marry in a civil ceremony, the country's NET TV said on Monday.
The Greek Justice Ministry pledged to establish a working group on therights of gay couples living together, which would "analyze all aspects ofthe issue, international practice and the existing domestic legal and socialframework."

-Phila.'s Gay Democrats Emerge as a Voting Force
You don't see many women at Woody's, but Chelsea Clinton popped in lastweek. To a packed house of screaming supporters, the 28-year-old formerfirst child led a presidential pep rally for her mother at one of the oldestgay bars in Philadelphia.

-Sex in City Actress to be Honoured
Lesbian actress Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda in the hit US TV seriesSex In The City, is to be honoured by an American fund which provideseducational scholarships for gay students.

-Building Rainbow Families
While gay parenthood has existed from time immemorial, it has only emergedas a viable means of family building within the past 20 years. Celebritieslike Melissa Etheridge, who had children with ex-partner Julie Cypher andsperm donor David Crosby, and Rosie O'Donnell, who adopted, have ushered gayparenting into the popular consciousness and helped it earn relativeacceptance.

-Tenth Anniversary of Gay Murder Spurs New Campaign
Erasing hate from schools, workplaces, and communities is the goal of a newcampaign launched in America this week by the Matthew Shepard Foundation.
The foundation was created by Dennis and Judy Shepard in memory of their21-year old son Matthew, who was murdered in an anti-gay hate crime inWyoming in October 1998.

The Advocate
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-Supporters File Briefs in Iowa Marriage Case
At least 17 friend-of-the-court briefs will be filed this week with the Iowasupreme court on behalf of six same-sex couples who are suing the state forthe right to marry. Supporters including professors, attorneys,pediatricians, and elected officials have filed the documents to bolster thecouples' case.

-Cheyenne Stands Tall
Most leading men are afraid to be out and proud. Cheyenne Jackson is biggerthan that.
“I’ve actually never talked about this before because it’s a little bittwisted,” whispers Cheyenne Jackson across a corner table at Sardi’s in NewYork City, where a caricature of his handsome head has just been added tothe restaurant’s estimable walls of fame. “The first time that I knew I wasgay -- I think I was, like, 7 -- I was watching this Valentine’s Day Popeyecartoon episode that would play every year. There was this scene wherePopeye was captured by Brutus, tied up with no shoes or socks on, and Brutusstarts tickling his feet. I remember getting a little boner, and I didn’tknow what it was about that scene that was creating that, but I knew that itwas something naughty that I couldn’t tell anybody, and I definitely knew itwas something that made me different. But every year, I couldn’t wait forthat episode.”

-In Response to "Mixed Messages"
We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, wish to respond to the article "Mixed Messages" in the April 8, 2008, issue of The Advocate.
An exclusive posted March 31, 2008
To The Advocate: We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, wish torespond to the article "Mixed Messages" by Neal Broverman in the April 8,2008, issue of The Advocate. The front cover of the magazine asks: "Who's toblame? We told Lawrence King he had the right to express his sexuality. Didwe send him to his death?" . . .

-Making Sense of a Tragedy
The Advocate's editor in chief invites the LGBT community to participate ina discussion about how we can prevent more senseless killings of youngpeople like Lawrence King.
Anne Stockwell
Our community has responded with strong emotion to our cover story on themurder of 15-year-old Lawrence King. A number of voices whom we respect haveobjected to our raising difficult questions about what we can and must do toprotect our gender-nonconforming youth.

Marriage Equality News
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-After two weeks in which front page headlines blared that members of hisown political party were pushing for changes in the Ecuadorian constitutionthat would 1) remove existing constitutional language protecting individualsfrom discrimination based on sexual orientation; 2) ban the officialrecognition of any sort of same-sex partnerships be it through marriage orcivil unions; 3) determine that life starts at conception and ban all formsof abortion; and 4) enshrine the word "God" in the magna carta, PresidentRafael Correa [left] finally went on the record and addressed these issuesin his weekly radio show on Saturday. .... "Every person has theirdignity, in other words, there will be respect for a person regardless oftheir sexual preference," Correa stated, "Be warned on denying employment tosomeone based on their sexual orientation, that is discrimination, that isunconstitutional." But when it came to specifics he didn't offer many.

-As the April 21 deadline nears for to collect 700,000signatures to qualify the initiative amending the state constitution to bansame-sex marriage, Equality for All, a new GLBT coalition educating thepublic on marriage equality, is working nonstop to prevent opponents fromreaching their goal. “Through this unprecedented effort, we have hadhundreds and thousands of volunteers all across the state doing this work,”said Seth Kilbourn, campaign manager for Equality for All. “And the folks inSan Diego, The San Diego LGBT Center in particular, have done an amazing jobrecruiting volunteers and sending them out there to talk to Californiansabout the truth of what this amendment does.” The campaign started in lateFebruary after GLBT state leaders began seeing paid signature gathererscirculating the petition.

-Tax time is taxing enough. But consider the plight of Jason Smith and hispartner, Settimio Pisu of Guilford. The same-sex couple, as well as theirpeers, must file not one, not two, but three tax returns by April 15. That'sbecause they are joined not in marriage, but by civil union, the only legaloption for same-sex couples in Connecticut. Because there is no federalrecognition of same-sex marriage or unions, they must file separate returnsas well as a joint return, which is used as a work sheet to calculate theirConnecticut taxes. They tried to file online with H&R Block, but the formsused by the national tax preparer do not support returns stemming from civilunions. Instead, they were told to file at an H&R Block office and pay aboutfour times the online fee.

-Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton was always vexed by the notion that despite thecountry's traditional separation of church and state, Maryland gave her - areligious leader - the power to change people's legal status by signingtheir marriage licenses. At the same time, the Reconstructionist rabbi fromBaltimore was troubled by the state's laws prohibiting same-sex marriage.
Finally, after contending with her conflicted feelings for years, shedecided she had had enough: She told couples she would happily conductreligious wedding ceremonies, but to find someone else to sign their civildocuments.

Pink News - UK
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-Pension victory for same-sex partners at Euro court
Gay and lesbian activists today welcomed a ruling by the European Court ofJustice (ECJ) in Luxembourg on the rights of same-sex partners to 'survivorpensions.' The court ruled that a German gay man is entitled to a paymentfrom the pension of his dead partner. The insurer had rejected his claim tothe allowance of €6,400 (£4,330) on the grounds they only make such paymentsto spouses and not registered partners.
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-War of words between gay bashing politician and PFLAG
An Oklahoma politician who described gay people as a bigger threat toAmerica than terrorism has turned on local members of the advocacy groupParents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) she met withlast week. Representative Sally Kern received international attention afterher homophobic speech to a group of fellow Republicans was posted on YouTubeearlier this month by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund.
She met with Rev. Loyce Newton-Edwards, Rev. Dr. Kathy McCallie and Rev. JimShields of PFLAG last Thursday.
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-Poet accused of sexual exploitation "like Wilde"
An Irish poet accused of sexually exploiting young men in Nepal has given aninterview. Speaking on the Irish language station Raidio na Gaeltachta,Cathal O'Searcaigh said he was the victim of a biased documentary, butadmitted sexual contact with some of the young men he was finanicallyaiding. Speaking about the storm of criticism he has faced from the Irishmedia, he compared himself to Irish playwright Oscar Wilde.
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-Equality body will prioritise sexual orientation cases
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has unveiled its first singleequality scheme with a committment to prioritise legal cases in new areas ofequality such as sexual orientation, in order to build case law. As a publicbody the EHRC is legally required to address gender, disability and race.
The new scheme will also cover age, sexual orientation, religion or beliefand human rights.
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-Gay people expect discrimination in all walks of life
A new survey released today by Stonewall has found that gay, bisexual andlesbian people think that everyone from public services to political partiestreat them less favourably because of their sexuality. 1,600 LGB peopletook part in the online survey by YouGov, the web polling company's firstsurvey of the gay population. The results paint a depressing picture ofperceived prejudice in Britain.
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-Eminem to play young Elton John in new film
He may be the bad boy of white rap, but Eminem is set to wow fans of hismusic and acting career by starring in a new biopic of a British singinglegend. Real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, the 35-year-old has beenpraised by poet Seamus Heaney for getting kids interested in lyrics andpoetry and compared to Elvis Presley. Now, he is reported to have signed upto play a young Elton John in an upcoming film about his life.
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-Elections could bring hope for gay Zimbabweans
This weekend's elections in Zimbabwe bring the prospect of an end to the28-year rule of one of the world's most homophobic heads of state. RobertMugabe, now 81, has terrorised many groups in his country, not least gaysand lesbians. He has previously described gay people as worse than "dogs andpigs", has warned against the dangers of homosexuality and threatenedpro-gay clergy with prison sentences. For two people of the same sex to holdhands is against the law.
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-Ukrainian gay paper faces criminal charges
Kiev's public prosecutor is targeting a well-regarded gay newspaper underlaws banning the distribution of pornography, while newspaper kiosks acrossthe city openly sell explicit erotic heterosexual magazines. Since 2003 NashMir, the oldest Ukrainian LGBT human rights organisation, has publishedGay.Ua newspaper. "The newspaper is registered as an "information, forleisure, and erotic" edition,"" Nash Mir said in a statement.
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-Charles Allen becomes commercial radio king
Charles Allen, the openly gay former chief executive of ITV, looks set tobecome one of the most powerful figures in the world's radio sector. MrAllen, chairman of the private equity-backed Global Radio, has agreed topurchase GCap, the owner of Classic FM, Capital Radio and XFM for £375million. Just months ago, his company purchased Chrysalis Radio, the ownersof Heart and talk radio station LBC 97.3.
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-Cameron backs Boris at launch of London campaign
Conservative leader David Cameron has publicly backed the party's candidatefor Mayor of London as officially launched his campaign this morning. Hesaid Boris Johnson would be a "brilliant" mayor, claimed that "London's realproblem is a lack of leadership" and said incumbent Mayor and Labourcandidate Ken Livingstone had lost touch with the voters. Londoners go tothe polls on May 1st to elect a Mayor and the 25-member London Assembly.
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-Lords gay rights foe dies
A member of the House of Lords who used his Roman Catholic faith to
frustrate his own party's gay rights legislation has died. Lord Stallard ofSt Pancras was 86. He was known throughout his career as Jock, a referenceto his upbringing in Lanarkshire, Scotland. A left-wing presence on theLabour benches, he was first elected to represent St Pancras North at the1970 general election.
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Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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-Kuwait: Halt Dress-Code Crackdown
Authorities Should Repeal Repressive Law, Free Detainees
(New York, March 31, 2008) – New arrests show that Kuwait has resumedenforcing a repressive dress code that criminalizes “imitating theappearance of the opposite sex,” Human Rights Watch said today. It called onthe government to investigate allegations of ill-treatment of peopledetained and to repeal the offending provision, which violates Kuwait’shuman rights obligations. “This vague and sweeping law is based on prejudiceand gives authorities a green light to abuse people over how they dress,”said Joe Stork, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “It violatesbasic rights to privacy and free expression, and these continuing arrestsshow why it should be repealed.” On December 10, 2007, Kuwait’s NationalAssembly approved an amendment to Article 198 of the Criminal Code. Itstates that “any person committing an indecent act in a public place, orimitating the appearance of a member of the opposite sex, shall be subjectto imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or a fine not exceedingone thousand dinars [US$3,500].” Police began arresting people almostimmediately, jailing at least 14 people in the first month. After atwo-month lull in enforcing the dress-code law, police began arrestingpeople again in mid-March 2008.

-Gay poet denies he's a 'stud preying on innocent youths'
CONTROVERSIAL gay poet Cathal O Searcaigh has challenged what he claims aremedia images of him as some sort of "stud" or "stallion" preying on innocentvictims in Nepal. Breaking his silence following the broadcasting of thedocumentary 'Fairytale of Kathmandu', an unrepentant Mr O Searcaigh likenedhimself to Oscar Wilde, whose high-profile homosexual lifestyle led to hisimprisonment and exile. Like Wilde, he too was going through a difficulttime but he was optimistic it would pass. "It gave me hope to think aboutWilde who went through a tough time," the poet said. "Wilde said we are allin the gutter but some of us are looking at stars," the poet added. But theinterview has done little to quell the mounting disquiet about Mr OSearcaigh's exploitation of poor and vulnerable teenagers. Even his formerPR adviser, Liam Gaskin, dismissed his comparisons with Oscar Wilde.

-From TV studio to Parliament and back again
Warsaw: Fay and Moulton together with Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH)representatives Szypula and Czarnecki went to the Polish Parliament to meetwith the Chairman for the Commission for Justice and Human Rights RyszardKalisz. As the day before, journalists created a media melee which lastedfrom the moment of entry into the Parliament until a short press conferencewhich was held later. "Thanks to the invitation that Fay and Moulton got tovisit the Parliament, we were offered a great opportunity to propose somerecommendations to the government which would work towards gaining equalrights for LGBT people", said Szypula and Czarnecki. Shortly after, theywent on to meet with Zbigniew Holda and Adam Bodnar at the HelsinkiFoundation for Human Rights. A very fruitful conversation was held in whichit was agreed that the gay couple would try all avenues for dialog with thePolish President's office first. It was mentioned that the PolishConstitution includes a principle of the importance of dialog. If needs be,the Helsinki Foundation offered their legal support in supplying pro bonohelp.

-ILGA-Europe: European Court of Justice: denying same-sex partners pensionrights is unjustifiable discrimination
Today the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg delivered itsjudgement in a landmark case on pension rights for registered same-sexpartners. The facts of the case are as follows: Mr. Maruko lived with hispartner in a registered partnership. After his partner died the VddB, thepension scheme for German theatres, refused to pay him a survivor’s pensionas such pensions were provided only for married partners. Mr. Maruko suedthe VddB, and the Bavarian Administrative Court Munich referred the case tothe ECJ for interpretation of the 2000/78/EC Directive which established ageneral framework for equal treatment in employment and occupation.

Our Spring Outreach Trip begins April 11, less than two weeks away now.
We are very excited to be visiting Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina,Georgia and Alabama on this trip.
All of our scheduled forums are listed on the website so you can check itout. If you live in these areas please feel free to come to the forum andsay hi. It is always refreshing for us to see familiar faces. We've beenworking hard to include as much outreach work as possible in this trip.
This will be the first time in several years that we are venturing intoAlabama which means relatively new territory for us since so many thingschange from year to year with regards to the need for our work. As wasmentioned in our last newsletter we are way behind in our fundraising forthe year. We still need everyone's help to help us raisea full year's budget this year.

Glaad Media Awards in South Florida April 12-Wanna sit at our table?
For the third consecutive year, the GLAAD Media Awards honoring LGBT imagesin Spanish-language media will be held in South Florida on Saturday, April12 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. is pleased to be a table sponsor for this event and would liketo extend an invitation for you to sit with us during the televised awardsprogram.. Singer/Songwriter Deborah Cox will be performing live and ourfriend, Actor Wilson Cruz, will receive the GLAAD Visibilidad Award.
Tickets for the event can be purchased by following the link within thisemail. For complete information about this year’s GLAAD Media award,instructions on purchasing your ticket and to read the Geo Bustamante’sexclusive interview with Actor Wilson Cruz, PLEASE CLICK HERE or copy thefollowing link and paste it into your browser.

Detroit News

-Deb Price
Gay idealist fights for undiluted protections
Middle-schooler Tammy Baldwin faced a problem: A lady complained thatstudents trampled her flowers on their way to school.
So student council member Baldwin worked with kids on an outreach team tofence the flowerbed. Solving problems is in her "never doubt" DNA.

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-Woman Says TSA Forced Piercings Removal
LOS ANGELES - A Texas woman who said she was forced to remove a nipple ringwith pliers in order to board an airplane called Thursday for an apology byfederal security agents and a civil rights investigation. "I wouldn't wishthis experience upon anyone," Mandi Hamlin said at a news conference. "Myexperience with TSA was a nightmare I had to endure. No one deserves to betreated this way." Hamlin, 37, said she was trying to board a flight fromLubbock to Dallas on Feb. 24 when she was scanned by a TransportationSecurity Administration agent after passing through a larger metal detectorwithout problems. The female TSA agent used a handheld detector that beepedwhen it passed in front of Hamlin's chest, the Dallas-area resident said.

-Opening May 7, 2008, the Sports Museum of America (SmA) is the nation'sfirst and only all-sports experience, richly showcasing the history,grandeur and significance of sports in American culture. SmA is proud to behome to the Billie Jean King International Women's Sports Center, includingthe first Women's Sports Hall of Fame. SmA is located in New York City at26 Broadway (next to the "Charging Bull" and footsteps from the Statue ofLiberty Ferry).

-Applications are now being accepted for the second Lambda Literary
Foundation Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBT writers, to be held August10-17, 2008, in Los Angeles. 2008 Workshop Faculty include Elana Dykewomon(Fiction, Regular), Rigoberto Gonzalez (Creative Nonfiction), Claire McNab(Fiction, Special Genre), and D.A. Powell (Poetry). Each workshop facultymember will conduct writing workshops with 8 students. In addition, guestfaculty include Dorothy Allison, Katherine V. Forrest, Eloise Klein Healy,and John Rechy. Guest faculty will offer special presentations, lectures,and readings for the retreat community.
To apply, please complete an application form and send it in with a writingsample, an autobiographical/artistic statement, and an administrative fee of$15

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-Married troops can live together in Iraq
BAGHDAD -- When American soldiers get off duty in Iraq, the men usuallyreturn to their quarters, the women to theirs. But Staff Sgt. Marvin Fraziergets to go back to a small trailer with two pushed-together single beds thathe shares with his wife.


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