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GLBT DIGEST May 10, 2008

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Washington Post
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-A Shaky Performance on Corrections
The Post's approach to corrections is not consistent: Some run promptly,others are resisted, a few go astray. And top editors are not looking fortrends in the statistics kept on corrections.

Express Gay News
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-Fight over gay divorce moves to R.I. Superior Court
Another hearing scheduled for June 12

-Gay residents say they're happy but not carefree
Survey's respondents report threats, intolerance

-McCain Stays Silent On Hagee's Homophobic Slur
Earlier this week, right wing pastor John Hagee, a supporter of Sen. JohnMcCain (R-AZ), re-embraced his oft-repeated belief that Hurricane Katrinarepresented "the curse of God" for the sins of New Orleans. Though the mediahave put McCain on the spot over Hagee's characterization of the CatholicChurch as "the Great Whore," they have been reticent to press McCain onHagee's homophobic comments.

-Pa. Gov. Rendell marches in Pride parade
Just this week, Pennsylvania killed an amendment that would ban gaymarriage. Now, Gov. Ed Rendell will march in a Pride parade in New Hope onMay 17.

-Lawrence King Deserved To Die
While the defense lawyer in the Lawrence King shooting decided to take themost disgusting route possible -- it was in fact, Larry's fault for beingopen about himself and the school's efforts to support him that got himkilled.

-Gay Rights After Clinton
Kevin at Chris Crain's blog describes what the Clintons did to gay rights:
A lot of tripe is thrown around about gay Republicans in the gay media, andhas been for over a decade. But not enough has been written about the toxicimpact that Clintonism has wrought on the gay community and its politicalleadership. The cravenness of it, the poisonous combination of raisinghopes with glistening promises, and dashing them at the first sign ofpolitical risk -- all the while shifting the blame to others -- has donemore to destroy what was once a potentially powerful movement than anythinga small band of hapless, closeted gay Republicans on Capitol Hill (now"cleansed" for the most part) could ever have done. [...]

-A Bet on McCain's Share of the Gay Vote
Right after posting my piece, John McCain & the Gay Vote, I e-mailedWashington Blade Editor Kevin Naff encouraging him to link it on the Blade'sBlogwatch. Readily assenting, he alerted me to a post he had just posted onthe presidential election.

-Grey's Anatomy Shows America How Gay Men Really Kiss
Last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy featured a subplot that saw twohandsome active duty military men engaging in a steamy and prolongedhospital bed kiss as the unloved Dr. Grey looked on with tearful envy.

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-25 Years After Discovery Of HIV Search For Vaccine Goes On
The despair that set in after the failure of the latesteffort to develop an AIDS vaccine has given way to a renewed determinationon the part of the scientific community, says the Canadian scientist leadingan international effort to maximize global activity in the field.

-Conservative Law Group Urges Pastors To Break IRS Ban On Partisan Politics
Conservative legal advocates are recruiting pastorsnationwide to defy an IRS ban on preaching about politicians, in a challengethey hope will abolish the restriction.

-Prison Boss: Sex Change Poses Security Risk
Allowing a convicted killer to get a sex-changeoperation would pose insurmountable safety and security problems for thestate prison system, the Massachusetts corrections chief said.

-RI Lesbian Divorce Case Back In Court
A lesbian seeking a divorce has returned to courtdespite a ruling by Rhode Island Supreme Court that said same-sex divorcecannot be decided by Family Court.

-Australian Territory Passes Scaled Down Civil Unions Bill
The Australian Capital Territory has passed legislation creatingcivil unions for gay and lesbian couples, but without a provision that wouldallow for couples to have ceremonies after the federal government it wouldveto the bill if the section remained in the legislation.

-Arraignment Delayed In Gay Teen Murder Case
The arraignment of a 14-year old charged with murder inthe shooting of a gay classmate has been postponed until June so that hislawyer can prepare a motion challenging the constitutionality of chargingthe youth as an adult.

-Deal Reached In McGreevey Custody Battle
Former Gov. James E. McGreevey and his estrangedwife have settled custody issues for their only child as they moved closerto dissolving their marriage, their lawyers said.

-Obama Welcomed As Mr President At US Capitol
Sen. Barack Obama got a front-runner's welcome back at theCapitol, pressing congressional "superdelegates" to support him in a visitthat had the look and feel of a campaign victory lap.

-Obama: McCain Losing His Bearings
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says thatRepublican rival John McCain tried to smear him and was "losing hisbearings" with the suggestion that Hamas preferred Obama for president.

-Cindy McCain Would Never Release Her Tax Returns
Cindy McCain says she will never make her tax returns publiceven if her husband wins the White House and she becomes the first lady.

The Advocate
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-McGreeveys Reach Deal on Custody Issues in Divorce Case
The former governor of New Jersey, who resigned over a gay affair, and hisestranged wife settled custody issues for their only child on Thursday asthey moved closer to dissolving their marriage, their lawyers said.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-Tying the Knot: Tasteful Weddings Can be Done on Any Budget
As an event designer and caterer, I have seen countless vow exchanges overthe past 22 years. And as a single man seeking my Prince Charming, I oftenthink about my own wedding day celebration. The tradition of exchanging vowsduring a ceremony is an old and honored custom. A commitment ceremony withreception is becoming an increasingly popular choice among the GLBTcommunity. It is our right to commit our lives to each other and allow thosewe love to witness and rejoice in that moment.

-GLBT Individuals Will not be Able to Donate Blood in Poland
Homosexuals and bisexuals will not be allowed to donate blood. A ban to thiseffect is planned by the National Blood Center. The idea evoked strongprotests on part of gay circles but is supported by many doctors who claimthat homosexuals forget about the safety of patients who may receive theirblood.

Marriage Equality News
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-Mayoral challenger Kevin Johnson has riled Sacramento's gay community withhis statement at a televised candidate forum that "marriage is between a manand a woman." It hit me like a brick," said Gretchen Bender, vice-presidentof the Sacramento County Board of Education and the first open lesbianelected to public office in the county. "I've been working with Kevin onthis issue. But, based on that comment at the forum, I now think he isacting on religious grounds, and he is not ready to lead this city." Benderand a half-dozen other local gay and lesbian leaders held a news conferenceThursday to express their concern about Johnson's statement.

-A judge yesterday said she needs to know more before deciding whether toask the state Supreme Court if the Superior Court may grant Rhode Island'sfirst same-sex divorce. In December, the Supreme Court ruled that FamilyCourt lacked jurisdiction to grant a divorce to two Providence women -Margaret R. Chambers and Cassandra B. Ormiston - who married in Fall Riverin 2004, shortly after Massachusetts became the first state to issuemarriage licenses to same-sex couples.

-Many of us remember 2004 as the year that presidential politics reached itslow point. It was the year that the Swift Boat vets made the argument thatit was more patriotic to avoid combat than it was to volunteer for it. Itwas also the year of Proposal 2. Proposal 2 was the amendment to the stateconstitution that legally defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Atthe time, the argument was forwarded that it was an entirely pointlessamendment, since state law already defined marriage. Undeterred, supportersfirst tried to get the thing through the state Legislature, and then tookthe opportunity to put it on the November ballot, a nice little wedge issuethat nearly carried the state for George Bush.

-Lansing lawyer Eric Doster is a busy fellow. Besides serving as corporatecounsel to the state Republican Party and running for a seat on the stateCourt of Appeals, he represented the coalition of religious activists wholed the successful crusade to ban same-sex marriage in Michigan. Accordingto the state Supreme Court's Republican majority, Doster is also a bit of afibber.

Pink News - UK
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-EU backs religious discrimination against gay teachers
Trade union groups in the Republic of Ireland have expressed their dismay ata ruling by the European Commission confirming that church schools can sackteachers who are openly gay.
No charges over photos of teenage athletes on gay porn sites
Prosecutors in Orange County, California have announced they will not bringany charges against two men who took pictures of teenage water polo playerswhich were then posted on gay porn sites.

-Canberra gay couples can register, but no ceremony
Australia's federal government has been accused of "playing to the politicsof the extreme right religious lobby" after it forced the country's CapitalTerritory (ACT) government to water down plans to legally recognise same-sexcouples.

-Movie mogul demands Dem "revote" in Florida and Michigan
Hollywood heavy-hitter and ardent supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton,Harvey Weinstein threatened to hit Congressional Democrats in the walletunless US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave him the go-ahead to financerevotes in Florida and Michigan.

-One in five US gays and lesbians writes a blog
According to a recent survey of Americans conducted by Harris Interactive,gay and lesbian adults online are reading and writing more blogs than theirheterosexual counterparts.

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-I need your advice and suggestion. I am writing a book about my experiencein Iran as a gay man. How I found out about my sexual orientation and whatwas I suffered. This book is mostly on base of my memorial and my challengesin Iran. I need to find an agent for publishing and/or deal with publishersand an editor. Do you have any idea who can I find and contact them? Do youhave any connection? Please reply to my email address:

Spinning Wheels By Deb Price
I'm not a big game show watcher. But I do know that you get to spin bigwheels on The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. Sometimes you hit thejackpot, sometimes you land in a good spot and sometimes you get skunked.
And, that's exactly what it's like fighting for lesbian and gay marriageequality. With three spins of the wheel this week, we landed in two decentspots and got skunked once. Out in California, while folks are waiting onpins and needles for the state's highest court to decide on the legality ofsame sex marriage, the state's Court of Appeal ruled on Tuesday that thatwhen it comes to believing you were in a registered domestic partnership youhave the same rights and responsibilities as straights who thought they werelegally married.

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-Update from Soulforce
American Family Outing to Six Mega-Churches Has Begun
1. LGBT Families to Host Families from Lakewood Church on Mother's DayWeekend
2. Next Weekend: Bishop T.D. Jakes and The Potter's House
3. Mother, Trans Son Embark on Soulforce Journey
4. Soulforce Needs You to Sponsor One or More Families

-Proud 'Mama's Boys'How gay men alternately reject and embrace a dubiouslabel
Antroine "Tron" Majette says he's probably more of a grandmother's boy. "Shespoiled me more," he says with a laugh. Now 27, Majette says he knows aboutthe stigma some gay boys face in school by being called "mama's boy." But he never had to deal with such labelsgrowing up. Raised by his single mother and grandmother, Majette says theywere his mentors, and he wasn't ashamed to be close to them. "I never had todeal with [teasing], not at all," he says. "I'm black, so maybe it'sdifferent for me. I am a mama's boy. I love my mom. She taught meeverything I know." Majette now works for Sprint in Atlanta while alsoserving as the CEO and founder of, a website that promotes urban gay events acrossthe nation. He came out to his mother when he was 18. At first, she wasuneasy with her son's sexual orientation, but he says she was supportive,they remain close, and she became even more welcoming as he got older.

-Q&A: Doctors on Puberty-Delaying Treatments, May 8, 2008 . A small group of doctors around the world haveintroduced a controversial approach to the treatment of preteens andteenagers who believe they are the opposite sex.Right before puberty begins,they prescribe children hormone-blocking medication. This allows the childto continue growing without developing physical characteristics such asbreasts, facial hair or Adam's apples. Later, the child can elect to resumetheir natural puberty development or can begin a gender transition by takingthe sex hormones of the opposite sex.

-We, participants of the 7th Moldovan LGBT pride "Rainbow over the Dniester"protest over the decision of the Chisinau city hall to ban the peacefulpublic manifestation in support of tolerance an non-discrimination inMoldovan society, organized by NGO "GenderDoc-M". The manifestation wasplanned for 11th of May 2008 at 11:00 am, and we have decided to proceedwith our plans despite the city hall ban. The latter is unlawful, asaccording to Moldovan laws only the court can prohibit a march, and not alocal authority. Moreover, in 2007 the Supreme Court has found a similardecision of the city hall as violating Constitution and the EuropeanConvention for Human Rights. It is already sixth time that a peaceful LGBTdemonstration is banned in Moldova, despite pressure and criticism of theCouncil of Europe, European Union and the Organisation for Security andCooperation in Europe.

-Verizon Shareholders Vote Down Protections Based On Gender Identity AndExpression
Verizon LogoA shareholder proposal to amend Verizon Communications Inc.'swritten equal employment policy to explicitly prohibit discrimination basedon gender identity was voted down May 1, but backers of the plan say theywere encouraged by the amount of support it got, and the group that proposedthe resolution will bring it back next year. Preliminary results showedthat the resolution, which was opposed by the company's board of directors,won 17 percent of shareholder approval. It takes 3 percent for a proposal tocome back, which it achieved. According to Alberto Canal, of Verizon mediarelations, more than 2 billion votes werecast. Canal said the company has 340 employees in the Bay Area. I believethe most disgusting piece of news from the Bay Area Reporter piece was theposition of the LGBT employee group at Verizon (emphasisadded): When asked about the board's stance on the resolution, Verizon'sCanal reiterated the company's "zero tolerance" policy. He also said thatGLOBE, the company's LGBT employee resource group, supported the position.
As a customer that identifies as transgender and transsexual, next monthI'll be cancelling my service with Verizon -- no matter what the financialcost. I won't do business with a company where even its LGBT group won'tsupport a written policy of employment equality for its transgenderemployees.

-Killer Gay Sex!
The clueless tabloid and public health hysteria over man-on-man sex may behindering HIV prevention efforts. From an imaginary "super strain" of HIV tothe sci-fi MRSA superbug: What is it about gay sex that makes U.S. healthofficials want to play Chicken Little with AIDS prevention and publicsafety?

-This week in the Bay Windows:

-This week in Washington Blade

-Talking Taboo with Obama at 30,000 Feet
PORTLAND, ORE. -- So this is what a presidential candidate in thehomestretch toward his party's nomination looks like. Barack Obama, who hasgenerally avoided spending more time than he needs to fraternizing with thereporters and photographers on his tail, last night retreated to the presssection of his plane for an unlikely and potentially risky event: anextended game of Taboo. The game, as some readers may know, is aword-association variation on charades: A player draws a card with a word,name or phrase on it and must then, under time pressure, offer a definitionto draw his teammates into identifying the mystery term, but withoutresorting to five "taboo" words listed on the card.

-Trustees of the University of Southern Indiana willvoting tomorrow, Saturday, May 10th, on a proposal to offer domestic partnerhealth care benefits to university faculty and staff. With this vote, USIwill join a growing number of public and private employers across thecountry that recognize domestic partner benefits as an inexpensive option toattract and retain the best employees and to promote fairness and equalityin the workplace. Ball State University, Butler University, DePauwUniversity, Indiana University, Indiana State University, IndianaUniversity-Purdue University Indianapolis, Purdue University, and theUniversity of Notre Dame, provide similar benefits, along with a majority ofthe Fortune 500 companies andmany major Indiana corporations, including Abbott Diagnostics, Cummins, DowAgroScience, Eli Lilly & Company, Guidant Corporation, Hill Rom Company,National Collegiate Athletic Association, and WellPoint.

-Jewish OutLook, a South African organisation that caters for the Jewishlesbian, gay, transgendered and intersex (LGBT) community, requested anofficial position to be adopted by the Psychological Society of South Africa(PsySSA) in relation to reparative therapy for 'treatment' of sexualorientation. This request follows several attempts in the last two years bya religious organisation to promote such therapies in the Jewish communitynewspaper, the 'Jewish Report' to which Jewish OutLook has been responding(see latest JONAH example attached). The outcome was this letter (seeattached) published in the week of 28 April 2008 in the Jewish Report wherePsySSA rejects reparative therapy and treatment of homosexuality as an'illness'. Written by Dr Juan Nel at the request of PsySSA in his capacityas PsySSA representative on INET (the International Network for Lesbian, Gayand Bisexual Concerns and Gender Identity Issues in Psychology), theresponse can thus be considered as a further indication that organisedPsychology in South Africa is willing to endorse a LGBT-affirmativeposition.

Gay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrier
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-First out black man elected in Virginia
Lawrence Webb won his race for the Falls Church, Va., City Council, becomingthe first out black man to win election to public office in the history ofthe Commonwealth of Virginia. Washington Blade (5/7) , Falls Church (Va.)News-Press (5/8)

-Mich. Supreme Court rules against health benefits for gay partners
The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled local governments and stateuniversities cannot offer health insurance to partners of gay workers. Theeffect of the ruling is unclear, however, because after an appellate courtsupported a gay marriage ban, universities changed their health insuranceeligibility policies to read "other qualified adults" rather than domesticpartners. Google/Associated Press (5/8)

-Alabama close to final passage of hate-crimes bill
A measure to add sexual orientation to the Alabama hate-crimes law hascleared the state Senate Judiciary Committee and could receive a vote on May19, the final day of this legislative session. The bill got the go-ahead onTuesday from the state House. WRCB TV Channel 3 (Chattanooga,Tenn.)/Associated Press (5/8)

-McCain fails to speak out against Hagee's anti-gay views
When asked by Fox News talk-show host Bill O'Reilly whether he agreed withthe alleged anti-gay and anti-Catholic views of right-wing pastor JohnHagee, likely Republican presidential nominee John McCain took exceptiononly to the anti-Catholic comments reportedly made by Hagee, according tothis blog posting. Read more at

-Retired NBA player continues off-court work against homophobia
Out retired NBA player John Amaechi continues to help bring attention to theproblem of homophobia in sports, and to draw distinctions between his mostlypositive coming out and that of the British soccer star Justin Fashanu,whose 1990 coming out was greeted with derision by fans and players,according to blogger Rod McCullom. Fashanu reportedly committed suicide in1998. Read more at Rod 2.0.


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New York Times
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-From a Bright Past to a Cloudy Future
When Vito J. Fossella Jr., the soon-to-be boy congressman, stood beside theyoung girls of a cheerleading squad at the Excelsior Grand catering hall in1997, it seemed a particularly vivid version of Staten Island pageantry. Mr.Fossella - 32 and with Al Pacino looks - was on his way to becoming the soleRepublican in New York City's Congressional delegation at a spirited partybilled as an evening of "pasta and politics."

-Judge Drops General From Trial of Detainee
In a new blow to the Bush administration's troubled military commissionsystem, a military judge has disqualified a Pentagon general who has beencentrally involved in overseeing Guantánamo war crimes tribunals from anyrole in the first case headed for trial.

-Op-Ed Columnist: Seeds of Destruction
The Clintons have never understood how to exit the stage gracefully.

-Editorial: Racial Inequity and Drug Arrests
The United States prison system keeps marking shameful milestones. In lateFebruary, the Pew Center on the States released a report showing that morethan 1 in 100 American adults are presently behind bars - an astonishinglyhigh rate of incarceration notably skewed along racial lines. One in nineblack men aged 20 to 34 are serving time, as are 1 in 36 adult Hispanic men.

-For First Time, More Superdelegates Favor Obama
The trump card Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton held in her faltering bid forpresident - her support among the superdelegates who can control the fate ofthe Democratic nomination - began slipping from her grasp on Friday asSenator Barack Obama moved into the lead on this front, with uncommitteddelegates declaring their allegiance to him as others deserted her.

Washington Post
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-Fighting in Beirut Threatens a Top Bush Administration Priority
On the eve of his trip to the Middle East next week, President Bush facesthe collapse of one of his three top priorities in the region -- stabilizingLebanon, a rare Arab democracy -- amid new fighting that once again pits theUnited States against Iran and Syria through surrogates, according toLebanese and U.S. analysts.

-China's Harmonious Diplomatic Symphony
While its propaganda machine might be sounding a little shrill lately,China's foreign policy is hitting all the right notes. In the past fewweeks, President Hu Jintao has met twice with leading politicians fromTaiwan following the election of Ma Ying-jeou. First Hu met with VP-electVincent Siew and then with KMT bigwig Lien Chan. There's a good possibilitythat the two sides will move a lot closer -- setting up direct flights andfreight services -- once Ma takes power on May 20 and Taiwan's bothincompetent and ideologically rigid president, Chen Shui-bian, leaves. Goodfor China and Taiwan. What's more, last week, Hu spent five days in Japanusing "smile" diplomacy with China's Asian nemesis. By all accounts, it wasa pretty successful trip, a stark contrast to complete disaster thatoccurred when Hu's predecessor Jiang Zemin visited Japan in 1998 and gave ascreaming lecture about history. The lecture played well in China but notanywhere else. China and Japan have reason to buddy up. Last year, Chinareplaced the US as Japan's biggest export market - a trend that isn't goingto change. Then, last weekend in Shenzhen, lower ranking Chinese officialsmet with representatives of the Dalai Lama. They've agreed to keep talking.
No one expects this to go anywhere, but it's a whole lot better than yellingat each other via the media.

-Church Punishes Priests but Protects Bishops, Critics Say
It's getting a little uncomfortable for Catholic Bishop Carlos Sevilla thesedays.

-Mexico blames gangs for killing top cop
President Felipe Calderon said Friday the killing of an acting federalpolice chief was an attempt by weakened gangs to counter his fight againstdrug trafficking.

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-Obama's candidates shows racial progress, and fault lines
No matter who wins the presidential election, one thing is clear: America isstill a nation stuck in the miry clay of race.,0,5063885.story

Miami Herald
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-DEMOCRATS: Obama must reach out to women
From time to time during this primary, I've wondered about Obama's mama. Ina race that was so much about biography, about beliefs rooted in her son's''DNA,'' she's made only cameo appearances.

From MoveOn,org
Just in time for Mother's Day, Senator John McCain opposed the Fair PayAct-a bill that would help guarantee women equal pay for equal work. Thebill simply would have restored critical anti-discrimination rules that theSupreme Court struck down in a recent decision, and failed by just threevotes.
Adding insult to injury, McCain said that the solution to employmentdiscrimination was for women to get more "education and training."1 Maybethat made some sense in his day, but today with women outnumbering men oncollege campuses, it makes none. Study after study has shown that women arepaid less than men for the same work, even when they have the same educationand training. Senator McCain and his Republican allies have chosen to standin the way of enforcement of a law that's been on the books protecting womenfor 40 years. Call on Senator McCain and Congress to pass the Fair Pay Actnow. Go to:

Fort Report
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-Kennedy disputes so-called dream ticket
Don't count Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts among Democratshankering for the so-called dream ticket of Barack Obama and HillaryClinton.

-Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama
No constituency is more eager to see a woman win the presidency thanAmerica's feminists, yet -- despite Hillary Rodham Clinton's historiccandidacy -- the women's movement finds itself wrenchingly divided over theDemocratic race as it heads toward the finish.

-Unions Focus Against McCain As Democrats Still Battling
Organized Labor Sharpens Campaign Against John McCain As Barack ObamaSolidifies Front-runner Status


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HSC Seeks 15 Youth for 10-Month Paid Apprenticeships
Application Deadline - July 3
The Human Services Coalition is looking for 15 motivated people between theages of the 18 - 30 to fill 10-month paid apprenticeships with selectednonprofits as part of the Miami Public Allies program. You must bepassionate about social issues and interested in working with a diversegroup of people. We're looking for potential Allies that are self-directed,energetic, creative and resourceful. Being a Miami Public Ally is afull-time commitment, requiring 40 hours a week. Allies are discouragedfrom enrolling in school or working other jobs during the 10-monthapprenticeship. You must also be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanentresident, and have a high school diploma or GED. [...] The Human ServicesCoalition is being funded by the Corporation for National and CommunityService in Washington, D.C., The Children's Trust and the AlleganyFranciscan Ministries to run the program in Miami. Public Allies currentlyhas 13 similar programs across the country. The partnership with the HumanServices Coalition is the organization's first in Florida.
For more details about applying, contact Asha Loring,, or305-576-5001 x42.
Human Services Coalition
Address: 260 NE 17th Terrace, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33132
Phone: 305-576-5001

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-Fort Lauderdale: Gay and lesbian center plans party Monday night
The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida will sponsor the BuzzMultimedia Lifetime Achievement Award and Buzz TV Premier Party at 6:30 p.m.Monday at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW Fifth Ave.,0,5720301.story

-Fort Lauderdale: Gay rights group to train campaign workers today
The Human Rights Campaign gay rights group plans to hold a "Camp Equality"boot camp today and Sunday.,0,3815086.story

-Uninsured? Don't hold your breath for coverage
Don't expect miracles from Gov. Charlie Crist's new plan to cover theuninsured.
Insurance experts said the Cover Florida program passed by the Legislaturelast week will offer low-cost, bare-bones medical policies to the 3.8million people without coverage, but the plans will not be out until nextyear and even then may be of limited value.,0,7604822.story

-South Floridian lobbies to contain global warming
Reversing global warming has become a popular cause, but advocates forlegislation to prevent air-pollution are finding a tough political climatein Washington this campaign season.

Fort Report
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-Democratic challenger faces a tough task to unseat Stearns
It would be an understatement to say that Tim Cunha faces challenges in hiscampaign for the U.S. House of Representatives.
He's a newcomer to the 6th Congressional District and has little politicalexperience. He's facing a 10-term incumbent who won the last three electionsby an average margin of 26 percent and has nearly $2.3 million of campaigncontributions in the bank.

From Robert Loupo, Executive Director
Safe Schools South Florida
Our own De Palazzo, Board member of Safe Schools South Florida as well asBoard member of Equality Florida, is being honored tonight along with HeddyPena, Executive Director of SAVE Dade, with the Community Leadership Awardsat the Aqua Foundation VIP party tonight in Miami at a beautiful baysideresidence, 7305 Belle Meade Island Drive, 7 - 10 PM.
Safe Schools South Florida will be recognized also as a recipient of a $5000Aqua Foundation Grant award to implement its Women's Empowerment Project.
Tickets for tonight's party -- $85/$95 -- are still available atwww.aquagirl.org_ ( or _www.boxoffictickets.com_
( or calling 1-800-494-TIXS.


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Friday, May 09, 2008


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New York Times
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-Op-Ed Columnist: Thinking About November
The fight for the Democratic nomination seems to be winding down. It's notcompletely over, but the odds now overwhelmingly favor Barack Obama.

-Editorial: The Lucrative Art of War
Congress is finally moving to shut one of the more egregious forms of Iraqwar profiteering: defense contractors using offshore shell companies toavoid paying their fair share of payroll taxes. The practice is widespreadand Congressional investigators have been dispatched to one of the prime taxrefuges, the Cayman Islands, to seek a firsthand estimate of how much theTreasury is being shorted.

-Obama Pulls Even With Clinton in Superdelegates
Senator Barack Obama has caught up to his opponent, Senator Hillary RodhamClinton, in the count of superdelegates, one of the few mathematical areaswhere Mrs. Clinton still maintained an advantage in the race.

-Shiite Militias Seize Beirut Neighborhoods
Heavily armed Hezbollah fighters seized control of large parts of westernBeirut on Friday, patrolling the deserted streets in a raw show of forcethat underscored the Shiite militia's refusal to back down in its latestconfrontation with the American-backed government.

Washington Post
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-Too Late to the Duck Hunt
A Farewell to Hillary
By the time Hillary Clinton figured out how to beat Barack Obama, it was toolate. When she began the race in 2007 thinking she was in for a coronation,she claimed the center in order to position herself for the real fight, thegeneral election. She simply assumed the party activists and loony leftwould fall in behind her.

-The Card Clinton Is Playing
From the beginning, Hillary Clinton has campaigned as if the Democraticnomination were hers by divine right. That's why she is falling short -- andthat's why she should be persuaded to quit now, rather than later, beforeher majestic sense of entitlement splits the party along racial lines.

-A Transportation Crossroads
All the gas tax talk has stirred up a storm. Whatever you think about thecandidates' proposals, however, their debate has illuminated an urgentreality: If the U.S. government continues with its current transportationpolicies, it will undermine the social and economic security of ourworkforce and accelerate global climate change. We must chart a new course,rebuilding America's overburdened and, in many cases, obsoletetransportation infrastructure while addressing these two 21st-centuryimperatives.

-Mexico's Police Chief Is Killed In Brazen Attack by Gunmen
Gunmen assassinated Mexico's national police chief Thursday, blasting himwith nine bullets outside his home in the capital and dealing a significantsetback to the government's campaign against drug cartels.

-39 Republicans Join Democrats As Mortgage Bill Passes House
The House yesterday approved an ambitious plan to rescue hundreds ofthousands of homeowners at risk of foreclosure by helping them trade exoticloans with rapidly rising monthly payments for more affordable mortgagesbacked by the federal government.

-N.Y. Congressman Acknowledges Affair, Child
After Drunken-Driving Charge, Republican Already Was Seen as Vulnerable

Fort Report
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-Clinton's future depends on graceful exit
IT'S EASY to get seduced by delusion when real hope has faded, as it now hasfor Hillary Clinton.

-Our view on the judiciary: Send in the clones?
Judges should be independent thinkers, not political partisans.
John McCain has a record of reasonableness on judicial politics. He voted toconfirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, the two Supreme Courtjustices nominated by a Democrat. And, in 2005, he joined a bipartisan groupof senators known as the "Gang of 14" that cut a deadlock-breaking deal onjudicial nominees.

Pew Research center
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-An Increase in GOP Doubt About Global Warming Deepens Partisan DivideThe proportion of Americans who say that the earth is getting warmer has decreased modestly since January 2007, mostly because of a decline among Republicans. Read more

-Voting My Generation - The Widening Gap
While Barack Obama's appeal to young people coincides with their greater inclination to support Democrats in recent years, older voters, who seem reluctant to support Obama, do not show a greater allegiance to the Republican Party that might explain their current voting intentions. Read more

-Joke Journalism - The Daily Show: Journalism, Satire or Just Laughs?
An examination of whether America's fourth most-admired journalist, Jon Stewart, is really the host of a news program. Read more

-Judging Jobs - Hard Hats See Hard Times
While the latest statistics reported fewer job losses than analysts expected, the public is expressing increasing concern about job availability; but unlike in the 1992 downturn, such worries are concentrated in the lower portions of the income spectrum. Read more

-World Worship - Religion in China on the Eve of the 2008 Olympics
A watching world may find religious belief unexpectedly widespread in a communist country. Read more

-Primary Colors - The Race Factor Redux
While the outcome of the North Carolina primary fit into a racial pattern observed in earlier primaries this year, Clinton's showing in Indiana was less strong than would have been expected. Read more

-Demographic Trends - A Statistical Portrait of Hispanic Women in the U.S.Annual births to Hispanic women in the U.S. exceeded one million in 2006, and one-in-four children in the U.S. under age 5 is Hispanic. Find out more about America's largest minority in a new Pew Hispanic Center fact sheet.
Read more

-Daily Number - 66% - Mom's Toughest Critics
Two of every three women ages 50-64 say today's mothers are doing a worse job as parents than mothers did 20 or 30 years ago -- the highest level of criticism among any age-sex group in the U.S. population. Check back every weekday for another number in the news. Read more


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GLBT DIGEST May 9, 2008

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New York Times
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-Sunday Nights With the Siblings
For well over a year now, at 10 on Sunday nights, I've turned on "Brothers &Sisters" with the pre-emptive regret of someone gustily digging into asecond piece of cake.

Washington Post
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- DEAR AMY: I work at a local store. We all get along pretty well, exceptfor one issue. One of the employees, "Betsy," is gay. None of us has aproblem with her life choice, but she keeps coming on to certain femaleemployees who are straight.
These women like Betsy and have made it clear they're not interested,saying, "Sorry, I'm not interested; that's not my choice; let's just befriends." But Betsy doesn't seem to get the hint. She keeps making extremelyinappropriate comments and propositions people.
Despite this, everyone likes her. No one wants to get her in trouble.
My attitude on the whole matter is, if this situation were reversed and aman was doing this, someone would be running to management about thecomments.
My opinion is that when someone tells you "no," you should respect herwishes.
How do we get Betsy to take the hint? No one involved wants her to get introuble, but at the same time we are fed up. -- Puzzled

DEAR PUZZLED: First off, "Betsy's" sexuality isn't a "life choice," anymorethan yours is.
Sexual harassment, however, is a choice, and a very poor one.
Anyone being propositioned or sexually harassed should report it. You andyour co-workers have a right to work in an environment free of harassment.
I'm not sure why you are all so eager to protect Betsy from the consequencesof sexually harassing people. You're enabling her to do this. Anyone Betsypropositions should tell her, "That is completely inappropriate, and youneed to stop." Then, certainly, if there are repeated incidents, this mattershould be taken to a supervisor.

Go to the links for the following articles:

-Beat the Press: High-flying Obama plays to win
Perhaps Barack Obama's competitive juices need new outlets now that he hasexpanded his lead over Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton.,0,3216363.story

Go to this link for the following articles:

-Obama Welcomed As Mr President At US Capitol
(Washington) Sen. Barack Obama got a front-runner's welcome back at theCapitol, pressing congressional "superdelegates" to support him in a visitthat had the look and feel of a campaign victory lap.

-Obama: McCain Losing His Bearings
(Washington) Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says thatRepublican rival John McCain tried to smear him and was "losing hisbearings" with the suggestion that Hamas preferred Obama for president.

-Cindy McCain Would Never Release Her Tax Returns
(Washington) Cindy McCain says she will never make her tax returns publiceven if her husband wins the White House and she becomes the first lady.

-Family Values Congressman Admits To Affair, Illegitimate Child
(Washington) Rep. Vito Fossella of New York ran a red light, and wrecked hislife. A drunk-driving arrest last week led to talk of an extramaritalaffair, and then finally Thursday, an admission of a child from that affair.

-Faith-Based Group To Appeal Human Rights Ruling
(Toronto, Ontario) A provincially funded Christian group says it will appealpart of a tribunal ruling that found it violated the rights of a worker whowas forced to quit after revealing she was gay.

-Low Cost HIV Meds May Soon Head To Rwanda
(Toronto, Ontario) Four years after it was passed unanimously by Parliament,a bill drafted to allow low-cost Canadian-made AIDS drugs to be exported todeveloping countries may be on the verge of finally producing results.

-Va Elects First Gay African American
(Falls Church, Virginia) Lawrence Webb has become the first gay AfricanAmerican elected to office in Virginia. Webb won a seat this week on theFalls Church City Council in his first run for political office.

-Calif Appeals Court Rules In Gay Partner Assets Case
(Santa Ana, California) Same-sex partners who believe they are registered asdomestic partners but are not have the same rights as people whoserelationships are registered under the state partnership law an appealscourt has ruled.

-Gay Marriage Returns To RI Legislature
(Providence, Rhode Island) A House committee room was packed well into thenight Wednesday in what has become an annual debate in Rhode Island oversame-sex marriage.

The Advocate
Go to this link for the following articles:

-PFLAG Decries Honorary Doctorate for Schlafly
Gay rights advocates are asking Washington University administrators toreconsider honoring antigay activist Phyllis Schlafly with an honorarydoctorate at the school's commencement ceremony. Parents, Families, andFriends of Lesbians and Gays, along with many students and faculty, isurging the school not to honor Schlafly at the May 16 ceremony in St. Louis.

Express Gay News
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Some CDC grant money unspent by Latino clinic
La Clinica blames staffing, facility hurdles for trans program delays

-Calif. may be headed for epic marriage battle
Constitutional ban, high court ruling both in the works

-Atlanta Pride turns away HRC sponsorship over trans fight
Festival says national gay rights group not 'inclusive' enough

-Mass. D.A. appoints liaison for gay, bisexual groups
Victim witness advocate to track cases

-Despite death threats, gay bishop plans civil union
It's 'what God is calling me to do,' says controversial clergymanEpiscopal bishop Gene Robinson knows he is inviting death threats byentering into a civil union with his gay partner on the eve of his church'sbiggest ecclesiastical conference. And he says it is worth it, because he isdoing what God asks of him.

-OPEN INVITATION: Gay group reaches out to Lakewood
Joel Osteen remains silent, but Soulforce presses on with Saturday's picnicin Houston

-Transgender teen says he has support at Brewster school
Brewster High School student Michael Loscalzo said he was scared to go toschool yesterday, given all the attention he's received for his recentdecision to start dressing as a girl.

-Children's Health: Parents Consider Treatment to Delay Son's PubertyNew Therapy Would Buy Time to Resolve Gender Crisis

-Madonna announces tour
Madonna will embark on her "Sticky & Sweet" tour this fall, and sorry, localWashington Blade readers, she's skipped D.C. again.

-Welcome to the Age of the "Insurance Card Marriage"
Forget green cards. A growing number of Americans are getting hitched to gethealth insurance.

-A More Suitable Person, Please
"They're very mean," Phyllis Schlafly, the mother of a gay son, once saidwhen someone asked her what she thought of the GLBT community. "[J]ust . . .vicious . . . "

-A mother finds her voice amid reminders of tragedy
Denise King battles GLBT hatred despite a rush to judgment by FloridaAttorney General

-Friend or Foe?
Mildred Loving and the Grand Cayman Islands Police
Mildred Loving
It is with great sadness that we award this Friend of the Week, as it isalso a "goodbye." Mildred Loving, one of America's greatest (andleast-known) civil rights leaders, passed away on May 5. She was 68.
Mildred Loving was a co-defendant in the landmark civil rights case Lovingvs. Virginia, which ruled that laws barring marriage based on race wereunconstitutional.
Grand Cayman Islands Police
Speaking of legal troubles: Aaron Chandler, a 23-year-old college studentfrom Massachusetts, was vacationing in Grand Cayman with his boyfriend thispast weekend, They decided to visit a local nightclub, and while on thedance floor, Chandler planted a kiss on his boyfriend. Local bar patronscomplained, but Chandler was unfazed--he insisted that his "quick kiss" wasin no way obscene-and he later kissed his boyfriend again, as they preparedto leave.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Wisconsin: Police: On-Campus Assault Could Be Hate Crime
The assault of a UW-Platteville student on campus May 3 has been initiallyclassified as a hate crime. During the incident, homophobic slurs were usedagainst the student, who is gay. "Any time where we have a situation whereit could possibly be a hate crime, we list it as such," Laurel Skrede, chiefof the UW-P campus police department, said. If a case may be a hate crime,it's easier to classify it as such in the beginning of the investigationrather than after the fact.

-MTV Networks Launches Video Hub For Gay Community
xecs at MTV Networks say the best way to distribute media over the Web is to"go an inch wide but a mile deep." Instead of one central Web destination,Viacom-owned MTV Networks is building hundreds of sites around its content.
An example of that strategy can be found at Logo, the unit that serves thegay and lesbian community.

-Lawyer Blames School in Shooting of Gay Oxnard Student
As 14-year-old Brandon McInerney prepares to be arraigned today in theslaying of 15-year-old Lawrence "Larry" King at E.O. Green Junior HighSchool in Oxnard, his lawyer is advancing a defense that at least partlyblames school officials for the tragedy.

-Waltz Right in, Gay or Straight
The sport (art?) of ballroom dance isn't a foreign concept anymore, thanksto the phenomenal success of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," which hasbrought copious couples into dance classes ... mostly heterosexual couples,that is. So where would a same-sex couple go if they wanted to perfect thejive or learn the finer points of a waltz?

-Gay Shag List is "Revolutionary"
A listing of which male celebs gays want to sleep with has been described as"downright revolutionary." Gay entertainment website said ina release that their "Hot 100 List" of hot people "is all about gay andbisexual men telling the world which men we think are sexy. "Will lastyear's winner Jake Gyllenhaal repeat or will an out, gay man such as NeilPatrick Harris, T.R. Knight or John Barrowman nab the top slot?

- Gay List Daily to Launch New York, Los Angeles & National Editions
Gay List Daily, a swank e-publication 'dedicated to making trendy gays evenmore trendy and gay,' will launch three new editions in the coming weeks --New York City and Los Angeles, as well as a National "anywhere" edition. GayList Daily has been publishing a Dallas edition since late October 2007.

-Perez Hilton on Outing
He is undoubtedly an internet phenomenon - the overweight, unattractivenobody who became the toast of Hollywood.The first real gossip columnist ofthe 21st century, Perez Hilton has also shown a pechant for speculating onthe sexuality of movie stars and teen idols.

-KSU Student Leads Multifaceted Life as Drag Queen,
Restaurant OwnerDusty Garner is more than just a set of pretty legs and really bigknockers."When I'm out and about, I'm actually a horribly shy person," saidGarner, the accomplished drag queen, restaurant owner and full-time student.
The regular blond-haired, blue-eyed, jeans wearer said while he's too shy toeven go up and talk to people when he goes out, Garner's personality changes180 degrees when he turns into his counterpart Monica Moree.

-"It Is Not OK To Be Gay"
Homosexual weekly alleges 14 "hate crimes" have occurred on University ofSan Diego campus in less than a year, urges crackdown on wrongdoers Claimingthat 14 "hate crimes" have been committed on the campus of the University ofSan Diego since September 2007, the Gay & Lesbian Times says the Catholicschool should institute "mandatory sensitivity/tolerance training forincoming students" and that students who don't get the message should beseverely disciplined.

Marriage Equality News
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Lansing lawyer Eric Doster is a busy fellow.
Besides serving as corporate counsel to the state Republican Party andrunning for a seat on the state Court of Appeals, he represented thecoalition of religious activists who led the successful crusade to bansame-sex marriage in Michigan. According to the state Supreme Court'sRepublican majority, Doster is also a bit of a fibber. In an opinionreleased Wednesday, five GOP justices say the language of the constitutionalamendment voters adopted in 2004 clearly prohibits public employers fromproviding medical benefits for same-sex couples, and that Doster wasobviously stretching the truth when he told the State Board of Canvassers atan August 2004 hearing that it wouldn't.

-Rep. Vito Fossella of New York ran a red light, and wrecked his life. Adrunk-driving arrest last week led to talk of an extramarital affair, andthen finally Thursday, an admission of a child from that affair. "Mypersonal failings and imperfections have caused enormous pain to the peopleI love and I am truly sorry," said Fossella, a Republican, who lives in hisStaten Island, N.Y., district with his wife and their three children.
Fossella is the only Republican member of Congress from New York City, andthe paternity revelation could lead to the loss of a seat in Congress at atime when the House GOP faces the possibility of a second grim November ofelection setbacks. In Congress Fossella voted in favor of a constitutionalamendment that would bar same-sex marriage and against the Matthew ShepardAct which would add gay under hate crime law.

-After much anticipation on the set of ABC's Brothers & Sisters, a weddingcake has arrived. The four-tier creation - adorned with flowers andblackberries - is locked in a freezer, out of sight from the curious castmembers, who are wondering what the cake topper looks like. Spotting a propwoman with the topper in her hands, Matthew Rhys - whose character, Kevin,weds Sunday (10 p.m. ET/PT) in the show's Season 2 finale - calls her over.
"Is it a man and a woman?" he asks. Getting a closer look, Rhys smiles andsays, "Oh, it's two men. Fantastic. There were jokes made that they wouldn'tbe able to find two men, so they'd have to doctor the woman by adding amoustache."

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
Go to the links for the following articles:
Contact if can't access the article

-Survey sheds light on LGBs
The clearest picture yet of the identity, political attitudes, and civicengagement of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals is emerging from the largestand most rigorous survey of that community ever conducted. The politicalscientists who conducted the study unveiled their findings at a forum inWashington, D.C. on April 30.
Kenneth Sherrill, a well-known researcher in the field and a professor atHunter College in New York, said the 10 percent figure popularized byAlfred Kinsey referred to those who have ever engaged in sexual activitywith a person of the same sex, rather than those who identify as LGB. Theactual figure of those who identify as lesbian or gay, according to thesurvey, is much lower.
Exit polls and other surveys have found the number of people whoself-identify as gay or lesbian to be about 3 percent, and the sampleSherrill and the researchers drew from had 2.9 percent identifying asLGB. Among the 758 LGB persons surveyed, about half were male and halffemale.
One of the surprising and controversial findings is that half considerthemselves to be bisexual. Sherrill explained, "Virtually all of theprior surveys asked the question, are you LGB, and stopped. We followedthat up with, would you characterize yourself as L, G, or B."

McCain advisor film

-You may have heard of Rev. John Hagee, the McCain supporter who said Godcreated Hurricane Katrina to punish New Orleans for its homosexual "sins."
Well now meet Rev. Rod Parsley, the televangelist megachurch pastor fromOhio who hates Islam. According to David Corn of Mother Jones, Parsley hascalled on Christians to wage war against Islam, which he considers to be a"false religion." In the past, Parsley has also railed against theseparation of church and state, homosexuals, and abortion rights, comparingPlanned Parenthood to Nazis. John McCain actively sought and receivedParsley's endorsement in the presidential race. McCain has called Parsley "aspiritual guide," and he hasn't said whether he shares Parsley's viciousanti-Islam views. That's because the mainstream media refuses to ask. Andso, we've taken matters into our own hands, joining Mother Jones to presentthe truth about McCain's pastor: Watch the video:

-If you care about reproductive health and rights, I invite you to subscribeto the Daily Women's Health Policy Report. The Daily Report offers asynopsis of local, state, national and international reproductive healthdevelopments - from courts to Congress to NGOs and governments worldwide -via email each morning.
It's a one-of-its-kind news summary that keeps you informed and saves youtime - and is a trusted resource for advocates, analysts, and academicsalike. Click here to subscribe to the must-read daily e-mail report withthe latest news and media coverage on women's health policy.

-If you care about reproductive health and rights, I invite you to subscribeto the Daily Women's Health Policy Report. The Daily Report offers asynopsis of local, state, national and international reproductive healthdevelopments - from courts to Congress to NGOs and governments worldwide -via email each morning.
It's a one-of-its-kind news summary that keeps you informed and saves youtime - and is a trusted resource for advocates, analysts, and academicsalike. Click here to subscribe to the must-read daily e-mail report withthe latest news and media coverage on women's health policy.

I was interested to read about the dramatic increase in the issuance ofmoral waivers allowing criminals to join the Army and Marine Corps,including child molesters and rapists, while at the same time gay men andlesbians are being discharged as unsuitable. Rather than allow educated andqualified men and women to serve, the government would rather the U.S.military be taken over by a gang of "heterosexual" thugs with prisontattoos. As if ex-cons have had no experience of sodomy while behindbars-yeah, right! However, the more I think about it, the more an army offelons seems like a good idea, as long as the criminal recruits are assignedto the right regiments. You wouldn't want Staff Sgt. Lucrezia Borgia, whopoisoned five husbands and six of her children, working in the kitchens, nowwould you? You don't want the Dame of Deadly Doses passing out MRE fieldration packets containing a delicious spaghetti and arsenic sauce, with aside dish of rat poison and cyanide brûlé for dessert.


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Miami Herald
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-FAMILY ISSUES: Move over, Mom! Parenting coaches step in
Barbara Byrne's South Florida clients are tired. They're tired of powerstruggles, whining, tantrums, biting, being ignored, being late out the doorin the morning and -- this is a big one -- not getting enough sleep.

Broward public defender candidate arrested on drug charge
A Broward County candidate for Broward County public defender was arrestedon a drug charge earlier this month in North Florida, according to staterecords.

From Florida Red and Blue
Just a friendly reminder about an exciting opportunity coming up thisweekend in Fort Lauderdale ! Florida Red and Blue has partnered with theHuman Rights Campaign and a number of other organizations to sponsor CampEquality T -- a weekend-long training session to develop and hone criticalcampaign skills - in Ft. Lauderdale on May 10-11*. Whether you are justgetting involved in the electoral process or are a campaign professional,Camp EqualityTM can help you learn how to become more effective atadvocating for your causes and your candidates. We will offer two trainingtracks:
Fundamentals Track: Designed to give you the step by step fundamentalsnecessary to be successful at the grassroots level. Topics will include:
planning, recruitment, volunteer coordinating, event fundraising, earnedmedia, and creating a local activist plan. You will learn the basic skillsthat are essential to putting your issue campaign or local committee in thebest position to win.
Advanced Track: For our more seasoned activist or campaign professionals.
This track offers the fundamentals of political campaign management. Duringyour sessions you will learn advanced techniques of fundraising, fieldorganizing, media relations, volunteer coordination, targeting, candidaterelations, and the latest campaign technology.
Registration for Camp EqualityTM is $50 and includes a one-year HRCmembership. Help make this the Year to Win by registering for CampEqualityTM today. * Don't worry about having to cancel your Mother's Dayplans, Camp EqualityTM will be over at 3 p.m. on Sunday! =

Express Gay News
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-Concert celebrates heroes
Pride Wind Ensemble takes stage for Spring concert

-Gay bills meet measured progress
GLBT advocates praise anti-bullying bill, but say other gay friendly billshave a long way to go

-Shooting rattles young black GLBT scene
Shanesha "Bo-Legg" Conaway is remembered as a peacemaker

-Victims of crime often blamed for their own attacks
New editor examines why after tragedy, there is humiliation


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Thursday, May 08, 2008

GLBT DIGEST May 8, 2008

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New York Times
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-Evangelical leaders say their faith is too politicized
Prominent evangelicals urged Christian conservatives Wednesday to support''an expansion of our concerns beyond single-issue politics,'' angering someleaders on the religious right who have been closely allied with theRepublican Party.

-Heath Ledger Portrait Wins Australian Art Prize
A portrait of a brooding Heath Ledger, painted shortly before the Australianactor died in January, was voted the most popular painting in Australia'stop art prize for portraiture on Thursday.

Miami Herald
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Michigan ruling stirs same-sex advocates in Florida
Opponents of an amendment to ban gay marriage in Florida said a Michigancourt decision supports their position that the proposed law will jeopardizehealth benefits for domestic partners.

Express Gay News
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Calif. appeals court rules in domestic partners case
Says no reason to deprive rights if there is 'reasonable belief' of apartnership

-Webb wins historic election in Falls Church
Va.'s first openly gay black elected official

-HRC president apologizes for 'misspeaking' at transgender conference
Solmonese talks with Atlanta activists in private meeting

-Two Families Grapple with Sons' Gender Preferences
Psychologists Take Radically Different Approaches in Therapy

-Court Decision Is Victory For Gay Marriage Backers
Gay marriage advocates have won a partial victory in New York, as thestate's highest court has left in place a lower court ruling that recognizeda lesbian couple as being married.

Go to this link for the following articles:

-Dems Quietly Telling Clinton Obama Has Won
(Washington) Apart from George McGovern, a plainspoken man who knowssomething about losing elections, not a single Democrat of national staturepublicly urged Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday to end her campaign forthe White House.

-Yet Another Twist In Florida Gay Student Group Suit
(Okeechobee, Florida) A lawsuit against a Florida school district thatbanned a gay student group from meeting on campus should not be reinstatedattorney's for the Okeechobee school district have told a federal judge.

-Anti-Gay Pa. Amendment Dropped
(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) In a surprise move just hours before thePennsylvania Senate was expected to approve a proposed constitutionalamendment that would bar same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state themeasure's backer pulled the bill.

The Advocate
Go to this link for the following articles:

-The Insider is Out
In 2006, a blog announced to the world that Thomas Roberts is gay, and thethen CNN anchor instantly became the poster boy for a very rare breed: theout news anchor. But as Sean Kennedy reports, the success of Roberts andother out anchors and on-air talent may finally shatter their industry'sglass ceiling for gays -- and usher in the future of broadcast news

Steve Rothaus
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Ex-CNN anchor Thomas Roberts featured in The Advocate
In The Advocate: The Insider is Out
In 2006 a blog announced to the world that Thomas Roberts is gay, and thethen CNN anchor instantly became the poster boy for a very rare breed: theout news anchor. But as Sean Kennedy reports, the success of Roberts andother out anchors and on-air talent may finally shatter their industry'sglass ceiling for gays -- and usher in the future of broadcast news.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
Go to this link for the following articles:

-The HIV Cruise Retreat : A Fun Source of Education and Funds for HIVProjects
Last year's HIV Cruise Retreat took 225 men and women with HIV sailing awayfrom the worries of the disease, got key health information and raise fundsfor HIV non profit projects. In this 10th year, the retreat raised $6300 forDoctor's Without Boarders. Over $30,000.00 has been raised over the past 10years.

-Gay Visitors to Eurovision Threatened by Serbian Fascist Groups
Fascist organizations are promising violence against visitors who come toBelgrade for the Eurovision song contest, scheduled to take place inBelgrade between May 20 and 24, international publications reportedrecently. Gay men are a target in particular, according to media which saidthat the Obraz fascist organisation had published their violent intentionsin the daily newspaper ALO! in April.

-Berlin Pays Tribute to Gay-Rights Activist Persecuted by Nazis
Berlin renamed a stretch of the Spree River in honor of a gay-rightsactivist persecuted by the Nazis in the 1930s as the city's biggest hospitalopened an exhibition devoted to the sex researcher. A stretch of the SpreeRiver in central Berlin was named after gay-rights activist and sexualresearcher Marcus Hirschfeld in a dedication ceremony on Tuesday, May 6.

-Courageous Gay Bishops Weathers Storms By Deb Price
Ironically, we can feel the most spiritually alive when we're being batteredby life's fiercest storms. For Gene Robinson, such storms have strucktwice: first, when he could no longer deny his homosexuality and divorcedhis beloved wife; and second, now, as the Anglican Communion battles overthe place of gay people, a struggle that intensified in 2003, when he wasconsecrated as the nation's first openly gay Episcopal bishop.

Pink News - UK
Go to this link for the following articles:

-Gay hate crime bill passed by Parliament
Incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation will become acriminal offence after the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill passed itsfinal stages in the House of Lords last night.

-Alleged rape of gay man by Peruvian police sparks international protest
The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) is askingits supporters to write to the authorities in Peru about the handling of acase of alleged rape.

-Gay Eurovision fans issued with advice
The British Embassy in Belgrade is funding the production of an informationleaflet for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people planning to visit thecity for the Eurovision Song Contest later this month. The Gay StraightAlliance (GSA) of Belgrade will be producing the leaflet.

-British star urges Hollywood gays out of the closet
One of the stars of hit comedy The Office has said he is convinced there aremany high-profile Hollywood celebrities who are gay, and he can't understandwhy they do not come out.

Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
Contact for the full article

-Russian pride?
Tomorrow, Russia will mark the anniversary of its 1945 victory over fascism.
Meanwhile skinheads and neo-Nazis roam the streets May 9, 1945, is a greatday not only for Russia but for the whole of mankind. We defeated fascism,which threatened the destruction and humiliation of mankind, but the day wasboth joyful and bitter. Many people lost their beloved to this war. Everyyear, my grandmother would be invited to official celebrations of ourvictory but she never went. For her, in the words of a famous Soviet song,it was always a victory "with tears in the eyes". She lost her husband andcould not save her little son's life.

-Egyptian Gay Organization Demands Equal Rights
A new Egyptian gay organization called "The Lovers" garnered 600 members inthe first two weeks of its existence. Organization members are calling onthe government to recognize their rights, to appoint a minister in charge oftheir affairs, and to permit them to establish a party. The organization'shead said that homosexual relations are illegal in Egypt even though the gaycommunity numbers over 100,000.

-The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) of Belgrade will be producing, with thefinancial support of the British embassy, a leaflet with all kinds of usefulinformation to be distributed to LGBT fans travelling to Belgrade to attendthe Eurovision Song Contest in two weeks time. Moreover, the police forceshave signalled to put an effort into protecting the fans against homophobicattacks. The police, therefore, would want to know the "hot spots" inBelgrade where especially large crowds of LGBT people will be meeting.
Larger groups of LGBT fans booked on a package tour or for example residingin a specific hotel, therefore, should contact GSA at the below e-mailaddress and inform them about this. They would pass on the information tothe police so that extra police men can be placed at such hotels to securethe safety of people. People travelling to Belgrade should make sure toprocure, upon arrival, one of these flyers with all the practicalinformation on what kind of behaviour to avoid, what safety measures totake, useful telephone numbers etc.

National LGBT Cancer Network, Inc.
We have gone national!
The LGBT Cancer Project is now the National LGBT Cancer Network, Inc.
When The LGBT Cancer Project was first launched, we were an east coastoperation with national aspirations. We never anticipated the magnitude ofthe positive response we would receive from both professionals and survivorsacross the country. We have been asked to make presentations at nationalconferences, universities, cancer treatment centers, non-profitorganizations and the LGBT health group of the CDC. We have developed agroup of active collaborators in California. Our work has been reported onSirius radio and in multiple national cancer publications.
National LGBT Cancer Network

Forwarded from Victoria Lavin
Daily Queer News
Go to the links for the following articles:

-CIA Rendition Flights, Detention Centers Haunt Romania
Romania has still not convincingly answered repeated calls from the EuropeanCommission and others to clarify allegations that it hosted CIA detentioncentres and that rendition flights passed through its territory.

-Breaking: Hillary meeting with superdelegates at DCCC, Blade unendorses
Uh, oh. A meeting at the DCCC headquarters this afternoon suggests that anintervention is under way. After all, another four superdelegates switchedover to Obama today. I wonder if hothead Bill is in the meeting with them?

-The New Normal? Not Quite
After watching Kevin's marriage proposal to Scotty and Saul's coming outstatement to Kevin on the fantastic ABC hit show Brothers and Sisters onSunday, you'd be forgiven for thinking "gay is the new normal." The proposaland coming out statement, and the way the writers blended both stories intothe plot as matter-of-factly as any other element, spoke volumes about theway Hollywood (or at least ABC) has begun to evolve. It was wonderfultelevision because it was so, well, normal.

-Gender-Variant Children And Transsexuals Will Likely Still Be Disordered InDSM-V
In 1973, Homosexuality was was removed as a disorder from the AmericanPsychological Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of MentalDisorders, Second Edition (DSM-II). It was the step that recognized thatindividuals whose sexual interests are directed primarily toward people ofthe same sex weren't afflicted with a psychiatric disorder.

-Ex-Gays Afraid to Come Out for Fear of Persecution
Individuals who once considered themselves homosexuals but who have sinceleft the lifestyle, often remain silent about their past life due topersecution from homosexual activists, an ABC News video revealed on Monday.

-City panel votes to nix Boy Scouts-connected front group
A commission in the nation's second-largest city, by a unanimous vote, isforcing its fire department to drop part of its cadet program administeredby a group it says is a front for the Boy Scouts of America to skirtanti-discrimination policy.

-Proving There Are Gays In Iran
Arsham Parsi, founder of the Iranian Queer Organization, has been called thefirst gay rights activist in Iranian history. Today, he tells us his story.

-'Corrective Rape' of Lesbians In South African Schools Shows Sickness of'Ex-Gay' Movement
"Corrective Rape" at schools in the Western Cape is a growing concern, saynon-governmental organizations, some of who have noted an "alarming" levelof cases.

-Defending Homophobic Violence
On April 12, University of Illinois student Steven Velasquez became therecipient of some hater's violence. While there are two sides to everystory, some facts are not in dispute:

-Would somebody please think of the children?
One of the silliest arguments that the Religious Right uses to keep us downis the "Children just can't deal with homosexuality/transsexuality/gayculture/drag queens/queer PDA at their age - their minds just aren't readyfor it."

-The Rules: No Pics, No Drugs, No Judgments
A Peek Inside Beijing's Hottest Gay Club
Being openly gay in China is one of the country's biggest taboos, but youwouldn't know it stepping into Destination, Beijing's hottest gay club.

-Gay group reaches out to Lakewood
Joel Osteen remains silent, but Soulforce presses on with Saturday's picnicin Houston
The son of evangelical Tammy Faye Bakker Messner will spend his firstMother's Day weekend since her death in Houston, waiting to hear fromLakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen.

-Opinion: An Overlooked Hate Sermon by Rev. Hagee
As everyone is concentrating on the loathsome things that Rev. Hagee hassaid about New Orleans, or gay people, or Muslims, or Catholics, his moreradical views on the poor and his encouragement of violence in Christianityhas been overlooked.

-Dodgers breaking down gender stereotypes?
This is for all the men out there. Guys, have you ever wanted to experimentwith makeup, but were afraid to go to a store and buy something because youthought you'd look unmanly or that people would laugh at you? If so, do Ihave news for you! You can pick up some free lip gloss and still maintainyour masculine image.


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New York Times
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-Op-Ed Columnist: The Too-Long Goodbye
After the Tuesday primaries, Hillary Rodham Clinton now has maybe a 2percent chance of winning the Democratic nomination. But if she pursues herlosing battle, she has perhaps a 20 percent chance of costing the Democratsthe presidency in the fall.

-Editorial: Toward Better Student Lending
President Bush showed good sense on Wednesday when he signed legislation toensure an uninterrupted flow of federal student loans during the creditcrunch. Now comes the test of leadership.

-Editorial: The Tax Trickery Spreads
It was bad enough when Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCaindecided to engage in some petty pandering by calling for a suspension of thefederal gas tax over the summer. What they suggested would reduce needed taxrevenues and hamper efforts to combat global warming. And it would fail todeliver lower prices while giving oil companies more money. But neithersenator is actually running the country, so it might be tempting to chalk itall up to campaign pandering.

-Support for Clinton Wanes as Obama Sees Finish Line
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton struck a publicly defiant posture onWednesday about continuing her presidential bid despite waning support fromDemocratic officials and donors. Some of her advisers acknowledged privatelythat they remained unsure about the future of her candidacy.

-Iranian Exiles Aren't Terrorist Group, British Court Says
After a seven-year legal battle, Britain's Court of Appeal ruled Wednesdaythat the British government was wrong to include an Iranian resistancegroup, the People's Mujahedeen of Iran, on its list of banned terroristgroups.

-Political Memo: For the Democrats, Signs of a Possible Changing of theGuard
After 16 years, the Clinton era may be coming to an end, presentingDemocrats with a historic but potentially wrenching transition and achallenge to Senator Barack Obama as he seeks to reconcile a deeply dividedparty.

Washington Post
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-Did Rush Limbaugh Tilt Result In Indiana?
Conservative Host Urged 'Chaos' Votes
Even as Barack Obama's campaign celebrated Tuesday's primary results, aidescharged yesterday that they would have had an even stronger showing were itnot for meddling by an unlikely booster of Hillary Rodham Clinton: thepopular conservative radio host and longtime Clinton family nemesis RushLimbaugh.

-Aid Shipments to Burma Largely Stalled
One U.N. Aid Plane Allowed to Land; Diplomat Says Toll Could Hit 100,000Aid shipments to storm-ravaged Burma remained largely stalled for anotherday Thursday, awaiting approval from the government's military junta despitea worsening humanitarian crisis that has already claimed upwards of 100,000lives.

-Tests Ahead for Obama
Buyer's remorse was beginning to afflict supporters of Barack Obama beforeTuesday's primary election returns showed he had delivered a knockout punchagainst Hillary Clinton. The young orator who had seemed so fantastic,beginning with his 2007 Jefferson-Jackson dinner speech in Iowa,disappointed even his own advisers over the past two weeks, and old partyhands mourned that they were stuck with a flawed candidate.

-Two Weeks of Trivia
The endless Democratic presidential campaign has lurched from irrelevance totrivia, triggering a near-universal call to bring it to a halt.

-Bill Targets Oil Firms and OPEC
Democrats Would Levy Windfall Tax
Democratic leaders in Congress unveiled energy legislation yesterdaytargeting big oil companies and members of the Organization of the PetroleumExporting Countries. The package drew sharp criticism from Republicans, oilfirms and foreign policy experts.

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-Haiti needs help now
ISSUE: Members of Congress want humanitarian aid sent to Haiti.
Haiti's food crisis is a threat to its national stability. It is better toassist and bolster relief efforts now than wait until the country spiralsout of control, making the task more costly and onerous.,0,1760715.story

Fort Report
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-Christian leaders question D.C. probe of 'prosperity' televangelists
Nearly two-dozen conservative Christian leaders have signed a letter to theSenate Finance Committee questioning an investigation into six largeministries that preach a gospel of prosperity.

-George's Bottom Line on Clinton for Veep
Clinton Might Be Negotiating Spot on '08 Ticket, George Says
Is Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., staying in the race to get the vicepresidential slot? George thinks so.

-Dems press fight for Michigan delegates
But deal at this point not enough for Clinton
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign Wednesday pinned its increasinglythin hopes for the Democratic nomination on winning full delegate slatesfrom Michigan and Florida -- but the hard reality of delegate math makesvictory nearly impossible.


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Dear Supporters,
After reading the following update on the new "GLCC Campus", please see the
"How You Can Help!" section at the end of this message.
Warm Regards,
Paul Hyman
Executive Director
"The Campus"
GLCC is under contract to purchase the property at 2040 North Dixie Highwayin Wilton Manors, Florida. The property, centrally located in the heart ofWilton Manors is ideal for GLCC's target population and our broadercommunity. The Campus features more than five acres of waterfront land and35,000 square feet of useable interior space, much of which is in remarkablyrenovated condition. The Campus will become home to a variety forganizations serving our LGBT community. Site plans include a communitytheater, meeting hall, memorial waterfront gardens, group meeting rooms andoffice space for individual groups . . . all supported by diversifiedrevenue streams. The Campus will bring together a diverse variety ofnon-profit, community organizations that serve the LGBT community. Synergycreated by the presence of various organizations, will strengthen ourcommunity and move us together towards a bright and vibrant future!

Based on an initial asking price over $6 million, GLCC is now under contractfor The ampus at a final price below $4.9 million. GLCC will investapproximately $1.2 illion into the purchase from the past sale of itsexisting site. The target for emaining liquid resources after scheduledclosing is over $500,000. GLCC also now holds clear title to land on NorthAndrews Avenue, across from the current facility, with an estimated value of$750,000. The GLCC Campus Capital Campaign is designed to educe principalon the financed portion of this purchase in five years or less. The 'quiet'phase of our capital campaign begins imminently. Meanwhile, to atisfymonthly mortgage payments, letters of intent have been obtained from severalprospective tenants for up to 20,000 square feet, generating sufficientmonthly revenues. There is significant demand on record, to lease additionalspace on The Campus.

How You Can Help!
A highly respected local lender is reviewing the GLCC's loan application forThe Campus very soon! To support the favorable loan approval for TheCampus: Prior to 5:00pm tomorrow (Thursday) please send an email message toPaul Hyman, Executive Director at Please cut, paste,modify the following language-- as you see fit.

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-Broward County reports downturn in average daily traffic
Population is down. The housing market's in the tank. Gasoline prices have soared to record highs.,0,5651345.story

-Florida's two-state suggestion
A new standard in cockamamie ideas
The city of North Lauderdale late last month passed a resolution urging thatFlorida be divided into two states. On Wednesday, the Margate CityCommission took up the same issue.,0,2635643.story

-Florida can get energized about this new climate-control legislation
ISSUE: Legislature passes strong energy bill.
Gov. Charlie Crist came out a winner with a number of key victories thislegislative session. But it's the sweeping energy bill passed unanimously byboth chambers last month that may help form his most lasting legacy.,0,1161711.story

Safe Schools South Florida Holds 10th Annual Gay Youth Conference
Safe Schools South Florida (Formerly GLSEN South Florida) held its 10thannual Miami-Dade Diversity Day and Student Empowerment Conference for gay,lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) students and their straight allieson Friday, May 2 at the Miami Beach Convention Center followed by an alfresco lunch of pizza and soda at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. "Thiswas awesome," said one of the students between bites of pizza. "I neverknew there were so many of us." Almost 400 students from more than 20schools participated in five hours of group activities and esteem-buildingexercises under the leadership of Safe Schools South Florida staff andvolunteers.
Contact for the full article.


The GLCC is proud to sponsor the 1st Annual Buzz Multimedia LifetimeAchievement Awards and Buzz TV Premier Party at the Broward Center for thePerforming Arts. GLCC supporters are invited to attend the free event onMonday, May 12th, 2008. Doors/Bar open at 6:30pm. The show and awardsceremony begin at 7:30pm. The $20 open bar VIP Party will take placeafterwards. Attendees must RSVP to

-Job Opportunity!
Broward County Health Department AIDS Program Office
VACANCY - Special Projects Coordinator (target community - Transgender)Req #: 64004088-51358935-20080421151717
NOTE: Please log on to PeopleFirst (website above) and search under BrowardCounty, enter or look for the Req # listed.

Miami Herald
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-CAMPAIGN 2008 | DEMOCRATS: Counting Florida's votes won't closeClinton-Obama gap
Hillary Clinton is still fighting for Florida's votes, but there aren'tenough to help her overtake Barack Obama, who has gained a new Democratically in the state.

Fort Report
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-Accepting Fla. vote could boost Obama
Here's a way for Barack Obama to nudge Hillary Rodham Clinton out of therace: Step up and join her call to count the votes of 1.75-million FloridaDemocrats.

-Florida can lead the way in finding alternatives to corn in ethanol
President George W. Bush and Congress zoomed ahead on biofuels in lastyear's energy law. It's time to ease up on the throttle.,0,2631682.story


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