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Forwarded from the Sierra Club:

My name is Curt Levine and I am the Chair of the Sierra Club's Political
PAC. Earlier this month, I was pleased to announce that Jim Davis has
earned the Sierra Club's endorsement for governor in the Democratic primary.
In addition to recognizing his consistent record of standing up to the
special interests to protect our environment, this endorsement means our
33,000-member organization will lend important financial and volunteer
support to his bid to become the next governor of Florida.

The difference between the two Democratic candidates on environmental issues
could not be clearer. In 2003, the Florida legislature - with the support
of Jim's primary opponent -- passed legislation to relax pollution standards
in the Everglades. This bill threatened the historic state-federal
partnership, brokered by President Clinton, to clean up this national
treasure. Jim went to work with members of the Florida Congressional
delegation in Washington to make sure the federal government continued to
support the Everglades, even though the state legislature backed away from
that commitment. In other words, Jim was fighting in Tallahassee and in
Washington, DC to keep our promise to the Everglades. That's the kind of
leadership we need in the governor's office.

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Teen on beating: 'It was funny'

At a bond hearing, a prosecutor read aloud gut-wrenching excerpts from a
statement given by a Broward teen charged in the beatings of three homeless


Beating a homeless man with a golf club was like ''teeing off,'' William
''Billy'' Ammons told police shortly before he was arrested in the January
attacks on three men who lived on the streets.

``It was funny.''

Parts of Ammons' statement to Fort Lauderdale police on Jan. 16 came out in
court Thursday during a hearing to determine whether he could return home to
await trial. The 18-year-old has been charged -- along with Thomas
Daugherty, 17, and Brian Hooks, 18 -- with first-degree murder in the Jan.
12 killing of Norris Gaynor, 45, and the beatings of two other homeless men.

After hearing several hours of emotional testimony, Broward Circuit Judge
Cynthia Imperato denied the youth's request for bond.


Politicos Turn Out In Force

West Palm Beach Gay Event Draws Many Candidates

By Paul Harris

The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council (PBCHRC) held an event last
weekend at the Grandview Gardens Bed and Breakfast owned by Peter Emmerich
and Rick Rose that was attended by about 160 people and many candidates
running for political of?ce. According to Rand Hoch, the founder of the
organization, between nearly 12,000 was raised.

Rand Hoch said, "The purpose of the event was not only to get our supporters
and the elected of?cials and candidates together, but also to raise the
money we need to do two 5,000-piece mailings - one for the primary in
September and one for the general election in November. We have been doing
these mailings since 1988, and in each letter, we include a dozen of our
lavender colored palm cards so we can get out the GLBT vote."


Gay Day At Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

By Paul Harris

Next month, while the Gay World Series is taking place, the Seminole Hard
Rock Hotel and Casino will host an AIDS fundraiser in the form of a talent
show held on Wednesday, August 16 from 8 to 11pm.

The talent show has been held at each World Series that has taken place over
the last 20 years. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased from softball team
members or at the door on the night at the Seminole Hard Rock Live Theater,
in the Paradise shopping/eating area. The Seminole Hard Rock is making
August 16 a "Gay Day" that night at the "Paradise."

For those who have never been to the casino it is at 1 Seminole Way,
Hollywood, Florida 33314. There are entrances to the property off 441 and
Stirling Road.


Smith: I can win where Democrats have lost out

Associated Press

NAPLES - Rod Smith wants Floridians to make him governor because he thinks
Republicans are making the wrong decisions on issues like education, health
care and homeowners insurance.

But first he has to win the Democratic nomination against U.S. Rep. Jim
Davis, and he has another argument for people voting in that race: He's more

"Folks, it's not going to do us any good to just win the Democrats we've
been winning," Smith told a group of party activists in this Republican
stronghold Thursday. "We've got to have a messenger who can take our message
all over the state effectively. I can win in those places where we've been
losing. I can hold the Democrats who are with us, but I'll bring back the
one's that have left us."


Pinellas activist joins governor's race

Max Linn is the Reform Party candidate.
By STEVE BOUSQUET, Times Staff Writer
Published July 21, 2006

TALLAHASSEE - Max Linn, a Pinellas County political activist best known for
his advocacy of eight-year term limits, will run for governor of Florida in
November as a Reform Party candidate.

Linn filed qualifying papers Thursday and announced he has hired two
strategists: Doug Friedline, who worked on Jesse Ventura's victory as
Minnesota governor, and Russell Verney, who managed Ross Perot's Reform
Party presidential bids in 1992 and 1996.

Linn said his travels around the state have revealed "deep frustration with
the mainstream political parties." As president of Florida Citizens for Term
Limits, Linn opposed a legislative effort in 2005 to ask voters to extend
term limits from eight to 12 years.

Lawmakers reversed themselves and voted in May to strike the proposal from
the 2006 ballot.


Small-town roots could entangle governor candidate

With a smaller political base and fundraising network, gubernatorial
candidate Rod Smith of Alachua is the underdog at a time when Democrats are
desperate for victory.


Small-town roots could entangle Democrat

As he campaigns for governor of the nation's fourth largest state,
Democratic state Sen. Rod Smith often jokes about his stagnant hometown of
Alachua, population 6,098.

''When someone got pregnant, someone else left town,'' he says.

His statewide bus tour this week showed that his small-town, North-Central
Florida roots are a large part of his popular appeal -- and his potential

He's a different kind of Democrat, supporters say, who can win over parts of
the state where other Democrats have failed. From the Gadsden County
Courthouse to the Live Oak train depot to a Pensacola diner that vows ''no
grits, no glory,'' supporters gushed over his folksy demeanor and
sensitivity to small-town and rural issues.


Smith ends state tour with big endorsement


DELRAY BEACH -- The combination of Smith and Jones has worked before.

There was a popular 1970s television show called "Alias Smith and Jones"
that paired two likable outlaws who were trying to get on the right side of
the law.

That name combination may emerge again in this year's gubernatorial race,
although it's a little too early to tell.

State Sen. Rod Smith on Thursday wrapped up a three-day, 1,129-mile bus trip
across the state that was intended to raise the profile of his gubernatorial
campaign by winning the support of a former Senate colleague, Daryl Jones of

Jones' endorsement is significant in that he is seen as a potential running
mate for Smith, an Alachua County lawyer and lawmaker who is running in the
Sept. 5 Democratic primary against U.S. Rep. Jim Davis of Tampa.


Work on giant Everglades reservoir to start next month

Associated Press

July 20, 2006, 2:10 PM EDT

IN THE EVERGLADES -- Engineers next month will begin building one of the
world's largest manmade reservoirs -- the size of a small city -- as efforts
continue to restore natural water flow to the Everglades.

The reservoir, roughly 25 square miles in area, is set for completion in
2010. It will hold 62 billion gallons of water, equivalent to about 5.1
million residential swimming pools, and will be seven miles across at its
widest point.

Most reservoirs are built amid mountains and valleys or where a natural
water source feeds the pool. In this case, 30 million tons of earth will be
dug from flat land and surrounded by a 26-foot high, 21-mile long levee,
making it larger than any other reservoir not connected to a natural source,
according to state officials.

The Independent Gay News, Inc.

Who is Rod Smith?
Palm Beach Ponderings
By Donald Cavanaugh

A couple of weeks before I met Jim Davis in Wilton Manors, a friend of mine
had attended a campaign rally for Rod Smith, the Florida senator vying with
Davis for the Democratic nomination for governor. Again, the candidate spoke
but didn't take questions from the floor. My friend spoke with Smith
afterward and asked him if he would sign a gay marriage bill if it was
passed by the legislature. My friend said not only did Smith say yes, he
would sign it, he added words to the effect of "Why wouldn't I sign it? I
support equality for everyone."

A quick visit to Smith's website ( ) was totally
unenlightening. In fact the website said little about anything at that time
but it did have a phone number for the campaign headquarters and I called

Smith's press contact wasn't available but the charming woman who answered
asked if she could help me. I told her about Smith's conversation with my
friend and asked, "So does Senator Smith support same-sex marriage?"


July 20. 2006 10:10PM

Sarasota Republicans reject Harris endorsement

It's no secret that Katherine Harris has struggled for most of the last 12
months to win acceptance from state and national leaders in her bid for a
U.S. Senate seat.

But back home in Sarasota, local Republicans would surely get behind the
Longboat Key Republican, right?

Not quite.

Republican Party Chairman Bob Waechter on Thursday night blocked a vote on
the proposal to endorse Harris in the GOP Primary, saying the person who
made the motion didn't state the time, date and place he intended to make
his recommendation prior to the party's regular monthly meeting.

Waechter said he had no choice but to rule the attempt to endorse Harris out
of order.

Party vice chairman Eric Robinson had proposed making the endorsement even
though Harris faces three other Republicans in the Sept. 5 primary. Two of
those opponents, Will McBride and LeRoy Collins Jr., were among those in the

'Hope' on oil drilling not enough for Florida

Palm Beach Post Editorial
Friday, July 21, 2006

The deal Republican Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., negotiated to protect the
state's coastline from oil and gas drilling could offer many of the
protections in a bill the state's other senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, filed
in February. But Sen. Martinez threw away guaranteed protection through
2012, banking on the hope that fellow Republicans who are tight with the
energy industry won't hijack his deal.

Florida has been here before with Sen. Martinez, and the result wasn't good.
Last year, he broke the Florida congressional delegation's solidarity to
negotiate with then-Interior Secretary Gale Norton and the Bush
administration to move drill rigs from more than 200 miles offshore to 100
miles, closer than ever before. Public outcry stopped him, and Sen. Martinez
shifted to backing Sen. Nelson and other Florida lawmakers defending the
state's beach-based economy.


Article published Jul 21, 2006
Jul 21, 2006

A Smith-Jones governor ticket?

Sun Tallahassee Bureau

DELRAY BEACH - The combination of Smith and Jones has worked before.

There was a popular 1970s television show called Alias Smith and Jones that
paired two likable outlaws who were trying to get on the right side of the

That name combination may emerge again in this year's gubernatorial race,
although it's a little too early to tell.

State Sen. Rod Smith on Thursday wrapped up a three-day, 1,129-mile bus trip
across the state that was intended to raise the profile of his gubernatorial
campaign by winning the support of a former Senate colleague, Daryl Jones of


Are You Registered To Vote?
By Paul Harris

On page 22 of this issue of The Independent you will find that we have
published the Florida Voter Registration form as a courtesy to our readers,
and to encourage you to take part in the democratic process. Underneath the
form are the addresses of the different offces of the Supervisors of
Elections for the three counties where our newspaper is distributed. Cut the
form out of the paper. Complete it and mail it to Supervisor of Elections
for your county.

Elections can sometimes be close. The impact of perhaps just a couple of
handfuls of votes can make a difference. Readers living in Florida in 2000
will remember that because George W. Bush carried the state by 537 votes he
won the state's Electoral College votes and became president of the United
States. Readers will have their own opinions as to whether the country is in
a better place as a result of his presidency.


[TheDolphinDemocrats] Walk With America! Sat. July 29 11:00am


When: Saturday July 29 at 11:00 AM
Where: Klein for Congress Campaign Office
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