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GLBT DIGEST - September 8, 2006


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Veterans Groups Call For Support of 'DADT' & Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage

by Newscenter Staff
August 30, 2006 - 11:00 am ET

(Washington) The nation's two largest veterans groups are holding their annual conventions this week and are expected to pass motions supporting 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' - the ban on gays serving openly in the military - and a federal amendment to the Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage.

The American Legion is meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Veterans of Foreign Wars is meeting in Reno, Nevada.

The Legion will vote today on reaffirming its 2004 policy that calls for passage of an anti-gay marriage amendment.

"The American Legion believes that marriage is an institution, and it's based on a union between a man and a woman." said William Pease, deputy director of Americanism and Children and Youth for the Legion.

Pease also said that children raised in a home with opposite-sex parents experience lower rates of premarital childbearing, illicit drug use, poor health, school failure, behavioral and emotional problems, poverty and arrest.


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Daily Queer News
The Conservative Voice
by James Hartline

Gay Vultures At California GOP Party
September 01, 2006 09:00 AM EST

It is without question, the single most degrading spectacle to have emerged from the current political climate being created by the leaders of the "Big Tent" California Republican Party concept. During the recent California Republican Party's State Convention held in Los Angeles, the radical homosexual group, the Log Cabin Republicans, held a party inside of the event.

Revelations surrounding the promotion of homosexuality within the GOP at the Log Cabin Republicans' festivities were nothing new. What was new, however, was the blatant attacks on Christian values that occured at this immoral homosexual party, when some of California's most public pro-family conservatives joined in the celebration of homosexuality at this despicable
gay love fest.

According to the website, Boi From Troy, Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia discarded her feigned public pro-family values gameplan, to join the Log Cabin Republican's homosexual party to show her support for their cause. While Garcia has been able to astutely convince state conservatives that she is a pro-family advocate, her dance with gay activists at the Log Cabin Republicans party during the convention confirms what many have begun to see in her: an undercurrent of moral compromise. It was Garcia who broke with the GOP in 2004, to join the gay activists in the Democratic Party to vote for SB1234 which declared speech against homosexuality in California, a hate crime, if the hearer of said speech feels threatened by its content. SB1234
now has the potential to charge ministers who preach against homosexuality with a hate crime thanks to Garcia and three other Republicans, including Shirley Horton (R) Chula Vista who voted for SB1234. Gov. Schwarzenegger then proceeded to sign into law SB1234 despite receiving hundreds of thousands of emails and telephone calls from Christians pleading with him to veto the bill.


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October 11-14: GLMA Conference in SF; Make Hotel Reservations Now

GLMA at 25: Moving LGBT Health Care into the Mainstream

GLMA's 24th Annual Conference, the world's largest gathering of lesbian,gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), and straight/allied healthcareprofessionals, offers you the opportunity to enjoy the company of otherhealthcare professionals from around the world while earning continuingeducation credits in an affirming environment.

Register and make your travel plans by September 20th to receive discountedregistration and a special rate at the Renaissance Parc 55 (details below).

2006 is GLMA's 25th anniversary, and this year's conference takes placeOctober 11-14 in San Francisco, GLMA's home, the city of its founding, andone of world's most beautiful and LGBT-friendly cities. Special programmingis planned to commemorate our Silver Anniversary.


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Lance's Boyfriend Attacks Military Anti-Gay Rules in New Book
Contact Music
Sept. 4, 2006

Pop star LANCE BASS' boyfriend REICHEN LEYMKUHL has written a new book titled HERE'S WHAT WE'LL SAY, which chronicles his 'coming out' at the US Air Force Academy. The US reality TV hunk hopes his story will prompt lawmakers to change regulations which ostracise gay people in the military. He says, "It's still a criminal offence to be gay in the US Armed Forces. It's an abomination. "In my opinion, it's the last legal human rights abuse the US allows. This book chronicles the secret society we created to survive as gay cadets in the academy. "(With this book) I'm making a political statement. I wrote this book to end the ban on gay people serving in the US Armed Forces... It's just this one thing that needs to be fixed."
04/09/2006 02:22


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Daily Queer News

Transgender candidate just another hopeful on the trail

By Daniel de Vise
The Washington Post

WASHINGTON - Dana Beyer rapped on a door at the end of a Silver Spring, Md., cul-de-sac. A woman answered. She listened to the candidate's spiel, sought her views on abortion rights (for) and growth (against) and found little on which the two did not agree.

"It's good to see more women running," she told the candidate.

For the five decades preceding a fateful 2003 trip to San Francisco, Dana Beyer lived as a man named Wayne.

The September primary will tell whether her legislative district, one of the most progressive in Maryland, is ready to elect the state's first transgender lawmaker.Beyer, 54, a retired eye surgeon, is running against seven other Democrats for three seats that will represent District 18 in
Maryland's House of Delegates. "Mansionization" rates as a major issue.

Beyer's campaign is not about gender. If there is one overarching theme, it is universal health care, a concern that took her to Kenya, Nepal and rural Mississippi as a young physician. Like her seven rivals, Beyer supports abortion rights, opposes capital punishment and endorses same-sex marriage.


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Daily Queer News

Rupert Everett slams Hollywood for gay bias


Sunday September 3, 03:10 PM

Washington, Sept 3 (ANI): British actor Rupert Everett has slammed Hollywood bosses for discriminating against gay actors when it comes to big budget romantic flicks.

The 'My Best Friend's Wedding' star revealed his frustration at the way homosexuals were discriminated in the industry, and said that even though actors like him had the talent to take on the roles offered to stars like Hugh Grant, they were seldom given the part because of their sexual orientation.

"Without doubt gays are discriminated against in show business. The straight one gets to walk down a red carpet with a beautiful girl and everything works out and the gay one has to back- pedal and do independent movies. Yet everything Hugh Grant does, I could be in," Contactmusic quoted him, as saying.

"To be a movie star you have got to have a good-looking girlfriend and for Hugh, Elizabeth Hurley helped. It is a rophy job. You need a lot of energy to have a trophy girlfriend. I take my hat off to anyone who has one," he added. ANI)


Rosie's got her own point of `View'


Despite all the pre-publicity that blew in with Rosie O'Donnell on her firstappearance on The View Tuesday, it's the little stuff that'll ultimatelydetermine whether this ''casting addition'' will work or not. And wouldn'tyou just know? Little stuff started happening almost before Rosie got herseat warm.

About 10 minutes in, O'Donnell -- replacing Today-bound Meredith Vieira --started chatting amiably and rather loudly about something while failing tonotice that Barbara Walters was chatting amiably and less loudly aboutsomething else. Walters' eyes lowered ever so slightly, then her voice trailed away, clearly no match for the boisterous contralto booming just a few inches from her face.

Now, as we all know -- and as Rosie is about to learn -- lowered eyes are not good. One talks to Barbara, not over Barbara. A short while later,Walters even offered this impromptu adjustment in their future workingarrangement -- ''When we want, we can interrupt each other, OK'' -- which,loosely translated, means, ''Please don't ever interrupt me again, mydear.'' One presumptive queen of The View is all this show can handle.


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Daily Queer News
St. Paul Pioneer Press (Minn.)
Posted on Mon, Sep. 04, 2006

Gay Republican seeks re-election
Koering came out last year, angering some constituents
Associated Press

BRAINERD - To understand the challenge facing Sen. Paul Koering, a gay Republican battling to keep his seat against a conservative primary challenger, it helps to listen to Joan Campbell, a retiree and a Republican voter.

"I don't like what they do with their lives," Campbell said of gay people. "It's wrong, according to my Bible."Campbell, mind you, supports Koering.Many Republicans in this socially conservative heart of Central Minnesota take an even harder line against homosexuality, and Koering knows he is testing the outer limits of the GOP's big tent.


The Washington Post

Ellen DeGeneres Tapped to Host Oscars

The Associated Press
Thursday, September 7, 2006; 10:59 PM

LOS ANGELES -- Ellen DeGeneres has been tapped to host next year's Oscars, the Academy of Motions Pictures Arts and Sciences said Thursday.

It will be the comedian and TV talker's first time hosting the Oscars show and first appearance on the award show. She has hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards telecast twice and co-hosted it once, and hosted the Grammys twice.

"Ellen DeGeneres was born to host the Academy Awards," said producer Laura Ziskin in a statement. "I can already tell she is going to set the bar very high for herself and therefore for all of us involved in putting on the show. Now all we need is a lot of great movies."The 79th Annual Academy Awards are scheduled to be broadcast live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on ABC on Sunday, Feb. 25. This year's Oscarcast, in March, was fronted by "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.


The Washington Post

Ban on Gay Rabbis May Be Lifted

The Associated Press
Thursday, September 7, 2006; 2:52 PM

NEW YORK -- A key Conservative Jewish leader is organizing talks nationwide to tell synagogues that the movement will likely roll back its ban on ordaining openly gay rabbis by year's end.

He and two religious law experts joining him at the meetings are trying to help congregations prepare for the confusion and discomfort to follow.Rabbi Jerome Epstein, executive vice president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, says a committee of scholars who interpret Jewish law for the movement will likely loosen the prohibition when they vote in

At the same time, Epstein expects the scholars will endorse a policy aiming to keep more traditional congregations within the fold. Synagogues that believe Jewish law bars same-sex relationships still will be able to hire rabbis who share their view.


A Family Affair

More Gays to be at 2008 Democratic Convention

By Michael James

Late last month the Democratic National Committee (DNC) adopted new delegate selection rules for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Under the new rules, approved August 19 at the annual DNC summer meeting in Chicago, state Democratic parties will be required to increase the participation of LGBT Americans within their delegations.

Jo Wyrick, National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director said, "These rules begin the process of correcting historic under-representation of LGBT Americans in party affairs. We expect state parties to use these rules to establish goals that accurately reflect LGBT Americans within their delegations, and we expect the DNC to reject any proposed state party plan that does not meet this threshold."

The Democratic National Committee approves a series of rules every four years that guide state parties in drafting and implementing delegate selection plans for the convention.


The Washington Post

Going Over to the Girlie Men

By Harold Meyerson
Wednesday, September 6, 2006; A15

SACRAMENTO -- It was just two years ago that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, angered by his inability to get right-wing bills through his state's Democratic-controlled legislature, termed that body's leaders -- Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and Sen. on Perata -- "girlie men." This political neologism went over particularly big with a subgroup with which
Arnold claimed a special rapport: Dumb Young White Guys.

Deluded, perhaps, by the belief that the Census Bureau systematically undercounted the DYWGs, the Governator then spent all of last year campaigning against the Democrats and their institutional allies.

Attempting an end run around the legislature, he called a special election so that voters could approve four partisan Republican initiatives he supported, including a draconian spending limit and a measure that would have curtailed unions' political involvement. Somehow he overlooked that California is a heavily blue state, and a place where independents are more likely to vote Democratic than Republican. More bewildering still, he forgot that he had campaigned for governor in the 2003 recall election as the guy who would end the partisan bickering in Sacramento, as a Republican who would forge common-sense solutions with the Democrats.


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Express Gay News

Judge me by my enemies
by Chris Crane

It was 10 years ago this weekend, in Atlanta, Ga., and I was sitting in the laundry room of my house, the makeshift location for my home computer. Next to the keyboard was a stack of books I'd checked out from the public library on how to write a business plan, and that's exactly what I was doing.

Ten years later, thanks to the talent and contributions of too many to mention, that business plan has led to the newspaper you are reading. The company was Window Media, and the idea behind it was to raise the bar on the quality of journalism in the gay press.

Back in the mid-'90s, local gay and lesbian publications ran the gamut, from "bar rags" devoted to nightlife and sex, to small community newspapers that circulate largely among the activist and group joiners among us. Very few aspired to something more, attempting serious news reports alongside the lighter fare.

I had come out just a few years earlier in Washington, D.C., inspired and encouraged by the political activism I read about each week in the Washington Blade. I wanted to see more gay communities, in more cities, served by the same quality journalism. And headstrong as I was, I wanted more from the Blade as well.


45 gays outed in Uganda witch-hunt

Arrests follow, others go into hiding

"Indiscriminate, uncorroborated and unjustified outing" condemned by OutRage!

"President Musiveni is the Robert Mugabe of Uganda," says Peter Tatchell

London - 7 September 2006

The Ugandan tabloid newspaper, Red Pepper, has outed 45 gay andbisexual men, including army officers, priests, university lecturers,entertainers, bankers, students and lawyers. It also published detailsof five venues popular with gays and lesbians.

Ugandan LGBTI activists regard the outings as an open invitation tothe police and queer-bashers to 'have a go'.

At least five men were arrested soon after the outing list waspublished. It is said the police are under pressure to get tough with"sodomites". They are now cracking down on the LGBTI community in anapparent bid to be seen taking action.

Please contact us at for the full article.


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Issue Date: 9/07/2006, Posted On: 9/7/2006

Dotting the I's, Crossing the T's

Ethan Jacobs

Trans people face heightened scrutiny in a post-9/11 world

You're driving in your car and get stopped by the police for speeding. The officer asks for your license and registration and takes them back to the police car. He swipes a strip on the back of the license into a computer, and instantly has access to an assortment of personal documents about you, from your birth certificate to letters from your doctor detailing your most private and intimate medical history. While it sounds like a plotline pulled from the Sci-Fi Channel's new fall lineup, it could be a very real scenario for members of the transgender community if the Real ID Act goes into effect as scheduled in May 2008.

The Real ID Act, passed in May 2005 as a post-9/11 security measure, will force states to alter their driver's licenses to conform to uniform federal standards, and it will also force people applying for licenses to produce documents verifying their date of birth, Social Security number, and residency status or citizenship, among other personal characteristics. Registries of motor vehicles will be responsible for scanning those documents into a computer and putting them in a database that would be accessible to RMVs and law enforcement authorities in all 50 states. The act has already generated a firestorm of criticism, from civil libertarians and immigration advocates to state RMV officials who worry about the cost of implementing the change. But Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), said transgender people have another reason to worry about the act that likely has not crossed the
minds of those working to shore up homeland security post-9/11.


While performing last weekend in Sopot, Poland, Elton John delivered a
special message for his Polish friends.

Here it is.

"I am just a musician. I come and I play and hopefully make everyone'stroubles disappear for a couple of hours. And I'm also a gay man and I knowthat in Poland there have been a lot of violence towards gay people and Iurge you.. This is a time of compassion. There is enough hatred in theworld, let us all get on with each other. Leave gay people alone [applause].

We're just trying to be oursleves. We do not mean any harm. Love is whatit's all about and Polish people have always been full of love. God blessyou and thank you.. ['Your Song' begins]"


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Independent Online - S. Africa

Paedophile party aims to legalise child sex

Netherlands - A political party formed by Dutch paedophiles tried on Friday to win more support for its campaign to legalise sex with children so it can run in national elections in November.

The Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity party (PNVD) was launched in May and its campaign for a cut in the age of consent from 16 to 12 and the legalisation of child pornography and sex with animals has provoked widespread outrage in the Netherlands.

Party officials said they had gathered over 100 signatures so far but needed to collect several hundred more in the next month to be allowed to run in the November 22 general election.

"We think the child should have the freedom to engage in these contacts with peers or with adults, if and when they choose so," party chairperson Marthijn Uittenbogaard told a news conference in the parliamentary press centre in The Hague.