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FLORIDA DIGEST January 07, 2007

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The Sun-Sentinel,0,4006312,print.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines

Many university faculty members accept sports' role on campus

By Scott Travis
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

January 7, 2007

Most days, University of Florida professor Danaya Wright believes she worksat a place where academic excellence is the top priority.

But then come those fall Fridays.

Faculty are forced to move their cars on home game weekends. Their parkingspaces are rented to tailgaters.

Students ask to skip class so they can prepare for the home game or travelto an away game. Most Friday classes are canceled during Homecoming week.

"It makes you start to think we're putting the emphasis on the wrong thing,"said Wright, a law school professor and chairwoman of UF's faculty senate."Many faculty believe we should be focusing more on academics."

But as the Gators take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in college football'snational championship game Monday night, there's no question the sport ownsthe spotlight.


The Miami Herald
Posted on Sun, Jan. 07, 2007

Killing is on the rise, with young black men often the victims


Minutes into the New Year, the carnage that marked the end of a bloody 2006in Broward continued with the shooting death of an 18-year-old.

Now, barely a week into 2007, Broward has averaged almost a killing a day.As of Saturday, six people had been murdered -- three of those killingsreported on New Year's day.

''The days of low crime rates are gone,'' said Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne.``This is a serious problem and will be the story of the year.''

The death of Victor Manuel Villanueva, Broward's first homicide of 2007, mayforecast another bloody year of killings in the county.

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