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GLBT DIGEST May 28, 2007

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The New York Times

May 27, 2007
Russian Police Detain Gays as Punches, Eggs Fly
Filed at 10:46 a.m. ET

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian police detained gay protesters calling for theright to hold a Gay Pride parade in central Moscow on Sunday whilenationalists shouting ``death to homosexuals'' punched and kicked thedemonstrators.

Riot police detained the protesters, including two Europeanparliamentarians, as they tried to present a petition asking Moscow MayorYuri Luzhkov, who has called gay marches satanic acts, to lift a ban on theparade.

Nationalists and extreme Russian Orthodox believers held icons and denouncedhomosexuality as ``evil'' while a group of thick-set young men turned upwith surgeon's masks, which they said would protect them from the ``gaydisease.''

``We are defending our rights,'' said a young gay man named Alexey, withblood pouring from his nose after he was beaten up by a man screaming``homosexuals are perverts'' opposite the mayor's office. His attacker wasdetained.

``This is terrible but I am not scared. This is a pretty scary place, apretty scary country if you are gay. But we won't give up until they allowus our rights,'' he said.


The New York Times

May 28, 2007
Ala. Terror Web Site Angers Activists
Filed at 1:29 a.m. ET

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- The Alabama Department of Homeland Security hastaken down a Web site it operated that included gay rights and anti-warorganizations in a list of groups that could include terrorists.

The Web site identified different types of terrorists, and included a listof groups it believed could spawn terrorists. The list also includedenvironmentalists, animal rights advocates and abortion opponents.

The director of the department, Jim Walker, said his agency received anumber of calls and e-mails from people who said they felt the site unfairlytargeted certain people just because of their beliefs. He said he plans toput the Web site back on the Internet, but will no longer identify specifictypes of groups.

Howard Bayliss, chairman of the gay and lesbian advocacy group EqualityAlabama, said he doesn't understand why gay rights advocates would be on thelist.

''Our group has only had peaceful demonstrations. I'm deeply concerned we'vebeen profiled in this discriminatory matter,'' Bayliss said.


The New York Times

May 28, 2007
Gay Australian Pub Wins Right to Ban Straights
Filed at 2:09 a.m. ET

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - An Australian hotel catering for homosexuals has wonthe right to ban heterosexuals from its bars so as to provide a safe andcomfortable venue for gay men.

In what is believed to be a first for Australia, the Victorian state civiland administrative tribunal ruled last week that the Peel Hotel in thesouthern city of Melbourne could exclude patrons based on their sexuality.

Australia's equal opportunity laws prevent people being discriminatedagainst based on race, religion or sexuality.

But Peel Hotel owner Tom McFeely said the ruling was necessary to providegay men with a non-threatening atmosphere to freely express their sexuality.

``If I can limit the number of heterosexuals entering the Peel, then thathelps me keep the safe balance,'' Peel told Australian radio on Monday.


The Washington Post

Actor Charles Nelson Reilly Dies at 76
The Associated Press
Monday, May 28, 2007; 1:11 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Charles Nelson Reilly, the Tony Award winner who later becameknown for his ribald appearances on the "Tonight Show" and various gameshows, has died. He was 76.

Reilly died Friday in Los Angeles of complications from pneumonia, hispartner, Patrick Hughes, told the New York Times.

Reilly began his career in New York City, taking acting classes at a studiowith Steve McQueen, Geraldine Page and Hal Holbrook. In 1962, he appeared onBroadway as Bud Frump in the original Broadway production of "How to Succeedin Business Without Really Trying." The role won Reilly a Tony Award.

He was nominated for a Tony again for playing Cornelius in "Hello, Dolly!"In 1997 he received another nomination for directing Julie Harris andCharles Durning in a revival of "The Gin Game."

After moving to Hollywood in 1960s he appeared as the nervous Claymore Greggon TV's "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and as a featured guest on "The DeanMartin Show."



· MOSCOW -- Police detained gay rights activists, among them Europeanlawmakers, as they tried to present a letter to Moscow's mayor. The letterappealed the city's ban on a march to mark the 14th anniversary of Russia'sdecriminalization of homosexuality.


Churches form links abroad
Many congregations increasingly unhappy with Episcopal Church
By Liz F. Kay
Sun reporter

May 28, 2007

As they professed their faith, Hector Zavala, Anglican bishop of the Dioceseof Chile, laid his hands on the heads of three young people yesterday andwelcomed them into his flock.

The cleric, wearing vestments decorated with indigenous patterns and theChilean national flower, was leading the first confirmation ceremony at hismission church in the United States - whose congregation worships in theheart of Baltimore County's Green Spring Valley.

The Church of the Resurrection is one of many in the United States formingrelationships with foreign bishops after growing increasingly dissatisfiedwith the perceived liberal direction of the Episcopal Church, the U.S. armof the international Anglican Communion.

For several Resurrection members, the 2003 election of the Rev. V. GeneRobinson, who is openly gay, as bishop of New Hampshire was a recent - butnot the only - evidence of a church straying from biblical values andtruths.

Reisterstown resident Vince Clews, a founding member of Church of theResurrection, said its formation after Robinson's election may implyhomophobia but had more to do with public statements by Episcopal bishopswho don't believe in tenets such as the divinity of Jesus, his resurrectionor virgin birth.


Veterans share their wartime recollections
Project helps keep their stories alive
By Tal Abbady
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

May 28, 2007

When they set sail for Vietnam in 1965, George Roman and his shipmatesplayed board games, had cookouts and listened to Beatles music on the widedeck of the hospital ship USS Sanctuary.

When the ship arrived, the games and music stopped. The wounded and dyingstreamed in. "We didn't expect the horror of war," said Roman, 62, ofHollywood. "Within 24 hours, we had 210 admissions."

Roman served as a hospital corpsman third class from 1965 to 1969 and spent22 months in Vietnam. On Sunday, he answered questions about his life as aveteran for Erika Briceño, a recent high school graduate. Briceño, 18,prepared the interview, which was filmed and recorded, for the VeteransHistory Project.

Created by Congress in 2000, the project collects the stories of thecountry's servicemen and women for a Library of Congress archive that isavailable to the public.

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, who is hosting the project inSouth Florida, recruited high school students to conduct the interviews inrecognition of Memorial Day. On Sunday, veterans and students met at FloridaAtlantic University's Davie campus for interviews punctuated by tears andlong pauses. "War changes you," said Roman.


Colorado Gay Rights Law Goes Into Effect
by Newscenter Staff
Posted: May 27, 2007 - 1:00 pm ET

(Denver, Colorado) Legislation making it illegal to discriminate in theworkplace on the basis of sexuality has been signed into law by ColoradoGov. Bill Ritter.

It makes the Colorado the 20th state to enact LGBT civil rights.

Ritter's support for the measure ends a decade-long battle by Sen. JenniferVeiga (D) to legislate and end to discrimination.

Bills she proposed were passed by the legislature in 2005 and 2006 butvetoed by Republican Gov. Bill Owens.Colorado law already bars discrimination in hiring, firing or in demotionsor promotions based on race, age or disability. Republicans attempted toweaken the new bid to pass the legislation by proposing a long list ofcategories to be covered. All of the amendments were defeated.


Schools Sued Over Bible Classes Supported By Conservative Christian Groups
by The Associated Press
Posted: May 27, 2007 - 4:00 pm ET

(Dallas, Texas) Two advocacy groups have filed a federal lawsuit against aWest Texas school district on behalf of eight parents who say a Bible courseviolates their religious liberty.

The American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American WayFoundation sued the Ector County Independent School District, asking theOdessa school system to stop teaching the course.

"Religion is very important in my family and we are very involved in ourreligious community. But the public schools are no place for religiousindoctrination that promotes certain beliefs that not all the kids in theschool share," Doug Hildebrand, a Presbyterian deacon who is among theplaintiffs, said in a written statement released by the ACLU.

The Ector school board approved the high school elective in 2005. It teachesthe King James version of the sacred text using material produced by theGreensboro, N.C.-based National Council on Bible Curriculum in PublicSchools, and uses the Bible as the students' textbook.

Backers of the National Council include David Barton, who operates a Website that promotes helping local officials develop policies that reflectBiblical views and encourages Christian involvement in civic affairs. Other supporters of the program include the conservative American FamilyAssociation, Eagle Forum and Plano-based Liberty Legal Institute.


Lambda Legal invites you to help us spread the word about ways we are making the case for equality. Join us for the Stonewall Street Festival in Wilton Manors on June 24, 2007. We will have an informational booth where we will be giving out some fun and useful Lambda Legal items! We'll also be educating people about the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

We especially like to be joined by members and supporters like you who make our work possible. If you want to help out at the booth or march with us in the parade, please email a response to or call 404-897-1880, ext. 235 by June 20, 2007. Indicate when you are available. We'll then email you details about where and when to meet us. All volunteers will receive a Lambda Legal T-shirt!

Hope to see you there!

Simone Bell
Outreach Associate
Southern Regional Office
Lambda Legal


Letter from Mayor of London to the Mayor of Moscow:

Press Release

London Mayor issues appeal for end to Pride ban after arrests andviolence in Moscow
28-5-2007 320

Following yesterday's violence against lesbian and gay rightsdemonstrators in Moscow, and the arrest of several of thedemonstrators, Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has this morningwritten to his Moscow counterpart Mayor Luzhkov urging that nocharges be brought against those who were demonstrating for lesbianand gay rights.

His letter asks Mayor Luzhkov to 'resolve the root cause of thisprotest by lifting the ban on the Gay Pride parade in Moscow in linewith the practice of most cities throughout the world'.

Below is the letter from Mr Livingstone to Mr Luzhkov:

Dear Mayor Luzhkov,

I am writing to convey my deep concern at the reported physicalviolence against, and arrest of, Peter Tatchell, a Parliamentarycandidate for the Green Party in Britain, and other supporters oflesbian and gay rights, during their participation in an event inMoscow seeking to present a petition to you to lift a ban on the GayPride parade in Moscow.

I have known Peter Tatchell for many years and know him to be aperson committed exclusively to peaceful political activity.

I would urge you to use your good offices to seek the lifting of allcharges against Mr Tatchell and his fellow demonstrators.

I would also urge you to resolve the root cause of this protest bylifting the ban on the Gay Pride parade in Moscow in line with thepractice of most cities throughout the world.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London


Forwarded from Euro-Queer:

I am running a good "commentary" piece written by an American woman on Moscow Gay Pride

Beach, or Beaten in Moscow?

I sat at the beach today, and wondered how many people thought Allan and I, with Zachary in tow, thought we were heterosexual. Okay, Allan in his tiny Speedo and me in my giant one piece Speedo and, of course, gym shorts, were not exactly looking incredibly straight but the image was enough to bother me.

I had read this morning that over thirty gay activists had been arrested in Moscow. Nikolai Alekseev, who is currently under arrest and held in a central Moscow police station. At this point, foreign activists have been set free. Others have not. None of the people throwing rocks, eggs and threatening violence to the activists have been arrested.

Only the queers.

I sat on the beach today with an uneasy feeling of safety. While we in America debate civil unions versus marriage rights, job protections and insurance coverage, people in Russia who found the courage to take to the streets in an incredibly homophobic society are sitting in jail.

Rest at if you want more.


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