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New York Times


August 14, 2007

Mr. Rove Gets Out of Town

Karl Rove, the architect of so much that has gone so wrong with the Bushadministration, announced yesterday that he is leaving the White House tospend more time with his family. What he didn't say is that by getting outof town he is also hoping to avoid spending any time at all withCongressional investigators.

Congress should not oblige.

The American public needs to understand the full story of how this WhiteHouse - with Mr. Rove pulling many of the strings - has spent the last sixand a half years improperly and dangerously politicizing the federalgovernment. Mr. Rove is already defying one Congressional subpoena totestify about the United States attorneys scandal. He should be made torespond to that one, and should also be subpoenaed to explain his role inseveral other cases of crass politicization.


New York Times


August 14, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist
100,000 Gone Since 2001

On Saturday in Newark, three young friends whose lives and dreams vanishedin a nightmarish eruption of gunfire in a rundown schoolyard were buried.

On Sunday in a small town in Missouri, a pastor and two worshipers weremurdered by a gunman who opened fire in a church.

Murder, that darkest of American pastimes, celebrated in film and song andfostered by the firearms industry and its apologists, continues unabated.

It has been almost six years since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when thenation's consciousness of terror was yanked to new heights. In those sixyears, nearly 100,000 people - an incredible number - have been murdered inthe United States.

No heightening of consciousness has accompanied this slaughter, which hadnothing to do with terrorism. The news media and most politicians havehardly bothered to notice.

At the same time that we're diligently confiscating water and toothpastefrom air travelers, we're handing over guns and bullets by the trainload toyahoos bent on blowing others into eternity in armed robberies,drug-dealing, gang violence, domestic assaults and other criminal acts.


The Washington Post


Giuliani's JFK Moment
By Richard Cohen
Tuesday, August 14, 2007; A13

In this already dismal presidential campaign, where nary an original ideahas been broached, Rudy Giuliani said something remarkable the other day.When asked if he is a "traditional, practicing, Roman Catholic," the formermayor of New York essentially told the questioner to shove off. Hisreligion, he said, was his own private affair.

This bold statement, as old as thought but as modern as today, was downrightrefreshing in its reverent plea for spiritual privacy. "My religiousaffiliation, my religious practices and the degree to which I am a good ornot so good Catholic, I prefer to leave to the priests," Giuliani said. Anda good thing, too, some wag will surely add. After all, Giuliani has beenmarried three times and presumably carried on with No. 3 while still marriedto No. 2. But what all this has to do with Sept. 11, national security, theneed for universal medical coverage and the subprime market is beyond me.

Whether Giuliani knew it or not, he was echoing something John F. Kennedysaid back in 1960. Kennedy, only the second Roman Catholic presidentialnominee -- Al Smith of New York had been the first -- gave an oft-citedspeech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association in which he declaredthat he was not, as he put it, "the Catholic candidate for president" butthe "Democratic Party's candidate for president who happens also to be aCatholic." In this way, Kennedy was attempting to rebut the bigoted smearthat he would, if president, be taking orders from the Vatican.


The Washington Post


Rove's Dismal Legacy
By Dan Froomkin
Special to washingtonpost.com
Monday, August 13, 2007; 1:54 PM

Karl Rove's legacy will not be what he wanted it to be.

The political guru who made President Bush what he is today had hoped toleave behind a permanent Republican ruling majority. Instead, his tenurewill stand as an example of how divisiveness and partisanship are notconducive to successful governance.

After years of being lauded as a political genius, Rove nevertheless leaveshis party in worse shape than he found it, with his boss profoundlydiscredited in the eyes of the American people.

When historians look back at Bush's squandered opportunity to unite thecountry and even the world behind a shared agenda after 9/11, part of theblame will go to Vice President Cheney and the decision to invade Iraq. Butpart will accrue to Rove for choosing to use national security as a wedgeissue.

Why Did He Resign?




Florida drivers must prepare for losing no-fault insurance, official says
By Linda Kleindienst
Tallahassee Bureau Chief
August 14, 2007

TALLAHASSEE Florida's chief financial officer wants automobile owners tobegin preparing for life without no-fault insurance.

Unless re-enacted by the state Legislature, Florida's no-fault law willexpire on Oct. 1. And legislative leaders have voiced doubts they can reachan agreement before then on how to extend it.

In that event, Alex Sink, the state's CFO, on Monday urged drivers to makesure they have enough insurance to cover their family in the event of anaccident.

Legislators are scheduled to meet in an emergency budget-cutting sessionSept. 18, but so far the House and Senate have failed to reach any agreementon continuing the no-fault law, leaving doubts it will be addressed duringthe three-week special session.

"I don't know if I'm terribly optimistic, but it still can happen," Gov.Charlie Crist, who supports continuation of the law, said Monday.




Romney Richest Candidate In Either Party
by The Associated Press
Posted: August 14, 2007 - 9:00 am ET

(Washington) Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's vast wealth isspread over a dizzying array of foreign and domestic investments that attimes have been sold to avoid conflicts with his public stances, the trusteeof his blind trust said.

Among the investments sold by trustee R. Bradford Malt were holdings incompanies known to have interests with Iran, including French and Italianoil companies. Romney earlier this year called for state pension systems todivest themselves of Iran-related stocks.

Romney and his wife, Ann, hold assets worth between $190 million and $250million, his advisers said. The campaign released details of his wealthMonday in a personal financial disclosure report filed with the FederalElection Commission and the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. The value ofassets in federal financial reports are listed in ranges, making a precisefigure impossible to discern.

Romney reported that he and his wife have joint interest checking accountswith Bank of America of between $5 million and $25 million and a moneymarket account between $1 million and $5 million. Both also have IndividualRetirement Accounts. But the bulk of their money is in two blind trusts,which Malt said are divided evenly between husband and wife.

Blind trusts are designed to prevent public officials from controlling theirinvestments, thus avoiding potential conflicts of interest. Under federalrules, the Romneys were not required to report a blind trust in the name oftheir children, which aides say is valued at about $100 million.


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