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FLORIDA DIGEST September 5, 2007

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The Miami Herald

Posted on Wed, Sep. 05, 2007

Televangelist Rev. D. James Kennedy dies

The Rev. D. James Kennedy, the controversial televangelist who built FortLauderdale's Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church into a politically powerfulhouse of prayer on a foundation of Biblical fundamentalism has died.

He suffered a heart attack on Dec. 28, 2006, and never returned to thepulpit. His last sermon was four days earlier on Christmas Eve. He retiredas founder and senior pastor of Coral Ridge last week at age 76.

For nearly 50 years, Kennedy led a congregation that grew from 45 in theMcNab Elementary School auditorium to an estimated 10,000 at what's now amegachurch at 5555 N. Federal Highway -- the fastest-growing church inAmerica during from the late 1960s through much of the 1980s.

With a steeple tall enough to require aircraft warning lights -- 30stories -- and a world-class, 6,500-pipe organ, the church is the nucleus ofa $37 million evangelical empire that includes Westminster Academy, KnoxSeminary and Evangelism Explosion International, an outreach program.

Kennedy's Coral Ridge Hour television broadcasts reportedly reached threemillion viewers in 200 countries.



Jenne was effective salesman for sheriff's services
Sheriff's Office aggressively added police and fire services throughoutBroward
By Brian Haas
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
September 5, 2007

Ken Jenne's vision in 1999 was simple: The Broward Sheriff's Office shouldprovide police service for every city in the county.

"We can do it better and cheaper than almost every department," Jenne saidat the time. "It is an economy of scale."

Jenne went on to build his agency into a $712 million behemoth with morethan 6,300 employees responsible for law enforcement in 14 Broward cities,fire services in seven cities and dispatch services in 22 cities. Under hiswatch, the Sheriff's Office budget nearly tripled and the number ofemployees nearly doubled.

"He was a hell of a salesman," said former Miami Police Chief Ken Harms, whohas been a vocal critic of Jenne. "He was continuing to sell himself to thepublic, and he has been extremely astute at doing that."

Without Jenne at the helm, the agency's future is unclear.

New sheriff in town

The expansion of the Sheriff's Office started in 1977 but took two decadesto accumulate six cities: Lauderdale Lakes, Pembroke Park, Dania Beach,Tamarac, Deerfield Beach and Weston. In 1998, Sheriff Ron Cochran, who hadscaled back on contracting with cities, died of cancer, leading to Jenne'sappointment as sheriff.



South Florida
Pension status pending
September 5, 2007
Pension status pending

It's unclear what will happen to Sheriff Ken Jenne's pension if, as planned,he pleads guilty to federal charges.

Jenne last asked the state to calculate his pension in 2003, when hisretirement benefits were estimated at $10,600 per month.

According to a booklet outlining state retirement plan rules, officials whoare convicted, admit or plead no contest to a state crime dealing withbribery or misuse of public office could lose their pensions.


South Florida
Specifics of charges against Ken Jenne
September 5, 2007

Specifics of charges against Jenne
One count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud:

Ken Jenne conspired to defraud and to obtain money and other benefits fromothers through fraudulent pretenses and promises and committed that fraudthrough the mail.

Jenne is charged with unlawfully enriching himself by obtaining money fromPhilip Proccaci and Lewis Nadel, who were Broward Sheriff's Office vendors,by making false representations, omitting to state facts and concealing thatmoney Jenne asked Procacci and Nadel to give to his secretaries, AliciaValois and Marian Yoka, was really for Jenne. Jenne also tried to hide hisactions by making false, misleading and incomplete statements in publicfilings and to investigators.

Three counts of filing a false tax return:

Jenne reported his taxable income for 2001 as $171,380 when his actualincome was $202,442.

Jenne reported his taxable income for 2002 as $138,206 when his actualincome was $166,639.

Jenne reported his taxable income for 2004 as $191,150 when his actualincome was $200,453.


The charges carry sentencing guidelines of 18 to 24 months in prison,although prosecutors could recommend a stiffer sentence.


Michael Mayo: Ken Jenne gone as sheriff but signs of presence remain
Michael Mayo
News Columnist
September 5, 2007

The disgraced sheriff was gone, his office emptied over the holiday weekend.But Ken Jenne's name was still everywhere at Broward Sheriff's headquarterson Tuesday.

It was on the faded, limp Sheriff's Office flag that hung outside. It was onthe agency insignia plastered on the lobby information booth inside. It wason the logos that adorned nearly every piece of stationery and everybusiness card.

This was a sheriff who clearly wanted to be remembered.

Now the Jenne name, and the stain associated with it, won't easily beerased.


Broward County Sheriff's resignation ends three-decade career in politicsHow did it all come to this? A political star comes crashing downBy Paula McMahon
September 5, 2007

For more than half his life, Ken Jenne was the consummate politician,holding a series of powerful positions and steering himself into the mostinfluential job in Broward County.

Shrewd, smart and uncommonly charming, the Democrat seemed destined forgreater things. Many thought a federal or statewide office - even thegovernor's mansion - was in his future.

Jenne, 60, resigned as sheriff of Broward on Tuesday after agreeing to pleadguilty to income tax evasion and mail fraud.

"It's a human tragedy," said family friend Fred Lippman, a former politicianand chancellor of the Health Professions Division at Nova SoutheasternUniversity. "You have a life of public service, you have a magnificent,beautiful family ..."


Lamberti takes reins while new Broward sheriff sought
By David Fleshler
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
September 5, 2007

Even before Ken Jenne cleared out his desk and vacated his fifth-floormarble and glass suite, preparations had begun to choose a successor to theBroward sheriff.

Gov. Charlie Crist announced Tuesday he is seeking applications for someoneto serve out the rest of Jenne's four-year term, now that Jenne has agreedto plead guilty to federal tax evasion and mail fraud charges. In theinterim, he appointed Sheriff's Office Maj. Al Lamberti, a 29-year veteran,to run the agency.

Crist indicated he'll appoint someone who'll campaign for the office in hisor her own right at the end of Jenne's term, which expires in 2008.

"Somebody who had a longer view probably would have more appeal to me andprobably to the people of Broward County," Crist said. "I think, probablyfor the benefit of the people of Broward County, continuity is a good thing,especially with an office as important as sheriff."

Crist declined to discuss specific candidates. But for months, as it becameevident that a federal and state investigation could bring Jenne down, namesof his potential successors have been circulating in Broward County andTallahassee political circles. Last week, Broward Republican chairman ChipLaMarca said, he was asked by the governor's office to submit a list ofcandidates for the sheriff's job. Members of Crist's staff already had beenconsulting for weeks with Broward legislators and Republican lobbyists onhow to manage the post-Jenne succession.

Among the candidates being mentioned by political insiders:

. Former state Sen. Skip Campbell, a Democrat. He said he'd like the job,but it would be a big decision to leave his law practice, and he hasn'tdecided "whether it's right for me, right for my family or right for thepeople of Broward County."

. Scott Israel, police chief of North Bay Village in Miami-Dade County. Aresident of Parkland and former Fort Lauderdale police captain, he said e'sinterested in the job. "I know so many of the deputies," he said. "They'retalented people and they haven't been given the leadership to do that job."

. Former state senator and Broward County Commissioner Jim Scott, aRepublican. "I haven't been asked and I haven't expressed any interest," hesaid.

. State Rep. Jack Seiler, D-Wilton Manors, who would only want to serve outJenne's term rather than go on to seek a full term for himself. "I've agreedI would step into the job on an interim basis only," he said.

. Bruce Udolf, who prosecuted corrupt public officials as chief of thepublic integrity section of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami. Reached athis law office in Fort Lauderdale, he declined comment.

. Tom Wheeler, a longtime Crist aide. He could not be reached for comment,but LaMarca said Wheeler told him he was interested.

. Broward Circuit Judge Elijah Williams, a former senior legal counsel tothe Sheriff's Office. As of Tuesday, he was the only candidate to submit aformal application to Crist.

The post brings more power than any other elected office in Broward County.


Jenne's fall no reason for rejoicing
South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board
September 5, 2007

ISSUE: No reason to rejoice at Jenne's fall.

The fall of Sheriff Ken Jenne, arguably the most powerful politician inBroward County, is no reason for rejoicing.

Instead, there is more a feeling of sadness and disappointment, as this manwho was elected to uphold the law couldn't do it himself. And there is asense of relief, with Jenne's resignation and agreement to accept a pleadeal ending a two-year-long cloud that hung over the Sheriff's Office asinvestigations were ongoing and taxpayers paid for hundreds of thousands ofdollars in legal fees.

Jenne isn't the only elected official to have failed the public recently. Wehave seen other political names disgraced in recent months, particularly inPalm Beach County, where an entire wing of a correctional facility might beneeded to house public officials involved with corruption.


Clergy express support for Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle's stance on gaysMany say mayor's stance misunderstood by Lauderdale's gay communityBy Brittany Wallman
September 5, 2007

FORT LAUDERDALE A group of Christian clergymen flocked to the side of MayorJim Naugle on Tuesday, saying the depth of sexual sin in Broward Countynecessitates an old-fashioned spiritual revival.

The church representatives said the gay community misunderstands Naugle'sstance toward them. He is here to help, they said.

"Mayor Naugle is not your enemy, AIDS is," said Jerry Newcombe of CoralRidge Television Ministries. He said he's working on a TV report about themayor and the culture war he started in Fort Lauderdale.

"This is somehow twisted in a way that he hates people," Newcombe said, "andhe doesn't."

The group of clergy met with Naugle privately Tuesday in City Hall, thenmade public statements. They did not say when, where or how long the revivalwould be.

The mayor incited a bitter fight in gay-friendly Fort Lauderdale when inJuly the South Florida Sun-Sentinel published his comments from an interviewin which he said he uses the term "homosexual" rather than "gay" because"most of them aren't gay. They're unhappy."

He alleged that gay men frequent public bathrooms in Fort Lauderdale to havesex, but police said it was not a big problem. And he supported purchase ofa single-stall super-toilet for $250,000 because it would, he said, deter"homosexual activity."


The Miami Herald

Posted on Tue, Sep. 04, 2007
Ministers announce support for Naugle

A coalition of Broward County ministers gathered Tuesday to outline theirplans to support Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle's recent criticism of gaysex in restrooms, parks and other public places.

The predominantly black coalition of about 10 says its ultimate vision is to``transform Fort Lauderdale and Broward County into the Bible Belt of SouthFlorida.''


Forwarded from Bill Rettinger

To members and Friends

Below you will find the Op-Ed that I submitted to the Sun-Sentinel. It waspublished in yesterday's (The Labor Day) edition and I have received somegreat feedback from it.

We just need to keep the e-mails and faxes going to all of our Legislatorsso that they can realize that cuts to this program are NOT just "black inkon white paper" but indeed are cuts to a Life saving, life-line program tahtmany of us depend on to remain alive!

I remain catiously optimistic, but we DO need to continue to make ourleaders in Tallahassee aware that we, along wilth ALL of Florida's citizens,are watching to see if they attempt to again balance the budget using ourblood and our lives!

South Florida
Budget cuts affect the medically needy
September 3, 2007
By Bill Rettinger

As you may be aware, the Medically Needy Share of Cost Program is theMedicaid program that covers medications and health care needs for those32,000 Floridians that receive income each month over the limit that wouldallow them to qualify for "regular" Medicaid. However, these persons haveprescription and healthcare costs that far exceed their ability to ever payfor those services. These citizens are usually transplant patients, patientswith HIV or AIDS that receive Social Security Disability Income, or peoplewho have suffered a catastrophic illness or injury.

The story coming out of Tallahassee is that when the Legislature meets inspecial session to cut the state budget this month, the proposal to deletefunding for the Medically Needy Share of Cost Program will be one of thefirst cuts and program eliminations considered. I won't say that I'mshocked. I can't even say that I'm surprised. After all, this isn't thefirst time that our state legislators have looked to balance the budget bytotally disregarding the lives and needs of some of poorest and sickest ofFlorida's citizens. We've been fighting against these cuts since 1999. It'sjust a case of "SSDD" - same story, different decade.

Our legislators need to get their priorities in order. They continually tellus that they need to make these program cuts and deletions because therearen't enough funds coming into the state's coffers to cover the needs ofour disabled or poorer citizens.



Tonight - Ft. Lauderdale

Join us for a Press Conference and Prayer Vigil as communities of faithcome together in a message of Healing and Unity.

Supported by:
Inclusive Faith Groups and Denominations, NAACP, Campaign to END AIDSand UNITE Fort Lauderdale

Wednesday, September 5, 2007,
5:15 PM City Hall Plaza
100 N. Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

Marsha Ellison, NAACP
Rabbi Harold Caminker
Archbishop John Joseph Reid
Archbishop Bruce Simpson
Rev Grant Ford Rev
Rev Tita Calzada
and others
Followed by Prayer Vigil and Song!

City Commissioners Meeting
6:00 PM City Hall

After the Press Conference,
Please then join us in attending the
City Commission meeting at 6:00 PM.
1st floor Commission Chambers City Hall,
100 N. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

If you attend the press conference, the prayer vigil,and/or the Commissioners meeting,Please wear red or a red ribbon in support.


Also - Tonight

City of Oakland Park
City Commission Meeting
Wednesday, September 05, 2007 at 6:30 PM


TERI Contact information:

Commission Meeting Location:
City Commission Chambers
Oakland Park City Hall
3650 NE 12th Avenue

For more information on this and other meetings, Please call the CityClerk's office at 954-630-4300.



The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida (GLCC) has
announced "Dine Out With Your Community" on September 25, 2007featuring ten local restaurants that will be donating 20% of their proceedsfrom the entire day to the GLCC. "The response from local restaurants is overwhelming," says Paul Hyman, Executive Director, GLCC. "we areexcited
to have engaged such high quality participating restaurants and arenow
asking the community to plan in advance by putting this day on your calendars, round up some friends or a special someone, and have funwhile
helping to make it this night a huge success".

Participating restaurants are being heavily promoted inadvertising
donated by local press and publications including Express/411, Buzz
Magazine, She, Gir(L), Latino Boys Magazine and the GLCC's ownpublication
The Voice. Robert Boo, Director of Development, GLCC shares "Thereis
something for everyone. We have a wonderful range of restaurantsoffering
casual and social settings, as well as formal dining. I encourageeveryone
to fast for several days before the event and eat at all therestaurants as
many times as you can!"

Participating restaurants are 3030 Ocean, (at Marriott Harbor BeachResort),
Food Amongst The Flowers, Galanga Thai Kitchen & Sushi Bar, HerbanKitchen,
Grandma's Ice Cream & French Café, Mario's Catalina Restaurant, TheMelting
Pot, Primavera, Rosie's' Bar & Grill, and Trina (at The AtlanticHotel).

The GLCC is a non-profit organization that provides information,
education, advocacy, support, human services, cultural experiences, and social opportunities to foster personal development and quality of life forthe entire community.



It's a first: Two Cat 5 hurricanes hit land in 1 year
By Ken Kaye
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
8:32 AM EDT, September 5, 2007

When mighty Hurricane Felix thundered ashore over a remote patch ofNicaraguan jungle Tuesday, it made tropical history.

Never before in the annals of meteorology had two potentiallycatastrophic Category 5 hurricanes reached land in the same season, as Deanhit the same general area at the western end of the Caribbean just 14 daysearlier.

"It's unprecedented," said Dennis Feltgen, spokesman for the NationalHurricane Center in Miami-Dade County.

What's more, it was the first time that the first two hurricanes of astorm season reached Category 5 strength since tropical weather recordsstarted to be kept in 1851.


Broward School Board backs affordable apartments for workers
By Jean-Paul Renaud
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
September 5, 2007

The Broward School Board on Tuesday overwhelmingly backed the unique conceptof building affordable apartments reserved exclusively for district workers.

Public school employees just starting out in Broward County would be able torent one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments at a price within financialreach, school district officials said.

By providing School Board-owned land to private developers, officials saythey would be in a position to set affordable rents. No one would pay morethan 30 percent of their salary for rent. A teacher with a starting pay of$38,500, for example, would pay no more than $962 a month.

"This is going to provide another economic benefit and incentive to teachersas well as helping the district attract and retain essential personnel,"said School Board member Robert Parks at a workshop Tuesday.


Cuts to derail Tri-Rail?

They've survived double-tracking and the CSX, but Tri-Rail's fortunes areabout to take a big turn for the worse. Miami Dade County commissioners areproposing to cut $207,000 from their appropriations to the commuter rrailservice. That's pretty much a done deal that will be made official at acommission meeting this Thursday. Bummer!

The move has officials at the SouthFlorida Regional Transportation Authority(RTA), which runs the commuter trains, on edge because they're afraid otherBroward and Palm Beach counties will follow suits with similar cuts. If thathappens, then Tri-Rail would face an estimated $651,000 in county cuts, butit gets worse.

Any cuts in local contributions means the state Department of Transportationwon't have to put up as much operating money either. Typically, the statematches what the counties put up. So now we're talking almost $1.3 million.,and the only way RTA officials say they can make up the shortfall isthrough -- you guessed it -- cuts in services. But, that presents anotherproblem.

The commuter line has an agreement with the federal government that includesoperating 48 trains a day, with 20 minute headways during peak hours ofoperations. Right now, Tri-Rail operates 50 trains a day and its operationsclearly meet the federal agreeement. Unfortunately, an anticipated $1.3million in cuts would change all that.


Presidential primary solutions shot down
By Bill Cotterell
Florida Capital Bureau Political Editor

TALLAHASSEE -- An influential Florida member of the Democratic NationalCommittee wants state legislative Democrats to block any action on bills inthe special session until lawmakers address problems caused by the Jan. 29presidential primary date.

But Republican Gov. Charlie Crist and the Senate minority leader said todaythat's not going to happen.

The DNC has ordered Florida Democrats to come up with a newdelegate-selection process or lose all 210 delegate votes at next year'sDemocratic convention. Major contenders for the party's presidentialnomination have said they will boycott the state if Florida doesn't obeynational party rules. The Republicans also have rules forbidding the stateto choose delegates earlier than Feb. 5, but the GOP penalty is withdrawalof only half of the state delegates.

In a letter to party activists across the state, DNC member Jon Ausman ofTallahassee suggested that Democrats in the House and Senate block action onstate budget amendments, insurance or other issues in the speciallegislative session starting Sept. 18 until legislators move the primarydate. Ausman said the Republican-run Legislature set the Jan. 29 date, sothe Legislature should resolve the current impasse by simply moving theprimary to Feb. 5.



Sent: Wednesday, September 5, 2007 10:24:26 AM

Subject: POSTPONED - September 6, Event on Miami Beach with President Bill

Dear Friend,

I am writing to inform you that the event the event on Thursday, September6, on Miami Beach , with President Bill Clinton has been postponed. We arecurrently in the process of securing a rescheduled date for the event. Iapologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for yoursupport. I will contact you as soon as we have a new date.

Kind regards,

Jon Adrabi

Florida Finance Associate

Hillary Clinton for President
370 Minorca Avenue, Ste. 11
Coral Gables, FL 33134

305-569-2888 (W)
786-863-7110 (C)

866-213-0991 (F)


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