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FLORIDA DIGEST November 14, 2007

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Fort Lauderdale: Man killed by SUV while trying to cross Dixie

November 13, 2007

A Fort Lauderdale man was killed early Saturday when he was hit by an SUVwhile trying to walk across Dixie Highway, according to the BrowardSheriff's Office.

Steven Klein, 29, had crossed the southbound lanes of the roadway nearNortheast 26th Street but then turned around to walk back across thesouthbound lanes when he was struck by a 1999 Dodge Durango driven by ShawnFreeman, 19, of Wilton Manors, investigators said. Freeman slammed on hisbrakes and swerved but was unable to avoid crashing into Klein,investigators said.

Klein was pronounced dead at Broward General Medical Center moments later.

The Sheriff's Office, which continues to investigate the crash, took overthe investigation at the request of Wilton Manors police, officials said.


Wife of ex-Broward sheriff begs for leniency in sentence

By Paula McMahon
November 14, 2007

At a time in life when most people are thinking about retiring, CarolineJenne, the wife of former Sheriff Ken Jenne, is looking for a full-time joband worrying about losing her Dania Beach home.

When her husband is sentenced Friday, he is expected to go to federal prisonfor 18 months to two years: A humiliating fall from jailer to jailed.Caroline Jenne, who mostly avoided the public spotlight that came with beingmarried to the most powerful man in Broward County, wrote a letter to U.S.District Judge William Dimitrouleas begging for leniency.

"I am humbly asking you to have mercy in your sentencing of Ken," she wrotein a Nov. 5 letter that was placed in the court file Tuesday. " Theinvestigation of three years has totally depleted our savings, and I amworried about the future. I just had my 61st birthday and although I haveworked part-time for the last 10 years, I am actively looking for afull-time job.

"I have cut our expenses as far down as I can, and I will do whatever ittakes not to lose our home. This is not what I envisioned our lives would beat this point, but I am ready to deal with the challenges before me."

Ken Jenne, who is 60, pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud conspiracyand three counts of income tax evasion in September. In the plea agreementhe reached with prosecutors, Jenne admitted he accepted more than $151,625in improper payments, income and other benefits from Sheriff's Officecontractors, including money funneled through his secretaries and paymentson a Mercedes convertible from his former law firm, Conrad, Scherer & Jenne.

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1 in 22 gay, bisexual men in Florida has HIV, study says

By Bob LaMendola
November 14, 2007

Hoping to call attention to the extent of HIV/AIDS among gay men, statehealth officials said Tuesday that an estimated 1 in 22 gay and bisexual menin Florida had the virus last year, an infection rate that dwarfs any othergroup.

HIV has struck some areas of the gay community even harder, with rates ashigh as 1 in 11 among gay white men in Broward County, 1 in 13 gay black menin Palm Beach County and 1 in 12 gay Hispanic men in Miami-Dade County,officials said. By comparison, in the least affected group, 1 in 1,625 whitewomen had the virus.

AIDS activists who gathered in Wilton Manors to hear the new reportchallenged the methods behind the new estimate, but universally agreed thevirus is not declining among gays as hoped. They called on officials and oneanother to find new ways to stress the message of safe sex.

"Obviously, our programs are not working the way we would like," saidLorenzo Robinson of the Palm Beach County Health Department, the state'scoordinator for gay black men.

High rates of HIV/AIDS among gay men is not new in South Florida, whichpersistently remains one of the nation's epicenters for the disease. Browardhad 43 new AIDS cases per 100,000 residents last year and Palm Beach County28.6, putting them in the top 20 nationally.

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Estimated number of gay and bisexual men living with HIV/AIDS in Florida

November 14, 2007

A new report by the Florida Department of Health estimated the number of gayand bisexual men living with HIV/AIDS in Florida:

1 in 12 gay/bisexual black men*

1 in 18 gay/bisexual Hispanic men*

1 in 29 gay/bisexual white men*

1 in 58 black men+

1 in 83 black women+

1 in 148 Hispanic men+

1 in 310 white men+

1 in 553 Hispanic women+

1 in 1,625 white women+

* 2006. Estimate only. Based on an assumption that 10 percent of the malepopulation is gay or bisexual.

+ 2005.

More information: View the report and other HIV/AIDS data from the stateHealth Department at, or 800-FLA-AIDS
(800-352-2437) or 850-245-4444.


Palm Beach Post

Crist won't go with flow

Palm Beach Post Editorial
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Charlie Crist needed a reminder that he's governor of Florida.

After he agreed to a three-state deal to let Georgia keep more water formetro Atlanta residents, the governor changed his mind. He now opposesfederal plans to cut the amount of water flowing from Georgia's Lake Lanierto Florida. The lake feeds the Apalachicola River and Apalachicola Bay, homeof the Panhandle seafood industry.

His aides say Gov. Crist never went along with the idea of cutting Florida'sshare, only to holding more meetings to work out a plan for Florida, Georgiaand Alabama to share Lake Lanier's water. That wasn't the understandingothers had at the tri-state meeting, brokered by Bush administrationofficials to whom Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue had appealed.

Whatever his reasons then, Gov. Crist is correct now in opposing Gov.Perdue's demands. The Georgia governor only recently called for waterrestrictions in sprawling, drought-plagued Atlanta. Floridians have beenconserving for months and face tighter restrictions to make it through thedry season. Gov. Crist plans a Dec. 12 meeting in Tallahassee with Gov.Perdue and Alabama Gov. Bob Riley to talk about a "comprehensive, long-termsolution." But the wrong short-term solution could cripple an importantFlorida industry, which means that the governor must fight to keep Florida'sshare of Lake Lanier's water.

After the tri-state meeting, Gov. Crist heard from representatives of 12,000seafood workers who may lose their jobs if oysters and other shellfish diefrom lack of water. Six environmental groups opposed the water cuts. FloridaDepartment of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Sole agreed in aletter to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the U.S. Army Corps ofEngineers. The Fish & Wildlife Service makes the final decision this week,based on whether federally protected mussels and a fish species can surviveon less water. If the agency agrees with Gov. Perdue, the corps couldimmediately phase in reductions of lake water to Florida.

Without such reductions, Atlanta residents could face severe restrictions orrationing. On Tuesday, Gov. Perdue called for Georgia lawmakers to join himin praying for rain. While he's at it, Gov. Perdue should ask for the willto allow growth only if there's water to supply it. Who's starting to dothat? Florida.


UNITE Fort Lauderdale

General Membership Meeting
Community/Correctional Health Discussion

Thursday November 15, 2007 7:00 PM at GLCC Main Room
Would you get the care you need?

UNITE Fort Lauderdale will be hosting a community discussion at the GLCCregarding the policies, challenges and obstacles to providing a continuum ofcare to persons with HIV/AIDS entering the jails of Broward County.The discussion will focus on the challenges of identifying persons withHIV/AIDS and other medical needs entering the detention systems andproviding an uninterrupted continuation of medication while addressing thesecurity concerns arising out of detention.

The panel will include representatives of the Broward Sheriff's Office,Broward House, Broward County Health Department, Legal Aid along with othermedical, health, social and legal professionals and advocates for affectedpersons.

Please come with questions and hopefully generate awarenessand better understanding on this important issue.

Upcoming dates and events to be aware of:

November 30, 2007

UNITE Fort Lauderdale in association with the Citizens Volunteer Corp ofFort Lauderdale (CVC) and the Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Associations willkick off a ongoing series of CrimeWALK events around the City. Come out andjoin us along with Commissioners Carlton Moore and Cindy Hutchinson andothers as we take back our neighborhoods. Law enforcement services andescorts will be on hand at all functions.

December 1, 2007
CVC Community Work morning - Arthur Ashe Middle School

Once again we will be landscaping and doing general clean up for a few hoursSaturday morning. Breakfast, refreshments, music and a great feeling ofmaking a wide reaching impact on our communities - a pretty good deal for afew hours of time. And we always have a few laughs.

UNITE Fort Lauderdale is asking everyone to contribute to two very importantcommunity wide initiatives:
GLCC's annual holiday Toy Drive!

Donate NEW, unwrapped toys through the week of Christmas to help makeeveryone's holiday better. Donations can be dropped off at the followingbusiness during normal hours:

What's The Scoop - Popcorn Cafe - E Collecione
Or Monday through Friday, 10 am - 10 pm, Saturday, Noon - 5 pm at the GLCC.
Please contact Nicole Marion for more information:
954-463-9005 x227

Cooperative Feeding Program
Also, as reported in the Sun-Sentinel this past week, the local food banksshelves are nearly empty. At this time of year when there is much to bethankful for, help us help feed our community - bring non-perishable fooditems for the Cooperative Feeding Program.

Donations can be brought to any UNITE FTL meeting or dropped off at thefollowing business during normal hours: What's The Scoop - Popcorn Cafe - E Collecione

Mark you calendars for next months UNITE Fort Lauderdale General meeting!
December 19, 2007



Slain Broward sheriff's deputy laid to rest after emotional ceremony
Community lays to rest its third deputy killed in line of duty this year

By Jamie Malernee and Sallie James
November 14, 2007

It began, again, with dreadful familiarity - another casket, anotherprocession, another great hall filled with mourners, this time gathered tosay goodbye to Broward Sheriff's Deputy Paul Rein.

Friends and colleagues on Tuesday recalled a man of service and spunk, agrandfatherly type who tried to mentor not only his fellow officers but someof the prisoners he worked with each day, a husband who told his wife heloved her only minutes before he was shot and killed last week by one of thesame inmates he was known for treating with unusual respect and dignity.Rein, 76, will also be remembered as the third Broward sheriff's deputykilled in the line of duty in a year.

"Your dedication and humanity will forever be etched in our memories," saidSheriff Al Lamberti, who gave Rein's eulogy at the packed Broward Center forthe Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale. "For all of us, it's been adevastating year. But it doesn't deter us. It doesn't dampen our spirit. Westill go out there every single day."

Also attending the ceremony was Gov. Charlie Crist, who recognized both Reinand all of the state's officers and deputies.

"People in law enforcement sacrifice, or are willing to sacrifice,everything to protect us," he said. "To everyone in law enforcement, Godbless you and everything you do."

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Miami Herald

Broward County Fair ready for 11-day funfest

Posted on Wed, Nov. 14, 2007

Powdery funnel cake will ashen greedy fingers and howls of joy will be heardon 100-feet-tall Ferris wheels at the Broward County Fair starting Thursday.

The 11-day fair will bring carnival chic and agricultural awareness to theFort Lauderdale Stadium grounds. Roughly 250,000 people are expected toattend.

''This is a family event,'' said fair spokeswoman Elaine Fitzgerald.

Much of this week has been spent getting the logistics of the fair together.Monday was a kickoff event, with stylists designing outlandish hairstylesusing cotton candy. On Tuesday, organizers set up carnival rides and allowedfood vendors to set up their cheese-steak, popcorn and elephant-ear stands.

On Wednesday, the Jawz exhibit, a 7,000-gallon live-shark tank will be setup as well as the pig-racing showcase. Thursday is showtime.

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Tallahassee Democrat

Adviser: Don't jail mentally ill

By Bill Cotterell
Florida Capital Bureau Political Editor
Article published Nov 14, 2007

Despite the state's dire financial straits, a judge who heads a SupremeCourt project aimed at getting mentally ill offenders out of Florida jailsexpressed optimism Tuesday that the Legislature will decide that treatmentis cheaper and more effective in the long run.

But, Miami-Dade County Judge Steve Leifman said, the state could make aunique use of Medicaid money to steer mentally ill patients away from countyjails and the state prison system.

Leifman said that would be better for the offenders receiving treatment,other prisoners in state institutions and public safety when they get out.

"If the existing system doesn't change, the state is looking at almostdoubling the number of people in state forensic hospitals in seven years,"he said. "We're already spending a quarter-billion dollars on 1,700 people,just to restore competency so they can be tried, and that's absurd."

Leifman, has since April been special adviser to Chief Justice Fred Lewis oncriminal justice and mental health. He has completed a 200-page report thatwill be presented today to Gov. Charlie Crist, Lewis and leaders of stateagencies involved in mental health and criminal justice during a specialmeeting at the Supreme Court.

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