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FLORIDA DIGEST November 28, 2007

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Florida queries sent to debate
Grieving parents submit question on hate crimes

By Etan Horowitz
The Orlando Sentinel
November 28, 2007

When eight Republican presidential candidates take the stage in St.Petersburg tonight, they won't be quizzed by a news anchor with a list ofcarefully worded questions.

They'll be confronted by people like Lynn and Patricia Mulder of Auburndale,whose 25-year-old son was killed in March because he was gay. Or Dr. StephenBlythe of Melbourne, a family physician who is concerned that many of hisuninsured patients can't afford major medical procedures.

They might even hear from a talking picture of actor Christopher Walken.

These are snippets from some of the video questions Floridians have postedon YouTube as part of CNN/YouTube Republican Debate, which combines theissues-oriented focus of the cable news channel with the sometimes goofy andintimate feel of the video-sharing site.

Nearly 5,000 short video questions have been submitted and event organizerssay that some of the roughly 40 questions that air during the two-hourdebate will be from Florida.

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Palm Beach County: School Board OKs policy to boost Internet security

November 28, 2007

Coming soon to Palm Beach County school computers: new rules to blockstudents and employees from accessing inappropriate Web sites.

The School Board last month tentatively approved a policy designed to helpimprove Internet security.

Under the pending rule change, the information technology department wouldcontinue to use a filtering system to block millions of sites with words andpictures associated with gambling, sex, racism and vulgarities. Popular Websites featuring chat rooms and free e-mail also are inaccessible.

The department would accept specific requests for blocking and unblockingsites. Students may make anonymous inquiries, but employees must sign theirrequests. A panel of principals and administrators also may review somerequests. Finally, the committee's rulings may be appealed to thesuperintendent's office.

The policy stems from a challenge last year over the blocking of so-called"gay-supportive" Web sites on school district-owned computers. Those siteswere unblocked in December, nine months after the problem surfaced in anarticle published by the student newspaper at Inlet Grove High School inRiviera Beach.

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Court suspends law license for former Broward sheriff

Brian Haas
November 28, 2007

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday suspended former Sheriff Ken Jenne's lawlicense because of his conviction on federal charges.

"It was expected and it was expected exactly the way it happened," saidJenne's attorney, David Bogenschutz. "This is pretty much what happens in acase with any felony conviction."

The Florida Bar had filed a challenge to Jenne's license because of hisconviction on charges of tax evasion and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

The Supreme Court's decision does not permanently revoke Jenne's right topractice law. Instead, the case will be investigated by Circuit JudgeKathleen Kroll, who will then come up with a recommendation for the fullSupreme Court. Bogenschutz, said either side can appeal the proposeddiscipline or they can work it out. Such a hearing would probably be acouple of months down the line.

"We could conceivably work it out with the Bar," he said. "I'd be lookingfor a suspension of some type. The Bar may be looking for disbarment. Ifthey are, then we have a hearing."

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Forwarded from Amy Rolnick

Young girl needs help

Can you help or do you know of someone who can?

A (very) young just turned 18 year old girl, disposed of by her familymainly as a response to her sexual orientation (she is a lesbian), is inneed of assistance. She will be homeless in two days having exhausted herown resources for finding shelter with friends, etc. She is about tograduate from Miami Beach Senior High (and probably needs housing nearby)and gets good grades in her special education classes. She had a job at apizza place but in the disruption of her home life, lost it. She needshousing options, mentoring, some financial support and/or work and maybecounseling. If you or anyone you know has any ideas or can help in any way,please let me know.

TIme is running out...thanks!


Forwarded from Chuck Williams,

Ribbons for the Children Art Exhibit Opens December 1st

The Children's Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC) will host the secondannual Ribbons for the Children Art Exhibit Opening Reception and silent auction onDecember 1, 2007 from 6:00 PM until 8:30 PM at the Museum of Art FortLauderdale. The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale is located at One East LasOlas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale. Admission to the event is by $25.00 donationto the CDTC.

Ribbons for the Children Art Exhibit is a collaboration between CDTC andArtsUnited, Inc. Fourteen local artists created original art pieces usingthe AIDS Ribbon as their subject. They then donated their time, talent andthe art to the Children's Diagnostic & Treatment Center.

The fourteen unique and powerful art works will be on display for thefirst time in this exhibit. Each will be auctioned during the reception.With the help of Pro Lab and Apple Printing Images, and the generosity ofCordis and Johnson & Johnson, each art piece has been digitallyphotographed, and the images have been reproduced on note cards. Sets of the14 distinct cards will also be available for purchase during the receptionas well as photographic reproductions of each art piece. All the proceedsfrom the event will go to support the CDTC's Comprehensive Family AIDSProgram.

Children's Diagnostic & Treatment Center is a nationally recognized"Center of Excellence" offering family-centered, culturally sensitivemedical care and social services to over ten thousand children with specialhealth care needs in Broward County, Florida. The center is located at 1401S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information or toRSVP, please call 954-712-5089.


Forwarded from Clarence Brooks

One of my colleagues at Bak Middle School of Arts sent me an email thismorning informing me that Phil Carlson passed away on Saturday, November 24.

Phil was a phenomenal teacher! He was very active in the Classroom TeachersAssociation, GLSEN Palm Beach, and all of the efforts to add sexualorientation, gender identity, and gender expression to the School Districtof Palm Beach County harassment and discrimination policy.

The information given to the faculty was that at the time of his death "hewas trying to recover from back surgery." The family requests contributionsto be sent in his name to CAP (Comprehensive AIDS Program of Palm BeachCounty). A memorial service is being planned for February 9, 2008. Idon't have any more details yet.

The family welcomes comfort to the following address:
Richard and Juanita Carlson
11049 N 80 W
Wheatfield, IN 46392

Thank you for helping me inform others about this great loss,Clarence Brooks


Forwarded from ArtsUnited
Ft. Lauderdale

"An Eye Full" Art Exhibit Opens Monday Dec 3rd

ArtsUnited will open its latest group art exhibit "An Eye Full" on December3rd at the Stonewall Library and Archives, 1717 N. Andrews Avenue in FortLauderdale, FL. This exhibit will feature the photography of 18 localartists and will be displayed from December 3, 2007 through January 4,2008. The exhibit opens with a reception to meet the artists from 6:30 to8:00 PM on Monday, December 3, 2007. Admission to the exhibit and receptionare free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served at thereception.


Orlando Sentinel,0,931434.story?coll=orl_home_util

Florida to see doctor decline: 32 percent fewer physicians practice instate, survey says

1:00 PM EST, November 26, 2007

Though the state has estimated there are 50,000 practicing physicians inFlorida, a recent survey shows the number is closer to 34,000, and that'spredicted to drop another 13 percent in five years.

The Florida State University College of Medicine researchers conducted avoluntary survey of physicians who renewed their medical licenses inJanuary, constituting about half of the state's licensed doctors.

"This was no surprise to those of us who had been paying attention to whatwas happening," said Karl M. Altenburger, president of the Florida MedicalAssociation. "We've seen Florida's 'perfect storm' waiting to happen.

"In past years, you would hear about shortages in specialties, but theseshortages have spread to other parts of the state, especially high-riskspecialties," Altenburger said. "Clearly, there is a need for more of them."

The state maintains a list of all physicians licensed in Florida, but priorto the survey, there was no way to tell how many of them actually practicein the state. Because of Florida's sunny weather, beaches and touristattractions, many doctors hold licenses but might not practice here.

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