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GLBT DIGEST December 14, 2007

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Is The Military Turning A Blind Eye To Gays?

by Newscenter Staff
Posted: December 13, 2007 - 5:00 pm ET

(New York City) A gay soldier says he disclosed his sexuality to hissuperiors, even offering graphic proof, and was neither discharged norreprimanded, despite the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy onhomosexuality, CBS News is preparing to report.

Army Sgt. Darren Manzella appears in a Lesley Stahl report on gays in thewartime U.S. military to be broadcast Sunday on 60 Minutes.

Manzella, a medic who served in Iraq for a year, currently serves as medicalliaison for the 1st Cavalry Division stationed in Kuwait, where he tellsStahl that he is "out" to his entire chain of command, including athree-star general.

After leaving Iraq, he says he started receiving anonymous emails warninghim about his openness that suggested he was being watched, so he went tohis commander to head off an investigation he felt was coming.

"I didn't know how else to do it," he tells Stahl, acknowledging that heinitiated an investigation of himself by violating the policy. "I felt morecomfortable being the one to say, 'This is what is real,'" Manzella says.

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Report: Colorado Church Shooter May Have Been Gay Or Bi

by Newscenter Staff
Posted: December 13, 2007 - 5:00 pm ET

(Denver, Colorado) A Denver television station reports that web postingsbelieved made by Matthew Murray, the young man who killed four people at twoconservative Christian missionary centers on Sunday, shows he was bisexual,possibly gay.

The postings were made on a web site for people who had left evangelicalchurches and were made under a nickname. The administrator of the sitenotified police when he saw them but too late to stop the killings.

The postings were immediately removed.

But Fox Affiliate KDVR reports that the postings alluding to his sexualitybegan last summer and became more definite over time.

"People like us are going to go to hell, according to Christians," Foxquotes from one posting made last summer. Murray goes on to list reasons.The seventh stated: "I'm bisexual."

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Clinton Advisor Out After Anti-Obama Remarks

by The Associated Press
Posted: December 14, 2007 - 7:30 am ET

(Concord, New Hampshire) A top campaign adviser to Hillary Rodham Clintonresigned, a day after suggesting Democrats should be wary of nominatingBarack Obama because his teenage drug use could make it hard for him to winthe presidency.

Clinton herself apologized to Obama as they waited to fly to Iowa for adebate.

Obama's campaign sent out a fundraising letter contending that "this kind ofattack is becoming a pattern as Clinton's support declines."

Bill Shaheen, a national co-chairman for Clinton and a prominent NewHampshire political figure, had raised the issue of Obama's youthful druguse during a Wednesday interview, published on

"I made a mistake and in light of what happened, I have made the personaldecision that I will step down as the co-chair of the Hillary for Presidentcampaign," Shaheen said in a statement released by the campaign Thursday."This election is too important, and we must all get back to electing thebest qualified candidate who has the record of making change happen in thiscountry. That candidate is Hillary Clinton."

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Huckabee: A Woman Should Submit To Her Husband

by The Associated Press
Posted: December 14, 2007 - 9:00 am ET

(Little Rock, Arkansas) Republican Mike Huckabee's record on women's rightsis coming under increased scrutiny, including his endorsement of theSouthern Baptist Convention's stance that women should "submit graciously"to their husbands and his opposition to sending women into combat.

Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, defended his recordThursday, saying he appointed many women to high positions in stategovernment and on his staff during his 10 1/2 years as Arkansas governor.

"If you look at my cabinet, I had more women in my cabinet and on my staffin key positions, including chief of staff, than any other governor probablyin Arkansas history," Huckabee said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Huckabee had been asked on the TV show about his support of the Baptistconvention's statement of beliefs on marriage. The former Arkansas governorand his wife Janet signed a full-page ad in USA Today in support of thestatement with 129 other evangelical leaders in 1998.

"A wife is to submit graciously to the servant leadership of her husbandeven as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ," theconvention says in its statement of faith. Baptist Press reported that the1998 ad was addressed to denomination leaders and said: "You are rightbecause you called wives to graciously submit to their husband's sacrificialleadership."

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Anglican Head: Gay US Bishop Still Barred

by The Associated Press
Posted: December 14, 2007 - 11:00 am ET

(London) The archbishop of Canterbury said Friday he will not reverse hisdecision to exclude a gay U.S. bishop from joining other bishops at a globalAnglican gathering next year.

Archbishop Rowan Williams' office said he had also not changed his mindabout refusing an invitation to Martyn Minns, a traditionalist U.S. priestwho was consecrated as a bishop in the Church of Nigeria.

Williams said he has also recruited professional help in trying to reachgreater understanding between the U.S. Episcopal Church and its critics bothat home and abroad. Williams' office was unable to say immediately whetherany invitations had been extended or accepted.

In his Advent message to leaders of Anglican national churches, Williamssaid Episcopal Church pledges of a moratorium on confirming any more gaybishops or on approving blessings of homosexual unions have not beenaccepted by all parts of the communion.

"Given the differences in response to the Episcopal Church revealed in theresponses of the primates, we simply cannot pretend that there is now aready-made consensus on the future of relationships between (the EpiscopalChurch) and other provinces," Williams said. "Much work remains to be done."

Statements by individual U.S. bishops that seemed to deviate from thedeclarations the bishops agreed to in New Orleans in September havecomplicated the situation, the archbishop said.

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Two Men Get 15 Years in Attack on Boy

December 14, 2007

A court in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday sentenced two Emirati mento 15 years in prison in a highly charged case involving the kidnapping andsexual assault of a French-Swiss teenage boy.

Veronique Robert, the mother of the 15-year-old victim, said ''justice wasdone'' but that she would still appeal to try to gain a life sentence forone of the defendants, a 35-year-old man she contends knew he wasHIV-positive before the attack.

He and an 18-year-old man were charged with ''kidnapping with deceit'' and''forced homosexual relations,'' a charge that can be punished with lifeimprisonment or death, in connection with the July attack on the boy.

A third defendant who is under 18 is being tried in a juvenile court on thesame charges and could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

The judges did not state specifically what each defendant was convicted of,in line with the confidentiality clauses in Dubai's court system. Theirnames also cannot be made public, under the court system's rules.

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Truth Wins Out

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Contact: Wayne Besen
Phone: 917-691-5118

Truth Wins Out Unveils New Innovative Ad Campaign That Shows The FoolishnessAnd Danger of 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

NEW YORK - Truth Wins Out introduced two new Internet Public Service
Announcements today (IPSA) that show the absurdity of the ex-gay myth, whilerebutting the blatant fear tactics that these organizations use to recruitnew members.

"We urge all bloggers to consider posting these ads, to educate Americansabout the harm done by ex-gay therapies," said Wayne Besen, ExecutiveDirector of Truth Wins Out. "These ads use cutting edge humor to address aserious issue that is tearing apart families and ruining lives."

The first ad, "Bald," addresses a lie told by Exodus International'sexecutive director Alan Chambers earlier this year on a national televisionshow.

"What I found was that homosexuality was for the young," said Chambers.
"There was a time when I wasn't going to have hair anymore. There was a timewhen I wasn't going to work out every day, and lay out in the sun, and be asmuch a commodity as I was when I was eighteen."

In "Bald" (:50),
ex-gay survivor Nick Cavnar - a bald man from Washington, DC in his 50's -takes Chambers to task for exploiting the fears of young gay men. "I havewonderful friends," says Cavnar, "and many of them are bald too. And all ofus middle age gay bald men, just want to tell you, it's great out here."

The second groundbreaking ad, "Rubber Band" (:30) features Dallas ex-gay survivorBrian Nesbitt, who was urged by his therapist to wear a rubber band on hiswrist and snap it whenever he saw an attractive guy.

"You feel terrible that he had to go through this in his desperate effortsto go from gay to straight," said Besen. "But, at the same time, one canonly snicker at the thought that this bizarre technique is still used andtaken seriously by ex-gay organizations."

Truth Wins Out released these ads in time for the holiday season, becausemany people return home only to be confronted by sincere, but misguided,family members and friends wielding ex-gay literature like a club.

Truth Wins Out is a non-profit organization that counters right wingpropaganda, exposes the "ex-gay" myth and educates America about gay life.
For more information, visit


From Jesse Monteagudo

Those of you who miss my book reviews should check out the gay Web "The Year in Gay Books," my take on 2007's gay literaryscene (the good and the bad), is featured there. Take a look at my pieceand let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices for 2007's best gaybooks. -- Jesse


Become a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention!

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) voters are one of the mostloyal voting-blocks in the Democratic Party. We are everywhere and we vote!

We have earned our seat at the table and it is now time to make sure we havea strong voice in selecting the Democratic Party's presidential nominee atthe National Convention August 25-28 in Denver. This is our chance to be apart of the solution this country so desperately needs.

National Stonewall Democrats worked closely with the National Committee'sLGBT Caucus to push every state to set goals for LGBT delegates to theconvention. But goals are nothing if they are not met.

That's where you come in. We need you and LGBT Democrats in every state torun for national convention delegate. We have launched our Pride in theParty program to help you run for delegate. You can find information on thedelegate selection process at our new program

Just sign up and we'll make sure the campaign of your presidential candidateknows you want to be a delegate. Campaigns are looking for LGBT Democratsjust like you who support them, who want to run for delegate, and who wantto be a part of electing a Democratic President. (But they can't talk to youif they canâ?Tt find you. That's why you need to sign up!)

Be sure to also check out the Delegate Information where you can downloadinformation about your stateâ?Ts delegate selection process. Our summaryshows the filing deadlines and filing requirements. It also providesinformation about contacting your State Democratic Party. (Most StateParties have information and filing forms on their website.)

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up to run for delegate today.


By Libby Post

Homos for the Holidays

Well, it's that time of year again.

The weather outside is just about to be frightful. And, as far as I'mconcerned, the shopping is never delightful.

But that doesn't mean I'm the new Grinch or that my family bloodlineincludes Ebeneezer Scrooge. It's just that when I do shop, I tend to do itfrom the comfort of my den with my trusty laptop at the ready and myoverburdened credit card nearby.

Whether or not you're consumed with consumerism at this time of year, theone thing we can all agree on is that it's all about giving.

With our son turning 22 next week and only one toddler in our immediatefamily configuration, the challenge of what to give the adults in my familyis never easily answered. We're all folks, who by and large, don't reallyneed anything-we've all got good jobs, roofs over our heads, not reallywanting for anything that is within our purchasing capacity. Buying a 54"flat screen or putting a big red bow on a new car is really on the outsideof our giving range.

So instead of buying a few more CDs or another piece of Fiestaware to roundout a collection, the adults in our family have decided to make charitablegifts in honor of one another. It's a much better investment of our holidaycheer than say a crystal bowl that ends up at the back of the closet.

Overall, charitable giving has always been high on our list, and not just atthe holiday season-although we do get all those direct mails asks at thistime of year because it works. People are in a giving mood; so, we also givemoney.



From Doug Ireland

For those who are following the lethal repression of anyone convicted ofsame-sex relations in Iran, Gay City News has just published an updatedversion of my article on the state murder last week of 21-year-old MakwanMoloudzadeh with significant fresh reporting, including a lenthy newinterview with the hanged lad's lawyer. To read this updated article, clickon:


Forwarded from Hossein Halizadeh



The Peruvian Congress is debating joining the Ibero-American Convention onthe Rights of Youth (Spain, 2005) that seeks to promote and safeguard therights of young people. The Convention also seeks to remedy the inequalitythat thousands of young people confront for a variety of reasons, includingfor having a sexual orientation different from heterosexuality. But theForeign Relations Committee of the Congress of Peru has raised concerns inthis respect, and opposes the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual andtransgender (LGBT) people.

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) joins theHomosexual Movement of Lima (MHOL) asking that you send e-mails or faxes,urging the Peruvian Congress to ratify the Ibero-American Convention on theRights of Youth without reservations. IGLHRC has already written to membersof the Peruvian government. Feel free to cut and paste our letter (enclosed)as a sample and contact the individuals listed below.

Please send your letter to:

Congress of the Peruvian Republic;;;

Congress of the Peruvian Republic;;;;

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
Congress of Peruvian Republic

Chairperson of the Committee on Women and Social Development
Congress of Peruvian Republic

Please also send a copy to:

Movimiento Homosexual de Lima



Revellers at a get-together in Morocco have ended up in jail after a wave ofmoral panic and accusations of staging a gay wedding

Brian Whitaker

'Tis the season to be merry. All around Britain, during the next couple ofweeks, people will be going to parties ... drinking, dancing and - quitepossibly - waking up the next day feeling a little the worse for wear. Asyou nurse your hangover, though, spare a thought for the partygoers of Ksarel-Kebir.

November 18 was also a time for merrymaking in Morocco - the country'sindependence day - and in Ksar el-Kebir, a large but run-down town 75 milessouth of Tangier, there was a party. It continued for two nights and seemsto have been a pretty lively affair, with some of the guests getting drunkor stoned. Video clips, apparently filmed by one of the guests, laterappeared on YouTube.

Unfortunately for those involved, the Islamists who have come to dominatethe town - the opposition Justice and Development party (PJD) and the Jamaaal-Adl wal-Ihsane (Justice and Spirituality Association), a technicallybanned organisation which seeks to impose Islamic law and establish acaliphate - were not amused. Why this particular party offended them so muchis still unclear, though reports say one of the organisers was a well-knownsupplier of bootleg alcohol. Whatever the real reason, it provided an excuseto mobilise the citizens in support of "moral" values by claiming that theparty was a gay wedding.

On November 21, together with other local organisations, the PJD and Jamaapresented a petition demanding "an official investigation into thecelebration of a homosexual marriage".

A couple of days later, inflammatory sermons in the mosques whipped uppopular opinion, with the result that an angry mob - variously reported at600 to 1,000 or more - took to the streets demanding "justice, punishmentand reparation".

According to Telquel, the independent French-language weekly, they tried toattack the owner of the house where the party was held and ransacked a shopbelonging to a jeweller who allegedly attended. Riot police set about thecrowd with batons. [A computer translation of Telquel's report is here.]



Express Gay News

NH gay civil unions law could be GOP windfall
Republicans face being seen as gay-bashers

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) | Dec 13, 3:49 PM

New Hampshire Democrats have given the Republicans a potent issue that'sready to burst into the open just before the leadoff presidential primary:gay civil unions.

There's a risk: Republicans who decide to run with the issue in hopes ofenergizing their GOP base could also be seen as gay-bashers and alienate thestate's political independents. There are a lot of those in New Hampshire,and they can choose either party's ballot in the Jan. 8 primary, exactly oneweek after the new civil unions law takes effect.

The law won't come in quietly.

"We hear reports of couples planning ceremonies for 12:01 on New Year's Eve.I'm certain this will be something that is in the news," said Fergus Cullen,chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. "It will remind moderatesand independents in New Hampshire that they didn't plan on civil unions andsame-sex marriage when they voted for Democrats last year."

Civil unions and same-sex marriage were essentially nonissues in the 2006campaign for governor and the Legislature, then GOP-controlled. But theissue gained prominence -- and unexpected success -- when Democrats seizedcontrol of both houses of the Legislature that November.

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Arrest warrants issued In legislator gay scandal case
Four men allegedly involved in extortion of former Rep. Curtis

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) | Dec 13, 10:49 AM

Arrest warrants have been issued for four men allegedly involved in theextortion of a state legislator who resigned after a gay sex scandal becamepublic.

Spokane County prosecutors contend in court documents that Cody Castagna andthree others were involved in blackmailing former Rep. Richard Curtis, R-LaCenter, in October. Castagna, 26, allegedly had sex with Curtis in a hotelroom during a rendezvous that led to allegations of cross-dressing,solicitation and blackmail.

The four men have been asked to surrender to authorities. Prosecutors onMonday sent out a news release asking for potential past victims of Castagnato come forward.

"There were multiple threats and multiple payoffs in this instance and itjust seems like this was not the first time," Police Sgt. Joe Peterson said."And we've been told by other people that this is not the first time thesuspects in this case have done this type of thing."

Castagna has said he is innocent.

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Express Gay News

Proposed amendment hits signature goal
Fla. group wants to ban gay marriage

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) | Dec 13, 10:38 AM

Sponsors of a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage inFlorida said they have enough signatures to get on the November 2008 ballot.

The proposal that defines marriage as "the legal union of only one man andone woman" was offered by a coalition called It needed611,009 signatures from registered voters to go on the ballot.

The Florida Supreme Court already has ruled that the proposal meets basicrequirements of focusing only on one subject and offering voters a clear andaccurate summary of what it would do.

The proposal will need a 60 percent majority at the polls to become part ofthe Florida Constitution.

The Liberty Counsel, which advocates for religious civil liberties,announced in a news release that the proposal had met the signaturerequirement, which was the last step to get on the ballot.


Bay Area Reporter

Former HRC trans business leaders pave their own path

by Heather Cassell

Two transgender business leaders once involved with the Human RightsCampaign have taken matters into their own hands and launched their ownemployment education project.

The move comes in response to HRC's decision to back a version of theEmployment Non-Discrimination Act that does not include protections forgender identity. HRC, the nation's largest gay rights group, had previouslycommitted to supporting a trans-inclusive version of ENDA.

The sexual orientation-only version of ENDA passed the House ofRepresentatives last month.

Bay Area resident Jamison Green, 59, and Donna Rose, 48, of Arizona,tendered a joint resignation from HRC's business advisory council November27 and launched the Transgender Employment Partnership to continue the workthey began at HRC, they said.

Rose had previously resigned from HRC's board of directors, but had remainedon the business council until her recent resignation.

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Bulk of school board against law shielding gay, lesbian students

By Leonel Sanchez
December 13, 2007

EAST COUNTY - A majority of the Grossmont high school district board isworking with conservative groups trying to overturn an anti-discriminationlaw that aims to tighten protection for gay, lesbian and transgenderstudents.

Last month, four of the five board members joined a federal lawsuitchallenging the new law as unconstitutionally vague and a violation ofprivacy rights.

The law is expected to go into effect next month.

Despite joining the lawsuit, the trustees haven't taken an official positionas a board on the law. Tonight, they will consider a resolution to request alegal interpretation of the legislation and its use from state justice andeducational officials.

The Grossmont Union High School District oversees 11 high schools and somealternative schools in East County.

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Boston Globe

Huckabee's views on gays under greater scrutiny
Old statements resurface as he rises in Iowa

By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff
December 12, 2007

WASHINGTON - Shortly before announcing his White House bid, Mike Huckabeetold a gathering of Christian conservatives that he had the toughestposition against gay marriage of any Republican candidate. "Unless Mosescomes down with two stone tablets from Brokeback Mountain to tell ussomething different, we need to keep that understanding of marriage,"Huckabee said, referring to the movie about two gay cowboys.

Now, as Huckabee seeks to solidify his front-runner status in Iowa and hisclimb in national polls, the former Arkansas governor is coming undergreater scrutiny for his views about gays and lesbians. He has sought todefend comments he made in 1992 that gays lived "an aberrant, unnatural, andsinful lifestyle" and that gays with AIDS should be isolated, even thoughthe federal government by that time had said AIDS was not spread by casualcontact.

Huckabee is continuing to focus on the matter as a presidential candidate,saying on his website that "no other candidate has supported traditionalmarriage more consistently and steadfastly than I have. While Massachusettswas allowing homosexuals to marry, I got a constitutional amendment passedin Arkansas in 2002 defining marriage as between one man and one woman." Theleading Republican candidates oppose gay marriage, although not all back aconstitutional amendment banning it, and their views vary on civil unions.

In an interview with the Globe earlier this month, Huckabee said he opposescivil unions because he views them as legitimizing same-sex relationships inthe eyes of the state. "When you create a validity and actually put a sortof government approval on the behavior, I think that is a different set ofrules than, say, a person makes a lifestyle decision, and that's choice,"Huckabee said.

Huckabee said he would not object if gay couples use a legal document suchas power of attorney to establish asset transfers and other benefits he saidotherwise would be created through a civil union.

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Express Gay News

Peter LaBarbera condemns the Blade

by Rebecca Armendariz

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth recently condemned the WashingtonBlade for running an ad for World AIDS Day and the Whitman-Walker Clinicnext to an ad for the Crew Club in D.C.

According to my big gay sources, sure, people have sex in the Crew Clubsaunas and private rooms. If you want to have anonymous sex in a publicplace, I'm sure there are plenty of places for both straight and gay peopleto to do that.

"The Blade's ad placement is a microcosm of everything that is wrong withhomosexual activists' hypocritical approach toward HIV/AIDS. They preach'safer sex' but refuse to take a 'just say no' approach toward sexbusinesses like Crew Club that foster anonymous sodomies. Meanwhile, theyclamor year after year for increased federal AIDS funding, even thoughHIV/AIDS research is already massively over-funded compared to otherdiseases that are NOT linked to immoral conduct," LaBarbera wrote.

Whoa, excuse me, Peter? HIV/AIDS in America and all around the world is anEPIDEMIC that kills scores of people each year. Are you and Mike Huckabeereally so trapped in the early 1980s as to think that it's still a diseasespread only through gay male sex? It appears so.

If people want to have anonymous sex, so be it. Just because some gay peoplechoose this kind of sex life doesn't mean straight people don't choose it,too. And then there are those who have sex in their own bedrooms. And thenthere are those who pick up a date at a bar and go home with them to THATperson's bedroom. People have sex. I hope that when they have sex, they useprotection. The fact that LaBarbera obsesses over how, why and where peopleare gettin' down, frankly, creeps me out.


Express Gay News

A custodian of history
For archivist Paul Fasana, Stonewall Library's holdings speak volumes

Thursday, December 13, 2007

For Stonewall Library volunteer archivist Paul Fasana, meticulouslycataloging and organizing thousands of artifacts from all facets of themodern gay experience is an attempt to protect GLBT culture from thehistorical fate of the women of the Middle Ages.

Although it is known that they existed, women who lived from the fifth tothe 15th century are all but forgotten, and the details of their lives arehard to come by because nobody took the time to gather or analyze theirhistory.

Stonewall library's vast collection contains detailed samplings of allthings gay - from the discreet newsletters of the Matachine Society and heDaughters of Bilitis to boxes of correspondence of gay and lesbian couplesthroughout the 20th century. News clippings and videotapes from Anita Bryant's"Save Our Children" movement are juxtaposed with steamy pulp novels withtitles like "Blow Gently" and "Return to Lesbos."

Collectively, the archive tells the story of a bustling culture that wentfrom tapping feet in obscure bathrooms to flexing its political muscles in alittle more than 50 years.

"Every item in some way reflects gay history," Fasana says, as he moves astack of Manshots magazines. "Gay history has never really been recorded.Our aim is to make sure we don't lose this history."

Fasana worked for more than 40 years in library science. He headed theresearch libraries at the New York Public Library, one of the largest andbest-researched libraries in the world.

He began organizing the Stonewall collection in 1995 shortly after he metgay philanthropist John Graves. Back then, the library's holdings werehoused in three separate warehouses and at the Metropolitan CommunityChurch. Fasana and fellow volunteer Fred Searcy were among the first peopleto begin to organize and catalogue the collection.

Today, the archives are stored in a well air-conditioned room behind theStonewall circulating library. Each piece is kept in acid-protective boxesand envelopes and is catalogued in the computerized system.



Express Gay News

by Phil LaPadula

Bush and Congress are not serious about 'war on terror'
If they were, they would pass the federal hate-crimes billThursday, December 13, 2007

President Bush and the U.S. Congress are not really serious about theso-called "war on terror." If they were, they would take action against whatis fueling the war - hate.

Yet, last week, Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives dropped agay-inclusive hate-crimes bill from the National Defense Authorization Act.Even if the bill had been passed, President Bush, under pressure fromreligious extremists, had indicated that he would veto any measure thatincluded the hate-crimes bill.

The demise of the hate-crimes bill comes less than a month after the FBIreleased a report showing an 8 percent increase in in hate crimes in 2006.The report also showed that hate crimes motivated by victims' sexualorientation increased by more than 17 percent.

But besides the home-grown hate, there is plenty of hatred smolderingoverseas, and much of it is lethal and aimed at American civilians and U.S.troops.

One wonders why Bush is opposed to the hate-crimes bill considering that heand his associates have on numerous occasions stated that "our enemies hateus" because of our freedoms. Bush has been criticized for describing the warin terms that are too simplistic. But if the president really believes it'sall about hate, why doesn't he take a stand against hate by supporting thefederal hate-crimes bill? Wouldn't that set a good example for the othercountries that are struggling with religious and ethnic-based hatreds?Wouldn't it set the right tone for the "war on terror"?

Frankly, I'm sick of hearing American politicians refer to the "war onterror." Terrorism is a tactic. Referring to the current world conflict as a"war on terror" is like referring to World War II as the "war on theblitzkrieg" or the "war on tanks." We should call it what it is: a waragainst Islamic extremism. Our enemies are people - religious fanatics - nota tactic. One could, of course, argue that religion is simply a veil tocover up what is essentially a dog-eat-dog battle over control of land andenergy resources. But clearly, religious-based hatreds are re-emergingthroughout the world, and it is those ancient hatreds that are pittinggroups of people against each other.



Express Gay News

Separating state from the church
Keeping anti-gay Ayatollah Huckabee out of the White House is a must

Thursday, December 13, 2007

THIS COUNTRY, AND specifically the LGBT community, does not need anAyatollah sitting in the White House. And that's exactly what we would getif the current flavor-of-the-week, Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansasshould, in comeback fashion, meander his way through the primaries to winthe GOP nomination and then upset the Democratic candidate in November of2008.

We have already experienced a devastating seven years with George W. Bush atthe helm, who some have dubbed the "minister-in-chief." While the federalgovernment is technically secular, this president has seen to it thatadministration policies and personnel meet with the approval of theChristian conservatives who, in no small way, helped to elect him twice andembraced him as one of their own.

You can point to the disproportionate number of Department of Justiceemployees who have graduated from none other than Rev. Pat Robertson's lawschool as an example of this influence. Then there was the inappropriateWhite House-backed intervention in a personal family matter in the TerriSchiavo case. Add that to the successful appointments of two veryconservative Supreme Court justices as well as other anti-gay administrationappointees who were the darlings of the religious right.



To Form a More Perfect Union: Marriage Equality News

Information, news, and discussion about the legal recognition of same-sexcouples and their families, including marriages, domestic partnerships,civil unions, adoptions, foster children and similar issues.

Go to the website, above, for the following articles:

Saying that we need to respect people if we expect them to respectthemselves, Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball and NBC's ChrisMatthews Show has, in response to the Larry Craig story, called for thelegalization of marriage for gay couples. On his show Thursday, Matthewsshared with his audience a humorous clip starring George Clooney and BradPitt in a public bathroom. Matthews asked his audience, "Isn't it great howwe Americans can laugh at-even at the most desperate of human acts?""Withhis political acumen and experience, Chris is one the few mainstream mediafigures who really gets the Larry Craig story," said PageOneQ's Mike Rogers,who also writes and edits is the site thatfirst reported on Craig's activities in a bathroom within Washington, DC'sUnion Station."It's not about gay sex, and Chris reminds his audience ofthat each time the story is referenced. Chris understands the differencebetween outing and reporting on hypocrisy," Rogers added

By Professor Arthur Leonard - New York Law School
Minnesota Appeals Court Approves Gestational Surrogacy Contract for Gay ManRuling unanimously on December 11, a panel of the Court of Appeals ofMinnesota held in P.G.M. v. J.M.A., 2007 WL 4304448 (not reported in N.W.2dfor no discernible reason), that a gay HIV-positive lawyer from New York wasentitled to enforcement of a gestational surrogacy agreement with his niece,a Minnesota resident. The bottom line is the court's conclusion, asarticulated by Judge Bruce D. Willis, that the child has only one legalparent, P.G.M., the father, who is entitled to custody (and, incidentally,to name the child).
The court's statement of the facts sounds like a synopsis summary for a soapopera -- and one that might not be believed as realistic by anybody.According to the court, P.G.M., the product of a large family, longed tohave a child who was genetically related to himself.


St. Petersburg Times

Crist takes 'live and let live' approach to marriage vote
Gay marriage foes get ballot signatures.

By JACOB H. FRIES, Times Staff Writer
Published December 14, 2007

Floridians will almost certainly vote on a proposed constitutional amendmentbanning gay marriage in November, just don't expect the state's topRepublican to stump for it.

"It's not an issue that moves me," Gov. Charlie Crist told reportersThursday after sponsors of the initiative announced they had enoughsignatures to get it on the ballot.

Crist is listed as an endorser of the amendment on the Web site,, and while running for governor, he signed apetition in support of such a ban. But in February, he asked the GOP to stopdonating money to the effort and, Thursday, he said he'd rather focus onraising teacher pay, reducing property taxes and combatting climate change.

"I'm just a live and let live kind of guy," the governor said.

The campaign to put a same-sex marriage ban in Florida's Constitution begannearly three years ago. Thursday, proponents announced they had collectedthe 611,009 signatures required to put the issue before voters. Officially,the petition was still 253 signatures short, but election officials saidtheir data was updated once a day and might not reflect the actual total.

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Key Finding In HIV Spread
German AIDS researchers have discovered a protein common in semen thatboosts the infectious potential of HIV 100,000-fold - a remarkable findingthat may show how the virus can spread through sexual contact and alsosuggests new strategies to stop the epidemic.If scientists can find a drugor chemical that blocks these infection-promoting proteins, it would go along way toward development of a microbicide, a vaginal cream or gel thatcould protect women against AIDS.

Gay Condo-Hotel Opens in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Excited crowds turned out Saturday for the inauguration of The PrivateResidences at Casa Cupula, the world's first fractional condo-hoteldeveloped exclusively for the gay community. As noted last weekend by theNew York Times Travel section: Puerto Vallarta is "becoming gayer by theyear and [taking over] as Mexico's leading gay beach." Dozens of new andinnovative gay-owned businesses in the Romantic Zone are being enjoyed bytourists of all stripes. Now this innovative new project plants the seedsfor a new form of vacation home ownership, which resonates with many gayprofessionals.

Lesbian/Gay Disclosures As Unexpected Holiday Gifts
What should a family understand if a child or relative chooses to disclosetheir sexual orientation during the annual holiday gathering or decides toreveal more about his/her experiences as a gay or lesbian person? Ratherthan see the news as a 'bombshell,' perhaps they should view it as anunexpected gift, says psychologist Robert-Jay Green, PhD. Green is executivedirector of the Rockway Institute, a national center for science and LGBTpublic policy at the California School of Professional Psychology, a part ofAlliant International University in San Francisco.

Sex and Spirit Mix on Jesus Book Cover from Germany
A homoerotic Christ image on the cover of a new German book is sparkinginternational debate as Christmas approaches.The provocative cover artappears on the newly released German translation of "Jesus in Love," a novelabout a queer Christ by American author Kittredge Cherry.

Anti-Bias Protection For Gay Workers Lacks Traction
A call came in to Equality Virginia , a statewide gay advocacy group, from aHampton man a few months ago . He was being harassed by his co-workers, hesaid. They mocked him by lisping and waving limp wrists. They shut down hiscomputer when he left.He complained to the people in Human Resources , butthey told him there was nothing they could do: It's not illegal todiscriminate against gay people in the workplace in Virginia.

LGBTs Eye Newsom Staff Picks - San Francisco
Is there room for LGBT staffers in Mayor Gavin Newsom's second term? It is aquestion gaining more prominence as news leaks out on just who is in and whois out in the mayor's administration. Reports last week that Newsom hadasked Susan Leal, head of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission andthe city's highest ranking lesbian, to resign stunned many LGBT politicosand brought to the forefront concerns that LGBT voices within Newsom'sadministration are being diminished.

LGBT Leaders Question Dems on Hate Crimes
The decision last week by U.S. House and Senate leaders to remove a hatecrimes amendment from a Department of Defense authorization bill currentlybefore Congress prompted strong criticism from various quarters ranging fromthe New York Times editorial board, which harshly criticized House SpeakerNancy Pelosi for the move, to LGBT groups including the National Gay andLesbian Task Force, which pronounced itself "deeply angered anddisappointed."

Youth Group Returns to Roots
Gay Associated Youth recently opened its doors in Palm Desert afterescalating rental costs forced the organization to relocate from CathedralCity.
"We always knew that we'd move back to Palm Desert," said Greg Wetmore,executive director.

Queer, Isn't It?: Gay Men Have Large Big Toes
"I've noticed that all the gay men I've known have had large big toes."
I was sitting with friends in a Dallas restaurant, engaged in one of ourfavorite activities: making up stories about the other patrons. This led toa disagreement about the sexual orientation of a man sitting at the bar,which led to a conversation about how you could tell if a man was gay.

The Senior Situation: Part Three of Three
If it's true that LGBT seniors are being forced back into the closet atretirement communities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes acrossthe U.S., the folks running those establishments obviously have anobligation to address the problem. But what about those of us in the LGBTcommunity who aren't over the age of 65-do we have an obligation as well?Those in the know say the answer is "yes," though don't take that to meanthey're wagging their fingers at us.


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