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FLORIDA NEWS - Saturday June 07, 2008

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Miami Herald
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-McCain tours, backs Glades
Sen. John McCain toured the Everglades on Friday and called for increasedfederal spending on restoration while Democrats continued to criticize hisrecord.

-'Safe haven' law saves its 100th baby
The 100th newborn was taken to an official ''safe haven'' since the FloridaLegislature passed the Safe Haven for Newborns Act in 2000.

-A new plan for financing convention hotel
Broward would spend about $7 million a year marketing a convention hotel inFort Lauderdale under a new plan. Small hoteliers still aren't happy aboutsubsidizing the competition. [...] Those dollars, about $7 million a yearin the current economy, would be spent marketing the 1,000-room Hilton ifthe hotel fell short of profit forecasts. Broward would sell about $440million worth of tax-exempt government bonds to build the hotel oncounty-owned waterfront, but Wall Street lenders would bear most of thefinancial risk for the project. The proposed Hilton has divided both thecounty commission and Broward's tourism industry.

Florida Red & Blue - SayNo2!
We don't usually begin with breaking news in a monthly wrap-up, but this is worth it:
Florida's Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink, has signed on to SayNo2!
CFO Sink manages the state's finances, and recognizes the severe financial impact Amendment 2 could have on unmarried Floridians. An undisputed Florida leader adding her voice to the SayNo2 chorus is a key development and we're delighted to have her join our campaign.

Fort Report
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-Sen. Bill Nelson wants to get rid of Electoral College
Under his plan, the popular vote would select a president.
The U.S. would no longer use the Electoral College to choose its presidents under a roposal introduced Friday by Florida's Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.
Instead, presidents would be picked by popular vote, a method that would have given ormer Vice President Al Gore the White House after the contested 2000 election.,0,1563740.story

-Obama assails McCain over Everglades vote
The Arizona senator defends his opposition to a 2007 restoration bill, saying it was arded with pork-barrel projects. The sharp exchange may signal a contentious eneral-election season ahead.
Judging by the only metric that seemed to count Friday -- the number of dueling conference calls -- the general-election battle between John McCain and Barack Obama as begun in earnest.,0,7472465.story?track=rss

-Down with the Electoral College!
What would the country be like if the president were elected by an actual popular ote and not by the Electoral College?
Well, Al Gore might be having his dinner in the White House tonight, not polishing is Nobel Prize.

-Practical Steps To Safeguard Florida From Global Warming
If scientists are correct about global warming, the outlook for Florida is grim: Rising seas will wash away beaches, flood marshlands and leave coastal communities xposed to storm surge; saltwater intrusion will ruin municipal water supplies; igher water temperatures will kill corals and spread marine diseases.
The state will be plagued by more intense storms, droughts and severe weather luctuations.


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