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GLBT DIGEST - October 09, 2008

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Education Week
This Week's Live Chat
Cyberbullying and Schools
When: Friday, October 10, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., Eastern time.

-Please join us to discuss cyberbullying, a problem affecting growing numbers of students, administrators, teachers, and parents. At its best, the Internet helps students find information and stay in touch with friends through everything from text-messages and blogs to social-networking and other video- and photo-sharing Web sites. But the Internet can also enable students to aggressively target and harm their peers. This chat will inform educators and parents on how to recognize cyberbullying and protect young people from becoming victims.
About the guests:
Sameer Hinduja and Justin W. Patchin are Internet-safety experts who are co-authors of the new book Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying. Mr. Hinduja is an assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at Florida Atlantic University, and Mr. Patchin is an assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Together they maintain, an information clearinghouse on cyberbullying. Submit questions in advance. No special equipment other than Internet access is needed to participate in this text-based chat. A transcript will be posted shortly after the completion of the chat.

New York Times
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-Op-Ed Columnist: Can This Be Pro-Life?
The Bush administration this month is quietly cutting off birth control supplies to some of the world's poorest women in Africa. Thus the paradox of a "pro-life" administration adopting a policy whose result will be tens of thousands of additional abortions each year - along with more women dying in childbirth.

Washington Post
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-Mormons renew calls for Calif. gay marriage ban
Mormons are being asked by their church leaders to step up their already considerable efforts to pass a ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage in California. Senior elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made a televised appeal to members Wednesday night and laid out a week-by-week strategy for boosting Mormon involvement before the Nov. 4 election.

-A Question for Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin faced a variety of questions at last week's debate, but not the one I would have asked: "Should public school students be taught that contraception and condoms can prevent unintended pregnancy and disease?" Palin has referred to her teenage daughter's pregnancy as a normal "up and down" of family life. Sympathetic politicians and commentators, including Bill Clinton, have concurred, attributing teenage pregnancies to "raging hormones" and saying that since the couple plans to marry, Bristol Palin's pregnancy is really an early awakening to adult responsibilities.

South Florida Blade
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-Another reason to love Dan Savage
Sometimes Dan Savage's wit and candor are enough to make me tear up. But now the Slog blogger, author and sex advice columnist has done something totally pat-on-the-back-worthy. Ever wanted your sex question answered by Dan, who gets tons of letters per week? Now you can guarantee the receipt of his frank and sound advice. Just go to, donate $25 or more to the defeat of Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage in California, and Dan will help you out with your love and sex woes -- guaranteed!

-Medicine meets community at CAMP
HIV/AIDS patients offered low-cost acupuncture and massage
Dianne Meurer, acupuncture physician, talks to a returning client about which side effects from his HIV meds are bothering him the most this week. Matt Bonior, office manager, walks from prone client to prone client, holding a smoldering stick of mudroot above key points on their bodies, a warming technique called "moxa." Dr. Leonard Guidone's presence in the cozy room is officially as an acupuncture client, but he is also a chiropractor and is counseling another HIV patient about his joint pain while slowly raising the patient's arms up and down. It feels more like a living room than a medical center, and that palpable and soothing sense of community may be what makes the Community Acupuncture & Massage Project (CAMP) flourish.

-Newsom calls out Biden
Gavin Newsom called out Joe Biden at a Long Beach Lambda Democratic Club event last night in California.
"How about the debate two days ago? And I don't mean this as a critique because I'm a Democrat like you, and I'm very passionate about this ticket this year. But I'm frustrated. I'd be lying to you and misleading you and patronizing you as a Democratic Club that I was particularly proud of the only thing that Sarah Palin and Joe Biden agreed on is the notion that gay people should only run the 90 year dash on equality. That's what they said. Both of them said that. Sarah Palin agreed with Joe Biden," Newsom said, according to journalist Karen Ocamb, who attended the event. "It's one thing for Sarah Palin - a proud cultural conservative. But it was very frustrating for someone who has done fundraisers for Senator Biden - who believes in him, who is excited about him, his future, and the future of this country with him as vice-president - that he agreed. That somehow a party that has always stood for the principles of human rights, on women's rights, on civil rights, on environmental justice and labor rights - that somehow today, our party leadership is arguing that separate is now somehow equal - but only for the gay community. That's wrong. And we've got to call them out on it. We have to stand up on it. Absolutely," Newsom continued.

-The twisted logic of the fundies
Yesterday CBS News had a story on how anti-gay marriage voters in California are "thanking" Obama for a possible victory. Why? Because he'll bring black voters to the polls, and black voters are primarily homophobic, or at least against gay marriage. How warped is that thinking? Black voters should be insulted by Christian fundamentalists undermining Barack Obama's historic candidacy in order to pass a hateful law. "We thank Barack Obama, even though he's not supporting it, for helping us," says Sonja Eddings Brown, of an anti-gay-marriage group called Protect Marriage. "We think it's going to push us over the top."

-Palin must meet the press
By Kevin Naff,
Andrew Sullivan is doing what the mainstream media don't have the nerve to and demanding that Sarah Palin convene a press conference and generally make herself available to reporters. "Until governor Sarah Palin gives a full press conference, it seems to me that the cable news outlets should stop running her stump speeches in full on television," Sullivan writes. It's time for journalists everywhere to demand answers from the woman who says she's ready to be vice president. And if she won't talk, then the media must stop being used by the campaign for propaganda.

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-The book Palin wanted banned
Rev. Howard Bess is not gay. He was not raised by gay parents and does not have gay children. Bess did not grow up with a gay family next door and his best friend was not gay. Rev. Bess might not have had a horse in the GLBT rights race but that did not stop him from becoming a trailblazer for the issue in the American Baptist church and Christian faith at large.

-Besen: An Obama administration and gay rights
Who can blame John McCain and Sarah Palin for saying that Barack Obama is "palling around with terrorists?" The GOP ticket is bombing so badly that they must blow up the race to have a shot at winning. Palin, about as subtle as a moose in an igloo, telegraphed the pugnacious plan of smearing Obama by sneering that they will "take the gloves off."

-Homophobia in schools remains major problem
Nine in ten LGBT teens have been verbally harassed in the past school year, and almost half have been physically harassed because of their sexual orientation a new study shows. In addition, about a third skipped a day of school in the past month because of feeling unsafe. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's National School Climate Survey involved 6,209 LGBT students between the ages of 13 and 21 from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

-Lithuanian cabinet member: May take a generation to end homophobia
(Vilnius) Responding to questions in Parliament about Lithuania's reputation within the European Union that it is the EU's most homophobic country, Foreign Minister Petras Vaitiekunas admitted the criticism is justified. "This is true: Lithuania is one of the most homophobic countries in the EU. This has to be viewed as a fact," Vaitiekunas said. "The situation cannot be changed by any one party or minister."

-Rosie O'Donnell Returns to NBC with "Rosie's Variety Show"
Openly gay former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell will host a live, hour-long special on NBC on Nov. 26 called Rosie's Variety Show, it was announced in The Hollywood Reporter today. The show - a 2009 version of classic variety shows like The Carol Burnett Show or The Ed Sullivan Show - will feature celebrity guests, musical acts, comedy skits and prizes for the audience and TV viewers.

The Advocate
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-T.R. Knight Answers No on 8's Plea for Money With $50,000
Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight has donated $50,000 to No on 8 to fight the proposed California constitutional amendment, Proposition 8, that would outlaw same-sex marriage in the state,'s Popnography blog reported Wednesday. The donation comes one day after Equality California called for an emergency LGBT media briefing and reported that contrary to published reports, Yes on 8 is ahead in the polls. The donation was uncovered on the California secretary of state's website, reporting that Knight, a self-employed actor with a New York address, had donated.

-Pepperdine Prof Back in New Yes on 8 Ad
The campaign to ban gay marriage in California is running a television ad starting Wednesday featuring a girl telling her mother she learned in school that she could marry a princess. Richard Peterson, a law professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, appears on-screen asking, "Think it can't happen? It's already happening. When Massachusetts legalized marriage, schools started teaching second-graders that boys can marry boys. The courts ruled that parents have no right to object."

-Ft. Lauderdale's Naugle, Democrats Support Florida's Marriage Ban
Florida's ballot measure to make it more difficult for judges to overturn the state's standing marriage ban has plenty of Republican supporters, but some prominent Democrats have declared themselves supporters of the measure. Fort Lauderdale mayor Jim Naugle is leading the pack of Democrats who support a strengthened law to ban gay and lesbian couples from marrying, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday. Naugle held a press conference Tuesday with a group of Democrats, including pastors and local activists, who agree with social conservatives leading the charge for Amendment 2.

-Pepperdine Prof Back in New Yes on 8 Ad
The campaign to ban gay marriage in California is running a television ad starting Wednesday featuring a girl telling her mother she learned in school that she could marry a princess. Richard Peterson, a law professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, appears on-screen asking, "Think it can't happen? It's already happening. When Massachusetts legalized marriage, schools started teaching second-graders that boys can marry boys. The courts ruled that parents have no right to object."

Marriage Equality News
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-Michelle Welsh: Proposition 8 is about a basic right
Link: Monterey County Herald
The government should not tell adults whom they can and cannot marry. Because the Constitution protects our religious freedom, no minister or church will ever be required to perform a marriage for a same-sex couple against the will of its doctrine. Under the law now, priests, ministers and rabbis can perform marriages for same-sex couples within the doctrines of their faith, and many of them do so willingly. A large number of denominations support equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, but if Proposition 8 passes, clergy could no longer marry same-sex couples even when it is authorized by their churches. Government should not interfere with anyone's exercise of religion. Religious freedom is too valuable to be put to a vote. Do not be misled by the ads. Proposition 8 is not about schools or children. No child can be taught anything about health or family issues in public schools against the will of their parents. This is nothing more than a scare tactic.

-CA: Improvements At Bolthouse Farms
Link: Joe. My. God.
Bolthouse Farms has been working on improving their reputation with the LGBT community ever since word broke that the company's founder donated $100K to support Proposition 8. Company officials stressed that William Bolthouse no longer owns the company, but a nationwide boycott and protests outside of Bolthouse resellers ensued. From a Bolthouse Farms press release: In March, William Bolthouse Jr., through his personal foundation, made a contribution of $100,000 to, a group behind Proposition 8, the proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage that is set to appear on the California November ballot.

Pink News - UK
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-Bishops decide against church weddings for Norwegian gays
The bishops of Norway's state church have ruled that there will be no weddings in church for gay and lesbian couples. The church counts nearly 85 percent of Norway's 4.7 million people as members. From January same-sex marriage will be legal in Norway.

-Immigration minister criticised for letting homophobic artist into Canada Campaigners against anti-gay "murder music" artists have accused a government minister in Canada of giving Jamaican star Buju Banton "a platform to incite murder" after he was allowed into the country. The Stop Murder Music (Canada) campaign is a coalition of more than 20 organisations that promote human rights.

-Sexual orientation guidance for Northern Ireland service providers issued Advice and guidance on what the Sexual Orientation Regulations mean for service providers, public authorities, religious organisations, providers of education has been released. The Northern Ireland Equality Commission's guide also covers those managing, selling and letting premises and offers advice on what action gay, lesbian and bisexual people can take if they feel that they are being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.

-MEPs want EU countries to recognise same-sex partnerships
European Parliamentarians are urging EU-wide recognition of same-sex partnerships or marriages created in member states. At present some EU nations, such as Spain and Belgium allow gay marriages. The UK has same-sex partnerships, a system that will be introduced in the Republic of Ireland.

-Ferdinand demands FIFA take action over homophobia
An English footballer has demanded that the game's authorities take homophobic chanting and abuse seriously. Rio Ferdinand spoke out after England's Emile Heskey was targeted with racist abuse by Croatian fans at an international match last month.

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-Ban of Gay Picket in Front of Iranian Embassy Lawful, Says Moscow local court
Same picket was authorized by the City authorities for two consecutive years in July 2006 and July 2007

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-Focus on the Family doesn't hate gays, says "ex-gay" Melissa Fryrear
Posted by: "omar kuddus" gayasylum
Eerily reminiscent of Richard Nixon's "I am not a crook" speech, Melissa Fryrear, the former lesbian who is the director of the gender issues department at Focus on the Family, insists that charges that the James Dobson-founded Colorado Springs, Colorado-based multi-million dollar media-ministry hates gays is unfair and unfounded. Fryrear, who sat down for an interview with's Jennifer Mesko, said that those allegations are "grossly inaccurate and patently unfair portrayal of how Focus on the Family and LWO (Love Won Out) feel about those who identify as gay or lesbian."

-Iranian lawyer receives Tolerance Award
The Tutzing Evangelical Academy has granted the Tolerance Award to the Iranian lawyer and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. In her acceptance speech, Ms Ebadi warned the Western world that it should not consider the entire Muslim world undemocratic. The Tutzing Evangelical Academy grants the Tolerance Award every two years. Past recipients have been the conductor Daniel Barenboim and the Aga Khan.

-Ugandan asylum seeker wins Sappho prize
By Staff Writer,
The editor of a website that documents the violence and intimidation suffered by the gay community in Uganda has won a prestigious prize. The Sappho in Paradise Book Prize is conferred annually by the International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network (ILGCN), a worldwide voluntary association of lesbian and gay cultural workers. Kizza Musinguzi, editor of, and an ayslum seeker in the UK, is the winner this year. "documents the organised campaign of violent religious and state-sponsored homophobia sweeping the strategic African nation," saidILGCN.

-United Nations calls on UK to stop discrimination against LGBT teens
A United Nations committee has called on the UK to take "urgent measures" to fight intolerance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans young people. The Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) met last month. It is one of seven UN-linked human rights treaty bodies. Countries that have signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child are required to submit regular reports on how it is being implemented to the Committee, made up of independent experts who make recommendations.

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-In Moscow will pass an exhibition on family values of LGBT
Movement for the Rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals LGBT Rights opens a curtain of suspense with exhibition «LGBT - Family values». The purpose of this exhibition is to clear up an understanding of LGBT family, to open door into community and to put an end in conversations on abnormality of these feelings. All couples who consider themselves as a family there will be an opportunity to embody their union, especially for this purpose is invited a professional photographer. There will be exhibited works which show family values of LGBT representatives.

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-First-ever OUT & GREEK Leadership Conference
Share Your Story of Coming Out & Greek.
Network with Other LGBT & Ally Fraternity & Sorority Leaders. Learn Strategies for Your Community to be Safer, More LGBT-Friendly. Share Your Story of Coming Out & Greek. Network with Other LGBT & Ally Fraternity & Sorority Leaders. Learn Strategies for Your Community to be Safer, More LGBT-Friendly. Never has there been a leadership conference to share, network and learn strategies to create safer, more LGBT inclusive fraternity and sorority communities. The Out & Greek National Leadership Conference is the first of its kind for undergraduate fraternity and sorority leaders and is sponsored by the landmark Lambda 10 Project, an educational initiative of Campus Pride .
Friday, November 14 through Sunday, November 16, 2008
DePaul University, Lincoln Park Student Center
2250 N. Sheffield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614


-A 20-year-old Tennessee man has been indicted for hacking into an e-mail account of U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, according to court records. David C. Kernell was indicted Tuesday on a single charge of accessing a protected computer by a grand jury in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee in Knoxville. The indictment, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a US$250,000 fine, was unsealed Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Justice said. Kernell, from Knoxville, turned himself into law enforcement authorities and is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday. He is the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis.


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