Monday, November 03, 2008

FLORIDA DIGEST - November 03, 2008

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Miami Herald
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-Marriage amendment heads to court over donations
Opponents of a Florida constitutional amendment that would define marriage are headed to court demanding to know who is paying for the supporters' campaign.

-Apartment research for Broward county

-Apartment research for Miami-Dade county

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-John McCain holds midnight rally at UM campus
Coral Gables - With less than 31 hours before the polls open in an historic presidential election, John McCain held a night-owl rally on the University of Miami campus early today, telling a crowd of several thousands supporters, "With your help, we will win." "We've got one day left, one day left until we take America in a new direction," he said to fans who stayed up well past bedtime to greet him at the BankUnited Center.,0,7856606.story

-Residents object to Fort Lauderdale's proposed 5 percent pay raises
Salaries topping $100,000 may be among those raised
Now is not a good time to be up for a raise, some City Hall employees have learned. Critics immediately pounced on a proposed 5 percent cost-of-living pay bump for some non-union City Hall employees, saying taxpayers can't afford to give raises now.,0,3455285.story

-Broward County's new administrator hired to stabilize government,0,7493238.story


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