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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST November 19, 2008

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New York Times
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-Daschle to Be Nominee for Health Post in Obama Cabinet
President-elect Barack Obama will nominate former Senator Thomas A. Daschle of South Dakota as secretary of health and human services, and is leaning toward former Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. as attorney general, people close to the transition said Wednesday.

-Hopes Dim for Quick Bailout for Automakers
Detroit automakers were poised to leave Washington on Wednesday without the $25 billion in federal aid the companies contend is critical to their long-term survival. After two days of testimony, the chief executives of General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler were unable to persuade lawmakers to aid their industry by tapping the $700 billion financial rescue program.

-Editorial: Getting to Yes
At one point during a hearing on the bank bailout in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. said that he was being misunderstood about why he refused to use any of the $700 billion bailout fund to prevent foreclosures.

-Dow Drops Below 8,000 in Another Sell-off
Shares on Wall Street closed at their lowest levels in five years on Wednesday as hope dimmed in Washington for an emergency bailout of the auto industry. The late-day sell-off came in frenzy amid growing fears of deflation.

Washington Post
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-Giving Up on God
As Republicans sort out the reasons for their defeat, they likely will overlook or dismiss the gorilla in the pulpit.

-Keep the BlackBerry
Barack Obama, poor guy, would just like to go out for a walk. One of the most poignant moments in the Obamas interview with "60 Minutes" came when Steve Kroft asked the president-elect how his life had changed since Election Day.

-Scientists Reconstruct Most of Woolly Mammoth Genome
Project Represents a First for an Extinct Species

-Christian Right Takes on "Terminator"
A major Christian Right organization is calling out Republican California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the latest broadside in the post-election battle for the soul of the Republican Party and a clear sign that the culture war might be shifting back to the states.

-A Job for Henry Waxman
In the next two days, House Democrats will decide which of two senior members will chair a key congressional committee during one of those rare periods when genuinely nation-changing legislation may be passed. John Dingell, who has represented metropolitan Detroit since 1955, is the longtime chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. He has been challenged by the panel's second-ranking member, Henry Waxman, who is best known for exposing countless Bush administration misdeeds as chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. It was Waxman who uncovered much of the administration's suppression and distortion of scientific findings and of prewar intelligence on Iraq.

-Should GM Be Allowed to Fail?
The founder of General Motors -- the charming, risk-taking Billy Durant -- was never as famous as Henry Ford. But while Ford built reliable black boxes, GM focused on variety and color, feeding an exuberant American consumerism. During the initial months of the Great Depression, GM had the nerve to introduce the Madame X Cadillac boasting 16 cylinders. Who could be depressed with that kind of vroom? In the late 1930s, GM's "Parade of Progress" -- a traveling showcase of the latest auto technology -- visited 251 towns where 12 million Americans saw the shape of a gleaming, streamlined future.

Wall Street Journal

-Piracy Spurs Threats to Shipping Costs
The seizure by pirates of a giant Saudi oil tanker far off the coast of Kenya could enlarge the "war risk" zone that already is lifting insurance costs for thousands of ships heading west of Africa, further raising the cost of piracy to world-wide shipping. More vessels have begun avoiding the direct passage most often attacked by pirates and taking a much longer route around the southern tip of Africa. They're hoping to pressure governments along the direct route, through the busy Gulf of Aden, to crack down more effectively on piracy or lose revenues from cargo-ship traffic.

-Ford, GM: Bankruptcy Is Not an Option
Auto Makers Return to Capitol Hill to Press for Bailout
Chrysler LLC has worked out at least some contingency plans in case it has to file for bankruptcy protection, but General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. have not, the chief executives of the auto makers said on Wednesday in testimony in the House of Representatives. Executives of Detroit's Big Three auto makers embarked on a second day of intense lobbying on Capitol Hill, telling the House Financial Services Committee that the domestic auto industry could collapse without emergency assistance from the government.

-Emanuel Sets a Challenge
President-elect Barack Obama's incoming White House chief of staff challenged chief executives and other business leaders Tuesday night to join the new administration in a push for universal health care, saying incremental increases in coverage won't be acceptable. "When it gets rough out there, a lot of business leaders get out of the car and say, 'We're OK with minor reform.' I'm challenging you today, we're going to have to do big, serious things," Rahm Emanuel said, speaking to The Wall Street Journal's CEO Council, a conference convened to elicit corporate opinion on the challenges facing the new president.

Fort Report
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-Dean: Keeping Lieberman As Chairman Is Shrewd Move
DNC Chair Howard Dean welcomed the decision to keep Senator Joseph Lieberman as head of the Homeland Security Committee and, consequently, in the Democratic Caucus, saying the move was pragmatic, magnanimous and politically shrewd.

-Obama's Attorney General
President-elect Obama has decided to tap Eric Holder as his attorney general, putting the veteran Washington lawyer in place to become the first African-American to head the Justice Department, according to two legal sources close to the presidential transition.

-Obama Election Night Backstage Photos (SLIDESHOW)

-Entrenched majority and Obama
After voting heavily against the first black U.S. presidential candidate, the white majority in this country seems bent now on declaring Sen. Barack Obama's victory as the end of racism in the republic.,0,2264981.column

-Democrats Gain as Stevens Loses Race
Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, convicted last month on federal ethics charges, lost his bid for a seventh term as final ballots were counted on Tuesday, giving Democrats at least 58 seats in the Senate for the first years of the Obama administration.

-Mayor in Idaho apologizes for kids' 'assassinate Obama' chant
The mayor of an eastern Idaho town where second- and third-grade students on a school bus chanted "assassinate Obama!" after the Nov. 4 election has publicly apologized, saying there's no excuse for such behavior. Rexburg Mayor Shawn Larsen wrote in a guest editorial sent Tuesday to local newspapers that he was saddened by the notoriety his community had received over the incident, both across the United States and abroad.,0,976537.story

-Schwarzenegger opens climate summit with Obama
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opened his international climate change summit on Tuesday by upstaging himself with an even bigger political star - President-elect Barack Obama. Schwarzenegger, a Republican whose efforts to combat global warming in California have generated worldwide acclaim, wants to show that governments can balance environmental protection and economic growth. He hopes his summit will influence negotiations over a new climate treaty during a U.N. gathering in Poland next month.

-Peter Deutsch says he's the change Broward needs
Former Broward Congressman Peter Deutsch confirmed that he is running as chair of the Broward Democratic Party.

-In Florida, Fallout from a Gay-Marriage Ban


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