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FLORIDA DIGEST December 26, 2008

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South Florida Blade
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-Year in Review
A year's worth of photos capture 2008's biggest events
As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words," and the images of 2008 tell a story of their own. We here at South?Florida Blade collected our favorite images of the year-whether they be serious news, funny features, or just an odd shot or two-and placed them on the following four pages. Take a stroll down memory lane as we recall 2008, as told through the lens of a camera.

-A Year of Wins and Losses
GLBT Floridians enter 2009 bruised, determined for change
"Change" was a buzzword that hovered over much of 2008, but for gay people across America defeats in gay marriage amendment were the same-old-same-old. In South Florida the rough and tumble year brought unsettling realities in the wake of the Amendment 2 battle. Political matters remain front and center as the struggle for real equality becomes a rallying cry for the
increasing numbers of gay families and political leaders throughout the
state. These are just a few of the stories that mattered to South Florida's
LGBT community.


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-Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist among possible entrants in race for Mel Martinez'sU.S. Senate seat - Jeb Bush leads the pack - if he decides to give Senate a try
By Aaron Deslatte
Four of Florida's biggest political names are pondering whether an open U.S.Senate seat in 2010 will change the trajectories of their careers.,0,3416249.story

Steve Rothaus
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-Jim Stork 2004 cafe ads draw $30,000 election fine
Candidate Jim Stork baked up more than ads for pie and coffee at his cafes when he aired commercials about his business during his bid for Congress in 2004, according to federal election officials. Advertisements for Stork's Bakery and Café were essentially campaign pieces paid for with bakery dollars -- skirting federal rules that ban corporate donations in elections, the Federal Election Commission ruled. The FEC's punishment: a $30,000 fine, which Stork paid this month. The bakeries, famous for their apple pie, lemon blueberry scones and coffee, spent about $112,000 for cable TV and direct mail featuring Stork during campaign season in the summer of 2004, according to the FEC agreement with Stork.

Fort Report
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-Palm Beach County woman wins slot on Democratic National Committee
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After a long wait, the home of the butterfly ballot is getting a seat of power in national Democratic politics.

-Judge's supreme court bid still alive
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Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jorge Labarga is due to be interviewed by Gov. Charlie Crist and his staff at 9 a.m. today in his bid for the Florida Supreme Court, after the governor said he would reconsider Labarga in what has been a controversial selection process.


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