Sunday, December 28, 2008

FLORIDA DIGEST December 28, 2008

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-Broward College begins offering bachelor's degrees in education Broward College reacts to 'critical' shortage of graduates Jonathan Whitehorn wanted to be a teacher but the goal seemed out of reach. The 29-year-old bartender lives in Hollywood and didn't have the time or money to constantly commute to state colleges in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach counties.,0,1812284.story

Miami Herald
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Time runs out on rape suit
A federal judge says the U.S. Bureau of Prisons was 'woefully deficient' in protecting a government witness from guards who repeatedly sexually assaulted her at the Federal Detention Center in Miami.

Fort Report
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-Reform judicial nominations
As became evident this month, Florida gives the governor too much power over selecting judges. Gov. Crist provided the evidence this time, but it could be any governor. The system makes it too tempting.


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