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GLBT DIGEST - January 05, 2009

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-Belarus: Openly Gay Activist and Website Editor Called-Up for Military Service in Homophobic Army
Belarus LGBT activists to organize protest actions
The editor-in-chief of the largest and most popular LGBT website in Belarus,, has been "called-up" for military service. And in an email to, members of the Belarusian Initiative for Sexual and Gender Equality, have expressed their anxiety. Alexander Paluyan, who is 23, has previously been exempt from conscription because for medical reasons. He has received an official paper to go to the military department in Mozyr (320 km from Minsk, not far from Ukraine border) on January 9 when the authorities will confirm his medical exemption or set a date for the start of his conscription.

-2008: Heroes, Homophobes and Top Gay Happenings in Russia - and World-Wide
For the fourth consecutive year, GayRussia publishes the Top LGBT events that took place during the previous year in Russia and around the world. In addition, it also names its Man of the Year, the Homophobes of the Year and the Statement of the Year. Top 3 LGBT event of 2008 in the world: Fight for same sex marriage in California, Statement in the United Nations, Gay Olympic Champion in Beijing ¦ Same sex marriage in California was legalised in May 2008 by the State Supreme Court but later banned in November after an amendment to the State Constitution was approved in the election by just over 51 per cent of the electorate. It became the most expensive social issue ever put in a referendum in the USA. ¦ Sixty-six countries signed the Statement on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity introduced to the United Nations by France and presented by Argentina. The statement, which calls for a universal decriminalisation of homosexual relations, was initiated by the IDAHO Committee and its president Louis-Georges Tin. According to Mr Tin, the statement can become the basis for a future resolution on this question at the UN. ¦ Australian diver Matthew Mitcham became the first-ever only open gay man to win an Olympic title during the Beijing Olympics. According to experts around 1,000 athletes did not come out during the games. Top 3 LGBT event of 2008 in Russia: End of the ban on blood donation by gays, Third Moscow Gay Pride, LGBT Film Festival in Saint Petersburg¦ The end of the ban on blood donation by homosexuals was the first positive normative action by the Russian Authorities since the decriminalization of homosexual relation in 1993.
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-Transgender Jews Now Out of Closet, Seeking Communal Recognition
Los Angeles - When Elliot Kukla, a Reform rabbi, came out as transgender six months before his ordination in 2006, he never imagined how openly the Jewish community would be addressing transgender issues just three years later. This month, he is poised to address a West Coast regional conference of Reform rabbis on the subject, and even the elderly Jews that he works with in the Bay Area are largely accepting of his identity. "I'm so amazed at the old ladies who will turn to their friends and say, 'Did you meet the nice, young transgender rabbi?'" Kukla said. "Some of that is San Francisco, but that conversation would never have happened a few years ago."

Inside Higher Education

-Historians Reject Proposed Boycott
Scholarly meetings over the next few years can be expected to feature numerous panels on gay rights, gay marriage and family law, and not just because these are hot issues in American society. The American Historical Association on Sunday became the latest scholarly group to reject a push by members to boycott a hotel or city tied to the movement against gay rights - but members rejected the idea only when an alternative idea was presented involving numerous sessions at the 2010 meeting. The historians' vote was similar to moves by the National Communication Association and the American Political Science Association, which stuck with planned locations but pledged to add programming to assert their opposition to anti-gay measures.
The Association of American Law Schools, while not calling off a contract with a hotel at the center of the controversy, is scheduling official events for its meeting this week at an adjoining hotel.

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-Utah: A chill in Park City
By Jay Jones
The Utah town aims to ride out the faltering economy and a threatened boycott. Meanwhile, resorts are offering amazing deals, even during the Sundance Film Festival.,0,5132737.story


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