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GLBT DIGEST - February 01, 2009

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New York Times
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-My Sister's Keeper
THEY called it a lesbian paradise, the pioneering women who made their way to St. Augustine, Fla., in the 1970s to live together in cottages on the beach. Finding one another in the fever of the gay rights and women's liberation movements, they built a matriarchal community, where no men were allowed, where even a male infant brought by visitors was cause for debate.

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-Fort Lauderdale mayor's gay comments haunt campaign to replace him
By Brittany Wallman
Mayor Jim Naugle's comments about gays in the summer of 2007 were like a shot heard 'round the world. And though much time has passed, Naugle's words still reverberate. Naugle will be replaced in a matter of weeks by Fort Lauderdale Is your Fort Lauderdale restaurant clean? - Click Here. voters. And the four men who want to replace him are facing questions about their attitude toward gays.,0,2860839.story

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-Why Do People Believe in God?
Larry Beinhart, AlterNet
We're doing that because if we start with the idea that if God does exist, then we have to explain why there are so many versions of Him (her or it) and why we can't figure out the right one. Historically, that's a dead end, stuck in the same battle as Saladin and Richard the Lionheart in the Crusades. The agnostic position - either we can't know, or let's wait until rocket ship (real or metaphorical) finally lands in heaven or some place of infinite vistas from which we can see there is no God - leaves like Samuel Becket's two tramps, eternally Waiting for Godot. So we start with "God does not exist," which demands that we come up with a theory that will explain why we believe, why belief is so popular, and so strong that people will kill and die for their own particular brand of it. Read more

-OH: Clergy at Local Church Refuse to Sign State Marriage Licenses in Gay Rights Protest
Clergy at Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ in Cleveland no longer will sign state marriage licenses until gay unions are legal in Ohio. That means heterosexual couples exchanging wedding vows at the 461-member church in the Tremont neighborhood will need an additional civil ceremony by a justice of the peace or a judge to make their union legal. The move, approved by an overwhelming voice vote during a congregational meeting over the weekend, is a civil-rights protest, said the Rev. John Tamilio III, head pastor of Pilgrim. The church board of directors and the congregation agreed that signing marriage licenses for straight couples and not gay couples is unfair, he said. "It treats one segment of our congregation like second-class citizens. That is an injustice," said Tamilio. "We will still perform holy unions for all couples, we just won't sign the state license." Read more

-Part II: The 2008 Wholly Hypocrite of the Year Award Goes To.
Mel Seesholtz, Ph.D. | Online Journal Contributing Writer | Online Journal
So many worthy candidates. But only one can win. But hail to the Wholly Hypocrite of the Year runners-up. Second runner-up: The Church of Jesus Christ and Later-day Saints. First runner-up: Pastor Rick Warren. And now, for the winner . . . His hypocrisy - as well as that of his apostolic predecessors and the organization they head - are legendary and spans millennia: Read more

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-First gay premier takes helm in Iceland
(CNN) -- Iceland's political parties have reached an agreement that will give the country its first female prime minister and the world its first openly gay leader. Johnanna Sigurdardottir is a former flight attendant and union leader. Johnanna Sigurdardottir is a former flight attendant and union leader. Johanna Sigurdardottir, 66, will lead the government when it is sworn in at 6 p.m. (1 p.m. Eastern) on Sunday, her political advisor Hrannar Arnarsson told CNN via e-mail. A former flight attendant who entered politics via the union movement, Sigurdardottir was minister of social affairs and social security in the outgoing Cabinet, which resigned Monday.


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Anonymous said...

This stand of Pastors, only shows their lack of commitment to the moral direction of the church. It also shows the lack of conviction in the One they supposedly serve, and a misunderstanding of the Bible.