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GLBT DIGEST - February 17, 2009

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New York Times
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-NY: Among Gay Men, Arrests Spark Concern About Being Singled Out
On an October evening last year, Robert Pinter walked into the adults-only section of an East Village video store. Within minutes, he was approached by a young, handsome stranger.

-The Island: Feeling the Hate, No Matter the Motive
BAY SHORE: ON Monday, a week after the very rattled staff of the Long Island Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center discovered their workplace trashed and slashed by vandals in what was presumed a bias crime and duly investigated as one, the Suffolk County Police Department's Hate Crimes Unit arrested four suspects just a few blocks from the glass-strewn crime scene. Case closed? Probably, but not quite as expected.

-Editorial: Faith-Based Fudging
President Obama fulfilled one campaign promise and violated another recently with an executive order revamping the White House office for religion-based and neighborhood programs.

-Varying Sweat Scents Are Noted by Women
Published: February 16, 2009
Men's sweat smells different when they are sexually aroused, and women can tell the difference, a new study finds - even though they are not conscious of it.

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-South Florida sees slump in lucrative gay tourism
Competing destinations, poor economy cut into lucrative gay, lesbian tourism market
By Doreen Hemlock

-Scripture war behind schism: Some parishes chose to leave their national churches.
By Sue Nowicki
The Episcopal Church isn't the only denomination facing a split between liberal and conservative interpretations of Scripture. The Presbyterian Church USA also has seen individual churches leave the national church.

Miami Herald
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-British author says she is banned from Dubai event
LONDON -- A British author said Monday she has been banned from a Dubai literary festival because her forthcoming novel contains references to homosexuality. The first International Festival of Literature in Dubai, which runs from Feb. 26 to Mar. 1, has authors including Margaret Atwood, Louis de Bernieres and Jung Chang listed on the program.

-Some blacks forgot sting of discrimination
Sometimes, progress carries an asterisk. That's as good a summary as any of a sad irony from last week's historic election. You will recall one of the major storylines of that day was the fact that, in helping make Barack Obama the nation's first black president, African Americans struck a blow against a history that has taught us all too well how it feels to be demeaned and denied. Unfortunately, while they were striking that blow, some black folks chose to demean and deny someone else.

-Ex-North Miami mayor to seek Senate seat
North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns, the city's first openly gay mayor, is not ready to end his political career. Burns, who will be forced out by term limits in May, is making a bid for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Republican Mel Martinez, who will leave next year.

-Adoptive father should get subsidy
OUR OPINION: State's gay-adoption ban puts foster dad in Catch-22 dilemma Florida law put Wayne LaRue Smith in a Catch-22 situation. It is a patently discriminatory law that says homosexuals cannot adopt children. Mr. Smith challenged the law in court because he wanted to adopt the foster child he had been caring for. But first, on advice of a child-welfare judge, he went to court to become the child's legal guardian. This step ensured that the Department of Children & Families wouldn't take the child from Mr. Smith and place him with another family because DCF removed the boy from the foster-care system.

South Florida Blade
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-Hope for bi-national couples
Uniting American Families Act reintroduced
By Dan Renzi
Lawmakers on Thursday reintroduced legislation in Congress that would allow a foreign national's domestic partner in the United States to sponsor their immigration to the country.

-Transgendered 'muxes' thrive in Catholic life
Beyond 'gay' and 'straight' in Mexico
By Dan Renzi
The New York Times website posted an interesting photo essay on "muxes," a local term for people who are male-to-female transgender. The town welcomes the muxes with a surprisingly liberal view; while the culture is overwhelmingly Catholic, the muxes are seen as just another walk of life, to be accepted as they are.

-Gay rights group opposes adoption bill
Law would be similar to one passed in Ark. last year
A gay rights group is opposing Kentucky legislation that would bar adoptions by non-traditional couples.

-Gay marriage opponents rally in Augusta, Maine
Sunday night gathering organized by Family Research Council
Opponents of same-sex marriage turned out in force at a rally at the Augusta Civic Center as the Maine Legislature prepares to take up a bill to legalize such unions.

-Man sues LA college over anti-gay marriage speech
Claims professor berated him in front of class
A college student has filed a lawsuit saying a public speaking professor berated him in class for making a speech opposing same-sex marriage.

-Wanda Sykes to entertain at correspondents' dinner
Lesbian comic will poke fun at President Obama
Wanda Sykes will soon get the chance to make fun of President Barack Obama to his face. The comic actress said Thursday that she has been selected as the entertainer at the annual White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner in Washington, slated for May 9.

-Hawaii steps closer to civil unions
Proposal faces difficult fight in state Senate
HONOLULU (AP) | As gay activists across the country protest laws denying them the right to marry, Hawaii has moved a step closer to enacting same-sex civil unions.

The Advocate
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-Grace Under Pressure
Worlds away from writing speeches for Jerry Falwell, out Soulforce founder and reformed evangelical Mel White joins forces with screenwriter son Mike (School of Rock) for The Amazing Race. Mel White has never been one to run from a challenge. A former speechwriter for evangelicals like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, White came out of the closet in the early '80s and wrote a best-selling autobiography, Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America. Countering the homophobic rhetoric of his former employers, he also founded the gay social-justice organization Soulforce, which sponsors Equality Rides to Christian campuses to spark peaceful dialogue. He then became an ordained minister in the gay-affirming Metropolitan Community Church. In 2002, White and partner Gary Nixon even leased a home across the street from Falwell's Lynchburg, Va. church just to keep the legendary holy roller in check.

-LGBT-Inclusive Retreat, "Ex-Gay" Conference to Be Held Just Days Apart
For a few days next week, Charlotte, N.C., will play host to two fundamentally opposed conferences, both concerning LGBT people.

-Gay Rights Activists to Descend on Sacramento for Lobby Day
In just two weeks, the California Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments regarding the validity of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage throughout the state when it passed at the polls last November.

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-Gay vet brutally murdered
By 365gay Newscenter Staff
A 19-year old man has been charged with murder in the multiple stabbing death of a 21-year old gay Army veteran.

-Bill Clinton blasted for speaking at hotel owned by Prop 8 supporter
By 365gay Newscenter Staff
Former President Bill Clinton has come under fire from California gay rights groups for speaking to a trade group at a hotel being boycotted for its owner's support of Proposition 8, the measure passed last November which bans same-sex marriage in the state.

-Charlotte NC sued by trans ex-worker
By 365gay Newscenter Staff
A transwoman has filed suit against the city of Charlotte, alleging she was fired from her job as a motor pool operations assistant because of her gender identity. Anne Marie Clukey, 60, said in court papers she had worked for the city for nearly two years and was dismissed because she did not conform to her boss's "gender stereotype."

-Gay marriage supporters picket Clinton speech
(San Diego, California) More than 200 opponents of Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage in California, demonstrated in front of a San Diego hotel during a speech by former President Bill Clinton.

Pink News - UK
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-Activists say registration of new LGBT group in Russia is "historic"
Russian gays have for the first time registered an LGBT advocacy group with the government without the need for court intervention.

-Nigeria tells UN that gays don't exist in their country
The Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs has told a UN review of human rights in the African nation that there is no gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans community in his country.

-Speaker's Conference will consider gay and lesbian representation
By Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
A special House of Commons committee looking at ways to improve the numbers of women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities in Parliament will also look at gay representation.

-'Family' group accuses gay politicians of personal interest over partner benefits
By Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
Two gay politicians in Colorado have dismissed suggestions they are trying to introduce benefits for the partners of same-sex couples of state employees for their own gain.

-Gay sex "fuelling" HIV infections in Asia warns UNAIDS and WHO
By Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned today that the HIV/AIDS epidemic may take a major turn for the worse in Asia unless countries urgently expand access to services to men who have sex with men (MSM).

-60% of America's top companies ban gender identity discrimination
By Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk
A new report from a leading LGBT rights group in the US has revealed that 60 of the Fortune 100 largest businesses prohibit discrimination based on gender identity.

-Burundi urged not to criminalise same-sex acts
By Staff Writer, PinkNews.co.uk .
The Senate of Burundi is to vote on a new draft of the criminal code this week that would criminalise homosexual conduct for the first time.

Daily Queer News
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-The National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays: Making History
Posted by Daily Queer Newsat February 16, 2009Sidney Brinkley | Blacklight
The 1970's were exciting years for the Gay movement. In the decade following the 1969 Stonewall riot, Lesbians and Gay men were organizing in increasing numbers, demanding freedom and equal rights, culminating in the first national Gay March on Washington in October 1979. For much of that time the public face of the Gay movement was White. Whites comprised the overwhelming majority in the political and activist organizations of the day. "Gay" was synonymous with "White" and White Gays became the de facto spokesperson for Lesbians and Gay men of all colors. Read more

-NYC Protest to Mayor: Gay Sex Stings='Blow' to Liberty
Petrelis Files
Thanks to Joe Jervis of the JoeMyGod.com site, for lots of photos and a report, and the Associated Press' account, I have some info to share on today's demonstration at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's private home. From the AP wire story, which apparently was written before the protest took place: Read more

-AZ: Couples Turn Out Early in Phoenix for Domestic Partner Registry
Arizona Republic | Tucson Citizen
Despite the dreary weather, about 10 gay couples made the trip to Phoenix City Hall Monday morning to be among the first to register with the city as domestic partners. The registry, which is open to unmarried gay or straight couples who share a Phoenix residence, grants partner visitation rights in all hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other health-care facilities in the city. It's sad that we have to deem this a huge deal, but this is a step in the right direction," said Lisa Smith, 41, standing with her partner, Reagan Bennion, moments after signing up and paying a $50 registration fee. "Progress is progress, and we're here to support those who made this possible." The couple has been dating for a year and became engaged a few months ago. They arrived before the registry officially opened at 9 a.m. in case there was a crowd. Read more

Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
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-Valentine Day turns pink in Nepal
KATHMANDU: Those used to associating Valentine's Day with red roses and red hearts had to do some readjusting Saturday when the heart of Kathmanduturned pink to celebrate a day that has more to it than romance. Dozens of homosexual couples, lesbians and transgenders gathered at the Basantapur Durbar Square in Nepal, one of the republic's most prominent public places where the old palace of the deposed Shah kings and the mansion of Kumari, Nepal's living goddess, are located, to celebrate Pink Triangle Day.

-There's no going back
The gay community and its sympathisers all over the world are up in arms following Pope Benedict XVI's less than kind reference to their cause at a time when they thought they had breached the bastions of utter contempt and obvious prejudice in civilised society. As with other trends and social commotions, the issue has also had its repercussions among us, living as we undoubtedly are in a horrific haven of conservatism. The fact that there have been exponents of the local gay scene who have had the courage of their convictions, and publicly declared their disgust at the attitude of the Catholic Church, can perhaps be described as an isolated pot shot on behalf of those, gay or not, who genuinely believe there can be no going back to when society could, at will, victimise innocent, law-abiding and tax-paying people whose only "crime" was their different sexual orientation.

-Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner and Green Party candidate for Oxford East
The Vatican should stop meddling in politics and misusing its power to oppose human rights. Just as importantly, it is time the Italian government ceased kow-towing to the Pope's theocratic agenda. All of Europe should be secular, where people are free to practice their faith but where no religion has privileged legal status and unique access to political power and influence. These are the demands of protesters, backed by British Humanist Association, who will assemble in London this Saturday afternoon in support of a simultaneous protest taking place in Rome against the Vatican's manipulation of Italian, European and world-wide politics.

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-Valentine's Day: Sex and Disability
In response to a request Dave Hingsburger made of fellow disability bloggers, I agreed to write a post on disability and sexuality/sensuality/love for Valentine's Day. As I discussed ideas for this particular blog with my husband, I asked him whether people think we have sex or not. I asked this question while we were in the shower together, an intimate moment that maybe others don't think we have. He said he hadn't thought of it before. Though I've not received the intrusive questions in this regard that some of my friends have, I have been asked whether I can have more children and whether my children were planned, and have had people who didn't know I have children look shocked when I mention them, shocked because I go about the world sitting down rather than standing up. I've been asked by a nurse, in front of my aunt and probably before the waiting room door closed, when my last period was and then made to take a pregnancy test despite telling her that my husband had a vasectomy, which I didn't really want to discuss in front of my aunt. I did want another child but it's just not a good idea. Being made to take the test broke my heart.

-Washington State Rep. Proposes Porn Tax
SEATTLE - Add Washington to the list of states desperately trying to find ways to plug holes in their budget deficits ... and looking to the adult industry to bail them out, this time, by way of a "porn tax."

-Miami: Nightmare in Jackson Memorial
Probably one of the greatest nightmares of any same sex couple is if one of them gets ill, gets taken to hospital, and the other is prevented from seeing their ill or dying partner in hospital. One of the ways of preventing this is to ensure that both partners execute an enduring power of attorney for health matters, so that they cna direct the hospital as to what to do. Despite having the American equivalent of one of these, it was not enough for Janice Langbehn who (along with their 3 adopted children), except for 5 minutes when the priest delivered the last rites, was banned from seeing her dying partner of 18 years Lisa Marie Pond.

-2009 Campus Pride Voice & Action National Leadership Award
Campus Pride, the leading national nonprofit 501(c)(3) which serves LGBT and ally student leaders and, or campus organizations, announced today the recipients of the 2009 Campus Pride Voice & Action National Leadership Awards. The honorary recognition highlights annually the extraordinary contributions of LGBT young adult leaders at colleges and universities across the United States. Out of nearly thirty student leaders, only three students Justin Hager from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Shawna Scott from University of Georgia and Celso Perez from Boston College were chosen this year for the prestigious honor. Learn more about these outstanding leaders, their profiles and accomplishments below.

-A Tribute to Same Gender Loving Black Heroes
All too often the contributions of same gender loving people are overlooked. When acknowledged, our love for our same gender partners is often portrayed in negative ways. NBJC is proud to offer you the following people of note in Black history who knew the joy and experienced the challenges of same gender love and affection. Some of these names will be familiar, others may be new. We hope their stories will fill you with a sense of pride.

-UK: Whatever happened to free speech?
Britain was once renowned around the world for defending people's right to speak out. Not any more, says Philip Johnston. The refusal to admit the oddball Dutch MP Geert Wilders to Britain yesterday marks a further retreat from this country's traditions of free speech. It stands in stark contrast to what happened exactly 20 years ago tomorrow, when Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issued a fatwa calling for the death of Salman Rushdie for insulting the Prophet Mohammed in his book The Satanic Verses.

-5th Annual Gender, Sexuality, and Power Student Research Conference
The Center for the Study of Genders and Sexualities (CSGS) invites students to participate in our fifth student research conference on May 12, 2009. This conference is an academic event intended to support students interested in gender, sexuality, queer, LGBT and women's studies.

-Majority of the legislature supports transgender equality
On Wednesday, legislation to ban discrimination against transgender people in Massachusetts was introduced with 104 original co-sponsors, including majorities in the Senate and House. The legislation has more original co-sponsors than any other bill introduced this session of the legislature. An Act Relative to Gender Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes adds gender identity and expression to non-discrimination laws covering employment, housing, credit, and public accommodations, as well as to hate crimes statutes.

-Virgin Air Allows In-Flight Porn
Virgin America will offer unrestricted wireless Internet access on flights from Boston to California starting tomorrow, making the airline the first to allow porn on the new Aircell Gogo service. Although Delta, United, and American Airlines also offer wireless service on select flights, all of them have taken measures to block adult content. According to a report in the Boston Herald, Virgin has no plans to filter out porn sites.

-No sex please, we're Scottish
The news today that the Scottish government is considering making its law cracking down on consensual teenage sex even tougher is worrying on several levels. Firstly, there is a very strong whiff of authoritarian moralising about the whole business. It seeks to bring girls aged 13-15 on to the same legal footing as teenage boys and open them up to prosecution should they indulge in consensual sex. On one level, this is entirely fair. If boys are to be prosecuted for having under-age sex, then it does seem equitable that girls should be liable to the same penalties.

-SEX ISSUE: Thud or Sting?
An Outsider Explores BDSM
Have you ever wondered what it's like to be flogged? Yeah, me neither. But recently, I was having a conversation with a friend who is a bit kinky. As it turns out, a few more of my friends have admitted to their own fantasies in the past couple of weeks. Soon enough, it started to feel like too much of a coincidence-I had to find out what all the fuss was about. I started with a simple Google search. This approach was ill advised, especially without the protection of SafeSearch. I managed to discover Fetlife.com (think Fetish Facebook), and a quick look revealed perhaps a thousand or more kinks out there. I was forced to narrow my quest down, so I resolved to learn all I could about BDSM.

-Dating is not dead, just different
We've all heard the adage, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" Well, the old system of dating was a long, confusing barnyard transaction. The New York Times recently ran an op-ed piece decrying the death of dating and the prevalence of "hooking up," or a sexual relationship between two people who are not emotionally attached, in today's youth culture. The column made it seem as if dating has gone the way of the drive-in movie theater and polio, and we now live in an era where emotionless premarital sex has run roughshod over the entire institution of dating.

-My name is Nick Teich, and I am the founder and president of Camp
Aranu'tiq, a weeklong summer camp for transgender and gender-variant youth in the New England area. Our program will begin in summer 2010, but we would like to get the word out now to agencies or other entitites that deal with transgender and gender-variant individuals. Our age range is 8 through 15. We are on the web at:

Anything but Straight
By Wayne Besen
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-The Future of Gay Media
In one of the most important articles of the year, Walter Isaacson wrote in Time Magazine about the shredding of the newspaper business. With free content available online, people are dropping daily subscriptions and newsstand sales are declining. The only way for newspapers to remain profitable is through advertising revenue in the print and online editions. The problem with this business model, however, is that it leaves newsrooms beholden to advertising interests instead of readers. And, if the economy goes into a tailspin, precipitous drops in advertising can quickly lead to ruin. Isaacson says the way to save the news business is to move to a paradigm where newspapers go completely digital and readers pay directly for online content. For example, a web surfer who wants to read an individual story online can pay a nickel - or pay a larger fee for a weekly e-subscription.

Michigan: Triangle Foundation
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-Take Over 1,000 Old and New Friends. Add Four National Comedians.
What Do You Have?
A Way Cool Night of Comedy!
Announcing - the 13th Annual Michigan Lesbian & Gay ComedyFest!
Join us on Saturday, March 14 at Dearborn's Ford Community & Performing Arts Center as we welcome Andre Kelly, Jennie McNulty, Ian Harvie and Lisa Koch to the stage for an ever-so-gay night of comedy.
Tickets are only $30 in advance or $35 at the door (if available).
Shows are at 6:00 & 9:30 p.m., and tickets are going fast. Get yours today!
Purchase in advance at: www.comedyfest.org

Gay American Heros
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-Ryan Skipper's murder trial on Court TV. Please watch, Here is a preview link.
Murder says Ryan being gay was not the reason. What do you think ?

From Transgender Equality
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-NC: A former city operations assistant at a Charlotte maintenance facility has sued the city, claiming she was fired because she had a sex change. The Charlotte Observer reported Thursday that Anne Marie Clukey said she was fired because she did not conform to her supervisor's "gender stereotype." The 60-year-old Clukey worked for the city for nearly two years. Court documents said she had "gender reassignment" surgery in May 2001.

-New transgender education resource for churches from the Institute for Welcoming Resources
WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 - The Institute for Welcoming Resources (IWR), a program of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, today announced the release of transACTION, a new curriculum designed for churches and religious institutions to help congregants and members understand and welcome transgender persons into their congregations and faith settings. "Too often transgender people looking for a place to worship can't find one to call their spiritual home because most congregations and religious institutions are not ready to welcome them as their companions in faith," says the Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, Institute for Welcoming Resources and faith work director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. "Yet, many transgender people of faith are searching for the same things that other believers want: a loving community where worship and working for equality and justice are the focus of their faith experience."

Untitled DocumentGLAAD
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-Best & Worst of National News - January 2009
New York Post Publishes Inclusive Story about Lesbian Couple's Upcoming Wedding
The New York Post published a refreshing portrait of a lesbian couple who were planning wed on Valentine's Day, elevating the newspaper onto GLAAD's "Best" list for the first time ever. The January 19 story, "Empire State Lesbian Brides," by Aliyah Shahid, highlights the story of Jessica Chesnutt and Natalie Sauro of Brooklyn, NY, who won a contest that allowed them to exchange wedding vows on the 61st floor of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day alongside 13 other couples. According to the Post, this was the first time that a same-sex couple exchanged wedding vows on top of the famous building. Brides.com chose the couple, whose photo was included in this article, out of more than 400 applicants to the contest. "I didn't expect to win," Chesnutt said in the article. "The fact that the contest was open to same-sex couples is a good sign. We want the rights and responsibilities of married couples." READ ARTICLE:

-Ohio Paper Highlights Growing Acceptance of Transgender People in Columbus
In Central Ohio, The Other Paper - Columbus's News & Entertainment Weekly, published a January 22 cover story about transgender issues entitled, "Waiting on the world to change - While others resist, Columbus grants the transgender community an identity." The comprehensive article by reporter Steph Greegor delves into the increasingly safe and accepting climate for transgender people in Columbus and surrounding areas, while exploring the difficulties facing transgender people in other parts of Ohio and nationally. Columbus-based therapist Meral Crane offers insights on how the area has become a haven for transgender people through word of mouth. "I never advertised my service, but the need was so great that trans people kept seeking an experienced and trained professional who could help them navigate their transition." READ ARTICLE:

-The New York Times Publishes Editorial Criticizing Arkansas's Adoption Ban
The New York Times published a scathing editorial on January 6 labeling the new Arkansas law banning gay and unmarried straight people from adopting children "undeniably discriminatory," and calling on the state to "strike down this offensive new law." The editorial, entitled, "The Best Interests of the Child," illustrates the concrete harms created by the ban. It cites an example of a child abuse victim who now may be barred from living with her grandmother, who lives with another woman, because of the the recently passed anti-gay ballot initiative. "Arkansas's new law was a victory for the forces of bigotry and a major setback for the guiding principle of the law in adoption and foster care: the best interests of the child," the editorial says. READ EDITORIAL:

Mike Huckabee Repeats Ann Coulter's Defamatory Comments on His Fox News Program
In an interview with Ann Coulter the week of January 5, former Arkansas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee repeated Coulter's use of the defamatory phrase "pro-sodomy" when discussing his political views with the author and pundit. Huckabee made the comments on his weekend Fox News Channel program, Huckabee, while he was trying to persuade Coulter that he is conservative enough to gain her support. Attempting to disprove Coulter's notion that the former governor is not, in Coulter's words, "pro-sodomy" and "pro-gay," Huckabee told Coulter. "I am definitely not pro-sodomy. I promise. Scout's honor."

-Rush Limbaugh Makes MSNBC Countdown's "Worst" List for Repeated Tasteless Remarks
Nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh was crowned "World's Worst" by MSNBC host Keith Olbermann on January 22 for his repeated use of the phrase "bend over, grab the ankles," when attacking Democratic support for progressive issues, including rights for LGBT people. Olbermann suggests that Limbaugh is obsessed with this crude description, saying, "He sure spends an uncomfortable amount of time describing himself or others bending over and grabbing his ankles." VIEW CLIP:


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