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GLBT DIGEST - March 29, 2009

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Washington Post
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-Moran Endorsed by Ebbin, Young Dems
Anita Kumar
Del. Adam P. Ebbin, the highest-ranking openly gay elected official in Virginia and the only openly gay member of the General Assembly, endorsed Democrat Brian Moran for governor. Ebbin cited Moran's long-term commitment to fighting discrimination and his opposition to the Virginia marriage amendment, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman and was passed by voters in 2006.

-The Pope May Be Right
By Edward C. Green
When Pope Benedict XVI commented this month that condom distribution isn't helping, and may be worsening, the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, he set off a firestorm of protest. Most non-Catholic commentary has been highly critical of the pope. A cartoon in the Philadelphia Inquirer, reprinted in The Post, showed the pope somewhat ghoulishly praising a throng of sick and dying Africans: "Blessed are the sick, for they have not used condoms."

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-Gay marriage fight returns
Northeast again is front in battle over same-sex weddings
By John Curran
Two states in New England already allow same-sex marriage, and legislators in three more are considering it. To some, the push is emblematic of a live-and-let-live ethic and gradual acceptance of gay relationships after Vermont's groundbreaking civil unions law took effect in 2000.,0,296410.story

Steve Rothaus
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-Washington Blade examines compensation paid to leaders of the LGBT rights movement
The Washington Blade has just published a great article about how much money is paid to the leaders of the nation's largest gay organizations: Craig Shniderman, executive director of Food & Friends, which provides meals and nutritional services for homebound people with HIV/AIDS in the Washington, D.C. area, had the highest salary among the heads of the nation's most prominent LGBT advocacy groups and groups that provide AIDS-related services in Los Angeles, New York and D.C.

-Miami Beach Gay Pride parade committee meets at SAVE Dade headquarters
Miami Beach Gay Pride will be celebrated April 18 on Ocean Drive. A highlight: a noon parade with floats sponsored by dozens of community groups. The pride parade committee met Saturday at SAVE Dade's office in Legion Hall in Northeast Miami.

SF Jamaican Consul to Meet Gays at City Hall;
Bars Boycott Myers's Rum, Red Stripe Beer
Under the enormous rainbow flag hung on the large pole at Harvey Milk Plaza, today at high noon, a handful of homosexual human rights advocates gathered to launch the Boycott Jamaica campaign over the escalating violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and HIV poz persons in Jamaica. At the event, Supervisor Bevan Dufty delivered the incredible news: He had arranged a meeting at his City Hall office with the honorary consul of Jamaica for San Francisco, Dr. Newton Gordon, DDS.

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