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FLORIDA DIGEST - April 06, 2009

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-South Florida temperatures could dip into the 40s by Wednesday
Talk about going from beach to bundling-up weather. South Florida might see temperatures nose-dive from the low 90s this afternoon to the upper 40s and lower 50s by Wednesday morning. Some far-inland areas near the Everglades might see the mercury fall into the mid-40s, the National Weather Service in Miami said. The unusually brisk air for this time of year, about 15 degrees below normal, is the result of a strong cold front expected to arrive today. Palm Beach County may see cold temperature records fall, said meteorologist Kim Brabander. "We now think temperatures might get into the upper 40s for most of metro Palm Beach County," he said.,0,4527758.story

-Former Boynton Beach couple who adopted abused boys says state let them down
State agreed to pay for care of adopted boys
By Kathleen Chapman
Eleven years after adopting three brothers who were raped, caged and starved in foster care, a Florida couple is still waiting for help from the state. Debbie and Jorge were working as a school principal and a youth minister in Boynton Beach when they adopted the boys, unaware that they had been horrifically abused.,0,3776817.story

-Broward College going to 4-day week
The four-day work week is coming to Broward College this summer. The school will try out the pilot schedule beginning May 11, officials said last week. Several buildings will close on Fridays to help save money and energy, but child-care centers and libraries will remain open.,0,4673907.story

Miami Herald
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-Rejection painful for gay men with HIV
When is the best time for a gay man who is dating to reveal his HIV/AIDS status? Tom Edwards prefers to ''get it over with'' on the first date. If he is immediately rejected, it won't hurt as much as if he had been emotionally involved.


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