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GLBT DIGEST - June 01, 2009

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New York Times
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Nevada Partnership Bill Now Law
The Nevada Legislature voted into law a domestic partnership registry for same-sex and unmarried straight couples on Sunday evening, with the Assembly mustering the two-thirds vote required to override a veto by Gov. Jim Gibbons, a Republican. The move makes Nevada the 17th state to recognize the relationships of gay men and lesbians, creating the registry with the secretary of state by which couples receive legal protections associated with marriage.

Washington Post
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Sotomayor Was a Passionate but Civil Activist
By Amy Goldstein and Alec MacGillis
Around Christmas of 1973, a fellow sophomore approached Frank Reed, a leader of Princeton University's Chicano Caucus, to hand him a formal complaint she had typed up and to ask him to support it.

Calif. Gay-Marriage Opponents Plan Rally: Opponents of same-sex marriage announced plans to gather Sunday night in two California cities to celebrate weddings between men and women, a day after hundreds of supporters of legalization marched in Fresno.

What to Watch
Educator Jill Biden, wife of the vice president, will address the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network in New York tonight at the group's annual Respect Awards gala, which recognizes leaders in creating safe schools for all students, "regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression."

The Advocate
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Church Ousts 61 Antigay Clergy
By Amita Parashar
The Episcopal Church has ousted 61 clergy over an ongoing dispute around LGBT issues in the church. The members, the church said, had aligned with former bishop John-David Schofield, who was ousted from the church and stripped of his title in 2008. At the time, the church said he "repudiated the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church."

Pink News - UK
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New Hampshire reaches compromise on gay marriage
The New Hampshire House and Senate have agreed to change one word and add a sentence to a bill which will allow gay marriage in the state.

Sweden appoints lesbian bishop
The Church of Sweden has appointed a lesbian as the Lutheran bishop of Stockholm. Eva Brunne, who is in a registered partnership, is believed to be the world's first lesbian bishop. She won the post by 413 votes against 365 votes and will succeed Bishop Caroline Krook, who is to retire in November.

Police 'concern' over gay murders and rise in homophobic hate crimes
Police have expressed concern over a rise in homophobic violence following a number of murders of gay men. Scotland Yard statistics show a nine per cent rise in homophobic and transphobic offences to 1,372 in the year up to April. Greater Manchester police saw a 63 per cent rise in homophobic crime.

Danny La Rue dies aged 81
Drag queen Danny La Rue died last night aged 81. The entertainer was best known for his impersonations of of female celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Margaret Thatcher.

Daily Queer News
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Diversity Benefits Community
The Daily Star
In a proclamation dated June 2, 2000, then-President Bill Clinton decried prejudice against gay and lesbian citizens. “Gay and lesbian Americans have made important and lasting contributions to our nation in every field of endeavor,” Clinton wrote. And with that, the month of June was declared Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. “I encourage all Americans to observe this month with appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities that celebrate our diversity and recognize the gay and lesbian Americans whose many and varied contributions have enriched our national life,” Clinton wrote. Read More

Exhibit Celebrates 40 Years of Gay Activism
Gay News Blog
Forty years ago this month, riots against a police raid at the Stonewall Inn marked the beginning of the gay liberation movement. An exhibit opening today at the New York Public Library charts what happened in the heady year that followed.Before Stonewall, gay rights activists pursued a lonely agenda, working for homosexuals to be accepted as part of normal society and not as the sociopaths judged by psychiatric associations. “But 1969 suddenly saw a mass movement getting behind these activists,” said curator Jason Baumann, amid the artifacts of the blossoming battle, from colorful newsweekly publications to photos of the first Gay Pride march up Sixth Avenue in 1970. Read more

Illinois House Did Not Vote on Civil Unions Bill Before Deadline
Illinois will not be joining Nevada with a civil unions law this month.
Greg Harris, the sponsor of the Illinois civil unions bill, has been reporting on his Facebook page on the mad rush to close out the Illinois legislative session today. He reports that it was a hectic day that saw the governor’s budget rejected, which forced the legislators to scramble to put together an austerity emergency budget that will force deep cuts across state programs.

Spain Judges Have to Marry Gays
Typically Spanish
A judge had appealed to the Supreme Court saying he did not want to carry out a gay wedding on religious grounds
The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that judges in lower courts or in local town halls cannot refuse to marry gay and lesbian couples. The case was brought after a magistrate in Sagunto, Valencia, presented an appeal to the Supreme Court saying he did not want to carry out the ceremony on religious grounds. The General Council for Judicial Power, the body which oversees the judiciary in Spain, has already ruled that judges cannot refuse, and now the Supreme Court has ruled that members of the judiciary are subject to law as is everyone else. Link

Study shows gay couples want legal rights, regardless of marriage
Contact: Matt Shipman
North Carolina State University
New research from North Carolina State University shows that gay and lesbian couples are forming long-term, committed relationships, even in the absence of the right to marry. However, couples surveyed for the study overwhelmingly said they would get married if they could in order to secure legal rights – such as retirement and healthcare benefits. “Our study indicates that marriage is both more and less important to gay and lesbian couples in long-term relationships than was perhaps previously understood – more important in terms of the legal rights it conveys, but less important as a symbol of commitment,” says study co-author Dr. Sinikka Elliott, an assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at NC State. “This research underscores the need for legal protections and rights for all couples.”


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