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GLBT DIGEST - July 15, 2009

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New York Times
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Episcopal Bishops May End Gay Ban
The Episcopal Church voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to open the door to consecrate more bishops who are openly gay, a move that is likely to send shock waves throughout the Anglican Communion, the global network of churches to which the Episcopal Church belongs.

Washington Post
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Old Mission, New Life
Randall Terry Wants to Lead Rebirth of Antiabortion Fight
By Jacqueline L. Salmon
Randall Terry has a thing for fake blood. He buys it by the jug ($31.95 a gallon from a costume store in South Bend, Ind.) and splatters it over baby dolls to represent aborted fetuses or smears it on copies of the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade.

Hiring Girlfriend Was Legal, Barry Says
D.C. Council Member, Subject of Ethics Probe, Adds That He Would Do So Again
By Tim Craig
D.C. Council member Marion Barry said yesterday that there is nothing wrong with city lawmakers hiring girlfriends or boyfriends and added that he would do it again.

DEAR AMY: I am 44, and my daughter is 23.
She is gay, and I have treated her and her partner the same way I treat my son and daughter-in-law. Everyone acknowledges this. I respect their commitment to each other and am joyful that they are very happy. However, I cannot accept the fact that she just got "married." She has now informed me that she needs to terminate her relationship with me because I will not accept her marriage. She is aware of my position on gay marriage. The suggestion to agree to disagree is not an option.
What say you? -- Wondering
DEAR WONDERING: Many parents would be delighted for their kids to choose marriage. A wise parent knows that forcing offspring to choose between them and a romantic relationship often results in the younger person choosing the latter. Your daughter knew the risks she was running in terms of her relationship with you when she and her partner chose to marry. She did it anyway. You may assume that she is as stubborn as you are. Because you rule out the option of "agreeing to disagree," you really left your daughter no option but to terminate the relationship.I can only urge you to try harder to find a way to reconcile. If your daughter chooses to have children, you might want to have a relationship with them.

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Mayor apologizes for June raid on Fort Worth, Texas gay bar that sparked brutality claims
By Associated Press
Forth Worth's mayor has apologized for a June raid on a Texas gay bar that sparked claims of brutality and procedure violations. About 250 people packed City Council chambers Tuesday and another 150 watched on televisions in the hallway or overflow rooms as officials briefly discussed the June 28 raid that left one man hospitalized with a serious head injury.,0,5037.story

Steve Rothaus
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Video | Fort Lauderdale hate crimes town hall meeting
From The South Florida Blade:
July 8. 2009: A meeting designed to educate the gay community about hate crimes and hate crime legislation. Held at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of South Florida in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

'Humpday' - about straight buddies who decide to make a gay porn film together -- explores intimacy of male friendship
The mumblecore genre goes adult in more ways than one with "Humpday," a comedy about a couple of longtime buddies - both straight men - who decide to make a gay porn film together.

The Advocate
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Police Reports Contradicts LDS Church
By Julie Bolcer
Security guards for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cited the "unwanted" behavior of kissing and hugging as the reason why they detained two gay men on church property last week in Salt Lake City, according to the police report for the incident. The report, which the Salt Lake Tribune made available online, appeared to contradict statements from the LDS Church in the wake of the detainment and ticketing of Matt Aune and his partner Derek Jones for trespassing on Main Street Plaza near the LDS temple on Thursday.

Pink News - UK
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Video: US protestors stage 'kiss-in' outside Mormon temple
Around 100 gay and heterosexual couples held a 'kiss-in' outside a Mormon temple in Salt Lake City to protest over a couple who were stopped by security guards for embracing on its property.

Analysis: A lawyer's take on the Equality Bill
The Equality Bill is now in the report stage before undergoing a third reading. It has been designed to consolidate and simplify existing laws and the government has hailed it as a gateway to "a fairer future".

Bill Clinton says gays should be able to marry
Former US president Bill Clinton has said he is now "basically" in favour of gay marriage. During his term, he opposed equal rights for gay couples and introduced the Defence of Marriage Act.

Ukraine may ban Bruno
Ukraine is planning to ban the film Bruno because is likely to offend conservative and religious opionion, reports suggest. The film, about a gay Austrian journalist, features full-frontal nudity and sexual acts.

Trans woman dies after voodoo 'cleansing' ritual
A trans woman from Arkansas has died after apparently taking part in a voodoo ritual. Lucille Hamilton, 21, flew to Jersey on Friday to undergo a ritual that would remove her "spiritual grime".

Daniel Radcliffe: 'It's awesome people think I'm gay'
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has said people often think he's gay, but added he thinks it's "awesome".

Comment: Catholic inconsistency over epidemics
Last month, the Diocese of Plymouth sent letters to its priests advising them to stop offering wine at communion in a bid to help fight the swine flu epidemic. But what of its treatment of the rather more serious epidemic of HIV/AIDS?

Lithuania's parliament passes 'Section 28-style' law to ban homosexuality in schools
The Lithuanian parliament today voted to pass a law that bans information on homosexuality in schools or in media accessible by young people.

Daily Queer News
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"The Man in the Mirror"
Chris Hedges |
In celebrity culture we destroy what we worship. The commercial exploitation of Michael Jackson's death was orchestrated by the corporate forces that rendered Jackson insane. Jackson, robbed of his childhood and surrounded by vultures that preyed on his fears and weaknesses, was so consumed by self-loathing he carved his African-American face into an ever-changing Caucasian death mask and hid his apparent pedophilia behind a Peter Pan illusion of eternal childhood. He could not disentangle his public and his private self. He became a commodity, a product, one to be sold, used and manipulated. He was infected by the moral nihilism and personal disintegration that are at the core of our corporate culture. And his fantasies of eternal youth, delusions of majesty, and desperate, disfiguring quests for physical transformation were expressions of our own yearning. He was a reflection of us in the extreme.

Hate Crimes Lies 'Carried' to a New Level
Good As You
When it comes to politics, there are lies and then there are LIES. The following snippet, which comes from an Illinois Family Institute flier opposing LGBT-inclusive hate crimes legislation, falls on the extreme end of the latter category:

Left, Left, Left, Wing, Left: More Dems Sens Hint at DADT Hiatus
Good As You
Yesterday we told you about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's (D-NY) talked-about plans to introduce a measure that would put a temporary (18-month) moratorium on DADT discharges. Now comes word that Senate Majority Leader Harry (D-NV) is also on board with the promising (even if provisional) pro-equality possibility. This from The Advocate:


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