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GLBT DIGEST - August 01, 2009

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New York Times
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Living in Tents, and by the Rules, Under a Bridge
The chief emerges from his tent to face the leaden morning light. It had been a rare, rough night in his homeless Brigadoon: a boozy brawl, the wielding of a knife taped to a stick. But the community handled it, he says with pride, his day’s first cigar already aglow.

Spain’s Leader Sees Investment as Means to Ease Job Losses
MADRID — Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero came to power in 2004 when Spain was riding high, its economy growing dramatically. He rode the wave to push through an aggressive social agenda, legalizing gay marriage and promoting gender equality.

Washington Post
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DEAR AMY: My college-age nephew confided in me that he is gay.

House Subcommittee Backs Extension of Benefits To Gay Partners of Government Employees
By Joe Davidson
Reflecting changing national views on gay and lesbian relationships, a House subcommittee voted Thursday to extend employee benefits to the same-sex partners of federal workers.

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Hawaii coach apologizes for using gay slur in describing Notre Dame cheer at media briefing
By James Song
Hawaii coach Greg McMackin apologized Thursday for making a derogatory remark usually directed toward gays while describing Notre Dame's chant during a dinner banquet leading up to last year's Hawaii Bowl.,0,2102155.story

Gay-rights activists: Struggle continues for basic rights; marriage equality is secondary
By Cheryl Wittenauer
Gay marriage and gays in the military may dominate the headlines, but activists in many states say their fight is much more fundamental: basic rights and protections against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation.,0,7728071.story

Camillus House advocate to receive White House honor
By Jaweed Kaleem
A South Florida doctor who has long advocated for the poor and homeless will travel to the nation's capital next month to receive the prestigious U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom.,0,2318181.story

Steve Rothaus
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South Florida gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender performing artists sought for ‘A Taste of Out in the Tropics’
News release from Robert Rosenberg:
We are looking for GLBT artists to perform at A Taste of Out in the Tropics showcase, a part of the Miami Beach Sleepless Night event, Saturday, November 7, 2009 ( This showcase will take place at the Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road.

Miami Herald
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Get up and crawl for the cause
Deep into the summer, things have come to somewhat of a turtle-like crawl, but in the case of Summer Fest '09, that's a good thing because that crawl is between bars. Kicking off Friday and going through the weekend, the Equality Florida Bar Crawl joins with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to present a musical chairs of sorts for adults, with some of South Beach's best -- and only -- gay bars hosting various events. That's Score, Palace, Halo, Twist, as well as equal opportunity spots like Hotel Victor and the Tides Hotel. The weekend's festivities will be emceed by drag stars Geraldine and Fernan-D-Cute.

Washington State reviewing signatures on anti-gay rights petition
By Brad Shannon
Social conservatives who organized the Referendum 71 challenge to domestic-partnership rights for same-sex couples turned in fewer signatures than initially thought.

South Florida Blade
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Nude beach may return to Key West
Clothing-optional area would become second legal nude beach in Fla.
Residents in Key West may have the opportunity to vote if the southernmost city in the United States should have a nude beach.

Georgie's Alibi owners face off in court
Minority owners fighting to see financial records
Georgie’s Alibi owners Mark Negrete and Jackson Padgett are locked in a legal dispute with their fellow minority bar owners Dennis Bellehumeur and Garrison “Gary” Smith, over access to financial records. In November 2007, Bellehumeur and Smith purchased 28 1/3 percent of Gat Bar Inc., the parent corporation of Georgie’s Alibi. They spent close to $1 million, with about $727,000 of it in a secured note to be paid off completely in four years. Bellehumeur, a real-estate agent, previously owned Dorothy’s Deli, a restaurant that existed where the current Starbucks on NE 26th St. sits. Smith also worked at Alibi’s, and is named as the licensee of the bar’s liquor license.

AAA to provide benefits for same-sex couples
Equality Florida lobbies auto insurer to change policy
The American Automobile Association Club South has agreed to provide the same benefits to same-sex couples as they do to married straight couples. AAA is an automotive club that offers roadside assistance, insurance, discounts and travel planning for its members. The nationwide AAA is made up of 69 individual clubs in North America and each club is allowed to set its own membership rules. There are about 50 million members total in the entire organization.

The Advocate
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How Do You Say Chutzpah in German?
By Matthew Breen
In a photo shoot for Heeb magazine, comic actress Roseanne Barr gleefully courts controversy by dressing as Adolf Hitler, complete with a swastika armband, pulling a tray of burnt “Jew Cookies” from an oven. Barr, a 5-foot-4 Jewish grandmother, requested that she be dressed as the führer for the photos.

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Ruby-Sachs: What is it About Gay Athletes That is so Threatening?
By Emma Ruby-Sachs
The recent reports of bombings during the Danish Gay Games have shocked many. It would be like someone launching a gay bashing in the middle of gay pride, in San Francisco. Copenhagen is a gay friendly city. The deputy mayor is gay, it shares much of Europe’s tolerant atmosphere for gay culture and the highly educated, well off population certainly lives harmoniously with gay residents.

Syfy Promises More LGBT Characters
By Ali Davis
Of all the networks that received failing grades from GLAAD’s Network Responsibility Index, so far only Syfy has responded.

Corvino: We’ve still got far to go
By John Corvino
I’m not usually a touchy-feely, share-your-emotions, “Trust the Process” kind of guy. I’m a philosophy professor. I revel in cold, hard logic.

U.S. Soldiers accused of executing gay Iraqis
By 365gay Newswire
(Lebanon) U.S. soldiers have been accused of aiding in the execution of gay Iraqis, the Washington Blade reports. The accusations were made by two unnamed, gay Iraqi refugees during a fundraiser event at the Human Rights Campaign headquarters.

Pink News - UK
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Tornado was 'God's wrath' for civil partnership
A tornado which struck the Isle of Lewis has been blamed on a recent civil partnership ceremony. A local minister warned the ceremony defied "God's law".

Quakers agree to hold gay marriages
The annual meeting of Quakers in York has decided to hold marriages for gay couples. According to those present, many hugged and burst into tears when the decision was announced.

Appeal for Burundi to end criminalisation of homosexuality
The Human Rights Watch (HRC) has called on Burundi to reverse its law criminalising gay sex.

Refugees accuse US military of executing gay Iraqi civilians
Two gay Iraqi refugees sparked astonishment at a LGBT meeting in Lebanon when they accused US soldiers of committing atrocities against gay Iraqi civilians.

A Gay Council of Britain?
We've got Peter Tatchell at one side and Stonewall at the other - but is it time for a more democratically-elected representation?


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