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GLBT DIGEST September 04, 2009

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Washington Post
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Reality Makes Gay Marriage Debate Obsolete
By Petula Dvorak
The argument over whether same-sex couples should marry in the District is about a decade past its expiration date. The reality of people's lives long ago outstripped the usefulness of the gay marriage debate.

Miami Herald
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S.C. State Sen. Knotts accuses Sanford of smear campaign
By Roddie Burris
The State (Columbia, S.C.)
State Sen. Jake Knotts, R-Lexington, on Thursday called on the General Assembly to remove Gov. Mark Sanford from office after Knotts accused his fellow Republican of launching a smear campaign against Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and gays.

The Advocate
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Paterson Re-ups N.Y. Marriage Pledge
By Kerry Eleveld
New York governor David Paterson recommitted himself to including same-sex marriage on the agenda if he has to call a special session this fall in order to shore up the state's budget woes.

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Namibia city hosts first gay rights march
By Jennifer Vanasco
About 40 people are expected to march in Keetmanshoop’s first-ever march for gay and lesbian rights on Saturday.

Pink News - UK
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Gay US Navy sailor 'brutalised for two years for refusing to sleep with prostitute'
By Jessica Geen
A gay US navy sailor who refused to sleep with a female prostitute suffered two years of harassment and bullying, according to official Navy documents.

Trans killer wins right to move to female prison
A trans woman who was jailed for the manslaughter of her boyfriend and the attempted rape of a female shop assistant has won the right to be placed in a women's prison.

Homophobic posters placed around Leicester ahead of Pride
A number of offensive posters have been put up around Leicester ahead of the city's Pride festival tomorrow. Bearing messages such as 'Capital punishment for gays' and 'God abhors gays', the posters were placed on an LGBT centre and on a former parade route.

Woman attacked in homophobic assault
A young woman was kicked and punched by two teenage girls after defending her gay brother from their homophobic abuse.

Video: Irish gay marriage ad becomes a surprise internet hit
A ad from Irish gay marriage group MarriagEquality has become a worldwide hit on the internet. The video, titled Sinead's Hand, sees a smartly-dressed young man traipsing through streets and the Irish countryside asking everyone he meets for 'Sinead's' hand in marriage.

Man jailed for hammer attack on gay partner
A man who attacked his partner with a hammer and broke his leg in three places has been jailed for at least six years.

Rome's gay quarter hit by homophobic attacks
The gay area of Rome has suffered a number of homophobic attacks in recent weeks, with the latest incident leaving one man injured.

Daily Queer News
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Rachel Maddow’s Devastating Showdown with Tom Ridge: Comeuppance for Failures on Katrina, Terror Threats and Iraq
Rachel Maddow, The Rachel Maddow Show | AlterNet
[T]he man at the center of this biggest transformation of the federal government in modern history, the biggest change in what we pay federal tax dollars for since we got a unified Defense Department in 1947, is our next guest. His name is Tom Ridge. He has a new book out called, The Test of Our Times. It’s a very human book. It reads as sort of one man’s adventures in nationally consequential politics. The buzz about the book, thus far, has focused on one passage that’s buried way down to start on Page 236.

How Do We Pass Rational Sex-Offender Laws with Psychos Like Phillip Garrido on the Loose
Liliana Segura, AlterNet
“Philip Garrido isn’t a man, he isn’t an animal; he is a monster from the deep recesses who preys on innocence and those he can overpower. He is a degenerate who should have stayed locked up in prison. He should have but he was allowed to go free.”
– Kristen Houghton, “Jaycee Lee Dugard’s monster from the depths of hell,” from the

WA: Poll: Support Grows for Same-Sex Partnerships
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Strange Bedfellows blog
Poll: Support grows for same-sex partnerships
By Joe Connelly
A new analysis by University of Washington researchers indicates that Evergreen State voters may be ready to approve “everything but marriage” domestic partnerships, assuming Referendum 71 goes to a vote in November.


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