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GLBT DIGEST - September 09, 2009

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Steve Rothaus
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Congress needs your story about living with HIV/AIDS
From Michael Rajner and The Bilerico Project:
Are you a person living with HIV/AIDS in Florida and depend on Ryan White funded services? If so, I need you to provide me with a few short paragraphs on how important of a role the Ryan White Programs play in your life. Tomorrow, Congress begins its first hearing on the Ryan White Act and your story could touch the heart of the Members of the subcommittee hearing legislation. Click here to contact me with your story for Congress!

Lambda Legal condemns stripping of domestic partner benefits by Arizona lawmakers
Lambda Legal has issued an alert that Arizona lawmakers have revoked domestic-partner insurance benefits from state employees as a money-saving measure: "A cruel and cynical ploy by the far right to target and hurt the families of gay and lesbian state employees under the guise of cost-cutting"

Gay fan strips to boxers, begs George Clooney: ‘Take me, choose me, please. May I kiss you, just once?’
Associated Press
VENICE, Italy -- A fan of actor George Clooney stripped to his boxer shorts in front of the Hollywood star and asked if he could "kiss him, just once." "I am gay, George," the unidentified man said during a news conference at the Venice Film Festival Tuesday. "Take me, choose me George, please. May I kiss you, just once?"

Washington state judge rejects challenge to vote on gay benefits
By RACHEL LA CORTE, Associated Press
A judge on Tuesday refused to block a proposed ballot initiative on expanded domestic partnership benefits for gay couples in Washington state.

The Advocate
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Queens! NYT Endorses Gay Candidates
By Julie Bolcer
Three candidates from Queens seeking to be among the borough's first openly gay elected officials received the influential endorsement of The New York Times. As the New York City political season enters full swing, three openly gay candidates from Queens have been endorsed by The New York Times in their potentially historic bids for the New York City Council. Democratic candidates Danny Drumm, Lynn Schulman and Jimmy Van Bramer (pictured) each could become among the first openly gay elected officials to represent the city’s second-most populous borough.!_NYT_Endorses_Gay_Candidates/

Hildebrand "Losing Patience" With Obama
By Julie Bolcer
A former top adviser to the Obama campaign expressed his frustration with the pace of gay rights change in an interview with Politico on Tuesday.

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Congress returns - much at stake for gays
By Lisa Keen, Keen News Service
Congress is back for the last three months of the Obama administration’s first year in the White House, and suddenly, every bill is on fire–eight of 12 appropriations bills in the Senate, bills to steady a still wobbly economy facing an almost 10 percent unemployment rate, and bills to address climate change, renew estate tax provisions, and decide whether a government –or public— health insurance option should be part of health care insurance reform

Is the National Organization for Marriage violating state law?
By Lisa Keen, Keen News Service
The National Organization for Marriage, which formed two years ago to take the lead to oppose equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, is coming under increased scrutiny.

Two-Thirds of GLBT Americans Think Nation Headed in the Right Direction
By 365gay Newswire
(Washington, DC) American GLBT adults say they are more optimistic for the future than their heterosexual counterparts.

6 LGBTs to join the DNC
By 365gay Newswire
From the Victory Fund: Six more openly LGBT Democrats are on track to join the 447-member Democratic National Committee as at-large members, including two Victory Fund-endorsed elected officials and two other individuals affliated with the Victory Fund and Leadership Institute.

Pink News - UK
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Caster Semenya unveils glamorous look as she learns she'll keep gold medal
South African athlete Caster Semenya has learned that she will be entitled to retain her 800-metre gold medal regardless of the results of tests to ascertain whether she is really a man or a woman. She has also taken part in a glamorous magazine shoot.

Amnesty sends warning over Lithuania's criminalisation of 'homosexual propaganda'
Human rights charity Amnesty International has condemned plans by Lithuania to criminalise the "promotion" of homosexuality, saying it could lead to increased violence and discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Mayor who tried to ban gay pride praises Taliban 'family values'
The Doncaster mayor who tried to ban funding for gay Pride marches has caused shock by claiming people should look to the Taliban as a good example of family values.

Daily Queer News
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Gay Marriage Bill Plots Comeback in New York
Carlos Santoscoy | On Top Magazine
Published: September 08, 2009
Gay marriage is plotting its comeback in New York but whether senators will bite remains to be seen. Last week, New York Governor David Paterson told gay monthly The Advocate that he would add the gay marriage bill to the agenda of a special session expected to take place in late September.

Asylum Pitfalls May Await the Transgender Applicant
Victoria Neilson | Visit article original @ On the Issues Magazine
When “Cristina” calls Immigration Equality, where I am the legal director, she’s called the right place for legal representation before the Immigration Court. Immigration Equality is the only national organization that works exclusively for equal rights under the U.S. immigration law for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and HIV-positive (LGBT/H) individuals. She has already filed for asylum based on her transgender identity (MTF, or male-to-female). She has been living as a woman for many years, has taken hormones and has had several surgeries including complete sex reassignment surgery.


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