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GLBT DIGEST - October 26, 2009

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New York Times
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States Pressed Into New Role on Medical Marijuana
Health and law enforcement officials around the nation are scrambling to figure out how to regulate medical marijuana now that the federal government has decided it will no longer prosecute legal users or providers.

Mass. Man Says Brazilian Husband Denied US Asylum
The Massachusetts husband of a gay Brazilian man says his spouse has been denied asylum that would allow them to be reunited in the U.S.

Developing Nation Anglicans Decline Pope's Offer
PARIS (Reuters) - Conservative bishops who say they represent almost half the world's Anglicans urged fellow believers Sunday to reform the Anglican Communion rather than take up Pope Benedict's invitation to join the Roman Catholic Church.

Washington Post
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Both sides mobilize on same-sex marriage
Rally by opponents precedes election board, D.C. Council hearings
By Tim Craig
A small but noisy group of protesters, many bused in from churches, rallied Sunday in downtown Washington to demand that the D.C. Council reject a measure that would allow same-sex marriages in the District.

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Stereotype and prejudice
The article published on Oct. 11, regarding President Obama mending fences with gays, quoted Pentagon sources that show 10,507 men and women discharged for sexual orientation over the last 12 years. Other statistics have put that number over 12,500 since 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' was implemented in 1993 under former President Bill Clinton. Though women make up only 15 percent of active duty military personnel, they account for one third of the dismissals. It would be interesting to know the amount of taxpayer money that is spent recruiting and training, investigating and discharging, and ultimately replacing these qualified soldiers. The Government Accountability Office indicates a cost of $95.4 million for recruiting and $95.1 million for training replacements from 1994 to 2003 alone.

Cruise lines entice fans with music from Kid Rock to Christian
By MCT News Service
Scrreeeeech! For your listening pleasure, the soundtrack aboard Carnival Destiny next May will be industrial-metal rock. It's courtesy of the Genitorturers , stars of the five-night Devils & Dolls Cruise from Miami on May 8.

Pope John Paul II film festival coming to Miami-Dade
By Jaweed Kaleem
There's no shortage of film festivals in Miami: Colombian, Black, Brazilian, and Gay and Lesbian, to name a few.

Steve Rothaus
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Jamaica Gleaner: Buju Banton gets green light to perform in Miami
Gay Jamaica Watch blog has posted this article from Monday’s The Jamaica Gleaner:
BY HOWARD CAMPBELL, The Jamaica Gleaner
Buju Banton, whose Rasta Got Soul tour of the United States has been dogged by protests from gay rights groups, will perform at the Reggae Bash show in Miami this week.

Kate Williams named executive director of South Florida’s Aqua Foundation for Women
News release from Aqua Foundation for Women:
The Aqua Foundation for Women (AFW), whose mission is to promote the equality, strength, health and visibility of South Florida lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (LBT) women, announces its new Executive Director, Kate Williams. In its fifth year, The AFW is poised for meteoric growth. The Board of Directors decided it is the right time to hire an Executive Director to lead the way. After an extensive search, Kate Williams was chosen based on her non-profit experience in program management and fundraising as well as her business background and overall leadership qualities. The AFW required its new leader to share the values and the vision of the organization. "Kate truly understands our vision of achieving the wellbeing and equality of lesbian, bisexual and transgendered women. She knows we cannot sit idly and wait for this but must work together each day until we are truly equal. We are extremely excited to move forward towards this goal with Kate.", said Laura Steckler, Chair of the AFW.

Log Cabin Republicans to host Halloween fundraiser for hospitalized military personnel
News release from Broward’s Log Cabin Republican Club (LCR):
Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Oct.14, 2009. The Log Cabin Republican Club (LCR) is proud to announce that its members will host a Halloween costume party as a fundraiser for The Fisher Houses at the Miami and West Palm Beach Veterans’ Hospitals.

Miami Beach Bruthaz announces dates for 2010
From Miami Beach Bruthaz:
Contact Us at (888) 4-BRUTHAZ
Miami Beach Bruthaz is an annual summer lifestyle event on South Beach which attracts same gender loving men and women from around the country for a weekend of Knowledge Culture and Fashion. The 2010 event will be held July 15-18. Our host hotels are the Riviera South Beach Hotel and the Catalina Beach Club & Spa. Hotel reservations can be made through our event website or by calling 888-427-8842. Visit us online at www.miamibeachbruthaz.com or on Myspace at www.myspace.com/miamibeachbruthaz or check us out on Facebook.

Elaine Lancaster to celebrate 10th year as official White Party hostess
From Elaine Lancaster:

New York Post: Tony-nominated Broadway leading men Jonathan Groff and Gavin Creel are ‘Actors in Love’
From Today’s New York Post:
THERE'S a new gay power couple on Broadway. Jonathan Groff, who was nominated for a Tony for his work in "Spring Awakening," has been dating "Hair" star Gavin Creel, a source tells Page Six.

The Advocate
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Gay Adoption Focus of Royal Battle
By Julie Bolcer
The legitimacy of same-sex unions and the rights of surrogate children lie at the heart of a bitter inheritance battle involving one of Italy’s richest families. Princess Gesine Doria Pamphilj, a devout Catholic, believes that the two surrogate children of her gay brother, Jonathan, and his civil partner have no rights to the $1.5 billion family fortune and private art collection, according to The New York Post.

Woman Joins Obama Golf Foursome
By Julie Bolcer
President Barack Obama’s chief domestic policy adviser, Melody Barnes, became the first woman to play in the president’s golf foursome on Sunday, following criticism that a testosterone-laden boys’ club mentality dominates the White House inner circle.

Man Sentenced for Gay Immigration Fraud
By Julie Bolcer
A Seattle-area man accused of counseling straight immigrants to claim they were gay in order to obtain asylum in the United States has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

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Dr. Susan Love recruits a gay and trans army against breast cancer
By Dana Rudolph
“Breast cancer doesn’t have to go on to another generation. We can be the generation that stops it,” says Dr. Susan Love.

Attorney General comments on DOMA, don’t ask
By 365gay Newswire
Attorney General Eric Holder, in Maine less than two weeks before voters decide whether to repeal the state’s law recognizing gay marriages, was asked about federal laws addressing the issue.

Wash. man gets 18 months in gay immigration fraud
By The Associated Press
A man accused of advising straight immigrants to claim homosexuality – and potential persecution in their home countries – when they applied for asylum has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Pink News - UK
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Gay man fighting for life after Liverpool homophobic attack
Three people have been arrested after a homophobic attack which left a young man with serious head injuries. The attack happened last night in Liverpool's gay area.

Christian woman may sue after police investigate 'gay hate crime' letter
A woman who complained about a gay Pride march in Norwich has said she may sue the police and local council after she was investigated for possible hate crime.

Comment: In defence of Jan Moir
Homophobia breeds when we silence opinions we don’t like. For democracy’s sake, Jan Moir owes no apologies for her opinions, just coherent reasons, says Adrian Tippetts.

Film director accuses Scientology of homophobia
A Hollywood film director has left the Church of Scientology, citing the religion's opposition to gay marriage. Paul Haggis, who directed the 2005 film Crash, was a member of the church for around 35 years.

Film about gay Neo-Nazis wins top honours at Rome Film Festival
Brotherhood, a film about two male Neo-Nazis who begin a relationship, has won the best film accolade at the Rome Film Festival.

Elton John cancels gig after catching flu
Elton John was forced to cancel a sell-out gig in Sheffield after coming down with flu. He was due to play before 13,000 fans at Sheffield Arena on Friday night as part of his Red Piano show

Scottish police call for more gays and lesbians to report domestic abuse
Scottish police are urging more gay and lesbian victims of domestic violence to come forward. One thousand incidents of domestic abuse among same-sex couples were reported in Scotland in the last year but it is thought the true number of incidents could be as high as 4,000.

Ruling bars courts from asking for doctor's notes in trans name changes
Trans people who legally change their names will no longer need to provide courts with a doctor's note after a ruling from New York's Supreme Court.

Daily Queer News
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Quack Attack Is Back In West Palm
Wayne Besen \ Truth Wins Out
In August, the American Psychological Association released a report that explicitly said “there is insufficient evidence” for therapists to claim conversion therapy works.

NE: PFLAG Cornhusker Honors Jim and Barb Kimberly
On Nov. 1 Jim and Barb Kimberly will be honored at a reception at the Unitarian Church, 6300 “A”. Jim and Barbara have given 34 years of their time and energy to many organizations including the LGBT community. The reception is from 2:00 - 4:00. If you would like to bring a “finger food” for the Kimberly reception on Nov. 1, please either email Cyn Monohon at barcynmon@windstream.net or call Cyn at 488-6125 with what you are willing to bring to the reception.

TV Ads Aren’t the Answer in Maine
Matt Foreman \ Bilerico Project
As the campaign in Maine enters the home stretch, our skeevy opponents have unleashed yet another ad claiming that unless marriage equality is overturned, same-sex marriage will be “pushed” on elementary school children. Our side has responded with calm, rebutting the attacks with facts, statements from authoritative figures, and appeals to higher values. Sadly, that approach has been condemned by well-respected figures in our community, including Andrew Sullivan, Mike Tidmus, the Box Turtle Bulletin and the Bay Area Reporter.

The Gay Hate Crimes Crisis Isn’t Over Yet
David Badash \ Bilerico Project
Thursday’s historic passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act is cause for celebration. The first federal legislation to provide inclusive protections for the GLBTQ community, this hate crimes bill will extend significant protections to many Americans. Yes, we absolutely must celebrate this victory. It tells all our citizens, and the world, who we are, what we stand for - and what we won’t stand for.

Rock of Ages, Cleft by the Pope
New York Times
London: THE images and clich├ęs came spluttering out of the laptops of church people and religious affairs correspondents on Tuesday: The pope has parked his tanks on the Church of England’s lawn; Rome has made a hostile takeover bid for Canterbury. It is understandable if people are at a loss for words, since the move has been made so decisively and so without warning. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, knew nothing of the plan until a few days ago.

Gay Marriage Fight Fuels Debate Over Petitioners’ Rights
David G. Savage and Carol J. Williams \ Los Angeles Times
October 25, 2009
Reporting from Los Angeles and Washington - The fierce fight over same-sex marriage in California and elsewhere is creating pressure to recognize a new free-speech right that could keep petition signatures secret.

For an Episcopal Parish, a Path to Catholicism
When the Vatican announced last week that it would welcome groups of traditionalist Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church, leaders of one Episcopal parish celebrated as if a ship had arrived to rescue them from a drifting ice floe.

The Sex of Athletes: One Issue, Many Variables
ALICE DREGER \ New York Times
Track and field’s world governing body has begun trying to devise new rules about who can compete as a woman. This comes nearly two months after being presented with the case of Caster Semenya, the South African runner whose sex was questioned when she won the 800-meter world championship.

Tell Scholastic to Stop Censoring Gay Friendly Books
Gay Rights
Tell Scholastic to Stop Censoring Gay Friendly Books
To: Richard Robinson (Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Scholastic), Kyle Good (Vice President, Corporate Communications, Scholastic) and Teryl McLane (Senior Manager of Communications, Scholastic Book Fairs)
Started by: Michael Jones

The Nun’s Story
MAUREEN DOWD \ New York Times
Once, in the first grade, I was late for class. I started crying in the schoolyard, terrified to go in and face the formidable Sister Hiltruda. Father Montgomery, who looked like a handsome young priest out of a 1930s movie, found me cowering and took my hand, leading me into the classroom.

Rightist on BBC Panel Draws Protests and Viewers
JOHN F. BURNS \ New York News
LONDON — In a usual week, “Question Time” is a worthy but largely unexciting television production, a late-night panel discussion on the BBC that for 30 years has attracted a modest, pre-bedtime audience.

Maine Gay Marriage Debate Heats Up, Differs from Vermont
DANIEL BARLOW \ Vermont Press Bureau \ Times Argus
MONTPELIER – Maine is now embroiled in the same-sex marriage debate that Vermont mostly avoided. Maine lawmakers approved same-sex marriage this spring, shortly after Vermont lawmakers did the same, but that state now faces a Nov. 3 ballot referendum to appeal the new law.

Rinse, Repeat: Obama Admin Aggressively Defending DADT in Court
Pam Spaulding \ Pam’s House Blend
WTF? Didn’t we hear during the HRC dinner that the President was working on repeal as we speak?

CA: Time for Greek, GLBT Groups to Come to the Table
Daily Trojan
One of the most sensitive — and most important — issues facing our university community is how gay and lesbian individuals are treated in the Greek system. Over the last five years, a trickle of complaints regarding this matter has become a steady flow. The issue was highlighted in a letter sent to the Daily Trojan last spring, when the writer, who had been rejected from a house during the rush process, lamented the “palpable” anti-gay sentiment in fraternities.

CA: GLBT Groups Face Hurdles in Greek Relations
Grace Wong, Alexandra Tilsley \ Daily Trojan
When Steven Philp ran for president of his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, some of his fraternity brothers opposed his campaign because of his sexual orientation. “I know that one of the issues that was brought up was, ‘Do we want a gay president?’” Philp, a senior majoring in creative writing said. “And a lot of members said no.”


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