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GLBT DIGEST - November 30, 2009

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Steve Rothaus
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Female Israeli soldier writes about ‘The ‘crime’ of praying with a tallit, and a plea for tolerance’
From The Jewish Daily Forward:
The Crime of Wearing a Tallit
By Nofrat Frenkel
Nofrat Frenkel was recently arrested for wearing a tallit at the Kotel. Authorities said she was “performing a religious act that offends the feelings of others.” In this essay, Frenkel writes about her arrest. Read More

Independent Alligator editorial: FDA should not restrict gay men from donating blood
The Independent Alligator in Gainesville has an interesting story about University of Florida students objecting to the FDA’s longstanding ban on blood donations by sexually active gay men, “Community reacts to ban on blood donations from gay men."

Gay-friendly Las Vegas is on a winning streak
Sin City isn't teeming with gay businesses, but its anything-goes attitude and big, gay marketing push attract LGBT travelers in spades.
BY LOANN HALDEN, Special to The Miami Herald
There's always been something a little bit queer about Las Vegas, dating to the drag queens who performed at the Kit Kat Club in the 1940s and a bedazzled Liberace becoming the city's highest-paid entertainer when he appeared at the Riviera Hotel in 1955.

The Advocate
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Canadian PM Warns Uganda on Antigay Law
By Julie Bolcer
Prime minister Stephen Harper (pictured) of Canada privately warned president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda over the weekend about a proposed law in hat would include death penalties for gay people in the African nation.

Fake Cop Jailed for Gay Sex Blackmail
By Julie Bolcer
A UK man who posed as a police officer to blackmail gay men cruising for sex was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison.
Prosecutors argued that Lee Creamer, 26, targeted men in the known cruising spot of Portdown Hill in Hampshire, on the south coast of England, according to Portsmouth Today.

Porn Star Rapist Posts Prison Personal Ad
By Editors
In 2008, Christopher Reid was found guilty of raping a woman at a Washington State University sorority hour. A porn star who worked under the name Jack Venice, he primarily appeared in straight videos, though gay for pay solo performances surfaced after he was convicted.

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California mayor apologizes for remark about gays
By The Associated Press
A Northern California mayor is apologizing for comments he made to The New York Times that gays will not go to heaven. Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis issued a prepared statement Tuesday saying he seeks to represent all city residents, not just a faction.

Some gays seek renewed focus on civil unions
By The Associated Press
Leland Traiman, who runs a sperm bank in California, worries about his lesbian clients in more conservative parts of the country when he hears fellow gay rights activists talk about winning the right to wed.

Thousands in PR hold vigil for murdered gay teen
By The Associated Press
(San Juan, Puerto Rico) Thousands of people marched through Puerto Rico’s capital last Wednesday, celebrating the life of a gay teenager whose dismembered, burned body was found dumped along a road in a small mountain town.

Pink News - UK
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Tory leader David Cameron promises 'big push' to curb HIV infections
Conservative Party leader David Cameron today promised to ring-fence spending money for tackling HIV and organise a new campaign to change attitudes to the disease.

Ian McKellen criticises Little Britain gay sketch
Gay actor Ian McKellen has criticised the "camp" portrayal of gays on television. He said that comedy sketches such as Matt Lucas' only gay in the village in Little Britain were not helpful in fostering tolerance.

Liverpool police release CCTV images of boys wanted for homophobic assault
Merseyside Police have released CCTV images of four teenage boys wanted in connection with a homophobic assault on a gay student. The 19-year-old was attacked on Wednesday, November 18th on Lord Street near James Street Station.

Bulgarian man sells story of final hours with Stephen Gately
Georgi Dochev, the Bulgarian student who was at the Majorca apartment where gay Boyzone singer Stephen Gately died, has sold his story to a newspaper.

US trans sportswriter found dead
A sports journalist who worked on the Los Angeles Times has been found dead in an apparent suicide. Mike Penner, 52, who worked for the newspaper for 25 years, had struggled with his sexual identity.

David Cameron's World AIDS Day message
Tory leader David Cameron said that a new effective strategy was needed to tackle HIV infections in the UK and abroad. He promised to ring-fence public spending for tackling the disease and suggested pharmacies could offer HIV testing in the same way as America.

Daily Queer News
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Welcome to the new DQN!
by Matt Comer
Where’s my old, you ask? We’re still here. No worries. But after a two-day break over Thanksgiving weekend, we’re back newer and better than ever. You’ll notice a lot of changes here at DQN, now and as we continue to grow the site through the end of the year and into January 2010 — our fifth anniversary.

Rick Warren Downplays Antigay Past
By Julie Bolcer
Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren appeared Sunday on Meet The Press, where he presented himself as a friend of gay people, if not marriage equality, in response to a series of question from host David Gregory.

N.J. Bishops: Pray Against Gay Marriage
By Julie Bolcer
Catholic bishops in New Jersey instructed priests over the weekend to read and distribute a letter that asked parishioners to pray that state lawmakers do not vote for a marriage equality bill.

Marriage Definitions Vary Widely Throughout the US
Tags: China, gay marriage, marriage, marriage equality, Salt Lake City, same-sex marriage, Utah | by Victoria Lavin
Utah’s Deseret News reports on the nation’s growing disparities on how same-sex couples are treated and recognized legally. From no recognition and marriage amendments to civil unions and marriages, laws state-by-state vary widely. Read more

Q of the Day: What would a world be like where we all are welcome?
by: Autumn Sandeen
A Q Of The Day: Posed at the 2009 Sacramento TDOR Candlelight Vigil, Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, California, November 21, 2009. The question:
What would a world be like where we all are welcome?

Sarah Palin meets her match
by: Lurleen
H/T Bob. Rogue elephant Sarah Palin met her double during a book signing in Noblesville, Indiana. Well, at least she didn't snub herself! Some suggested picture captions:

Rick Warren Refuses To Condemn Proposed Ugandan Law To Execute Gays
Rick Warren, the pastor who delivered the invocation at President Obama's inauguration, is once again on the defensive -- this time for his work with a Ugandan pastor who would like homosexuality to be punishable by death.

Michael Moore: ‘Mr. Obama, you do not know war’
By Agence France-Presse
TOKYO — Filmmaker Michael Moore urged President Barack Obama on Monday not to expand the war in Afghanistan, as Washington prepares to announce a surge of US troops in the conflict-torn nation.

Irish Priest: Molestation Cover-Up Scandal Goes Right To The Top In Rome
BBC radio host and newspaper columnist Father Brian D'Arcy says that the blame for the Catholic Church's unfolding child molestation cover-up scandal in Dublin goes all the way to Rome.
One of Ireland's best-loved priests, Father Brian D'Arcy, has called for the resignation of clergy who knowingly covered up for child sex-abuse priests. Five bishops who once served in the Dublin Archdiocese when the abuse was taking place and took no action have faced resignation calls over the Murphy Report, which found child sex-abuse rampant. D'Arcy, a well-known media figure and commentator, said the findings of the Murphy Report were "absolutely sickening." And he said that when he served on the Council of Priests in Dublin during the 1990s, he never even "heard a hint" of accusations of abuse. This is not just in the Diocese, this goes right to the top in Rome," he said. "I must have read about a dozen reports from all over the world, from Boston right through to the Ryan Report, the Ferns report, the Dublin report and reports from Australia, and they seem just the same," he told the the "Eamonn Keane Show" on Newstalk Radio. "Yesterday, I just felt physically sick. This morning I have to get up and I try to read it again and I still felt physically sick and I still am physically sick having read the kind of abuse that was perpetrated on innocent children by people who, in a sense were colleagues of mine, because I did spend quite a number of years working within the Dublin Archdiocese in Mount Argus."


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