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GLBT DIGEST - December 13, 2009

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New York Times
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California Companies Fight Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide
As the political battle over same-sex marriage plays out in state capitals across the country, several California companies have emerged as the go-to players for opponents of the marriages.

Lost to AIDS, but Still Friended
LIKE millions of other Americans, Dominic Bash has a Twitter account, an online wall and a network of friends on the Web. His Facebook-style profile features Mr. Bash’s occupation as a hairdresser at the Abbey in Philadelphia, lists his birthday, the names of good friends, his interests and hobbies. It pictures him at his most typical and outrageous — at a Philadelphia gay pride parade, dressed in a lavender feather boa, his long blond hair styled in a braid reminiscent of Madonna, in her Heidi phase.

Houston Is Largest City to Elect Openly Gay Mayor
Houston became the largest city in the United States to elect an openly gay mayor on Saturday night, as voters gave a solid victory to the city controller, Annise Parker.

Washington Post
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HIV funds bypassing areas in need
'We're in one of the most powerful cities in the world. It's not fair to these kids that we didn't get it right.'
By Debbie Cenziper
They are cheering and clapping and calling his name, but the boy in the corner won't budge. In front of him, eight children stand elbow to elbow on a rainbow-colored carpet. The adults at the group therapy session in Northwest Washington say: Tell us what makes you celebrate. The boy stares at his khakis, refusing to look up, even after a friend tries to coax him into the giggling fray.

Houston voters elect first openly gay mayor
Annise Parker made history Saturday by becoming Houston's first openly gay mayor, seizing 53.6 percent of the vote in the city's hotly contested election.

Steve Rothaus
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Gallery | Broadway leading man Brian Stokes Mitchell with fans after Arsht Center concert
Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell received several standing ovations Saturday night when he sang at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

Statewide gay leader Michael Albetta endorses Dave Aronberg for Florida attorney general
Democratic candidates for Florida attorney general are actively seeking the gay vote in next year’s election.
In October, Equality Florida, the state’s largest gay-rights group, announced it had endorsed state Sen. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach, for AG.

Miami Herald
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Buju Banton faces drug conspiracy charges
Buju Banton, the Jamaican reggae star whose anti-gay lyrics have drawn international criticism, is in a federal lockup in Miami, facing drug conspiracy charges.

Daily Queer News
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Does anti-trans bigotry in some men stem from penile amputation anxiety?
by: Lurleen
A few days ago I received a link to a blog post called "Sara Buechner, Once David Buechner", by Ira Rosenstein. In the post, Rosenstein displays his ignorance of the difference between sex ("what's between your legs") and gender ("what's between your ears"). While I was pondering how to approach my write-up about Rosenstein's post, the Ron Gold debacle happened at Bilerico. As I read Gold's post, I couldn't help but notice one glaring commonality between the two screeds: apparent anxiety over penile amputation.

Insurance Companies Paying Facebookers To Oppose Health Care Reform
Insurance companies have been busted paying Facebook members in virtual currency in return for sending their Congress members an email opposing health care reform. Facebook users play a social game, like "FarmVille" or "Friends For Sale." They get addicted to it. Eager to accelerate their progress inside the game, the gamers buy "virtual goods" such as a machine gun for "Mafia Wars." But these gamers don't buy these virtual goods with real money. They use virtual currency. The gamers get virtual currency three ways:


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