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GLBT DIGEST - January 01, 2010

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New York Times
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NH Gays Celebrate New Law With Statehouse Weddings
Jubilant gay couples have rung in the New Year in New Hampshire with wedding vows to celebrate the state's new law legalizing same-sex marriage. At midnight, New Hampshire joined Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Iowa in allowing gay marriage.

The Last Remaining AIDS Hospice in California
This week’s Barbary Coast column is about people who have become millionaires running medical marijuana dispensaries. Some are trying to give away their new-found wealth, but often charities won’t take it due to the legal gray zone of the money’s origin. Selling pot is still a federal crime. One charity that has accepted donations from pot clubs is San Francisco’s Maitri, the last remaining hospice in California caring exclusively for people dying from AIDS. It’s a reminder that the pandemic isn’t over.

In Senate Race, the Illinois G.O.P. Is Digging Its Own Hole
The Republican primary for President Obama’s old United States Senate seat is so consumed by closets, it should be sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Steve Rothaus
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Op-ed: Is Scouting prepared to change?
On New Year's Day, the Boy Scouts of America will begin a yearlong celebration of its 100th birthday. The festivities will commence with a first-ever Boy Scout float in the Tournament of Roses Parade accompanied by an honor guard of 300 Eagle Scouts.

New Year’s Eve video | Barbra Streisand sings Auld Lang Syne
Barbra Streisand sings Auld Lang Syne during Timeless concert on New Year’s Eve 1999:

Rosie O’Donnell and new Texas girlfriend photographed together in South Beach reports that Rosie O’Donnell and her new girlfriend, Texas artist Tracy Kachtick-Anders, are spending a few days in South Beach together. Click here and here to see a few photos of Rosie and Tracy. Read more about Kachtick-Anders and her five children, pictured, at The Rainbow Babies website.

Pink News - UK

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Senator succeeds in validating gay marriages before Proposition 8
New legislation penned by openly gay California senator ensures pre-Proposition 8 marriages between same-sex couples remain valid.

Ugandan tabloid prints list of 'tycoons who bankroll homos'
A notorious Ugandan tabloid has run an article this week which, it claims, identifies individuals who finance the 'stinking vice' of homosexuality.

Activist Harvey Milk birthday to be honoured
California makes 22 May 'Harvey Milk Day', in honour of the gay rights activist after profile posthumously boosted by biopic and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Mexico City mayor refuses to veto gay marriage legislation
The mayor of Mexico City has overcome pressure from opponents to new gay marriage legislation, refusing to veto the new laws.

Hong Kong strengthens same-sex domestic violence laws
An ordinance passed by the Hong Kong Legislative Council will allow cohabiting gay couples to seek injunctions in cases of domestic violence, but does not give them legal recognition.


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