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GLBT DIGEST - January 06, 2010

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New York Times
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Harold Ford Jr. Weighs a Challenge to Gillibrand
Encouraged by a group of influential New York Democrats, Harold Ford Jr., the former congressman from Tennessee, is weighing a bid to unseat Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand in this fall’s Democratic primary, according to three people who have spoken with him.

Malaysian Polygamy Club Draws Criticism
KUALA LUMPUR — Rohaya Mohamad, 44, is an articulate, bespectacled medical doctor who studied at a university in Wales. Juhaidah Yusof, 41, is a shy Islamic studies teacher and mother of eight. Kartini Maarof, 41, is a divorce lawyer and Rubaizah Rejab, a youthful-looking 30-year-old woman, teaches Arabic at a private college.

Washington Post
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Loudoun County's nondiscrimination policy expanded to protect gays
By Sholnn Freeman
The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to expand the county's nondiscrimination policy to prohibit bias on the basis of sexual orientation.

RI lawmakers back funeral rights for gays
Rhode Island lawmakers voted Tuesday to allow same-sex and unmarried couples the right to plan the funerals of their late partners, overriding a veto by the governor, who warned it eroded traditional marriage.

NJ Senate schedules vote on gay marriage
The Associated Press
New Jersey's state Senate is set to vote on whether to legalize gay marriage.

Wall Street Journal
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The Times a-Changing: Nev. Brothel Gets OK To Offer Men to Clients

By Ashby Jones
The same-sex marriage debate has been roiling our country for several years now. But here’s a wrinkle: what about same-sex prostitution? The issue recently came up out in Nye County, Nevada, where it’s legal for men to pay for sex with women. A county board’s vote Tuesday approved the request of Bobbi Davis, a brothel-owner, to offer men to her clientele. The vote followed months of heated debate among the state’s legal brothel community. Click here for the story, from the LA Times.

Steve Rothaus
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Autopsy planned for heiress Casey Johnson
From today’s Miami Herald People page: Officials announced on Tuesday that an autopsy would be performed on the body of Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson.

Broadway, TV star Sam Harris to perform Feb. 1 at Birdland concert series in New York City
From Broadway performer Jim Caruso (Liza’s at the Palace): Jim Caruso’s Cast Party is proud to present SAM HARRIS in concert on Monday, February 1 at 7pm. This concert is part of the long-running Broadway at Birdland concert series, which highlights performers and composers from the Great White Way at the historic music room.

Survey: Fort Lauderdale No. 7, Miami tied for 13th in top 25 destinations for gay travelers
Community Marketing, which specializes in gay and lesbian market research, on Tuesday released its 14th Annual Gay & Lesbian Tourism Study: This 50 page document contains a top ten findings section starting on page three, that includes CMI’s annual gay and lesbian destination rankings, effects of the recession (for the first time we have seen a decrease in gay travel), and a list of the top travel brands outreaching to the market.

The Advocate
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Family Rep Talks to Maddow About Uganda
By Editors
Rachel Maddow continues her investigation into Uganda’s pending antigay law, this time profiling the religious group The Family. Maddow says it wasn’t until her show tied The Family – and with it several high profile conservative politicians and religious figures – to the “kill the gays” bill that anyone agreed to appear on the show.

Andy Roddick, Size Queen?
By Editors
Andy Roddick's bags went missing over the Christmas holiday, and the tennis star posted a picture on his Twitter of the clothing the good folks at Lacoste were kind enough to send over. Too bad none of it fit.

Pop Star Ke$ha Tells Out: “I’m Bi”
By Editors
Touted by critics as the next Lady Gaga, Ke$ha has a smash hit single (her song “Tik Tok” just broke the record for most downloads in a single week by a female artist) and an announcement – she’s bisexual.

Tiger Helping Annie Climb Out of Debt?
By Editors
Vanity Fair’s current Tiger Woods cover, along with the six interior photos that accompany an article on the much-maligned golfer, have helped put a dent in photographer Annie Leibovitz’s reported multi-million dollar debt, the New York Post reports.

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HRC iPhone app helps you buy gay-friendly
By 365gay Newswire
01.05.2010 5:02pm EST
HRC has released a first of its kind, free iPhone application for its “Buying for Equality” guide. The app allows shoppers to access the Buying for Equality guide as they enter a store to see how gay-friendly hundreds of brands are.

Pink News - UK
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BNP may face prosecution over 'misleading' financial accounts
The British National Party could face prosecution for breaking the law over its accounting. The anti-gay political party has until Friday to submit further details of its spending after auditors said they were not adequate.

Canterbury's only gay bar closes
The only gay bar in Canterbury, a city which was condemned by a local Pride group for not being gay enough, has closed. O2 was opened six months ago on King Street but is closing because of a lack of business.

Video: David Letterman attacked for skit on Obama-appointed trans woman
US television host David Letterman was attacked for a joke about Amanda Simpson, the trans woman appointed by President Barack Obama.

New Jersey in last-ditch vote on gay marriage
New Jersey's Senate will vote tomorrow on gay marriage in a final attempt to pass the bill before a new governor takes office. A vote was cancelled in early December after Democrats were reportedly concerned the bill did not have enough votes to pass.

Graham Norton signs £4m deal with BBC

Gay presenter Graham Norton has signed a two-year, £4 million deal to stay at the BBC. According to the Sun, he accepted a pay cut of £500,000, having previously been on £2.5 million a year.

Anti-gay hate preacher's march may be banned

An attempt by an anti-gay Muslim preacher to hold a march in a British town may be blocked by home secretary Alan Johnson. Islam4UK, headed by Anjem Choudary, plans to march through Wootton Bassett, a town famous for honouring soldiers killed abroad.

Warning over high HIV rates in gay African men
A study in the medical journal The Lancet has warned that HIV rates among gay men in some parts of Africa are ten times higher than their straight counterparts.

Daily Queer News
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D.C. Jail guards accused of beating gay inmate
Posted on 06 January 2010 by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
A 39-year-old gay man being held in the D.C. Jail has accused jail guards of severely beating him last month, saying they carried him, handcuffed, down three flights of stairs while deliberately knocking his head against the walls and handrails. The gay inmate, John Burrows, a D.C. resident, gave a detailed account of the incident to his mother and sister, who released the information this week to the DC Agenda.

Arrest warrant sought in lesbian parental custody dispute
Posted on 06 January 2010 by Harley Dennett
An arrest warrant for Virginia resident Lisa Miller was likely to be issued this week, according to lawyers involved in her child custody dispute that has become a focal point in the nation’s same-sex parenting debate. Miller’s former partner, Janet Jenkins, came forward Monday with a plea to help find her 7-year-old daughter, Isabella, after Miller failed to return her by a Jan. 1 deadline set by Rutland Family Court in Vermont.

Gay-marriage foes slam plans to televise Prop 8 trial

Witnesses harassment feared
By Valerie Richardson
Supporters of traditional marriage are outraged over a California judge's efforts to bring television cameras into court next week to cover a trial challenging Proposition 8, California's initiative against gay marriage.

Catholic Portugal set to legalize gay marriage
Agence France-Presse
LISBON- Catholic Portugal, traditionally one of Europe's most socially conservative countries, is expected to approve the legalization of gay marriage on Friday with a minimum of fuss.

Gay marriage is so last decade; polyamory is in, newspaper says
By Ginger Q. Lawless
This news isn't going to go over well at Focus on the Family: the new way to live the dream, perhaps, is polyamory, which means “many loves." Those who practice it have multiple lovers and "poly” as it’s also called, has a very full spectrum of possibility. You might have a couple in a primary relationship who then have one or more secondary relationships. There’s also polyfidelity, in which three or more people are mutually exclusive. There are also love circles where the possibilities are endless. It sounds like a racy topic, but it is mainstream enough to have recently been featured in The Boston Globe.

Besen: Dobson Not Ready To Retire Anti-Gay Rhetoric
By Carlos Santoscoy
Focus on the Family founder James Dobson is leaving the organization, but he's got no plans to retire his anti-gay rhetoric, gay rights activist Wayne Besen says. Last February, Dobson stepped down as chairman of the anti-gay group he founded in 1977 but remained the group's primary radio voice. A post he'll retire next month.

U.S. Government Adds Gender Identity Protections To USAJobs Website
by: Autumn Sandeen
Via the New York Times' U.S. Job Site Bans Bias Over Gender Identity:
The Obama administration has inserted language into the federal jobs Web site explicitly banning employment discrimination based on gender identity.

Janet Jenkins pleads for help in finding her daughter
by: Alvin McEwen
Janet Jenkins is now pleading for help from the public in finding her daughter, Isabella. Jenkins' former civil union partner, Lisa Miller (now claiming to be an ex-gay) was supposed to turn Isabella over to Jenkins after a court ruling. This ruling came about because of Miller's continued refusal to allow Jenkins access to Isabella, whom they were supposed to be raising together. Miller and Isabella have since disappeared and the belief is that Miller has taken Isabella and gone into hiding.

What About Antitrans Sentiments Expressed Intra-LGBT Community Against Amanda Simpson?
by: Autumn Sandeen
I've pointed out bad media coverage that I -- and Anna Wipfler of the glaadBLOG -- has pointed out regarding Amanda Simpson's appointment as a Senior Technical Advisor at the Department Of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). I've also pointed out antitrans, antigay, and anti-LGBT sentiments in comment threads of mainstream -- and a little out of the mainstream -- news articles and commentary.

Let the Ed Block Foundation know dog-killer Michael Vick does not deserve its
Courage Award
by: Pam Spaulding
I recently blogged about the Philadelphia Eagles and its decision to nominate its dog-killing, beating, electrocuting, shooting player Michael Vick as its example of courage, deserving of the Foundation's award. There is a petition up gathering signatures to let the Ed Block Foundation CEO Sam Lamantia know that the Eagles organization is misguided, and that Vick in no way represents personal or professional courage by serving time in the clink for profiting off of the torture and mistreatment of animals.

Jesus Datalo's underwear pics in gay mag causes stir
Filed by: Bil Browning
Soccer player Jesus Datalo posed in his underwear for a photo spread in Italian gay publication Romeo Mag and the leadership of his club is hopping mad. Datalo plays for Napoli. The Argentinian player is hardly the first soccer star to pose in their undies for a queer magazine, but Aurelio De Laurentis, president of the Napoli club, offers up a very convoluted reasoning for his displeasure. De Laurentis is not bothered by the photos but because "the image of Napoli rights have been violated."

People Who Matter -- An Open Letter to Newsweek

Filed by: Terrance Heath
Note: This is a somewhat extended version of a “Letter to the Editor” I emailed to Newsweek upon seeing their December 19th issue. To the Editor: I know what was meant by it, but I couldn’t help rolling my eyes when I read the subtitle of your December 19th issue: “People who matter, on what matters most.” Frankly, that struck me as precisely our problem in this country, on so many levels.

Evangelical Hate-Monger Scott Lively's "Nuclear Bomb" In Uganda
posted by Joe
The guys at Box Turtle Bulletin are doing fantastic work exposing the American evangelicals behind Uganda's "kill gays" bill. Here's their first of three clips in a series about Scott Lively, who helped organize the conference that resulted in the bill. Lively's book, The Pink Swastika, claims that gay men orchestrated the Holocaust. Because we are all serial killers at heart. Watch the clip and head over to BTB for analysis and the rest of the series.

NY Sen. Carl Kruger: I'm Am Not Gay
posted by Joe
Anti-gay closet case NY Sen. Carl Kruger says local activist Allen Roskoff is a "bottom feeder" for saying that he's gay. Which he's not. Totally. No, really, he's not. At all. Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger became the No. 1 target of gay activists when he voted against same-sex marriage last month. Now, his enemies are circulating photos taken of Kruger at a birthday fund-raiser last year, where cross-dressing entertainer Leonid the Magnificent performed hula-hoop tricks in a skintight cat suit. "For hating gay marriage so much, Kruger sure loves watching tight, Lycra-clad asses," snarked Gay activist Corey Johnson and Allen Roskoff, the openly gay president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, have led demonstrations at Kruger's home. Roskoff wrote on his blog, "People ask us how we know he is homosexual. My immediate response is, how does one know that Paul Lynde and Liberace were gay?" Kruger, who denies being gay, called Roskoff "a bottom feeder," and said he was unfazed by the smear campaign. "It goes with the territory," he told Page Six. "I have not changed my position."


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