Saturday, October 28, 2006


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GLOW will once again have their Annual Toy Drive with a VARIETY SHOw andBENEFIT at the GLCC (1717 North Andrews Ave) on December 17th from 7:30pm to9pm.

GLOW is looking for volunteers to register as entertainment for the evening:musicians, choral groups, singers, dancers, comedians, etc. Please callNicole and register - we will let you know when rehearsal is... 954-463-9005x227

Admission to the Show is $10 plus a new unwrapped toy.

JOIN THE GLCC prior to the show for its ANNUAL COMMUNITY HOLIDAY PARTY -with complimentary wine, food and fun - dont miss it! This is our thanks toyou for your year round support!

The Party is December 17th from 5:30pm - 7pm

GLOW will once again have their Annual Toy Drive with a VARIETY SHOw andBENEFIT at the GLCC (1717 North Andrews Ave) on December 17th from 7:30pm to9pm.


From Michael Emanuel Rajner
Campaign to End AIDS

Fellow Members of the Broward County HIV Health Services Planning Council:

I was very disappointed after yesterday's meeting when an individualapproached me to share that he only heard negative comments surrounding myhaving pulled the RW Title I Grant application from consent and speakingbefore the Board of County Commissioners on September 26, 2006 as a personliving with HIV/AIDS.

While the pulling of the Grant Application for discussion is a risky move, Iwas assured by several county commissioners that this was the bestopportunity for them to have discussion and provide leadership on HIV/AIDSissues. At no time was the Grant Application placed in jeopardy.

Each member of the Broward County HIV Health Services Planning Council isencouraged to request a copy of the recorded broadcast from Comcast topersonally witness the leadership demonstrated by the Board of CountyCommissioners as they entered approximately 40 minutes of discussion onHIV/AIDS issues in Broward County. After the agenda item was passed, It isunfortunate that RW Title I Administrator William Green intentionallyignored my attempt to discuss this matter with him. For two years the RWTitle I Administrator had more than ample opportunity to remedy concernsbrought before the Board of County Commissioners. The negative reactionthat has been brought to my attention only solidifies the ongoing concern ofcensorship in the development of HIV/AIDS policy in Broward County.

As a result of this appearance, Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin demandedthat she be assigned to the HIV Planning Council on November 21, 2006 whencommittee selections are re-assigned. Mayor Graber did a great service tothe HIV/AIDS community when he honored Commissioner Wasserman-Rubin'srequest at the following meeting of the Board of County Commissioners.



The Express Gay News

Mainstream media avoids Crist gay angle

Local editors and journalism experts disagree on ethics of story

Friday, October 27, 2006

It may be the loudest "whisper campaign" in Florida history. The internetblogs have been blazing for months with unverified rumors that CharlieCrist, the state's attorney general and Republican candidate for governor,is gay.

Crist has been asked if he is gay at public forums, including radio showsand political gatherings, and he has repeatedly denied it. But thewhispering has just grown louder.

Finally, Max Linn, the Reform Party candidate for governor, went on anOrlando radio show in September and blurted it out loud: He said he would"swear on a stack of Bibles that Crist is gay." Linn followed up thatappearance by going on WFTL radio on Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, andurging Crist to come out of the closet.


The current issue of The Express Gay News is online


Court allows signs stating Foley votes go to Negron
By Vanessa Blum
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 28, 2006

Elections supervisors in Mark Foley's former district received permission from a Tallahassee appeals court Friday to post notices stating a vote for the disgraced Republican congressman will go to replacement candidate Joe Negron.

The Florida Democratic Party said it would not appeal the decision, ending a two-week court battle.

"Confused voters should not be required to guess as to how their vote will be counted, or be forced to question poll workers and rely on the potentially inconsistent, incomplete, or partial information," the appeals court stated.

Writing for a three-judge panel, District Judge James Wolf said Florida law allows poll workers to display informational notices, so long as they are impartial and do not favor a specific candidate. The unanimous ruling reversed an Oct. 28 decision barring the signs.


ArtsUnited Features Artist Steven Sylvester in November

ArtsUnited will feature the mixed media art work of Steven Sylvester in asolo exhibit at the Stonewall Library and Archives from November 6 throughDecember 2, 2006. The exhibit opens with a reception to meet the artist onMonday, November 6 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. The Stonewall Library and Archivesis located at 1717 North Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. The exhibit andreception are free and open to the public.

Steven Sylvester often played in mud puddles as a child. Things aren'tmuch different for him as an adult. Mud is still his medium of choice.
Playing with mud as an adult clay artist requires a balance between delicatefinessing and outright mud wrestling with a creative result as the goal.

Steven initially entered the profession of social work. In 1993 he becamethe owner of a wholesale clay art business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, thusopening doors for exposure to creativity. Selling the business in 2003allowed time for his total immersion in the creative process.


From Chuck Williams
ArtsUnited, Inc.

Hi Everyone!

ArtsUnited, Stonewall Library and Archives and Broward County LibrariesDivision have collaborated to produce some interesting programs this monthin observance of GLBT History Month. Please make plans to attend those ofparticular interest to you:

Oct 30th "40 Years Later: How Far Has the Gay and Lesbian Rights MovementCome?" a panel of local activists will discuss this important issue. 6 to 9PM Main Library, 6th Floor, 100 S. Andrews Ave, FTL. Refreshments served.

October 1-31 'Pride: Party or Protest?" exhibit on display inside thelibrary at 1300 East Sunrise Blvd in Ft Lauderdale.

All exhibits and programs are free to the public and are made possiblethrough the generous financial support of Pride South Florida and theBroward Public Library Foundation.

Chuck Williams
ArtsUnited, Inc.


South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board
October 27, 2006

Vote YES on Amendment No. 1

Amendment 1 is a much needed budgetary fix for the way the Florida Legislature handles the state's finances. Voters should choose YES.The proposed constitutional amendment limits the amount of one-time revenuethat can be appropriated to pay for ongoing expenses to 3 percent of theoverall revenue in the state's general fund.


Editorial, October 26, 2006

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board

October 27, 2006

Vote YES on Amendment No. 4At first glance, the anti-smoking amendment appears to be an ill fit for abedrock document that defines the basic structure of Florida government.

Voters, however, should vote YES on Amendment 4 because the health concernsit seeks to address will profoundly affect the operation of stategovernment.


Watch the final debate: DAVIS v. CRIST

The whole nation is watching the final Florida Gubernatorial Debate withmoderator Chris Matthews on MSNBC on Monday, October 30th, at 7PM and youshould, too! Watch with us at the GLBT Vote Center, 1700 N. Andrews Avenuein Fort Lauderdale (across the street from the GLCC) (954) 763-1880.

We will be featuring our "Change Congress Combo" all beef hotdog, chips,soda or bottled spring water, and if you saved room for desert, there isalways m&ms!

See ya there!

Democratic Victory in '06


Democratic Victory in '06 - We need visibility on November 7

We are partnering with Equality Florida to volunteer at the polls onElection Day.

Our combined forces for visibility at strategic polling places on electionday is very important. Many of you have not been able to be as involved asyou would like and this will be your LAST opportunity to help get someDemocrats elected. Won't you help? We strongly urge you to take the day off,put the cat out, call the babysitter, and sign up now!

CLICK on the following link to RSVP on the Equality Florida website for thisimportant training session to prepare us for Election Day.

Election day is Tuesday, November 7th. The training session is Wednesday,Nov. 1st, 6pm at the GLBT Vote Center, located at 1700 N. Andrews Ave., Ft.Lauderdale (ACROSS the street from the GLCC).


Ken Keechl's TV Ads are on the website, Take a look!

Ken's second TV ad was released today and you can see it on the website.Click on the link and then on the Yellow box marked promises! Feel free toemail the link to everyone and anyone in District 4!

Thanks--momentum continues to build!


Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List

Jeff Kunerth | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted October 27, 2006,0,3836962.story?coll=orl-news-headlines-state

Activists divided on impact of N.J. gay-marriage ruling
Opponents of same-sex unions fear the effect on Florida.But supporters expect little to change.

Orlando Sentinel

Florida gay-rights activists look at New Jersey, where the state SupremeCourt ruled that same-sex couples deserve full marriage rights, with envy.Conservatives view it with fear.

"It has an impact on Florida because it illustrates why we need that stateconstitutional amendment that defines marriage as one man and one woman,"said Mathew Staver, head of the Liberty Counsel in Maitland. "It illustratesthat if you don't preserve marriage in your constitution, then judges canredefine marriage with the stroke of a pen."

The New Jersey Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the equal-rightsprovision in the state constitution means gay and lesbian couples have thesame rights to marriage -- or its equivalent -- as heterosexual couples. Thecourt gave the New Jersey Legislature until April to include gays inmarriage law or create a civil-union equivalent for gay couples.