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FLORIDA DIGEST September 20, 2007

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Do your part to fight the right-wing state-wide anti-gay initiativeto amend the Florida constitution.

Friday, September 28, at the GLCC, Ft. Lauderdale - 11:45am to 1:30pm.

Michael and I promised to get a minimum of 10 people to attend thislow dollar boxed lunch - only $25 - to learn about Florida Red And Blue andthe multiple efforts to overcome this hateful amendment. Florida Red andBlue has already raised over $1 million, but our work is only beginning.

Will you support us with this? Every GLBT person in Florida needs to be apart of this effort.

Boxed Lunch Series
Friday, September 28
Noon - 1:30pm
Networking 11:45am
GLCC - Ft. Lauderdale

Send us an e-mail and let us know if you'll join us on the 28th.

And...... If you can't attend, we'll be glad to accept your check made outto "Florida Red and Blue."

Ray and Michael


Party politics might be affecting sheriff's appointment
September 20, 2007

I am wondering whether state Sen. Steve Geller's recommendation to Gov.Charlie Crist that the governor's appointment to fill out Sheriff KenJenne's term should not be a person who would then run for the position wasbased on Geller's position as leader of the Senate Democrats.

Perhaps he wants a Democrat in that position rather than the best qualified.

George Bartels

Pompano Beach


Broward County: Interim sheriff enters bid for permanent position
September 20, 2007

Interim Sheriff Al Lamberti on Wednesday officially applied to Gov. CharlieCrist to be considered a permanent appointment to the position, thegovernor's office said.

Lamberti, 53, was appointed by Crist on a temporary basis after Ken Jennestepped down to plead guilty to federal tax evasion and mail fraud charges.Lamberti, a 29-year police veteran who held the rank of major, hadpreviously said he was interested in taking the job permanently.

His application brings the number of Broward County sheriff candidates toeight. The other seven are Melody Fortunato, Craig Glasser, Scott Israel,Philip Sweeting, Wiley Thompson, Bruce Udolf and Elijah Williams.

Crist has not set a timetable for making the decision.


Posted on Thu, Sep. 20, 2007
FAU puts its focus on Broward, online degrees


The next decade at Florida Atlantic University will bring five times thenumber of online-degree programs, more environmentally friendly buildingsand a reputation as a research powerhouse, FAU President Frank Broganpromised.

At a state-of-the-university address Wednesday, Brogan unveiled these andother goals for the institution founded in Boca Raton in 1964.

As images of campus activities flashed on a giant screen behind him, Broganscarcely mentioned either this year's tight budget or Gov. Charlie Crist'sproposal that state universities reduce costs by 4 to 10 percent, whichcould affect FAU's operating budget by millions of dollars.


Despite the specter of mandatory cuts, FAU's Board of Trustees gave theinitial go-ahead this week to a 30,000-seat football stadium at the maincampus -- for which the bill would not be paid by state taxpayers. Thestadium plan is an effort to give FAU, predominantly a commuter school, amore traditional college feel.

Norman Tripp, chairman of the board, said the stadium would only be built ifthe sale of naming rights, seats and boxes covers all construction costs, soit doesn't matter that the university is facing a budget crunch.

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To Form a More Perfect Union: Marriage Equality News

Information, news, and discussion about the legal recognition of same-sexcouples and their families, including marriages, domestic partnerships,civil unions, adoptions, foster children and similar issues.


Forwarded from Michael Rajner

Oakland Park becomes first city in Broward County, FL to enact protectionsfor "gender identity" and "gender expression"

Tonight was an incredible evening where anxiety began to increase when tworesidents of Oakland Park rose to speak in opposition to the city commissionto take action and include "gender identity" and "gender expression" as partof the City's non-discrimination policy. The opposition provided reasonsthat were base on fear of the unknown. "When a man wearing a dress comes tomy door to deliver the mail, what do I say to my child?", stated a PembrokePark fireman residing in Oakland Park.

Two months ago I approached Commissioner Suzanne Boisvenue to sponsor thismotion and bring it forward, she was unwaivered in her commitment to bringthis item forward despite hate mail and threats. She raised the bar toensure the City of Oakland Park enacted greater protections for marginalizedindividuals.

Commissioner Murphy brought the message home and spoke directly to twomembers of the public that spoke against the item. As an African Americanwoman she spoke on the fear caucasions targeted towards African Americans.She asserted that those in opposition have no experience with thetransgender population and are acting solely out of fear.

Mayor Gierer's message was simple and to the point "Hate is hate."

The organizations partnering with TERI are numerous and provided amazingsupport with this initiative!

A press release will be circulated tomorrow along with all the organizationsthat helped make this happen.

With you in the Fight!

Michael Emanuel Rajner
Co-Administrator - Transgender Equality Rights Initiatives (TERI)


The M Project
M Powering Men.Like YOU!!

Don't forget our core group meeting is TODAY (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m

The M House provides you with a laid back and comfortable environment tospeak your mindabout everything that is affecting us as young gay or bisexual men!

New Gay/Bi/Questioning Guy on the Scene? BE PROUD!

Concerned about the family and your gay life? Lets Discuss It!

You just met the man of your dreams but he is HIV positive? Learn How to
Approach Him!
Your boyfriend doesn't want to use condoms and you are not sure about it?
Lets Make It Fun
Want to learn more about risky behavior? We Got The Information
Dealing with party and drugs abuse (PNP)? Lets Support Each Other!!

Looking for friends and support? That is The Whole Reason For This Email.
We are Looking for Guys Like YOU!!.To Support and Encourage (M Power) OneAnother!!

WHERE: The M House
2645 N Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311
(Three blocks south of Oakland Park Blvd on Andrews Ave, right hand sidegoing south. Parking available in back of the building)

WHEN: Thursday, September 20, 2007
TIME: 7:00 TO 9:00 P.M.

We have planned a Full Night of Fun for Everyone Come and win Prizes, Eatand Relax with your Peers.
Also we are preparing for our Retreat on Sunday, so bring a Friend.
See you there.

This is a walk-in event but we encourage you to call and RSVP at954-618-0736
Email us to


Please circulate and encourage our Miami-Dade students to volunteer.

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) Members Needed!

The Children's Trust is offering a unique opportunity for 10th, 11th and12th-grade students who wish to develop their leadership skills and learnmore about the needs of families and children in our community. As a memberof the YAC, you'll gain valuable experience as you help to plan for andparticipate in activities and events that shape the future of our children.If you are - or know of - a student who is interested in gaining experiencein the field of children's services and advocacy, please contact us.

Participation on the YAC counts toward community-service hour requirements.

The YAC advises The Children's Trust's board on issues from its uniquelyyouthful perspective. For more information, please see the followinginformation.

Safe Schools South Florida (formerly known as GLSEN South Florida) is a501c3 non-profit agency committed to making schools safe for all studentsregardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, real orperceived, their own or that of their parents. We empower youth bysupporting GSAs and holding annual GSA conferences. We train educators torecognize and address anti-gay bullying. We educate the public through aspeakers bureau and we monitor the success of our efforts through researchand surveys. We rely on grants and donations from people who are concernedabout children and education. For more information about Safe Schools SouthFlorida or to make a tax-deductible contribution



Fight OUT Loud Newsletter

Thank you for your participation in Fight OUT Loud! Ourorganization has been making huge strides and successes in our efforts tohelp the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community, and its allies,in the fight against discrimination and hate. This newsletter containsupdates on some of the issues and cases we have taken on, as well asinformation on where our organization is heading and how you can be a partof it.

Organizational Updates

First, a few short messages about our organization and emaillist. Please be sure to add "" to your email's spamcatcher system so our action alerts and messages to you do not get lost. Afew of the more common addresses you will see from us and Again, please besure to set your spam blockers with this information, so you can continue toget news and updates.

Also, Fight OUT Loud is proud to announce that our websitehas been upgraded and redesigned. Be sure to go to www.fightOUTloud.organd check it out.

Make sure to go and look around. If you have any comments or suggestions toimprove the site, please send them our way.

News and Updates

Now for an update on what Fight OUT Loud has been doing tohelp in the fight against discrimination and hate. In the past threemonths, we have taken on over 15 individual cases around the country. Theseincidents have ranged from workplace issues to public accommodationdiscrimination to helping LGBT Military Service Members and their families.As always, most incidents are confidential and private to protect theindividuals involved.

The largest, and most high profile issue Fight OUT Loud hasbeen dealing with is the fight against Mayor Jim Naugle of Fort Lauderdaleand his continued string of bigoted and hate-filled comments towards theLGBT community. We are proud to say that Fight OUT Loud has been a leaderin organizing the entire community against this divisive mayor. Fight OUTLoud, and our President Waymon Hudson, helped organize a unity rally andprotest on the steps of Fort Lauderdale City Hall that drew over 1000people, one of the largest political rallies ever held in the city. FightOUT Loud also took the mayor head-on and got Naugle removed from the BrowardCounty Tourism Development Council by the County Commission . OurVice-President, Anthony Niedwiecki, has drafted numerous resolutions thathave been adopted by not only the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, but alsosurrounding cities as well. These resolutions not only denounce the mayor'scomments, but more importantly they reaffirm the entire region's commitmentto equality and diversity. Fight OUT Loud continues to fight and make surethat all citizens, especially LGBT individuals, are treated with dignity andequality.



From Paul Harris

Shadowood literally helps to make miracles happen:

For some months now one Friday a month a great group of people get togetherat Manor Lanes at 1517 NE 26th Street in Wilton Manors to have a great timeand raise money for Shadowood II. The next bowling night is THIS Friday,September 21st. The bowlers range in ability from relative newcomers to somepeople who plainly know what they are doing. Others simply turn up to watchand support their partners or friends who are bowlers. And trust me, all arewelcome.

The organization for which they are raising money is Shadowood II, aresident facility where 55 people living with HIV who might otherwise behomeless get the chance to start their lives over. I had the chance to visitthe place some time ago and I was, if you'll pardon the pun, 'bowled over'by the place. Shadowood literally helps to make miracles happen. Many ofthe people there could be you or I. Having had the chance to look over theplace it is obvious that every cent is well spent and nothing is wasted. Butthey need our help.

So, how can YOU help?

For a start whether you last bowled on Monday or ten years ago, why not turnout on Friday at 9.30pm and bring a couple of friends. The evening costs $20of which Manor Lanes give back to Shadowood $5 for every bowler who takespart. There is also a 50-50 raffle along with lots of raffle prizes fromsupportive local businesses. (In recent months the 50-50 draw has led to afirst prize of over $400!) There are two bars as well as a food counter. Ifyou have never been to Manor Lanes before you'll find that there is parkingin front of the building and also in a car park at the rear of the building.

If you own a business and can offer a gift certificate, or bar tab as araffle prize please call Tommy LaFashia ASAP on 954 547 8400 or shoot himan e-mail at

You can also help to promote the event by forwarding this email to your ownpersonal email list. In fact, please do!

While you can simply turn up to Manor Lanes at 9.30 on Friday - and trust meyou will be made to feel VERY welcome - it would help the organizers toreserve the right number of lanes if you could call Tommy in advance on 954547 8400 or email him at just to let them know that you arecoming.

It is a terrific evening with some really great people taking part.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday..

Paul Harris

Once again - Manor Lanes is at 1517 NE 26th St Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305close to the junction with NE 16th Avenue and close to Stork's.


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