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FLORIDA DIGEST September 22, 2007

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Do your part to fight the right-wing state-wide anti-gay initiativeto amend the Florida constitution.

Friday, September 28, at the GLCC, Ft. Lauderdale - 11:45am to 1:30pm.

Michael and I promised to get a minimum of 10 people to attend thislow dollar boxed lunch - only $25 - to learn about Florida Red And Blue andthe multiple efforts to overcome this hateful amendment. Florida Red andBlue has already raised over $1 million, but our work is only beginning.

Will you support us with this? Every GLBT person in Florida needs to be apart of this effort.

Boxed Lunch Series
Friday, September 28
Noon - 1:30pm
Networking 11:45am
GLCC - Ft. Lauderdale

Send us an e-mail and let us know if you'll join us on the 28th.

And...... If you can't attend, we'll be glad to accept your check made out
to "Florida Red and Blue."

Ray and Michael


Fort Lauderdale: Youth group to meet at Sunshine Cathedral

September 22, 2007

The Broward Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Group will starthaving its weekly meeting at the Sunshine Cathedral, 1480 SW Ninth Ave.,from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday.

The tri-county group, run by a youth-led board of directors, is for lesbian,gay, bisexual and transgender students and their friends. The group has metat the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, but decided to change the locationto help expand its program.

The group will continue to meet at the church's SunServe Center everyTuesday. Call 954-764-5557.


Rev. Kennedy's bias didn't stop with homosexuals

September 22, 2007

A letter writer of Sept. 15, "Coverage unfair," complains that your paper isbiased because it gave an equal number of letters in support of the Rev. Dr.D. James Kennedy as the number in condemnation of him.

His contention is that those who condemned him were gay and that Kennedy'shatred, bigotry and intolerance was limited only to gays. If it did not gofurther than that - as some suggest - then why all the controversy?

Let us not forget that he has also been criticized for his attempts torevise history by endorsing the claim that our Founding Fathers, Jefferson,Madison, Paine, Adams, etc., were strong religious biblical followers, whileKennedy, as a well-educated individual, knew that this was far from thetruth.

He was again criticized for his malicious attempts to trivialize theHolocaust by suggesting that Hitler was a Darwinist, evolutionist andatheist, while he knew that the truth again was quite the opposite.

When an individual endowed with the Rev. Kennedy's oratorical eloquence, hisincredible intelligence, profound education and God-given charisma usesthese traits and qualities for purposes of manipulation, incitement (weshall claim this nation for Christianity; and no power on Earth can stop us)and deception, he must be held accountable.

I am sure that the good Lord is doing that now.

Samuel N. Kram
Pompano Beach


Broward County: Two top Jenne aides leaving sheriff's office

September 22, 2007

Two of former Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne's top aides are leaving theagency, acting Sheriff Al Lamberti said Friday.

Ed Dion, the chief attorney under Jenne's regime, and Candace Hartsell,deputy chief of staff, both resigned and will leave in the next two weeks,Lamberti said.

Jenne resigned earlier this month, one day before he pleaded guilty to mailfraud conspiracy and three counts of income tax evasion.

Dion, who was county attorney until he joined the agency in 2004, is goinginto private practice with the government law firm of Nabors, Giblin &Nickerson. Hartsell does not have another job lined up yet.

Lamberti said Kim Kisslan, an attorney in the agency's legal department,will serve as interim general counsel.


Men Charged Posting Manatee Video
Video Shows Men Harassing Manatee, Police Say

POSTED: 8:44 pm EDT September 21, 2007
UPDATED: 8:52 pm EDT September 21, 2007

MIAMI -- Two men who videotaped themselves hooking and fighting a manateewere charged with attempting to harass, capture and kill the protectedanimal, authorities said Friday.

Karl F. Kuhn, III, 19, and Charles V. Podesta, Jr., 20, face up to a year injail and a $100,000 fine for violating the Endangered Species Act, accordingto a statement from U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta's office.

Podesta posted videotape clips on a MySpace web site on March 13 showing himand Kuhn hooking and fighting a West Indian Manatee in a FortLauderdale-area canal, the statement said.

They were both released on $50,000 bond. An arraignment is scheduled forSept. 27.

Telephone messages left after hours Friday at Kuhn and Podesta's attorneyswere not immediately returned.

Last year, 417 manatee deaths were recorded, the deadliest year on recordfor the animal.


Fort Report

Religious right summit draws prominent speakers

Conservative Christians from around the nation come to Brandon.
By S.I. ROSENBAUM, Times Staff Writer
Published September 22, 2007

BRANDON -- In a fluorescent-lit, ice-cold room, Dr. David Prentice explainedthe dangers of cloning.

One building over, a young schoolteacher earnestly lectured on the religionof the Founding Fathers. Down the hall, lawyer John Stemberger passed outpetitions to ban gay marriage.

In its first day, the Family Impact Summit at Bell Shoals Baptist Churchcovered the full platform of the Christian Right, from "Life Issues" to "TheHomosexual Agenda" and "What Every Christian Should Know About Islam."

The summit featured some of the national movement's biggest names. Itincluded a rare appearance by former Florida Secretary of State KatherineHarris as well as Bobby Schindler, the late Terri Schiavo's brother.

With a congregation of more than 6,000, Bell Shoals Baptist has always beena politically active church. Two years ago, when a bikini bar came toValrico, Bell Shoals members stood outside with picket signs. For years, thechurch has hosted candidate lunches at every election.

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The Fort Report

Posted on Sat, Sep. 22, 2007
Fla.'s no-fault insurance law may not expire


Florida's no-fault auto insurance law, set to expire Oct. 1, is likely toget another life, legislators said Friday.

A plan that calls for extending the controversial law through the end of theyear and makes significant changes in January has been hashed out inTallahassee.

The deal adds a fee schedule on medical payments for care to accidentvictims and pumps in more money to fight insurance fraud. Reached afternearly two weeks of intense negotiations, the deal must be reviewed by Gov.Charlie Crist as well as House and Senate leaders.

''It looks like we saved PIP,'' said Rep. Julio Robaina, R-Miami, who saidhe is optimistic a bill will be passed.

The key element is preserved: the requirement for Florida drivers to buy atleast $10,000 of personal injury protection, or PIP. PIP covers medicalbills after an auto accident regardless of who caused the accident.

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Posted on Sat, Sep. 22, 2007

State's jobless rate edges higher


Miami-Dade's labor market so far remains insulated from the economicdownturn that is hitting unemployment rates in Broward and the stateoverall, according to government data released on Friday.

Unemployment levels in Miami-Dade, Broward and the state have slowly climbedthis summer. But Miami-Dade County's seasonally adjusted jobless rate of 3.7percent in August was still lower than 3.9 percent last year.

Broward County and Florida's rates were both significantly higher thisAugust than the same time last year.

''We've known that the state of the job market in Florida has beendeteriorating, and we expected that would translate to a rise in theunemployment rate,'' said Moody's's Per Gunnar Berglund, whoadded the same is true for Broward and Palm Beach counties. ``In the case ofMiami, I'm a little bit more optimistic than for the rest of the state.''

Berglund said the increase in the number of workers without jobs has beenfaster than anticipated -- he had thought Florida's unemployment rate, whichwas 4 percent in August, wouldn't hit that level for another few months.

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Constitution doesn't apply in Jena
By Stebbins Jefferson

Palm Beach Post Columnist

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The perception that there are two Americas, separate and unequal, supposedlywas ended by the civil rights movement of the 1960s and replaced withrenewed commitment to equal justice for all without regard to race orethnicity. The disparate prosecution of the Jena Six in Louisiana is proofthat constitutional promise is yet to be realized.

Consequently, while Americans die fighting to deliver democracy to the Iraqipeople, here at home, far too many citizens of good conscience are in denialthat blatant, racial discrimination continues in our justice system.

Last year, during an assembly at Jena High School, a black student askedwhether blacks could sit under the shade tree in the school courtyard. Localtraditions notwithstanding, a school administrator answered no school rulesprohibit any student from sitting there. The next morning, three nooses werefound hanging from the tree.

The principal wanted to expel the three white students responsible, but hewas overruled by the superintendent. Calling the incident a "prank," adistrict official suspended the culprits for three days. In a state wherethe Tuskegee Institute documented 335 black lynchings from 1882 to 1968,such a cavalier response to a hate crime defies rational understanding.

Subsequently, racial tensions escalated with fights between white and blackstudents on and off campus. In two such instances, white participants werecharged with misdemeanor offenses or not at all. Black participants werecharged with felonies.

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