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FLORIDA DIGEST February 7, 2008

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Amendment 1 already making an impact — on requests for higher appraisals For years, property owners prayed the value of their homes would inflate in order to hike up personal worth. Then the pendulum swung, and, in more recent times, property owners clamored for lesser value on their homes as the housing market declined, in hopes of maybe getting a break on property taxes.,0,4182149.story

Prosecutors should be careful in determining boy's fate
A 12-year-old Lauderhill boy accused of killing his 17-month-old cousin is right to consider a plea deal from prosecutors. The offer would allow him to plead guilty to second-degree murder and be punished in the juvenile system, where his case belongs. The deal is appealing, too, because it would avoid a long, drawn out spectacle similar to that in the Lionel Tate case.,0,5158304.story

S. Florida hospitals rated below average in surgery practices Four hospitals in Broward and Palm Beach counties are among 37 in the state that need to improve surgery-related procedures, such as when they administer antibiotics, federal health officials have reported. North Broward Medical Center in Deerfield Beach and Imperial Point Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale were below the national and state averages for discontinuing antibiotics 24 hours after surgery.,0,2474640.story


Miami Herald
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$40M cash bonanza for arts groups The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced a $40 million grants initiative -- with the potential to grow to $60 million -- to fund endowments for three arts institutions and finance innovative ideas culled from artists and cultural groups based in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. .... Miami Art Museum ($10 million), the Museum of Contemporary Art ($5 million), and the New World Symphony ($5 million).

Don't monkey around with evolution Teaching evolution is about science, not politics. Gov. Charlie Crist apparently understands this. When asked recently if he supported adding the word ''theory'' to the State Board of Education's revised science standards for teaching evolution in schools, the governor said: ''I think the way it's handled now [the new standard] is just fine.'' Good for you, Gov. Crist.

Testing is a key lifesaver Perhaps it's coincidence that only two weeks separate the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday from National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Coincidence or not, I believe that the effect of HIV/AIDS on the African-American community, especially in Florida, would have been a grave concern to King.

Florida's Superdelegates Most of the state's 22 Democratic superdelegates -- members of Congress or members of the Democratic National Committee -- have not committed to a presidential candidate. Superdelegates can support whomever they like, regardless of how their state voted. The Florida Democratic Party can be reached at 850-222-3411 or

Palm Beach Post

Florida Democrats rue losing clout as possible king maker in tight race Eager to be among the first guests to the presidential primary party, Florida Democrats defied national party rules and championed the state's early Jan. 29 election. But Wednesday, a day after the Super Tuesday contests turned the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama into a true toss-up, some wondered whether it would have been wiser for Florida to arrive fashionably late.

St. Petersburg Times
Florida may yet decide race Florida Democrats are howling about disenfranchised voters. One candidate demands that every vote be counted in Florida. No way, says the other, decrying efforts to steal an election. Bush vs. Gore in Florida in 2000? Wrong. Try Clinton vs. Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Conventional in Denver.

Orlando Business Journal
Florida gets an 'F' for insurance system Florida has one of the least effective property and casualty insurance systems in the country, according to a new study that gave Florida and four other states an "F" grade. The joint project of the Heartland Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute rated all 50 states on ine criteria, including how prominent the states' roles are in the auto and home nsurance markets and the concentration of insurance companies writing policies in a particular state.

Stonewall Library & Archives

In conjunction with ArtsUnited's ArtExlosion, GITA and Babilonia magazine, Stonewall Library & Archives will present "Collòquio," an exciting weekend of contemporary gay Italian culture February 9 and 10.

On Saturday, February 9, at 3:00 pm, at Stonewall, screenwriter Ivan Cotroneo will screen his award-winning film, "Ginger and Cinnamon." Mr. Cotroneo will also speak about the film and will be available for questions after the screening.

On Sunday, February 10, at 2:00 pm, at ArtServe, 1350 East Sunrise Boulevard, the weekend will continue with a panel discussion including Cotroneo; Matteo Bianchi, who will read from his short story, "Cher, Upon a Midnight Clear and Babilonia magazine journalist Valerio Bartolucci. Mr. Bianchi will also screen five of his short films:"I'd Like to Know about Love;" "Cheesecake;" "Golden Hays;" "I See Things;" and "Divine Punishment." The films will be shown in Italian with English subtitles.

The weekend's events are free and open to the public.

Stonewall Library & Archives is located at 1717 North Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Our mission is to collect, preserve, organize for use and display materials related to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender culture and history; support related research and sponsor cultural and educational programs.

This program is sponsored by Stonewall Library & Archives and is supported by a generous grant from Comcast in recognition of Comcast's commitment to the communities where its customers and employees live and work.

Funding for this organization is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council.

For further information, please contact:
Jack Rutland, Executive Director
Stonewall Library & Archives


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