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FLORIDA NEWS Thursday May 30, 2008

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-The 9 proposed amendments
Summary of proposed constitutional amendments Floridians will vote on Nov. 4:
1. Property Rights/
Ineligible Aliens - Removes provision that allows Legislature to prohibit "aliens ineligible for citizenship" from owning or inheriting property.
2. Gay Marriage Ban
Specifies marriage as the legal union of one man-one woman.
3. Energy/Hurricane
Tax Break - Prohibits increase in property assessment if owner makes improvements to prevent wind damage or increase energy efficiency.
4. Conservation Lands
Exempts land permanently set aside for conservation from property tax.
5. Tax Swap
Repeals state required school property tax, allows Legislature to increase state sales tax by one cent, cut spending and repeal sales tax exemptions.
6. Waterfront Taxes
"Working waterfronts," such as commercial fishing facilities and marinas, would be assessed for tax purposes on their current use instead of potential use.
7. Religious Freedom
Repeals ban on state money going to churches and religious organizations.
8. Community Colleges
Allows voters to approve local option sales tax for community colleges.
9. School Vouchers
Reverses Florida Supreme Court ruling that killed private school vouchers and requires school districts to spend 65 percent of their budgets in the classroom.

(Amendment 1 was put on the ballot by the Florida Legislature, Amendment 2 by citizen petition and Amendments 3-9 by the Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission.),0,28

-Fla. voters to decide on gay marriage, vouchers, taxes
Florida voters, already peppered by the claims of would-be presidents, will have a lot more than the next occupant of the White House to decide on this fall — including nine draft amendments to the state constitution.
A gay marriage ban, elimination of school property taxes and resurrection of private school vouchers are only a few of the proposals on the November ballot guaranteed to produce volleys of political rhetoric on the airwaves, in print and on the Internet.,0,

-Redefining marriage to include gays would open the floodgates, dilute institution
The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has recently announced its official editorial position that "the time has come to allow gay marriage." The Editorial Board argues that the national gay marriage movement successes in Massachusetts and California should now also give way in Florida. While it reached the wrong conclusion, the Sun-Sentinel was at least intellectually honest in its analysis about what the debate in Florida over Amendment 2 is all about. In contrast, our campaign opponents are trying to cover up their real motive — to advance special rights for gay-identified persons by dishonestly scaring senior citizens using tortured arguments that "benefits" will be taken away. A "Yes" vote on Amendment 2 does one thing and one thing alone: It defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman. It does not prohibit the government or private companies from extending benefits to anyone.,0,3268036

-South Florida's Tri-Rail service warrants county commissions' support,0,4515578.

-Fort Lauderdale gets first black chief of police
28-year veteran is Lauderdale's first black police leader
Fort Lauderdale appointed its first black police chief Thursday to lead an agency struggling with low morale, distrust of city management and historically poor relations with the minority community. Frank Adderley, a 28-year veteran of the department, was appointed chief after Bruce Roberts abruptly stepped down. Adderley is a highly commended officer who has been a pioneer at the department, having been its first black captain, major and assistant chief. "I am honored and very excited for the opportunity to lead the dedicated men and women of this department, and to serve the people of this community," Adderley, 46, said in a statement released by the city.
Both he and City Manager George Gretsas declined to be interviewed.,0,7476

-Value of property in Broward County drops 5% amid housing crisis [...]
Parrish warned residents — and municipal number-crunchers — to brace for a far greater drop next year, when foreclosures and reduced real estate prices will take full effect.,0,4892

-Value of property in Palm Beach County drops 7% amid housing crisis,0,136

-Broward P.D. candidate demands investigation of incumbent
Allegations spark inquiries on Finkelstein
A candidate for Broward County public defender wants a criminal investigation into incumbent Howard Finkelstein, accusing him of threatening employees who don't support his re-election. Finkelstein denies Democratic challenger Alex Arreaza's allegations, saying he has worked hard to keep politics out of the public defender's office.,0,4929

Palm Beach Post
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-Our destiny? The exception to DNC rules
I think I've come up with Hillary Clinton's final argument. Yes, it's a last-ditch effort. But so far, Sen. Clinton has not been shy about trying novel arguments, and this one may be the only one that will get her all the Florida delegates and superdelegates she needs.

Progress Florida
-Gov. Crist can stop the bulldozers, and so far 1,514 people have signed our petition asking him to do just that. Please take a few seconds to join them. Nearly a century of draining, diking and digging have destroyed half of the historic Everglades. Now South Florida officials have just approved two new developments that will allow urban sprawl to continue its march right up to the edge of the Everglades. They're jeopardizing billions in federal funding for Everglades restoration. The Everglades belong to all of us, not a few wealthy developers. Send a message to Gov. Crist -- urge him to stand up to the developers and protect the Everglades. Click here to sign the petition:

Justin Flippen - Candidate for Wilton Manors City Commission
You're invited! Today!
Friday, May 30th 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Manor Grove Villages, Phase IV Clubhouse (beside Bldg. N)
320 NE 19 Court - Wilton Manors, FL 33305
Come as you are and meet our city's next commissioner!
Suggested contribution: $25


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