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New York Times
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-Official: California gay weddings a go for some
Same-sex couples in some California counties will be able to marry as soonas June 14, the president of the California's county clerks associationsaid.

-Op-Ed Columnist: The Running Mate Choice
My first thought on the running mate question is that to balance his ticket,Barack Obama should pick a really old white general. Therefore, he shouldpick Dwight Eisenhower. John McCain, on the other hand, needs to picksomeone younger than himself. Therefore, he also should pick DwightEisenhower.

-Op-Ed Columnist: Roads, High and Low
On Friday morning, Joe Biden gave us an example of a leading nationalpolitician exhibiting decency and class. Later in the day, Hillary Clintongave us an example of something else.

-Editorial: Thirty-Five Years of Rockefeller 'Justice'
Enacted in 1973, New York's Rockefeller drug laws penalized some first-timedrug offenders more severely than murderers. Named for Nelson Rockefeller,who was governor at the time, the laws tied the hands of judges and mandatedlengthy sentences for young offenders who often deserved a second chance.
The laws, which were supposed to ensnare "kingpins," have filled the prisonswith drug addicts who would have been better dealt with through treatmentprograms. They also undermined faith in the fairness of the justice systemby singling out poor and minority offenders while exempting wealthy ones.

Washington Post
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-Obama's Patriotic Call
If the 2008 election is to be a debate about the true meaning of patriotism, then bring it on. Ever since Barack Obama took off his flag pin, Democrats and liberals have had a queasy feeling that talk of patriotism would be a covert way to raise the matter of Obama's race; to cast him as some sort of alien figure ("You know what his middle name is?"); and to paint him as an effete intellectual out of touch with true American values.

-A Sensible Path on Iran
Current U.S. policy toward the regime in Tehran will almost certainly resultin an Iran with nuclear weapons. The seemingly clever combination of the useof "sticks" and "carrots," including the frequent official hints of anAmerican military option "remaining on the table," simply intensifies Iran'sdesire to have its own nuclear arsenal. Alas, such a heavy-handed "sticks"and "carrots" policy may work with donkeys but not with serious countries.
The United States would have a better chance of success if the White Houseabandoned its threats of military action and its calls for regime change.

-Study of '94 Adoption Law Finds Little Benefit to Blacks
A 1994 federal law that paved the way for more white adults to adopt blackchildren has left many parents ill-equipped for the situation and has notachieved the goals of giving black children an equal chance of being adoptedand recruiting more black adoptive parents, a study concludes.

-Amid Broken Dreams, Poverty Breeds Hatred
S. African Violence Fed By Local Anger Over Post-Apartheid Hardship
This was the kind of place that was not supposed to exist in the new SouthAfrica. All black. All poor. Dense, squalid, dirty, angry -- with charredpatches of earth where men once stood.

Miami Herald
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-PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: War-weary but unfazed by McCain's Iraq stance
Unsolved mysteries of the universe: Where did matter come from? Why did all those ships vanish in the Bermuda Triangle? Is there really a Loch Ness Monster? And here's a new one to add to your list. In poll after poll, about two-thirds of Americans say they oppose the war in Iraq, believe things in Iraq are going badly for the United States, disapprove of the way President Bush is handling the war, consider even the initial decision to go to war to have been wrong and want the next president to end the war quickly. Yet -- and here comes the mystery -- polls also show that more Americans trust presumptive Republican nominee John McCain than either Democratic presidential candidate when it comes to handling the war in Iraq.

Fox News Analyst Says Obama Should be Assasinated- TAKE ACTION!
In a Sunday interview on Fox News, after deliberately referring toPresidential candidate Barack Obama as "Osama," contributor Liz Trotta jokedthat both Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama should be "knocked off" "if wecould." While there is some debate as to the intent of Hillary Clinton'scomments on Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in June (I tend to give herthe benefit of the doubt, though it was clearly a terrible and unfortunateallusion), no such ambiguity accompanies Trotta's statement. You simply DONOT JOKE about the assassination of a United States Senator and probableDemocratic presidential nominee. You also do not deliberately identify himwith a terrorist who killed thousands of innocent Americans. Liz TrottaMUST BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY and held accountable for her despicable remarks.
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Teri Everett, Senior Vice President - Corporate Affairs & Communications
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Fort Report
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-Cops can now take guns with them anywhere in U.S.
Officers in Florida are now allowed to carry them anywhere across the country. Florida cops and retired law-enforcement officers can now carry guns nationwide. The final step took effect two months ago.


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