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FLORIDA DIGEST November 30, 2008

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-What about equal rights for gays?
November 30, 2008
The Nov. 16 letter, "Amendment 2 Protects Meaning of Marriage," smacks of second-class citizenship for the GLBT population. Unfortunately, Amendment 2 prohibits the recognition of any "legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof." Finding an alternate word is not even an option now. A majority has voted on the rights of a minority, and has decided that minority does not deserve equality. Fairness and equality are the foundations upon which this country was founded. Amendments such as these are shameful and disrespectful.
John Cutrone, Lake Worth,0,1408677.story

-It's time to end Florida gay adoption ban
Michael Mayo | News Columnist
November 30, 2008
Wayne LaRue Smith was outside the Andrews Diner in Wilton Manors on Friday when he interrupted our phone conversation.
"I'll have to call you back," Smith said. "My son just came out and told me my breakfast is on the table. You don't know how good it feels to say that: My son.",0,3718622.column

-Teen's suicide: When should a sensitive story not be told?
Earl Maucker | Editor
Q: I just saw on the Drudge Report that a Broward teen comitted suicide on his web cam while people watched. I do not see anything in your paper regarding this. - Christine Piquet, Fort Lauderdale.
A: We had the story, but opted not to use it after activists with suicide agencies and even members of our own staff warned us to be careful due to the danger of copycat attempts. It could be debated whether it was a mistake or not to run the story, but there are times when we know certain facts that could make an interesting story but we choose not to publish because of sensitivities or issues we feel go beyond the public good. What happened in this case was a Pembroke Pines teenager, depressed and on medication, chose to commit suicide by taking an overdose of drugs while his video camera streamed the event live.,0,6783962.column

South Florida Blade
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-Dave Koz to perform in South Florida
Openly-gay saxophonist and heartthrob at Broward Center, Kravis Center Grammy-nominated saxophonist Dave Koz will help ring in the holidays next week with his unique brand of smooth jazz. The openly gay saxophonist, who came out in a well received 2004 profile in "The Advocate," will be presenting concerts at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale on Monday, Dec. 1 and West Palm Beach's Kravis Center on Wednesday, Dec. 3.

-SAVE Dade event addresses: After Amendment 2, what next?
"Uniting for Equality: Despair into Action, a Grassroots Response" at Unity on the Bay

-Marriage Proponents Plan to Crash Governor's Wedding Gay
A Scoop!!!
Wedding planners for Florida Governor Charlie Crist's upcoming nuptials to fiancée Carole Rome may want to consider putting out a few hundred extra chairs. has learned that opponents of the recently passed gay marriage ban amendment are planning to crash the event. A group called Impact-Florida is organizing a demonstration outside the First United Methodist Church of Saint Petersburg while the couple exchanges vows inside (Friday, December 12, 7:00 PM). Immediately following the ceremony, demonstrators plan to continue their protest outside the wedding reception at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort, the location Mr. & Mrs. Crist have reserved to celebrate their new constitutionally protected marriage. But protest organizers promise to be on their best behavior. "Our objective will be to celebrate the Governor's fundamental right to marry," says Impact Florida spokesperson Lorna Bracewell, in an exclusive interview with "The demonstration will be peaceful and respectful," the singer/songwriter and Tampa Bay native assures the online LGBT magazine. Bracewell believes that the Governor's wedding provides a unique opportunity to shine a light on the injustice and unfairness of Amendment 2. "Governor Crist, an outspoken proponent of Amendment 2, is getting married. He is exercising the same fundamental right millions of Floridians are now denied because of the passage of Amendment 2," Bracewell observes.


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Taxi drivers strike, causing long waits at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport
Cabbie strike causes long waits at airport
The lines for a ride from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport grew longer and longer as the hours passed on Saturday, and still no cabs arrived. The lane where taxis wait to pick up fares was empty while a mile away at the taxi parking lot, more than a hundred cab drivers stood or sat - and groused.,0,7812744.story

-Doctors, patients upset as insurers push them to use cheaper drugs,0,1560500.story

-Florida's costs soar as poor and unemployed seek help
Food stamp distributions are at an all-time high. Medicaid costs are on the rise. The jobless are lining up for unemployment checks.,0,5523782.story

Miami Herald
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-Sugar deal invests in South Florida's future
OUR OPINION: Purchase necessary for cleanup, control of our water supplies


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