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NATIONAL & WORLD DIGEST December 19, 2008

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Washington Post
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-For inauguration prayer, Obama splits ticket
The clergy chosen by President-elect Barack Obama to pray at his inauguration fill separate symbolic roles: One is a nod to the civil rights activists who made Obama's election possible. The other is an overture to conservative Christians who rankles some Obama supporters.

-Ill. court revives suit over 'morning-after' pill
Illinois pharmacists who object to dispensing emergency contraception won another day in court to fight a rule they claim forces them to choose between their livelihood and conscience. The Illinois Supreme Court on Thursday said the circuit court must consider a lawsuit brought by two pharmacists who claim they should not be required to dispense emergency contraception because it violates their religious beliefs. Lower courts had dismissed those claims and refused to hear the case.

-Many Friends Of Bill
What Clinton's Donor List Reveals
By Eugene Robinson
It's far-fetched to think that Hillary Clinton's performance of her duties as secretary of state would be influenced in any way by foreign donations to her husband's charitable foundation. But it is naive to think that the exhaustive list of donors released yesterday by the William J. Clinton Foundation won't provoke suspicion and give rise to conspiracy theories in parts of the world where transparency is seen as nothing more than an illusion.

Fort Report
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-How the hell did Rick Warren get inauguration tickets?
By Mike Madden
Barack Obama knows liberals are upset he picked the conservative evangelical preacher to pray at the inauguration. And he doesn't care. For more than two years, cozying up to Rick Warren has been one of Barack Obama's favorite ways of showing evangelical Christians that he might not be so scary, after all -- and for just as long, palling around with Obama every once in a while has been Warren's way of trying to show more secular-minded people that he's not so bad, either.

-What's Behind Obama's Rightward Outreach?
By Massimo Calabresi / Washington
It's hard to pick up a paper these days without reading about Barack Obama courting the right. On Wednesday, his Inauguration committee announced that the non-partisan but socially conservative Evangelical Rick Warren would give the invocation Jan. 20 when Obama is sworn in as President. Bloomberg reports that moderate Republican Jim Leach of Iowa has been representing Obama at White House talks on the economy. And last Tuesday, the New York Times reported that Obama is being advised by foreign policy heavyweight Brent Scowcroft, National Security Adviser under the first President Bush and described by the Times as "an old Republican Realist.",8599,1867771,00.html

-Franken opens first lead in Minn. Senate race
By Brian Bakst
Democrat Al Franken edged ahead of Republican incumbent Norm Coleman on Friday for the first time in Minnesota's long-running U.S. Senate recount. Franken opened up a slight lead on the fourth day of a state Canvassing Board meeting to decide the fate of hundreds of disputed ballots.

-Ill. Gov. Blagojevich to Make Statement
Gov. Rod Blagojevich's office said he would make a statement Friday afternoon in his downtown Chicago office building, in what could be his first substantial public comments since his arrest last week on federal corruption charges.

-Sen. Caroline? Rumbles of dissent
What people are saying about Caroline Kennedy:

-Cheney Claims Power To Decide His Public Records
In Lawsuit, Cheney Claims Power To Decide Which Of His Records Will Go To National Archives
Dick Cheney's lawyers are asserting that the vice president alone has the authority to determine which records, if any, from his tenure will be handed over to the National Archives when he leaves office in January.


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