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FLORIDA DIGEST - May 12, 2009

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Steve Rothaus
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-Video | A South Florida family: Two moms, two sons
Two young Miami brothers talk about growing up with two mothers. 'I don't have a dad, OK?' the younger son tells inquisitive friends. A video by Bill Gerdts & Zach Woodward:

-Sizzle Miami to bring Off-Broadway play to Miami
From Charlotte M. Logan:
Sizzle Miami is bringing the Laurinda D. Brown production, Walk Like A Man - The Play to Miami as part of the Sizzle Miami 2009 festivities.Tickets for the play, which opens Off-Broadway on Aug.12, are on sale now at www.sizzleshopping.com. Prices are $25 advance, $30 at the door. Limited VIP seating: $50.

-'Drag It OUT' to benefit Safe Schools South Florida, Animal Aid and GLCC of South Florida
From Safe Schools South Florida:
Mark you calendars! Drag It OUT is back with an all new cast! This popular benefit raises needed funds for local non-profits including Safe Schools South Florida. So save the date and prepare for an evening of entertainment and fun.

-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announces bid for U.S. Senate
In a news release from the Republican Party of Florida e-mailed at 9:12 a.m., Gov. Charlie Crist confirmed the worst-kept secret in Florida politics: He'll run for the seat to be vacated by the retiring U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez. ''Here in Florida, we've shown that when we put people first and work together. much can be accomplished, and I intend to bring that same approach to Washington,'' Crist said. ``That is why, after thoughtful consideration with my wife Carole, I have decided to run for the U.S. Senate.''

Miami Herald
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-Fight divorce
If marriage is a sacrament designed by God in which gays should not participate because they would destroy its foundation, how come laws sanction divorce, which really destroys religious marriage? Those opposed to fighting gay marriage should take aim at banning divorce rather than wasting time and effort fighting gay unions. ''Till Death Do Us Part,'' remember? In 10 years, the the ban on gay marriage will follow the old bans against interracial and interreligious couples, sodomy, slavery, segregation and other plagues we have suffered. By the way, why are convicted murderers, child molesters, drug pushers, addicts pimps, prostitutes and corrupt politicians free to marry?

From Transgender Equality
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-Ft. Lauderdale: WSVN -- High school is tough for kids and became worse for Martavian Johnson when both his parents passed away. Martavian Johnson: "My dad died like a year and half ago, and my mom died like a month and half ago. I like to see myself as a strong individual, I've coped with it." Copes by living with his older brother. That makes him different, and this makes him stand out as well. Martavian Johnson: "I'm gay." Gay, happy and excited about the Homestead High School prom. Martavian Johnson: "Prom is what everyone talks about." And if he gets his way, his classmates will be talking about Martavian at the prom because he wants to dress ... in a dress. Martavian Johnson: "I want to dress as a female for prom ... and male. I plan on doing both. I was going to switch. You walk in as a female, with your clothes on, and then you change at the party at the prom."

Coral Gables PFLAG Support Groups
Parents, Families, Friends of Lesbians and Gays
PLACE: Coral Gables Congregational Church
WHEN: Second Wednesday of Each Month
TIME: 6:00 - 8:00 P.M. (the church offers a community supper at 5:30 for $5.00 and all are welcome!

ArtServe -Ft. Lauderdale
Artists working in all media are encouraged to let their imaginations go WILD! for an upcoming summer exhibition as ArtServe introduces the first ever animal exhibit to be held in the JM Family Enterprises Gallery. Wild! Feathers, Fins, and Fur, will be presented May 28, 2009 through July 10, 2009. This show was rated as one of the most requested shows in the 2008 ArtServe member survey.


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