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GLBT DIGEST - May 12, 2009

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New York Times
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-They Had It Made
In the late 1930s, a group of 268 promising young men, including John F. Kennedy and Ben Bradlee, entered Harvard College. By any normal measure, they had it made. They tended to be bright, polished, affluent and ambitious. They had the benefit of the world's most prestigious university. They had been selected even from among Harvard students as the most well adjusted.

-Faking Left
Among their many aspirations for his presidency, Barack Obama's admirers nurse a persistent hope that he might be able to end the culture wars. And by end, they generally mean win. The real hope is a final victory for cultural liberalism, and social conservatism's permanent eclipse. These hopes are overstated, but not necessarily irrational. Four months in, the Obama administration does seem to have a plausible strategy for turning the "social issues" to liberalism's advantage. The outline is simple: Engage on abortion, and punt on gay rights.

-Trouble With -Ing
By Philip B. Corbett
Some supporters of same-sex marriage, most notably Mr. Paterson, are pushing for a similar approach now. By forcing a vote without knowing its result, the logic goes, dubious senators might feel pressured to support the bill for fear of appearing hostile to gay rights. "Forcing" is actually a gerund, but this is a similar dangler problem. The construction suggests that the "dubious senators" are doing the "forcing," which isn't right.

-Is My Marriage Gay?
Belgrade Lakes, Me.
AS many Americans know, last week Gov. John Baldacci of Maine signed a law that made this state the fifth in the nation to legalize gay marriage. It's worth pointing out, however, that there were some legal same-sex marriages in Maine already, just as there probably are in all 50 states. These are marriages in which at least one member of the couple has changed genders since the wedding.

-Donald Trump, Carrie Prejean and the Tiara
By Katharine Q. Seelye
Pull up a seat with us here at the Trump Tower while we await the big news of the day - whether Donald Trump will snatch back the tiara from Carrie Prejean, the Miss California USA who does not believe in same-sex marriage. Mr. Trump is to announce his decision at 11 a.m. Eastern time; check back with us then to learn her fate.

-Assemblyman Makes Gay Marriage Bill Personal
Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell wants desperately to persuade his colleagues to legalize gay marriage. Here is how he has pursued Republican Assemblyman Greg Ball's vote:

Washington Post
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-Gaudy and glitzy, Moscow hosts Eurovision contest
By James Kilner
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Popular culture and kitsch will merge this week as the Russian capital opens the 54th Eurovision Song Contest, where issues such as gay rights and spats with neighbor countries have risen to the surface. When pop star Dima Bilan won in Belgrade last year, Russia earned the right to host the annual Eurovision competition, one of Europe's most watched annual shows with a TV audience of at least 100 million viewers.

-Russian lesbian couple denied marriage license
The Associated Press
MOSCOW -- A Russian lesbian couple was denied a marriage license by an embarassed-looking government official Tuesday, just days ahead of a banned gay pride parade in Moscow.

-Mr. Barry and Same-Sex Marriages
D.C. Council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) certainly does not speak for the entire black community regarding gay marriage in the District ["Uproar in D.C. as Same-Sex Marriage Gains," front page, May 6]. I am straight, I have been married for 18 years, and I have a child. I think I'm a pretty average member of the black community, and I support same-sex marriage. I don't believe it is a threat to my family, community or faith.

-Two Practical Politicians, Obama and Barry, Draw the Line at Same-Sex
By Marc Fisher
When the history of this country's journey toward acceptance of same-sex marriage is written, much will be made of the startling swiftness with which one state after another embraced gay marriage in 2008 and 2009. A huge shift in popular attitudes toward homosexuality has happened in what history will eventually see as a blink of an eye.

-Former Catholic bishop of Milwaukee says he's gay
A Roman Catholic archbishop who resigned in 2002 over a sex and financial scandal involving a man describes his struggles with being gay in an upcoming memoir about his decades serving the church.

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-Miss California keeps title -- for now
By John Rogers
Officials of the Miss California USA pageant strongly criticized some of the actions of titleholder Carrie Prejean on Monday but said it's not their decision whether she should be stripped of her crown. Co-executive directors Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler told a press conference that only Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump can make that decision.

-Roman Catholic archbishop who stepped down in disgrace reveals in memoir that he's gay
A Roman Catholic archbishop who resigned in 2002 over a sex and financial scandal involving a man describes his struggles with being gay in an upcoming memoir about his decades serving the church.

Miami Herald
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-Russian lesbian couple denied marriage license
MOSCOW -- A Russian lesbian couple was denied a marriage license by an embarassed-looking government official Tuesday, just days ahead of a banned gay pride parade in Moscow.

-Former Catholic bishop of Milwaukee says he's gay
A Roman Catholic archbishop who resigned in 2002 over a sex and financial scandal involving a man describes his struggles with being gay in an upcoming memoir about his decades serving the church.

South Florida Blade
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-One Mighty Weekend says goodbye to Disney
Chisholm event moved out of park; Gay Days to continue
More than 150,000 people from all over the world are expected to converge on
Mickey's turf during the 19th year of Gay Days at Disney World in Orlando, held this year from June 2-9, according to GayDays.com Vice President Chris Alexander-Manley. The event is billed as the largest GLBT event in Florida. Because of the large influx of GLBT visitors to the area, many outside promoters lure partiers by producing their own events, most notably "circuit party"-style nightclub gatherings featuring big name DJs and performers. The largest and longest running of these events is "One Mighty Weekend," produced by Johnny Chisholm, which have traditionally occurred inside the park as well.

The Advocate
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-Trasngender Air Marshal Files Lawsuit
By Julie Bolcer
A transgender federal air marshal has filed a lawsuit charging the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Air Marshal Service and individuals within the agency with discrimination and violation of civil rights, the Transgender Community of Police and Sheriffs International announced on Monday.

-N.Y. Senate Still Lacks Marriage Votes
By Julie Bolcer
As the New York state assembly prepared to vote on marriage equality legislation on Tuesday, the leader of the New York state senate reiterated on Monday that the votes needed to pass marriage equality legislation in his chamber are still lacking. Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith vowed not to bring the legislation to the floor for a vote until its passage can be guaranteed with the requisite 32 votes.

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-Support grows for federal DOMA repeal
By 365gay Newscenter Staff
Support is slowly growing in Congress for repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, but a bill has yet to be filed in either the House or the Senate. The Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, was passed in 1998 and bars the federal government from recognizing same-sex relationships. The latest to support repealing it is Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) one of the original supporters of the measure.

-RachelWatch: Alexander the Great
By Ali Davis,
Obama's Lucky Break
Obama came out swinging for the big fight over healthcare. Because there is widespread acknowledgement that we need reform and it's a massive, complex issue that could use input from all sides, Republicans have announced their intention to contribute to a truly bipartisan effort for the good of everyone.

Pink News - UK
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-Foreign Office revises guidance for gay travellers in Moscow
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has released new guidance for gay travellers in Russia, advising that visitors to Moscow should be aware of possible violence at a planned gay pride march this weekend.

-Anti-gay Miss California may be stripped of her title later today
Miss Calfornia, Carrie Prejean could be stripped of her title later today. The decision follows the allegedly homophobic comments made by Miss Prejean about gay marriage.

-Trans woman on hunger strike after treatment refused
A trans woman from Nottingham has been on hunger strike for a week, saying she will die if the NHS does not fund her gender reassignment treatment.

-Liverpool to fly the rainbow flag for international day against homophobia
Liverpool, the city in which gay teenager Michael Causer was beaten to death last year, is to fly the rainbow flag from its town hall on Sunday to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

-Obama 'can end military gay ban with a single order'
Military law experts have said that President Barack Obama can end the dismissal of openly gay soldiers with just a single order.

-Man convicted of murder of trans woman jailed for another 60 years
A Colorado man who beat a woman to death when he discovered her trans status has had another 60 years added to his sentence.

-Comment: Peter Tatchell on why he'll still march at Moscow Pride
Despite threats to bash and arrest the marchers, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell explains why he will still be attending this Saturday's Moscow Gay Pride parade. Authorities have said the parade is banned and threatened "tough measures" to those who try to march. In 2007, Mr Tatchell was arrested and assaulted during the parade.

-Gay Minister Ben Bradshaw tells PinkNews.co.uk that Daily Telegraph's expenses expose was 'homophobic'
In an interview with PinkNews.co.uk, Ben Bradshaw, the openly gay Health Minister has accused the Daily Telegraph of homophobia in the way it published his expenses claims.

-Boy George released from prison early
Singer Boy George was released from prison today after serving only four months of his 15-month sentence for falsely imprisoning a male prostitute.

-Gay Tory MP Alan Duncan apologises over expense claims
The most senior gay Conservative MP, Alan Duncan, has apologised for charging the taxpayer for more than £4,000 of gardening and more than £1,400 in mortgage interest payments for a home he originally purchased outright.

Daily Queer News
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-Dutch Singer Vows to Boycott Eurovision if Moscow Uses Violence Against Gay Activists
Pink News
Dutch singer Gordon has said he will boycott the Eurovision Song Contest if Moscow police use violence against gay rights activists. Gordon, whose real name is Cor Gordon Heuckeroth, fronts the band The Toppers along with Jeroen van der Boom and René Froger. They will be in the May 16th final if they make it through the selection rounds. He told NOS radio: "If people of my kind are being discriminated against in such a way, I have nothing to expect from this Russia, and I will be on the first plane home." Read more


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